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Dear Fellow Patriot!

The answer to yesterday’s quiz comes from the winner:

“March 19th, 1945”

Regards, Harry Schneider



By Walter F. Mueller

“Never forget” is the main propaganda tool of the Jews
to keep the holocaust constantly in people’s mind.
Haven’t you wondered, after almost 70 years, what the
“state of the holocaust” around the world is?

It is still the mighty weapon of the Jews, to keep
world leaders humble and on their knees. One would
have assumed, after more than 60 years, that it has
kind of slowed down, but in the contrary, more than
ever; the world is faced with the Jewish monopoly on

The Holocaust Industry! More than any other industry,
it rakes in the money by alleging suffering and death
of its clients. The whole world is paying its share,
on top Germany and the U.S.

I often get criticized for constantly talking about
the holocaust. I find it strange, because I am only
responding to the weekly coverage of the mainstream
media, about an event that allegedly took place more
than 60 years ago.

The “State of the holocaust” has become a desperate
one in Europe. As time has passed by, the new
generation of Europe has grown tired of the constant
tearjerkers and the appearance of yet another
holocaust survivor to tell his/her lies. Especially
Germany has put forth some tremendous opposition.

Add on, as the holocaust survivors die off, the Jews
look for new ways to continue the cash flow. High-tech
tools, such as CD ROMs, DVDs and computer programs
make sure that the holocaust lie exists in cyberspace.

“Never forget” has been implemented in public schools,
in Europe as well as in the U.S. Believe it or not,
Germany will open the largest holocaust temple in the
world this summer. Even so, the United States of
America is still the leading country with the most
holocaust temples.

I would say that the “State of the holocaust” is the
strongest in the U.S. Wow, you might say, what about
Germany? Yes, it makes a lot of sense to assume that
the country, where the alleged holocaust took place,
should have the strongest “state of the holocaust.”
Not so.

The United States of America gives more than $6
billion annually to Israel. It maintains a national
holocaust museum, in addition to 137 holocaust
organizations. It also has the only Nazi hunting
office, still kept alive by the U.S. Department of

The Jews own all of the propaganda and communication
tools, which make it easy for them to brainwash the
population. The top-holocaust promoter in the U.S. is
the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai Brith (ADL). It is
so rooted in the public education system that teachers
are required to take a course at the Holocaust Museum,
to learn how to teach the holocaust to students. Even
the United States law enforcement brass is flown to
Israel for re-education.

In America it isn’t any more just about the holocaust.
Over a hundred years, the Jews have managed to force
their culture and heritage into the mainstream.

They have declared Hitler’s propaganda minister, Josef
Goebbels, as evil, however, they use his magnificent
and ingenious strategies to brainwash the world. It is
sort of interesting for me to see the politicians of
the world, using Adolf Hitler’s ideas, concepts and
strategies, however, still claim that he was evil.
George W. Bush’s take-over of Congress and Senate,
which gave him the powers of the Patriot Acts I and
II, pale in comparison to Hitler’s power in Germany.
Yes, my friends, the “state of the holocaust” in the
U.S. is safe and secure.

Never forget that every new President of the United
States has to visit Auschwitz. The showplace of the
holocaust pimps. In the U.S., the Jews have become
bolder and more frank and even more impertinent. Even
though the U.S. carries no legal punishment for
“holocaust deniers”, the Jews are the untouchables.

I think that the reason that the “state of the
holocaust” is so strong in the U.S. is because there
isn’t a serious opposition.

Now, when one looks at the “state of the holocaust” in
Europe, as I mentioned earlier, it is shaky.
Increasing “anti-Semitism” has Europe’s lawmakers
proposing even more restrictive laws as already in
place, to silence all critics of the Jews and Israel.
Especially the Germans have realized that the real
victims are they. In the U.S., holocaust-mania is part
of the culture. In Europe it’s passé’. No more! They
have had enough. As the German’s say: “Der Krug geht
solange zum Brunner bis er bricht” (The pitcher goes
to the well until it breaks). The German have realized
that forcing the country to face up to the mass murder
of their own people has its advantages.

Sure, a little bit of credit has to go to the
Internet. Under the cover of anonymity, half of the
European-Americans are “holocaust deniers.” It makes
me wonder sometimes why these Jews haven’t put an end
to the Internet yet. Maybe something is coming!?

You have to consider also that the U.S. has about 58
million German-Americans and they are so guilt-ridden
that they run around with their tales between their
legs. The strongest and openly opposition to the Jews
comes strangely from several minority groups.

They’re fighting for a bigger bone, because they are
tired of the ones the Jews throw them. The blacks
believe that slavery has killed more people than the
Jewish “holocaust”. And the Latinos are just tired and
want a share of the victimhood. Of course they do,
it’s lucrative.

Remember, in the U.S., the evildoers are the
Europeans. Somehow, European-Americans have emerged as
the victimizers, without any victims. We all know that
nothing could be further from the truth. The Native
Indians massacred thousands of settlers and in every
war, hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have
lost their lives.

But you see, the Jews don’t want anyone to know. For
crying out loud, it wasn’t until last year that they
allowed the first and only WWII memorial museum,
dedicated to the 500,000 soldiers who lost their

The “state of the holocaust” is becoming a worldwide
religion, with the U.S. as its pope.


Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

You might consider adding David Cole to the list of
famous Revisionists. He was active in the early 1990s
and made a film of Auschwitz which featured an
interview with Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director,
Auschwitz State Museum. The Piper interview can be
found on Germar Rudolf’s web site

He also researched a number of other camps. He
reported on his findings pointing out gross
discrepancies between his discoveries and the official

He eventually was forced to go underground because his
life had been threatened by the JDL. He has since
reappeared on the scene no doubt due to the untimely
death of JDL kingpin, Irv Rubin, in a Federal prison.

Mike Reisch



Tom Mysiewicz:


Heard a report on BBC Shortweave service indicating
the explosives used may have a chemical signature
similar to those “gone missing” from bunkers in Iraq.
Could these explosives have gone to black ops groups
(and a powerful Mid Eastern state)  aimed at spreading
discord in the region rather than insurgents? Would be
interesting to see if this story has any merit.





“Basically, people are coming to reclaim the wealth
that’s been taken from their countries,” said Howard
Dodson, director of the Schomburg Center for Research
in Black Culture, in Harlem, which has just
inaugurated an exhibition, Web site and book, titled
“In Motion,” to commemorate the African diaspora.

More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery
For the first time, more blacks are coming to the
United States from Africa than during the slave trade.

Since 1990, according to immigration figures, more
have arrived voluntarily than the total who
disembarked in chains before the United States
outlawed international slave trafficking in 1807. More
have been coming here annually – about 50,000 legal
immigrants – than in any of the peak years of the
middle passage across the Atlantic, and more have
migrated here from Africa since 1990 than in nearly
the entire preceding two centuries.

New York State draws the most; Nigeria and Ghana are
among the top 20 sources of immigrants to New York
City. But many have moved to metropolitan Washington,
Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Houston.
Pockets of refugees, especially Somalis, have found
havens in Minnesota, Maine and Oregon.

The movement is still a trickle compared with the
number of newcomers from Latin America and Asia, but
it is already redefining what it means to be
African-American. The steady decline in the percentage
of African-Americans with ancestors who suffered
directly through the middle passage and Jim Crow is
also shaping the debate over affirmative action,
diversity programs and other initiatives intended to
redress the legacy of slavery.

In Africa, the flow is contributing to a brain drain.
But at the same time, African-born residents of the
United States are sharing their relative prosperity
here by sending more than $1 billion annually back to
their families and friends.

“Basically, people are coming to reclaim the wealth
that’s been taken from their countries,” said Howard
Dodson, director of the Schomburg Center for Research
in Black Culture, in Harlem, which has just
inaugurated an exhibition, Web site and book, titled
“In Motion,” to commemorate the African diaspora.

The influx has other potential implications, from
recalibrating the largely monolithic way white America
views blacks to raising concerns that American-born
blacks will again be left behind.

“Historically, every immigrant group has jumped over
American-born blacks,” said Eric Foner, the Columbia
University historian. “The final irony would be if
African immigrants did, too.”

The flow from Africa began in the 1970’s, mostly with
refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia, and escalated in
the 1990’s, when the number of black residents of the
United States born in sub-Saharan Africa nearly
tripled. Combined with the much larger flow of
Caribbean blacks, the recent arrivals from Africa
accounted for about 25 percent of black population
growth in the United States over all during the
decade. Nationally, the proportion of blacks who are
foreign born rose to about 7.3 percent from 4.9
percent in the 1990’s. In New York City, about 1 in 3
blacks are foreign born.

According to the census, the proportion of black
people living in the United States who describe
themselves as African-born, while still small, more
than doubled in the 1990’s, to 1.7 percent from about
0.8 percent, for a total estimated conservatively at
more than 600,000. About 1.7 million United States
residents identify their ancestry as sub-Saharan.

Those numbers reflect only legal immigrants, who have
been arriving at the rate of about 50,000 a year,
first mostly as refugees and students and more
recently through family reunification and diversity
visas. Many speak English, were raised in large cities
and capitalist economies, live in families headed by
married couples and are generally more highly educated
and have higher-paying jobs than American-born blacks.

There is no official count of the many others who
entered the country illegally or have overstayed their
visas and who are likely to be less well off.

Kim Nichols, co-executive director of the African
Services Committee, which directs newcomers to health
care, housing and other services in the New York
region, estimates that the number of illegal African
immigrants dwarfs the legal ones. “We think it’s a
multiple of at least four,” she said.

Africans’ reasons for coming echo the aspirations of
earlier immigrants.

“Senegal became too small,” said Marie Lopy, who
arrived as a student in 1996, worked as a bookkeeper
in a restaurant and earned an associate degree in
biology from the City University of New York.

After winning a place in an American immigration
lottery that his secretary had entered for him in
1994, Daouda Ndiaye recalls being persuaded by his six
children to leave Senegal, where he was working as a
financial manager. “I said, ‘I’m 45, I’d have to build
a whole new life, I’d have to go to school to learn
English,’ ” he recalled. “They said, ‘We want you to
go and we want you to send for us because there’s more
opportunity in the U.S. than here.’ ”

His wife and two of his children have joined him in
the United States, where he has worked as a sporting
goods store manager and is now a translator.

That the latest movement of black Africans arriving
voluntarily surpasses the total who disembarked in
chains before the United States outlawed international
slave trafficking is a bit of a statistical anomaly.
That total, most historians now agree, was about
500,000, with an annual peak of perhaps 30,000,
compared with the millions overall who were sold into
slavery from Africa. Many died aboard ship. Most were
transported to the Caribbean and Brazil, where they
were vulnerable to indigenous diseases and to the
rigors of raising sugar cane, which was harder to
cultivate than cotton or rice, the predominant crops
on plantations in the United States, where the slave
population was better able to survive and reproduce.

Moreover, black Africans represented a much higher
proportion of the population then than they do today.
In 1800, about 20 percent of the 5 million or so
people in the United States were black. Among nearly
300 million Americans today, about 13 percent are

Still, with Europe increasingly inhospitable and much
of Africa still suffering from the ravages of drought
and the AIDS epidemic and the vagaries of economic
mismanagement, the number migrating to the United
States is growing – despite the reluctance of some
Africans to come face to face with the effects of
centuries of enduring discrimination.

In the 1960’s, 28,954 legal immigrants were admitted
from all of Africa, a figure that rose geometrically
to 80,779 in the 1970’s, 176,893 in the 1980’s and
354,939 in the 1990’s. In 2002, 60,269 were admitted,
including 8,291 from Nigeria, 7,574 from Ethiopia,
4,537 from Somalia, 4,256 from Ghana and 3,207 from

To many Americans, the most visible signs of the
movement are the proliferation of African churches,
mosques, hair-braiding salons, street vendors and
supermarket deliverymen, the controversy over female
genital mutilation and the election last year of
Barack Obama, son of a native Kenyan, to the United
States Senate from Illinois. Especially in New York
City, the shooting deaths of two unarmed African
immigrants, Amadou Diallo from Guinea in 1999 and
Ousmane Zongo from Burkina Faso in 2003, come to mind.

Immigrants arrive with their own perceptions and
expectations, from countries where blacks constitute a
majority at every level of society, only to discover
that whether they are professors or peddlers, they may
be lumped together here by whites and even by
American-born blacks.

“You have the positive impact that race is not seen to
be an absolute definer of people’s opportunities,”
Kathleen Newland, director of the Migration Policy
Institute, a nonpartisan research group, said, “but
that begs the larger question of what does it mean to
have a black skin in the United States.”

Agba Mangalabou, who arrived from Togo in 2002,
recalls his surprise when he moved here from Europe.
“In Germany, everyone knew I was African,” he said.
“Here, nobody knows if I’m African or American.”

Ms. Lopy, who now works as a medical interpreter for
the African Services Committee, describes herself as
“African, first and foremost,” though the identity of
her children will depend on whom she marries and
where. “I’ll raise them to be African-something,” she
said, “but ultimately they’ll define it for

Sylviane A. Diouf, a historian and researcher at the
New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center and Dr.
Dodson’s co-author of “In Motion,” said that Americans
have a more positive view of immigrants in general
than they do of American-born blacks. Referring to
African immigrants, she said: “They are better
educated, they’re here to work, to prosper, they’re
more compliant and don’t pose a threat.”

Dr. Dodson added, “They’re not politically mobilized
as yet and not as closely tied to the African-American

While the ancestors of most Caribbean-born blacks were
enslaved, and slavery also victimized the forbears of
many African-born blacks, the growing proportion of
immigrants may further complicate the debate over
programs envisioned to redress the legacies of

“I think there is a legitimate set of specific claims
by persons born in the United States that don’t
necessarily apply to Caribbean or African populations
that have come here subsequently,” Dr. Dodson said.

“African-born and Caribbean-born brothers and sisters
have realized that the police don’t discriminate on
the basis of nationality – ask Amadou Diallo,” said
Professor Charles J. Ogletree Jr., who teaches at
Harvard Law School and has warned colleges and
universities that admitting mostly foreign-born blacks
to meet the goals of affirmative action is

“Whether you are from Brazil or from Cuba, you are
still products of slavery,” he continued. “But the
threshold is that people of African descent who were
born and raised and suffered in America have to be the
first among equals.”

French-speaking Haitians do not necessarily mix with
English-speaking West Indians, much less with
Africans, and competition for jobs has been another
source of tension.

“The Africans tend to be quite industrious and
entrepreneurial and often take advantage of
opportunities that might have been here for others
before,” said Kim Nichols of the African Services

“We’re talking about very profoundly different
cultures,” Kathleen Newland said.

Analyses by the Department of City Planning, and by
the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and
Regional Research, in Albany found recent immigrants
often segregated from other blacks. The census found
Nigerian clusters in Flatlands and Canarsie in
Brooklyn and Ghanaians in Morris Heights and High
Bridge in the Bronx.

“As with European ethnics at the turn of the century,”
Joseph J. Salvo, the director of the population
division of the Department of City Planning, and Arun
Peter Lobo, the deputy director, wrote recently,
“ethnicity has been a powerful force in shaping black
residential settlement in New York.”

Immigration may also shift some of the nation’s focus
from racial distinctions to ethnic ones. “Certainly,
South Africa showed us that minority status does not
necessarily correlate to one’s position in society,
but rather that power and its uses are the issues,”
said Samuel K. Roberts of Columbia, a history
professor who is also on the faculty of the
university’s Institute for Research in
African-American Studies. “That being said,
increasingly distinguishing between black Americans
and black Africans may produce conditions in which we
will be less prone to think of a fictional construct
of ‘race’ as the distinguishing factor among all of us
in North America.”

How long might those distinctions last? “I guess one
of the questions will have to be what happens in the
next generation or two,” said Professor Foner of
Columbia. “In America, marriage is the great solvent.
Are they going to melt into the African-American
population? Most likely yes.”



Adelaide Institute:


Australian politicians try to hush up Jewish matter –
while ripping open any matter concerning Muslims
thereby inciting Australians to fear and hate Muslims.
The whole war on terrorism for freedom and democracy
is such a program of hate – a program so effectively
used during World War I and World War II against

Is this matter linked to the Cornelia Rau case, the
mentally ill German-born Australian woman mistakenly
held in immigration detention? She was travelling on a
false passport  – and the Israeli Mossad-Spy
operation in New Zealand had everything to do with
Passport rorts that in the recent pass began in
Canada? Both leaders of Australia’s main political
parties – Liberal and Labor – unconditionally support
the State of Israel.

Labor silent on Israeli diplomat case

Expelled diplomat linked to Ruddock daughter

The strange case of the disappearing diplomat

Sex scandal past haunts new envoy



For our German Readers from New Order and R. Froehner:

New Order:


Über soziale Gerechtigkeit

„ . . . Die soziale Tätigkeit [hat] nie und nimmer in
ebenso lächerlichen wie zwecklosen Wohlfahrtsduseleien
ihre Aufgabe zu erblicken, als vielmehr in der
Beseitigung solcher grundsätzlicher Mängel in der
Organisation unseres Wirtschafts- und Kulturlebens,
die zu Entartungen einzelner führen müssen oder
wenigstens verleiten können.”

— DAS BUCH, I:2/30

Er hatte—und HAT—recht!

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227


R. Froehner:


Der US-Präsident ist vom 20-25.2.2005 in Europa um die
Alliierten für den Irankrieg zu befehligen, nachdem
Frau Condi Rice alle bei ihrem Vorabbesuch informiert
hatte, und schon gibt es in Kalifornien Regen,Schnee
und Tornados mit Stromausfällen, so ein Pech aber auch
wieder… Wetterkrieg gegen die USA!?
Und bisher nur in Schweizer Medien ist was zu
lesen…….schon seltsam diese
Nachrichtensperre…..Schlechte Nachrichten passen
auch nicht in die Friede-Freude-Eierkuchen Stimmung
die ein Dorftrottel eines Texanischen Dorfes in Europa
verbreiten möchte….

Das für Sonne, Strandleben und Surffreuden bekannte
Südkalifornien versinkt weiter in Regen und Schlamm.
Nach Tage langen massiven Niederschlägen waren
Zehntausende Haushalte ohne Strom.

Auf zahlreichen Strecken wurde der Zugverkehr
eingestellt: Viele Berufspendler hatten Probleme,
ihren Arbeitsplatz zu erreichen. Autofahrer strandeten
auf überfluteten Strassen. Auch ein Abschnitt der
Hollywood-Autobahn in Los Angeles musste gesperrt
werden: Hier stand das Wasser fast eineinhalb Meter

Mindestens sechs Menschen sind mittlerweile durch das
extreme Wetter ums Leben gekommen, darunter zwei bei
massiven Erdrutschen. Glück hatte dagegen eine Familie
nahe Los Angeles, die in ihrem Haus von drei Meter
hohen Schlammmassen begraben worden war und nach
stundenlangen Räumarbeiten lebend geborgen werden

Zu spät kam jede Rettung für einen Mann, der in eine
rund acht Meter tiefe Senkgrube stürzte, die durch das
Unterspülen des Erdreiches durch den Dauerregen
entstanden war.

Es ist schon die zweite lange Niederschlagsperiode
seit Anfang des Jahres, die den US-Westküstenstaat
plagt und vor allem eine grosse Erdrutschgefahr mit
sich bringt. Viele Häuser insbesondere im Süden sind
an Hängen gebaut. Dutzende Gebäude wurden daher
vorsichtshalber evakuiert.

US-Medien zitierten einen Vertreter des Nationalen
Wetterdienstes mit der Prognose, dass dieser Winter
für die Region von Los Angeles mit ihrem berühmten
Malibu-Strand zur zweitregenreichsten Saison seit 1877
– dem Beginn von regelmässigen Wetterstatistiken –
wird. Eine Wetterbesserung sagen die Meteorologen erst
für Mittwochnachmittag voraus.

Aber auch der Norden Kaliforniens ist nicht
ungeschoren davon gekommen: Neben Dauerregen richteten
zwei Tornados – einer davon in der Nähe der Hauptstadt
Sacramento – Schäden an mehreren Häusern an. (sda)

Erdbeben wieder im Iran 22.2.2005, die Uhrzeit 5:55
ist seltsam …..

Da drängt sich der Tat-Verdacht der 33’er auf
….Quersumme 6, das Siegel Salomon

Eine Unterirdische Sprengung als Warn-Zeichen der
USrael-Alliierten für einen Schurkenstaat wäre

Mal sehen was jetzt an Natur?-Katastrophen die
Alliierten trifft……













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