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By Walter F. Mueller

One of the more famous quotes concerning freedom of
speech goes something like this:

“I might not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll
fight for your right to say it.”

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? But it is really a big
load of horse manure. The truth is that in today’s
America no one will fight for your right to say it.

Freedom of speech in the US is supposed to be one of
the most treasured Amendments of the Bill of Rights.
But it is also one of the most misinterpreted one.
Community News reads know more about that, because
they have read the eye-opening series: “A More Perfect
Union” by Richard Warren.

But I am not about to give a lecture of what the
Founders meant when making Freedom of Speech the First
Amendment. It surely wasn’t meant to give you the
right to be stupid.

I believe that political speech is the most important
one. The right to criticize and truthfully point out
corruption amongst politicians.

The highest court in the land already ruled that it is
not Freedom of Speech to scream “Fire” in a crowded
room. And this is the essence of my column. Because
Americans do it all the time.

Let me remind you of the Pearcys, who displayed a US
military uniform with a sign that said: “Bush lied, I
died.” The person who trespassed the family’s home and
vandalized the display, was just freed of all
consequences. The district attorney dropped all

Now picture the same person trespassing a synagogue
and destroying the display of that synagogue. He would
be charged with a hate crime and surely will spend a
couple of years in prison. There you see, “screaming
fire in a crowded room”.

In Germany, the citizens who criticize Israel and the
Jews end revise Third Reich history, are also punished
with prison time. They’re demonized and called evil.

The Israelis – on the other hand – who have built the
largest concentration camp and kill Palestinian
children, are looked upon as freedom fighters and

Black comedians who trash white people are described
as “savvy and outspoken.”

White people who trash black people are bigots and

Recently, a French designer took Leonardo DaVinci’s
“Last Supper” and used it to advertise his product –
Denim Jeans. In France, it is against the law. It’s
called “blasphemy.”

Of course, since the Americans have their fingers
everywhere, the U.S. art community protested, calling
it “Freedom of speech.” I call it “The right to be

Last year, in New York, another artist portrayed Mary,
the Mother of God in elephant dung. Yet another
expression of Freedom of Speech.

But, if a revisionist challenges the holocaust
religion he is called a holocaust denier and in
America he is socially as well as professionally

The discussion should be “Whose speech is it anyway?”,
because Freedom of Speech doesn’t really exist in the
US, who claims to be the freest country in the world.

Another good example was the brilliant Dr. Joseph
Goebbels, the Minister of Public Enlightenment and
Propaganda. His guarantee of Freedom of Speech was
unlimited as long as you supported the current
political system.  However, the traditional enemy
portrays him as the “face of hate.”

Let’s fast forward to today’s political climate. It
isn’t much different. Freedom of Speech in the U.S. is
also unlimited, as long as you support the political
system in power. We all know that many Presidents have
tried to destroyed those who criticized them. Bill
Clinton, for example, used the IRS to intimidate his

You see, in America, Freedom of speech is like Coca
Cola and a Burger. Too much, and you’ll end up with

Denigrating tradition, religion and customs is not
Freedom of Speech. But, then again, for the stupid it

The American-Jewish propaganda machine is a hundred
times more discriminatory then Dr. Goebbel’s was in
the Third Reich. In the U.S., there are no limits. No
responsibility, and no pride in the work. It is so
amazing to see how the Jewish owned media has the guts
to point fingers at the Third Reich. The truth is
something Alien to them.

Freedom f Speech in the US equals the right to be


Mike Reisch::


Dear Walter:

Nazi doctors it seems did the first double transplants
of major organs predating the work of the famous South
African physician Christian Bernard.

Here is the original report from the German Weekly
Welt am Sontag dated March 6 1977 about this medical

So berichtete die Welt am Sonntag von 6. März 1977
über folgendes Wunder:
Vor genau 32 Jahren ist Ilona Sugar aus einem
deutschen KZ befreit worden, als schwerkranke Frau.
Sadistische NS-Ärzte hatten mit ihr medizinische
Experimente gemacht. Sie hatten ihr das Herz nach
rechts und die Leber nach links gepflanzt – ohne
Narkose! Vivisektion nennt man das. Bis zum heutigen
Tag hat Frau Sugar aus Deutschland keinen Pfennig
Wiedergutmachung erhalten.


“Ilona Sugar was released as a very sick woman from a
German concentration camp exactly 32 years ago.
Sadistic Nazi doctors had performed medical
experiments on her. They transplanted her heart to the
right and her liver to the left with out any
anesthesia. This is known as vivisection. To this day
Frau Sugar has not received a penny of restitution
from Germany.”

Such remarkable nonsense is still being peddled in the
German Press to this day.

Mike Reisch



Joseph Bellinger:


Obviously Mr. Adler is not including Judaism in his
diatribe railing against ‘organized religion;’ He is
referring only to CHRISTIANITY, especially Roman
Catholicism, and this is is an arrogant CALUMNY
directed against all Christians.

Holocaust survivor shares his story

Respect, not love, is the key to peace. Holocaust
survivor Jack Adler shared his story and message about
respect with a standing-room-only audience at the
University of Wyoming College of Agriculture
Auditorium on Wednesday.

“We live in the greatest nation in the world,
represented by every race, ethnicity and religious
group, and it’s a diversity that we should be very
proud of. It’s a diversity that built and continues to
build this great nation of ours. However we also have
in our society hate groups who are ready and willing
to tear this great nation apart,” Adler said.

Adler used his survival story as a backdrop to
illustrate some of the historical causes of
anti-Semitism, the historic and future impact that
hate had and can have and to demonstrate that common,
decent people can be part of a system of hate and

“Many people came to the United States hoping to find
freedom and opportunity, but they came from countries
where anti-Semitism was a way of life and they brought
with them this little baggage of hatred and they
passed it along to future generations,” Adler said.

The latent anti-Semitism in America prevented the
United States from bombing the crematorium or railroad
at Auschwitz, Adler said

“If they would have bombed just the railroad tracks,
over 1 million innocent lives would have been saved.
As you can see, there is enough blame to go around,”
Adler said.

Five Jewish lives lost in the holocaust belonged to
Adler’s immediate family. His two young sisters were
killed at Auschwitz, his brother and mother died in
the Lodz ghetto in Poland and his father in Dachau.
Only Adler survived. He moved to America as a war
orphan at the age of 16 after being liberated by
American soldiers in 1945.

In 1939 Nazi soldiers occupied Adler’s hometown of
Pabianice, Poland. Jewish residents immediately were
forced into a ghetto and systematically abused.
Adler’s family was separated on a soccer field along
with the rest of the community’s Jews. The old, sick
and young were sent to death camps and those capable
of slave labor to worked in and concentration camps.

This pattern would continue, as the starving and
broken were separated from the starving and whole
until only Adler remained of his family. Despite the
suffering and horrors that he was subjected to and
saw, Adler insisted the Germans are no different than
other groups of people and said some Nazi’s acted
humanely when given the opportunity.

An SS colonel left food in the ashes of his wood
burning stove for Adler to find when he cleaned the
officer’s office every morning.

“He was a decent human being who got caught up in
something over his head. When he had the chance to do
something humane he did,” Adler said of the SS
cololonel he credited with saving his life.

Despite the recollections of tiny acts of humanity
punctuating intense suffering and cruelty, as well as
incontrovertible evidence supporting the facts of the
Holocaust, there are still disbelivers.

“From the Nazi trials and documents, to liberators who
testify to what they found when they liberated the
camps and eyewitnesses such as myself. Despite this
overwhelming evidence there are people in the world
today including the United States who deny the
holocaust,” Adler said.

In addition to hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan,
Aryan Nation, skin heads and the Nation of Islam,
movie star and director Mel Gibson is amongst
anti-Semetic holocaust deniers, Adler said.

“He chose, deliberately, the Passion of the Christ
because he has the passion to re-ignite the origin of
anti-Semitism, or else he would have made a movie
about the teachings of Jesus — love thy neighbor,
respect, thou shall not kill,” Adler said.

Blaming Jews as a group for the death of Jesus is the
seed of anti-Semitism, and Gibson’s film was designed
to nurture that lie and ancient hatreds, Adler said.

“If it weren’t for organized religion, you wouldn’t
have the holocaust. Religion is the most divisive
force ever created by mankind,” Adler said.

Divisions created by hate are not possible when there
is mutual respect, Adler said. All people are of one
race — the human race — and basic respect for the
humanity in everyone is necessary to snuff out hate,
Adler said.

“I don’t love or like everyone, however in order for
us to survive as a nation, we must learn to respect
each other. Don’t love me, don’t like me, just respect
me as a human being,” Adler said.



Adelaide Institute:


“This is a society that is systematically continuing
to banish the Palestinian nation from its land and
usurp its rights as a nation and its chances for a
humane future.”

Wed., March 16, 2005
Using the Holocaust to ward off criticism
By Amira Hass

The crowd of world leaders visiting the new Holocaust
History Museum at Yad Vashem attests to the strength
of Israel’s position in the West. Israel is often
criticized in the home country of these leaders, but
many Israelis and Jews will, as usual, attribute such
criticism to anti-Semitism. Palestinians and left
wingers including Jews will discover that the
knowledge about the Israeli occupation in these
countries is meager, and the public’s interest in it
is weak.

The pilgrimage to Jerusalem of so many European
leaders shows that they are not deterred by the
criticism of Israel – they are taking part in a media
event that can only be interpreted as support for
Israel, as it is today.

At best, the visit can be seen as encouragement to
both sides to stick to the “renewed peace process.”
But encouragement for what? For the meetings between
Mohammed Dahlan and Nasser Yousef with Shaul Mofaz?
For the separation barrier, whose construction is
continuing with vigor, contrary to the verdict of the
International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague? For
the condescending Israeli “gestures” – 200 more
movement permits to merchants, a road open to private
Palestinian vehicles, not only to public ones? Or for
the continued mashing of Palestinian East Jerusalem
and severing it from the rest of the Palestinian
territory, in violation of the international demand
that East Jerusalem serve as the Palestinian state’s

Are the German foreign minister and the Dutch and
Swedish prime ministers – after crossing themselves
and proving they remember the Holocaust – planning to
remind Israel that all the settlements, not only the
outposts, are illegal? Will they demand that Israel
evacuate them? Which of the participants in the
ceremony will go to see the roads for Jews only and
for Palestinians only? Will any of them protest the
laws discriminating against Israeli citizens, only
because they are non-Jews – Arabs – and threaten to
impose sanctions unless these laws are revoked?

One of the infuriating absurdities in every injustice,
especially one of inconceivable proportions like the
German murder industry (with extensive European aid),
is that the victims and their offspring remember and
live it day in and day out. The perpetrators, however,
repress and forget it, and it is easy for their
offspring to ignore it.

So let the entire diplomatic throng, which is seeking
Sharon’s audience today, go and talk of the European
responsibility for the Holocaust in its own territory,
not in Israel. Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Krakow,
Sarajevo, and the villages and forests around them are
soaked with the memories of our parents, with the
forgetfulness of the perpetrators and their offspring,
and with the helplessness and indifference of those
standing idly by. Let the prime ministers and foreign
ministers go there and raise the memory and knowledge
and historic understanding. And not just once a year,
on the day of Auschwitz’s liberation or Germany’s
surrender, just to pay lip service.

We remember and feel the pain of that liquidation day
by day. Let us confront them with it day by day. For
example, let it be inscribed on a large marble slab
outside every house in which Jews used to live, where
they were deported and where they were murdered. Let
every railway station from which the human transports
were dispatched provide the information: when, how
many trains a day, how many people. Let the names of
those responsible for the transport be written down –
at the police station, the railway station, city hall.

The way to fight the fading memory is not merely with
memorial monuments and ceremonies. It is done mainly
with an uncompromising rejection of the master race
ideology, which divided the world into superior and
inferior races and denied the principle of equality
among human beings. We were placed at the bottom of
the ladder of the Nazi ideology. Would this ideology
not have been criminal had we been ranked in the upper

An ideology that divides the world into those who are
worth more and those who are worth less, into superior
and inferior beings, does not have to reach the
dimensions of the German genocide to be improper and
wrong – the apartheid in South Africa, for example.

Thirty-eight years of Israeli occupation of the
Palestinian nation have accustomed generations of
Israelis to regard the Palestinians as inferior, and
therefore not as deserving as we are. But hush, one
must not say that out loud, because Israelis will
raise an indignant cry: “How can you compare?”

In the same way, it is forbidden to demand of us –
with diplomatic threats – to change our ways. Because
then we will remind them of our people who were

This widely covered event shows that Israel has turned
the liquidation of Europe’s Jews into an asset. Our
murdered relatives are being enlisted to enable Israel
to continue not giving a damn about international
decisions against the occupation. The suffering our
parents endured in the ghettoes and concentration
camps that filled Europe, the physical and mental
anguish and torment that our parents were subjected to
every single day since the “liberation,” are used as
weapons to thwart any international criticism of the
society we are creating here. This is a society with
built-in discrimination on the basis of nationality,
and the discrimination is spreading on either side of
the Green Line. This is a society that is
systematically continuing to banish the Palestinian
nation from its land and usurp its rights as a nation
and its chances for a humane future.

Freedom of Speech? Sure –  just don’t mention the war
Investigate, March 2005

I am not a racist. In fact. I’m something of a
sensitive multi-culturalist: the more complex the
cultural stew, the better. But a vile bigot I may turn
out to be if, in the eyes of the Human Rights and
Equal Opportunity Commission, I’m found guilty of
“repeated racial vilification” for dissing, of all
people, Germans.

The accusations have been levelled by a
German-Australian in a document that as hysterical as
it is histrionic. Yet the commission regards it as
grave enough to have written me demanding a response
and threatening sanctions

And so I find myself in a free-speech trial. The
complainant asserts that I’ve maligned the German
people by uttering “extremely disturbing and racially
offensive remarks” in several articles written for the
Weekend Australian magazine.

Now, I’m enough of a sensitive centre-leftie to
believe in the notion of racial vilification as
embodied in the Racial Discrimination Act. On the
other hand, I’m enough of a realist to want the law’s
purview restricted to races (not nations) that may be
tangibly harmed by acts of repeated vilification and
manifold “hatred”.

As I write these words, a copy of the HREOC complaint
lies open on my desk. It includes three photocopies of
the offending articles, incendiary passages
underlined. The first contains the line: “The Germans
have always had the gift of killing to music.”I wrote
this on May 29, 2004. Or, rather, I cited it. The line
is a quotation by the Austrian writer-journalist
Joseph Roth in a 1938 essay in which he warned of “the
political terror that Hitler contrives to exert over
his European colleague”.  The beauty of Roth’s
“killing to music” phrase is that it goes to the
paradox of National Socialism: how does the Nazi
killing machine sit with the culture of Bach and
Mozart, heir to the Renaissance and the Enlightenment?
I’d defend his use of it in this historical context,
and my re-use of it in the same context, a thousand

How have we come to the point where a writer risks
drawing down upon himself the weight of the Racial
Discrimination Act by quoting a 1938 article about the
rise of the Hitler machine? The questions raised by
Roth in his taut and elegant phrase will plague
mankind for eternity.

And yet the Canberra bureaucracy appears sympathetic
to the view that they should not be uttered in public.

The other claims in the dispatch from HREOC are based
on overheated and neurotic misreadings of my article,
including one in which I refer to “German shame” in
the context of a war cemetery.

This is the problem with any discussion of Germany’s
behaviour during the war. Hitler was voted into office
by 37 per cent of the population and his plans were
carried out with alacrity by many ordinary Germans, as
illustrated by Daniel Goldhagen in his book, Hitler’s
Willing Executioners. A nation, a race, a people were
involved both explicitly and tacitly in the Nazi
machine. The historical facts lead one to consider a
degree of collective German shame: to do otherwise is
to not have the discussion.

Recently I had reason to write again about Joseph Roth
as I was reviewing a collection of his journals
(1925-39). Roth was a fierce opponent of Hitler and
his writings foreshadowed the disaster. I found myself
drawn to his reflections on Germany and the Germans of
his time (reflections that draw on the memories of
World War One and of Prussian militarism). I stalked
them warily, and moved on. I had been bullied,
finally, into self-censorship.

Fredrick Töben replies to Luke Slattery’s article

Freedom of Speech? Sure –  just don’t mention the war

Poor Luke Slatter! When I fought the good fight
against the Victorian Education Department’s nonsense
during the 1980s, Luke was watching on the side. When
I fought the good fight against HREOC and the Federal
Court of Australia – and obtained a gag order against
myself–  I informed him that journalists would be next
in line because the nonsense HREOC- Racial
Discrimination Act will continue to eat its own

Now it has happened. Luke wants to talk about World
War One and World War Two, openly and freely?  Then
Revisionists must be given a right of reply and be
free to demolish the Holocaust’ myth, something that
to date attracts criminal sanction in many European
countries, otherwise the equation remains unbalanced
and unjust. See the recent Ernst Zündel affair.

Luke Slattery cannot understand “How have we come to
the point where a writer risks drawing down upon
himself the weight of the Racial Discrimination Act by
quoting a 1938 article about the rise of the Hitler
machine? The questions raised by Roth in his taut and
elegant phrase will plague mankind for eternity.” It
will not, if Revisionists can help clarify the matters
in dispute in open debate.

I vehemently oppose Luke Slattery having to justify
himself before HREOC, and I suggest he ignores all of
it. If the HREOC matter succeeds, then he may take the
matter to the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) to have
it thrown out or to have it legally confirmed. I do
hope his matter will not proceed that far because Luke
gives me the right to open the whole issue that I
worry about – so that we can have an open discussion
about, among other things, matters ‘Holocaust’ – and
damned be the FCA’s gag order that to date has
silenced me, as he may be silenced soon.

Dr Fredrick Töben

04170 88217

8 8331 0808





The only thing that disturbs me about many white
movements is the class warfare they instigate.  Its as
if they are neo-bolshivics. And we all know the
bolshivics were a Jewish creation.




Dr. Leon Bourke:


Dear Walter:

Paul Gordon’s observations are “right on” as far as I
am concerned. We need courageous politicians (if there
are any!!!) who will do away with “dual citizenship”
Furthermore, we need watchdogs to keep track of these
Zionists who swarm around everywhere in our government
bringing harm on the country. They are like ants.

Leon Bourke



Kevin Lyons:


Israeli linked to major UK theft attempt
By YAAKOV KATZ, Jerusalem Post, 03/17/05
The arrest of an Israeli suspected of being a member
of a high-tech crime ring which tried stealing £220
million from a Japanese bank in London, shows that
Israel is still considered a safe haven for criminals
interested in laundering illegally-obtained funds,
police said Thursday.

In what has been dubbed by police as Britain’s “Bank
Hapoalim scandal” a high-tech crime ring, made up of
criminals from Israel and abroad, hacked into the
Sumitomo Corporation’s London offices and tried to
steal £220 million.

On Wednesday, in conjunction with investigators from
Britain’s National High-Tech Crime Unit, investigators
from the police’s National Fraud Squad arrested Yaron
Bolondi, 32, from Holon, suspected to have been a
member of the crime ring.

In October the thieves hacked into the bank’s server
and installed key-logging software used to record bank
account holder’s usernames and passwords. The thieves
then planned to wire transfer the money to ten
different bank accounts around the world, including
one in Israel which belongs to Bolondi. The attempt
ultimately failed but it has raised concerns in Israel
and in Britain regarding the threat to banks posed by
computer hackers.

Bolondi is known to police for his inolvement in other
fraud-related crimes. Police said Thursday they were
continuting their investigation to ascertain whether
Bolondi acted alone or was, as they suspect, a
low-level operative within a larger crime operation.

Police said the probe was not connected to the
recently-revealed investigation into allegations that
Bank Hapoalim – Israel’s largest bank – laundered
hundreds of millions of dollars.



For our German Readers

Horst Mahler


Kommt alle, und zeigt, daß die Fremdherrschaft Ihrem
Ende nahe ist!

Wir alle sind  Manfred Roeder !!

Rechtsanwalt Manfred Roeder,

der Recke vom Richberg, wird  von den Feinden des
Deutschen Reiches am Ostermontag 2005  für 10 Monate
in Kriegsgefangenschaft genommen.

Er hatte in einem Offenen Brief an alle
Bundestagsabgeordneten die Bundesrepublik Deutschland,
die er „Bimbesrepublik“ nannte, als das schändlichste
Kapitel der Deutschen Geschichte charakterisiert. Das
wurde als „Verunglimpfung des Staates“ (§ 90a StGB)
mit 10 Monaten Freiheitsentzug ohne Bewährung

Bürger des Deutschen Reiches werden Manfred Roeder
auf seinem Weg in die Gefangenschaft begleiten und
seine sofortige Freilassung fordern – und dafür auch
über den Tag hinaus kämpfen.

Wir treffen uns zur Verabschiedung von

Manfred Roeder

am 28 März 2005,  um 14.00 Uhr, vor der
Justizvollzugsanstalt Fulda, Am Rosengarten 6, 36037

Deutsche, die ihr noch Deutsche sein wollt, wehrt



An excerpt From

“Los Crimenes De Los ‘Buenos’ ”

Note:   The translation of the passage below from
Joaquin Bochaca’s book, “Los Crimenes De Los ‘Buenos’
” was prepared by a participant on Liberty Forum who
writes under the name of “Mugwort.”   The Book by
Bochaca, an Argentinian, appears to be a major
writing.  I hope it soon becomes available in english
translation.  The short passage below addresses the
assassination of General Patton.

The abuses committed by the Forces of the Occupation
in Germany reached such bestial extremes that various
people in the Allied command structure opposed it–or
tried to. … Lindbergh mentioned how the American
soldiers burned the leftovers of their meals to keep
them from being scavenged by the [starving] Germans
who hung around the garbage barrels.

He also wrote: “In our homeland the public press
publishes articles on how we ‘liberated’ the oppressed
peoples. Here, our soldiers use the word ‘liberate’ to
describe how they get their hands on loot. Everything
they grab from from a German house, everything they
take off a German is ‘liberated’ in the lingo of our
troops. Leica cameras are liberated, food, works of
art, clothes are liberated. A soldier who rapes a
German girl is “liberating ” her.

“There are German children who gaze at us as we eat
… our cursed regulations forbid us to give tham
anything to eat. I remember the soldier Barnes, who
was arrested for having given a chocolate bar to a
tattered little girl. It’s hard to look these children
in the face. I feel ashamed. Ashamed of myself, my
people, as I eat and look at those children. How can
we have gotten so inhumane?”  So wrote Colonel
Lindbergh, national hero of the United States, who was
proposed as a candidate for the presidency of his
country, who fought in the air force of his country,
who was not a nazi.  Many decent American and British
citizens can see that.

General Patton, perhaps the most popular of the
American generals, immediately opposed the total or
partial application of the Morgenthau Plan in his
sector of occupation. Soon, he had a run-in with
another general of higher rank: General Eisenhower.
It’s well-known what extremely violent debates they
had about how the civilian population of Germany was
to be treated. Patton was SENTENCED TO DEATH by the
directors of the scenario.

One day Patton’s car was run into by a military truck
in what seemed like a very strange accident. The
General was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he
was observed to have serious, but not life-threatening
injuries. But some days later he died of a heart

Patton’s death, in any event, was extremely opportune.
The General had annnounced that he was thinking of
moving to the United States, where he was going to
denounce publicly what was taking place in Germany.
But he didn’t have time. He had fought with too many
important people. General Eisenhower had had to pick
up the telephone and order that he be halted before he
reached Berlin. At Yalta the new “masters of the
world” had agreed that the Soviets would be the first
to enter the German capital. Patton wanted to prevent
the Vandal-like entrance of the Red Army into the
capital of the Reich, and made an enemy of Eisenhower.
A month before, he could have entered Prague, but was
also detained by Eisenhower, leaving him nailed to the
ground by an order.

Patton’s difficulties with the WAR POWERS over the
occupation of Germany were so great that Eisenhower
stripped him of his position as Commander of the Third
Army, and stuck him with the command of a secondary
unit. Patton knew he was in danger of death, and
confided as much to his family and close friends. He
was feared because of his prestige—he was the most
renowned American General, while Eisenhower was
nothing more than a political soldier—and his words
could alert the public to the reality of what was
happening in Germany.

Thus the accident was set up, which was not by any
means the first. On the 21st of April 1945, his
airplane on which he was being transported to General
Headquarters of the Third Army in Feldfield (England)
was attacked by what was assumed to be a German
fighter-bomber, but it turned out to be a “Spitfire”
piloted by an inexpert Polish pilot. Patton’s plane
was shot up, but was miraculously able to land.  On
the 3rd of May, some days before the end of the war,
the General’s jeep was charged by an ox-drawn cart,
leaving Patton with light injuries.

October 13, 1945 was when the collision with the truck
occurred. When Patton appeared to be getting better
from the accident, the “heart attack” occurred. The
fact is that after October 13 only the doctors saw
Patton, forbidding any other visitors.

Until recently, it was only speculation that Patton
had been assassinated. Now it is known for a fact. And
it is know for a very simple reason. Because an agent
of the well-known O.S.S. (Office of Strategic
Services) or American military spy, a certain Douglas
Bazata, a Jew of Lebanese origin, announced it in
front of 450 invited guests; high ranking, ex-members
of the O.S.S, in the Hilton Hotel in Washington, the
25th of September, 1979. Bazata said, word-for-word:

“For divers political reasons, many extremely
high-ranking persons hated Patton. I know who killed
him. Because I am the one who was hired to do it. Ten
thousand dollars. General William Donovan himself,
director of the O.S.S, entrusted me with the mission.
I set up the accident. Since he didn’t die in the
accident, he was kept in isolation in the hospital,
where he was killed with an injection.”

The tragic fate of Patton convinced other colleagues
and their honorable compatriots of the uselessness of
fighting against the WAR POWERS.  And if any doubts
remained, the “Morgan case” was enough to dissipate
them. (To be continued ….)



From Monika:


Political Web Sites to be Censored by U.S. Government?


by James W. Harris

Political Web Sites to be Censored by U.S. Government?

Online political censorship in the U.SA.?

It may be on the way — and soon.

Bradley Smith is a member of the Federal Election
Commission (FEC). He’s also a strong believer in the
importance of vigorous online political speech.

And right now, he’s worried.

In an interview with CNET, Smith warns that
the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign finance restrictions
may soon be applied to the Internet, thanks to a
recent ruling by a federal judge that any coordinated
political activity over the Internet must be

This new decision essentially overturned the FEC’s
vote in 2002 to exempt most Internet communications
from the notoriously restrictive McCain-Feingold
campaign finance law.

The results could be devastating for online free

Some examples:

* Blogs and other Web sites — even personal home
pages — could be fined by the federal government for
merely linking to a candidate’s Web site.

* Forwarding a political candidate’s press release to
a mailing list, or extensively quoting a candidate’s
literature via email, could be a crime.

* Blogs might be faced with having to hire a lawyer to
approve their political commentary and linking, or
just stop speaking out on political issues.

It sounds unbelievable. Yet, says Smith:

“We’re talking about any decision by an individual to
put a link [to a political candidate] on their home
page, set up a blog, send out mass emails, any kind
of activity that can be done on the Internet.

“The impact would affect email lists, especially if
there’s any sense that they’re done in coordination
with the campaign. If I forward something from
the campaign to my personal list of several hundred
people, which is a great grassroots activity, that’s
what we’re talking about… ”

The McCain-Feingold law does have a press exemption.
But that won’t necessarily protect bloggers and online
journals, Smith said, because “the statute  refers to
periodicals or broadcast, and it’s not clear the
Internet is either of those.”

Indeed, CNET notes that federal law limits
the press exemption to a “broadcasting station,
newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication.”

Smith fears this has the potential to wipe out the
blogging revolution that has so dramatically affected
journalism and politics in the past few years.
Fundamental online grassroots political activism could
obviously be squelched as well.

Smith further says: “Senators McCain and Feingold have
argued that we have to regulate the Internet, that we
have to regulate email. They sued us in court over
this and they won.

“It’s going to be a battle,” Smith says, adding that
if Congress doesn’t demand freedom for online
political speech and activism, “then I think
Internet activity is in danger.”

(Source: CNET












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