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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Before I do anything else, I would like to tell you
again that Dr. Nordbruch’s book “Der Deutsche
Aderlass” should arrive any day. It was mailed from
Germany, which caused the delay. As soon as they
arrive we will send them out a.s.a.p. Thank you so
much for your patience.


The answer to yesterday’s quiz comes from the winner:

“May 30, 1933”

And the winner is…………………… Chris Kuhn.


Breaking news comes from the Federal Court in Canada,
which made its final decision on what to do with Ernst
Zundel. Here is a report, forwarded by M:

From M:


Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel can be deported
immediately as a danger to Canadian security, a
Federal Court of Canada judge has ruled.

In a searing 64-page ruling yesterday, Mr. Justice
Pierre Blais labelled Mr. Zundel a racist hypocrite
who has nurtured a pacifist image to conceal his
support of right-wing extremism and his global
propagation of anti-Semitic material. “Mr. Zundel
seems to thrive in this troubled sea, surrounded by
ambiguity and hypocrisy,” the judge said.

“Mr. Zundel’s activities are not only a threat to
Canada’s national security, but also a threat to the
international community of nations.”

No appeal is possible under the controversial national
security certificate procedure, meaning Mr. Zundel
could be on a plane to his native Germany at any time.

Judge Blais said Mr. Zundel’s Toronto home was “a
revolving door” for every member of a global white
supremacist movement.

He said Mr. Zundel deftly exploited Canada as a “safe
haven,” and used his skills as a communicator and
Internet pioneer to give new life to the white
supremacy movement.

Mr. Zundel, 65, has been living in solitary
confinement in a Toronto jail since his arrest on May
1, 2003. In keeping with the security certificate
process, much of the evidence at his hearing was heard
in secret.

Defence counsel Peter Lindsay said that he plans two
last-ditch attempts to obtain a stay of the
deportation order — both based on the fact that the
Supreme Court of Canada has not yet decided whether to
hear a pair of security-certificate-related cases.

“Mr. Zundel expected this result,” Mr. Lindsay said
last night after visiting his client in jail. “He
didn’t think he was going to get a fair shake.”

“He could be gone tomorrow,” said Bernie Farber,
executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress.
“All I know is, it’s going to be quick. Canadians can
breathe easier now.”

Judge Blais needed only to decide whether the security
certificate was “reasonable.” He went much further,
stating that the secret information erased any doubt
of Mr. Zundel’s status as a global power who has
hobnobbed with a who’s who of the racist right.

He described Mr. Zundel as a man who, inspired by
Hitler and latter-day Nazi sympathizers, set out to
support the neo-Nazi movement in dozens of countries.
“He also tried, by all means possible, to develop and
maintain a global network of groups that have an
interest in the same right-wing, extremist, neo-Nazi
mindset,” Judge Blais said.

Mr. Zundel left his Toronto residence, known as the
“Carlton Street bunker,” several years ago, and moved
to Tennessee to live with his new wife. However, he
was seized and returned to Canada by U.S. authorities
for violating an immigration requirement.

Mr. Lindsay said last night that while representing
the marginalized and unpopular is a lawyer’s highest
calling, it was a horribly disillusioning ordeal.

“I will never, ever do another security certificate
case,” he said. “A lawyer can play no meaningful role
in the face of secret evidence. The lawyer’s only role
is as a fig leaf, to make the process look

Mr. Lindsay said his attempts to secure a stay involve
two Supreme Court leave applications:

A Federal Court of Appeal decision that Judge Blais
was not biased and could hear the Zundel case.

An appeal of a constitutional challenge by suspected
terrorist Adil Charkaoui to the constitutionality of
the security certificate procedure.

Judge Blais said that what he heard in secret linked
Mr. Zundel to leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan
Nations movement and many others who often resort to

He said that if Mr. Zundel truly repudiated violence,
he would have shunned these people.

Judge Blais said that Mr. Zundel is an egotist who
could not hide his pleasure at the enormous influence
he exerted as a “guru of the right.”

“I remember how proud he was when he mentioned in
cross-examination that his Zundelsite received hits
from 400,000 people a month, and that after his
arrest, the number grew to 1.2-million people
accessing his website each month,” Judge Blais said.



From France:


Dear Mr Müller,

For once I don’t agree one minute with what you say
about German translations:
I have several German revisionists on my list of
French newsletters but never, ever, does ONE German
revisionist write the slightest personal word to me;
never, ever, do they answer when I ask them a
question; never, ever, do they take the trouble to
translate in French OR IN ENGLISH the emails that they
send me, or you or Fred, for non-Germans; after all,
revisionism has something to do with Germany, hasn’t
it? You would think it has not!
Horst Mahler sends me his emails, always in German. I
can read a little German but, sorry, I am better at
French, English or Italian.
Couldn’t the German revisionists take the trouble to
translate some of their emails at least in English?
Day after day I translate into French some American or
Canadian newspaper articles; I understand quite well
that Fred and you have no time to do such a thing but
surely some German-American could from time to time
take the trouble to translate into English some
German stuff, no?
I am much irritated by the behaviour of German
revisionists. You may tell them.



I’d like to translate this into German, because our
friends in France are right about this. So, hear,
hear, or Hoert, Hoert, Meine Freunde in Deutschland.

Ich weiss dass Ihr alle sehr beschaeftigt seid, aber
da sollte doch immer Platz sein fuer einige Zeilen,
speziell fuer die Schwester von Prof. Faurisson. Ich
uebereinstimme mit Yvonne. Es wuerde so viel leichter
fuer uns sein wenn Ihr uns ab und zu etwas in Englisch
schicken koenntet. Ihr habt viele Freunde in der US
und Canada. Einige uenterstuetzen auch mit Geld. So,
denken Sie darueber nach da es ja nur in Ihrem eigenen
Interesse sein kann.

Ich verbleibe mit vielen Gruessen

Walter F. Mueller


Adelaide Institute:


Olga Scully gets it RIGHT…again

Is John Howard a traitor?

From Rob Williams

Greens Senator Bob Brown said the Federal Government
has signed a secret “side letter” on Telstra’s
privatization, as part of the free trade deal with
United States. ( ABC News Online 14th February 2004.)

If there is truth in this statement made by Senator
Bob Brown today, then it clearly demonstrates that
John Howard will stop at nothing to sell our country
to the Yanks.

Short-term gain for him, long-term pain…. for us.

John Howard is wracking up a plethora of marks against
himself by lying to, and cheating Australians.

a.. There was the initial sale of TELSTRA to
Australians who already own the utility. Followed by
the scramble to placate the country folk with pledges
to bring Telstra up to a decent service, (before) he
sold the rest.

a.. There was the failed GUN BUYBACK, costing innocent
Australians their private property and half a Billion
Dollars with the blatant misuse of the Medicare Levy.

a.. The sell off of Billions of Dollars worth of
PUBLIC PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE.  The cost of which will
be born by Australians for a hundred years.

a.. The cutting of HEALTH CARE Funds, which has
already seen more Australians die (and still dying)
than in the outrageous Iraqi War.

a.. The immoral Tony Abbott ONE NATION conspiracy,
that John “knew nothing about”.

a.. The CHILDREN OVERBOARD lie.  Where John did a
sleight of hand on the Navy and spinelessly used
others to take the fall.

a.. The Iraqi WMD lie.  Where he used the same
scaremonger tactics to con his cabinet and the Armed
Forces into killing innocent Iraqi people.  “We will
invade Iraq, (a Sovereign Country), to “protect the
world from Sadaam”. An obvious conspiracy with George
W. Bush and Tony Blair.  Which has turned very nasty
and is striking the “Coalition” like an angry Taipan
Snake in Iraq and at home.

He hasn’t invaded Zimbabwe……, why not?  Robert is
killing thousands of his people and many Caucasians

a.. The SUPERANNUATION “we will go along with Mark
Latham and reduce Politicians’ Superannuation”
two-faced lie.    Take the benefits away whilst
secretly promising a salary hike to cover it. Anyone
could see the Ministers were not happy chappies with
John.  In fact Tony Abbott was choking on chagrin when
he was forced to publicly support Howard on TV
Thanks to our forefathers the Senate is there to stop

I call upon the Senate to hit this iniquitous trade
deal for a six.

Yours sincerely,
Rob Williams j.p.(Qual.)
28 Lake Placid Road
Caravonica  Queensland 4878

Quoting Spam Hater>:

It has taken a little while to do research on this,
but once again, this is a complete nonsense but it is
not surprising that Olga she-devil would circulate it
without checking first.

I am far from a supporter of the howard government,
but I have checked and there is no requirement for the
full sale of Telstra as part of the FTA.

You will find that almost all of Olga’s emails are
nothing more than paranoid bullshit.

Subject: Why has America required the full sale of
Telstra as part of the Free Trade Agreement? The want
our cash flow


Peter Davies, Mayor of Port Lincoln, write:

“The fundamental purpose of an elected Government is
to provide the necessary infrastructure for people to
live happy, healthy and prosperous lives in a safe
environment.   Thus Governments have built roads,
ports, schools, hospitals. bridges, rubbish dumps, and
over the years, our postal and telecommunications
infrastructure. Thus, our old Post Master General’s
Department, later Australia Post and Telecom.

We, the people, need to remind our elected members of
the fundamental responsibility of Government.

We should ask ourselves why has America required the
full sale of Telstra as part of the Free Trade

America desires a colossal cash flow.

Even by American standards, Telstra is a magnificent
investment, a huge cash cow.  Telstra delivers returns
comparable with the banking industry.


Under the Federal Constitution each of our States is
represented by 12 Senators. The reason for this
equality is so that each State Government can use its
Senators to block legislation that they feel is not in
the interests of their State population.

Nowhere within our Constitution is there any mention
of the Party political system that is now imposed upon
us, particularly in the Senate.

It is beyond dispute the overwhelming majority of
Australian people want to keep Telstra as a Government
asset. The only way to ensure this objective is for
our State Parliaments to require their elected
Senators to vote against the Sale.


Inform your federal politicians, both Representatives
and Senators,  you do not want him/her to vote for the
sale of Telstra. Insist the Senators represent their
State on this matter, not a political party.

Contact all Local Government and State Government
representatives and ask them to support the campaign
to retain Telstra for the people of Australia.

Write to as many media outlets as possible informing
the readers of what is happening and ask readers to
join in campaign.

Write to local business leaders and community groups
seeking their involvement in the campaign”.

Remind your representatives that they have sworn an
oath to represent YOU, not a political party.  They
receive a salary for representing YOU.

Make preparations to leave Telstra  if or when it is





Here’s something I should have mentioned before that
the 2005 February issue of Book Page, America’s Book
Review (also on has an interview with
American  author Mary Doria Russell, a fiction novel
author who has figured out how to profit from the
“Holocaust” with her book, A Thread of Grace, which
she claims is based on true stories this time.
The author tells BookPage that she was fascinated
that most Jews in Italy during WII, even those who
fled into the country as war refugees , lived quite
well, with the support of so many Catholic priest,
nuns, and Italian families. But Russell says, ” I was
concerned that I was writing a feel-good Holocaust
book. I was afraid that in writing about
Italy, where 85 percent of the Jews did survive, that
it would be another opportunity for people to think
that they would have been clever enough or plucky
enough or imaginative enough to survive. But all
survivors tell you it was just blind dumb luck. It
wasn’t intelligence. It wasn’t bravery. You just
turned left instead of right without knowing you’d
made a decision.”
Russell went on explaining how she admires Italian
citizens who sheltered Jews, “Would I have the guts to
do what they did? Not a chance .To do what they did
when they took in these Jews… would be as
though it were September 12, 2001, and a Muslim family
knocked on your door and said , the FBI is looking for
us but honest to God we are innocent can you help us?
( Yeah, in fact she does makes me think why didn’t the
U.S and Western countries kick out as many foreign
Muslims as we could, especially since the nation of
Mexico is in fact doing that right now without the U.N
slamming them with human rights violations)
It would be funnier, if  Russell wasn’t undoubtedly
laughing her way to the bank with money given to her
by Jews to write it.



Today,  I caught KFBK’s Tom Sullivan commenting that
there are plans to put lead singer of U2, Bono Hewson,
in charge of the world bank system, hence replacing
the current Jewish man (with dual Israeli citizenship
of course) running it.  Well wouldn’t that be
interesting to at last have a gentile born into a
working class European-Irish family with no political
ties to Israel controlling the world bank system, even
if one has disagreement with his views on African
I’d like to hear more if anybody knows more about
this, because at least Bono would be a fun liberal to
watch in politics to see if he ever gets charged with
“anti-Semitism”. This is because Tom Sullivan
mentioned Bono has publicly criticized powerful Jews
for always mentioning their “Holocaust”, but ignored
genocide taking place in Africa. Irish-American Tom
Sullivan says he is supportive of Bono for deciding to
take such a job in international politics.







you are doing great when you write your thoughts down
on paper.  All I can do is agree with and quote
others.  So, here I go again.  For the rest of the
column click on the URL below.

“Americans also ought to be outraged by politicians
complaining that our Army is “stretched thin” by
having 150,000 troops in Iraq. There are 1.3 million
men and women in the U.S. armed forces. We ought to be
asking why the National Guard and Reserve are being
used when there are 69,000 active-duty people
(still)in Germany, 40,000 in Japan, 36,000 in Korea
and thousands more scattered around the world. The
wars with Germany, Japan and Korea have been over for
a long time (60 years for Germany!). The Cold War has
been over for more than a decade.”

“The politicians in Washington have turned patriotism
into a racket. The last time we went to war in defense
of our own freedom* was in 1941. Since then, we’ve
died for Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans and big
corporate interests. The American people ought to say
“Enough.” One way to do that is to just say “no” to
military recruiters. If some multinational corporation
wants to exploit the resources of a foreign country,
let it hire its own mercenaries. If Israel is afraid
of Syria or Iran, let it declare war on that country.
If the two Koreas want to contest who will control the
Korean peninsula, let them have at it with their own
soldiers, not ours.”

*Poor Charley, he still thinks that our troops died on
Normandy Beach in defense of our “freedom”.





Stern had emigrated from Germany as a child in 1938
and spent a career exploring how what may have been
Europe’s most civilized country could have turned to

Even the so-called “intelligent elite” has to use
Germany ……….

Leo Baeck Institute – Jewish……….
Fritz Stern – Jewish

demonizing Germany every day…………it is always
people use to demonstrate everything that is
bad………It is getting very
old…………….can’t they find somoene else to
use……… evil examples?

And of course where are these clips found? Not just in
the Southern Movement sites but on – the
American Nationalist……….





An ASAP! Coalition Dialogue – Alert


[Ed. Note: A thoughtful member of an ASAP Coalition
organization wrote to ask “…why do you think a
National ID Card is such a fearful prospect?” This
writer added that “…without a national ID it will be
nearly impossible to repatriate illegal immigrants who
have remained in the U.S. for more than a short period
of time…”

The so-called Real ID bill recently passed by the
House (H.R. 418) limits the issuance of state driver’s
licenses to citizens and aliens legally in the U.S.,
sets minimum criteria for state driver’s licenses and
ID documents, prevents abuse of asylum laws, and calls
for the completion of the border fence. It also
contains provisions that, according to Congressman Ron
Paul and others, would create a National ID Card (and
potentially require eye scan driver’s licenses of all
U.S. residents). Indeed, through the prospective
linking of Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. Drivers License
Databases, the Real ID bill could require a
Tri-National ID Card!

ASAP! has decided to stimulate dialogue on these
issues because they are crucially important to our
shared goal of achieving U.S. population
stabilization. These are legitimate concerns. We thank
this member and others who are thinking this through
and have shared their concerns.]


In the current situation the various Federal, State,
and local governments have a variety of information
about American citizens and legal residents, BUT it is
scattered all over in various databases, AND there are
many legal and practical constraints on their
permissible uses, (which vary from database to

This current situation in which it is practically and
legally very difficult to get “all” the information
about anyone from one, or even a few, databases, must
be compared with what the situation would be if we had
one massive database containing all the information on
everybody in the US legally. Such a database would
truly be a de facto “National ID Database” on all
citizens and legal residents. Yet if such a database
were established, it would be virtually impossible for
it to contain comprehensive information about illegal
aliens – – the very problem its proponents have
claimed it would address.

A National ID database of this scope would pose
several huge threats to citizens’ and legal residents’
civil liberties, privacy, and to our political and
other freedoms. Any one person or organization with
access to, or controlling that database, would have
massive knowledge about, and thus power over, anyone
in that database. If such access or control of that
database resided in the hands of one person or group
who might not happen to like what any of us might
advocate, the opportunities for abuse and oppression
would be immense.


There is an alternative to this fearful prospect. One
bedrock guarantee of our liberties found in the U.S.
Constitution (among other places) is that before we
are shorn of our liberties certain “due Process” must
be followed. Another bedrock guarantee is the
“separation of powers,” which makes it more difficult
for one executive, legislature, or court, to infringe
on our liberties without the cooperation or approval
of the others.

Carrying these two principles over into the arena of
the National ID debate results in a solution which
maximally protects our privacy, freedom of
_expression, and freedom from oppression, while at the
same time facilitating the objective of deporting and
excluding illegal aliens.

If our Federal Government, under its authority to
provide for our common defense, and to regulate
immigration, were to enact a bill which merely
required that ” No state drivers license (or ID issued
in lieu of Drivers License) shall be issued to any
person not a citizen of or legally residing in, the
United States,” that bill would require all those
needing an ID for entry or benefits to have a license
issued from SOME state. This provision would
immediately de-legitimize the much abused matricula
consular card, yet would avoid the threat of a
national database. It would also make it more
difficult for aliens to come reside and work in the
United States illegally.

Thus, each of the fifty state Drivers license
databases would remain separate and could be legally
required to remain so– a protective “separation of
databases” as it were.

Separation of databases, like separation of powers,
does much to protect our privacy and liberty.

Currently existing due processes, such as, for
example, requiring that those seeking to learn private
information about us, or constrain our liberties,
first get a writ issued by a judge on probable cause,
is a privacy-and-liberty protecting process. It is
made more secure by the fact that obtaining such writs
requires that one go through a process with legal
protections and practical constraints. Separation of
databases and the requirement of a variety of due
processes to access a variety of databases is a
crucial guarantor of freedom.

Applying these principles to the immigration issue,
all those who did not have a validly issued State
ID,(i.e. State Driver’s license, or State ID issued in
lieu of) would presumptively be deportable.

Note: From time-to-time the ASAP! Coalition (Alliance
for Stabilizing America’s Population) will issue
“Dialogue – Alerts” containing comments on important
issues facing the over fifty ASAP! Organizations and
their members as they pursue their goal of achieving
U.S. population stabilization. We encourage you to
donate to the work of the Coalition via its founding
sponsor, Population-Environment BALANCE by earmarking
your donation for “ASAP! Coalition.

Visit to support the ASAP Coalition





The swastika myth has been exposed. Debunked is the
claim that the swastika was used by Hitler because it
was an ancient sign for “good luck.”

The myth began in translations of Hitler’s book “Mein
Kampf” containing the only comments ever made about
the symbol by the leader of the monstrous
National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis).
Hitler used the German word “hakenkreuz.” The most
literal translation is “hooked cross.” Most readers
intuitively understand “hooked cross” or even
“hakenkreuz,” but not “swastika.” There is no evidence
that Hitler knew “swastika.”

Deceitful translators changed “hakenkreuz” to
“swastika.” Who was the first deceitful translator and
why did others repeat the misrepresentation?
It is being researched.

Each time anyone uses the word “swastika” in regard to
Nazism, he repeats a lie designed to cover-up for
socialism and for the symbol’s meaning in the Nazi
Party. He also slanders the swastika. He reinforces
the swastika myth.

The hakenkreuz represented overlapping “S” shapes
symbolizing “socialism” and that is why it was chosen
and maintained by the National Socialist German
Workers’ Party.

The swastika myth is one of the trio of socialist
myths. Three terms are commonly used to cover up
socialist horrors: “Swastika” and “Nazi” and
“Roman Salute.”  The swastika myth was exposed, after
the “Roman salute” myth was exposed.

The salute myth is the historic discovery that the
straight-armed salute of the National Socialist German
Workers’ Party (Nazis) came from the military salute
in the USA, and from the original pledge of allegiance
in government schools, and not from ancient Rome.

Also exposed is the “Nazi” cover-up. That many people
use the word “Nazi” to cover-up for socialism by
hiding the actual name of the horrid party: the
National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The practice
is so widespread that most people who use the word
“Nazi” are ignorant of what the abbreviation







And another thing
Why not stop abusing Prince Harry and start thinking?
Paul Johnson

‘We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the British
public in one of its periodical fits of morality.’
Macaulay’s famous castigation of humbug, apropos of
Moore’s Life of Lord Byron, applies perfectly to the
sententious huffing and phoney indignation heaped upon
the silly head of Prince Harry for wearing Nazi
uniform at a fancy-dress party. Ye gods! Are we never
going to be allowed to consign Hitler and the Nazis to
history, where they belong? In April it will be 60
years since Hitler’s final defeat and death. How
long do we have to wait before those dreadful times
can be seen in a cool perspective unclouded by
emotions, especially false ones whipped up by
newspapers like the Sun, a media pachyderm with the
brains of a shrivelled pea? It is said that Harry’s
offence was even more rank and smelling to heaven
because of the approaching anniversary of the
liberation of Auschwitz. But there is some kind of
anniversary of Auschwitz every year and there is no
possibility of the public ever being in danger of
forgetting it. Moreover, when are we going to have any
anniversary of the Gulag, a horror-system which
actually killed four times as many people? Elements of
the Gulag were still operating as recently as the
1980s, with people dying of starvation there. The
wounds are still fresh.

Anyone can go to Auschwitz — I have been there
myself — and it is Polish policy to ensure that
every Polish child sees it during his or her
schooldays. But it is not so easy to visit former
gulags or the site of the famous Arctic canal where so
many of Stalin’s political prisoners froze to death.
Indeed it may be that some bits of the Gulag are being
kept in reserve or even being reactivated. Putin seems
to be bent on restoring every other item in Stalin’s
life-work; why not that too? But our ministers hobnob
with him cheerfully and, no doubt, if he was invited
here, the Queen would be obliged by New Labour to put
him up in Buckingham Palace. Moreover, there is the
little matter — or rather the enormous matter — of
the system of political prisoners in communist China,
a totalitarian state of unimaginable cruelty to which
we shamefully handed over the free people of Hong Kong
not so long ago.

China operates the largest system of slave labour in
history and virtually everything we buy from there —
which we, and still more the United States, do in vast
quantities — has some connection with it. Yet we do
not hear a squeak from Labour MPs, so raucous in their
condemnation of the wretched prince. Of course nobody
knows how many prisoners there are in the Chinese
gulags — a figure of 20 million has been put forward
— and certainly nobody is allowed to visit or go in
search of them. But that does not stop great numbers
of people from going on holiday to China, enjoying
themselves in places perhaps only a few carefully
controlled miles from infernos where prisoners are
being worked to death. While we are constantly
reminded of Hitler’s atrocities, the mass murders of
Mao Tse-tung, more recent and on a much larger scale,
are never mentioned by the media. The authoritative
work by French historians totting up the victims of
communism puts the China death-toll at 60 million. But
Jung Chang, who has now completed her life of Mao,
says this is an underestimate, and that the figure is
more like 70 million. There is a little shop not far
from where I live which sells ceramic mementoes of
Mao, showing him driving in his state limo or making
speeches while rapturous peasants wave copies of the
Little Red Book. No one protests, and I don’t think
they should — Mao, though a monster much closer to
our times, is part of history, like Hitler. But
supposing the same shop were to specialise in votive
figures of Hitler? What a hullabaloo there would be.

Behind all the fuss about Prince Harry no one has
thought of asking the only interesting question about
his escapade. Why did he dress up as a Nazi? I am
quite certain he has no pro-Nazi views or indeed any
political views at all. He is not interested in
politics or history or ideology. He is an absolutely
normal young man of his age and class, anxious to have
a good time and let off steam, and find outlets for
his abundant energy — a complete contrast to his
guilt-ridden, anguished elder brother, who seems to
have much in common with his great-grandfather, George
VI, one of the most persistent worriers who ever
occupied the throne. Diana told me that, whereas
William caused her great concern, she never fussed
about Harry as he was so tremendously happy-go-lucky
and fun-loving, sure to settle down and make a sound,
useful contribution in time. ‘He will always be
popular,’ she said, ‘and have plenty of

We can be sure that, in treating Nazi insignia as a
party joke, Harry reflects the instincts of his
generation, no more nor less. As a visual and exciting
phenomenon, with no more contemporary and political
relevance than Alexander the Great or Bonaparte, the
Nazis do have an undoubted fascination for many young
people, brought up in the boredom of politically
correct sentimental do-gooding. There is, to them,
something shockingly romantic about that weird
phenomenon. It is no accident that television, in its
endless search for ratings among the young, is always
going on about Hitler and the Nazis. The number of
times old newsreels are shown of him suggests that he
still exerts some of the dread appeal he exercised in
his lifetime. It is worth remembering that he was
voted into office, quite lawfully and
constitutionally, by what was then the best-educated
people in the world, and that he and his Nazis always
scored higher ratings among the educated young, and
among university students and graduates — and
professors — than among the population as a whole.

A lot of his appeal, I suspect, was visual. Hitler was
a kind of artist, just as Mao Tse-tung was a poet and
calligrapher. And Hitler put his artistic and
inventive instincts to work. The uniforms in which he
dressed his thugs were superb, one reason they
appealed so strongly at the time to young Germans and
still appeal today, in a furtive way, to collectors
— Nazi SS jackets and caps fetch enormous prices —
and to youths who dress up to shock. His uniforms were
much more dashing than the old Prussian gear, let
alone the drab, scruffy stuff in which Stalin dressed
his secret police and mass-murderers. Hitler, too,
invented son et lumière (for which the French later
took the credit) which made his Nuremberg rallies so
overwhelming. As Hitler is still demonised rather than
allowed to emerge as a historical character to be
studied, we hear little of his gifts, his drive in
pushing forward such ideas as the motorway and the
‘people’s car’ (Volkswagen) and his sense of
humour, which served him so well when he was getting
started in the beerhalls of Munich. Nor do we hear of
the garden-cities he and Speer were planning to build
in the conquered Slav east. Hitler’s close
relationship with Speer the architect was perhaps the
most interesting thing about him. It was precisely
Hitler’s gifts which made him so dangerous and so
uniquely evil.

It is so much easier to avoid the difficult, the
painful, the historical realities and instead to shout
old slogans and scream with rage at Harry, who is too
young to share ancient shibboleths and revere the
fly-blown phylacteries of the past. My advice to him
is to take no notice, cheer up, and follow his






February 16, 2005
Inter Press Service

by Humberto Marquez

CARACAS – One million books, 10 million documents, and
14,000 archaeological  artifacts have been lost in the
U.S.-led invasion and subsequent occupation  of Iraq –
the biggest cultural disaster since the descendants of
Genghis  Khan destroyed Baghdad in 1258, Venezuelan
writer Fernando Baez told IPS.

“U.S. and Polish soldiers are still stealing treasures
today and selling them across the borders with Jordan
and Kuwait, where art merchants pay up to $57,000 for
a Sumerian tablet,” said Baez, who was interviewed
during a brief visit to Caracas.

The expert on the destruction of libraries has helped
document the devastation of cultural and religious
objects in Iraq, where the ancient Mesopotamian
kingdoms of Sumer, Akkad, and Babylon emerged, giving
it a reputation as the birthplace of civilisation.

His inventory of the destruction and his denunciations
that the coalition forces are violating the Hague
Convention of 1954 on the protection of cultural
heritage in times of war have earned him the enmity of

Baez said he was refused a visa to enter the United
States to take part in conferences.

In addition, he has been barred from returning to Iraq
“to carry out further  investigations,” he added. “But
it’s too late, because we already have  documents,
footage and photos that in time will serve as evidence
of the  atrocities committed,” said Baez, the author
of The Cultural Destruction of  Iraq and A Universal
History of the Destruction of Books, which were
published in Spanish. . . .

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this
material is distributed without profit to those who
have expressed a prior interest in receiving the
included information for research and educational













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