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By Walter F. Mueller

This is not yet another “analysis” of hate crimes or
freedom of speech. There are to many one can look up
on the Internet already.

The reason I write about it today is to give you three
examples on how both terms are abused by both sides:

Sacramento, California:

A couple, living in one of Sacramento’s premier
neighborhoods, displayed an American soldier’s uniform
on the garage door of their house, with a sign “Bush
Lied – I Died.” It generated an national controversy,
and an investigation of a hate crime by the Sacramento
County DA’s office.

The next day, the Pearcy’s property was vandalized and
the uniform stolen. Of course, there was no call for
an investigation of a hate crime. A Sacramento based
group, called “Move America Forward” has called for a
candle light vigil outside the home of the Pearcys.

Now is that a display of the American meaning of
freedom and liberty? Freedom of speech? Freedom of
expression? Mark Williams from Sacramento’s premier
talk radio doesn’t think so. He thinks the Pearcys
committed an act of hate, because only people who hate
America would do something like this.

Simple enough? Dah! Wrong! The Pearcys have every
right to display anything on their property they like.
The hate comes from those who object to it.

The second story involves the Sacramento Chapter of
the National Alliance:

A massive leafleting throughout suburban areas of the
Sacramento County raised again the voices for an
investigation of a hate crime. The fliers where neatly
packed into a plastic tube, with a logo saying “Love
your race.” Two police jurisdictions are investigating
– Roseville and Sacramento. Even though both admit
that pretty much nothing can be done about it.
However, they are wasting taxpayer’s dollars anyway.

Of course, this one is not a hate crime either.
However, it does not fall into the category of freedom
of speech. Freedom of speech has to be applied open
and publicly, without interfering or nullifying
someone else’s constitutional rights.

The Pearcys had every right to display the uniform and
the sign on their own property. That is freedom of
speech. However, the National Alliance has absolutely
no right of soiling other people’s property with their
opinion without the owner’s permission.

I am a champion for property rights! I have raised
holy hell with the pizza parlors and other solicitors,
for dropping their trash on my doorstep, by
trespassing my property. See, here is where it is
getting sticky. I am pretty sure, when you talk to the
National Alliance, they consider their distribution of
fliers on other people’s property a freedom of speech
issue. They will even argue, since they drop it from
the car, that they are not even trespassing. Just lame
excuses. Here is where freedom of speech ends. As the
property owner I decide what is being dropped onto my
drive. It’s just like in my four walls, freedom of
speech doesn’t exist, if I deem so.

One cannot claim freedom of speech when disregarding
other people’s constitutional rights.

Third Case:

Now this one must be the child of someone whose brain
damage is enormous. Here we have a perfect example of
freedom of speech gone too far,  turning into hate,
and harming our own movement:

“Why Niggers smell like shit, and how to cure that.”
By Thomas A.

This piece seems to be quite popular amongst white
nationalist websites. The cowardly author, who won’t
give his last name, is not only hateful, but also not
educated. It sounds to me like a Jewish agitator.

“What the ideal multi-racial state needs is a nigger
that don’t stink,”

writes this brain midget. Then he asks:

“Why do niggers smell like shit?”

But here is what makes this piece a hit piece on all
of us for the ADL, JDL, and the media:

“Why would a just God make the nigger smell like a
pile of shit?”

He answers:

“God wants blind people to hate niggers too.”

This is hate in its purest form, and not freedom of
speech. It is actually abuse of freedom of speech by a
coward who probably never made it through high school,
because his shoe size is higher than his IQ.

But that’s not the worst. The worst is that he makes
charges on an issue, just like the Jews, without any
foundation. I lived all my life in racially mixed
neighborhoods, and I can tell you that “niggers” don’t
stink any worse than your average cocksed out white
trash. In fact, I met Tony Martin at an IHR conference
and there was no stink there. I worked with Ward
Connerly on Prop 209, and nope, no stink there either.

Yes folks, once in a while, the traditional enemy
finds brain midgets like Thomas A., and uses them as
the “poster child” of hate.

The truth is, Thomas A. has an affliction, called
“rectal myopia,” because he is so full of shit that
his eyes turn brown and give him a shitty outlook on
life. But what really stinks is the fact that
webmasters actually post this shit on their websites.

So, let’s summarize:

Pearcys: Freedom of speech: yes – Hate crime: No

National Alliance: Freedom of speech: no – Hate crime:

Thomas A: Freedom of Speech: No – Hate crime: Yes

Let’s not forget, hate crimes are the brainchild of
the Jews. It started all when some started questioning
the holocaust. Today, doing so is considered a hate

I can already hear the arguments of Thomas A., who
will probably say:

“Last time I checked, this was still America.”

That’s right, because only in America can one be this
hateful and cover it under freedom of speech.

America also believes that the Patriot Act I and II
are necessary, even though it eliminated many of their
constitutional rights.  Fits right in with believing
to bring terror upon a nation in the name of freedom
and liberty.

In most cases, I say, those who scream the loudest
“hate crime” are those who hate the most. And those
who hide behind freedom of speech are cowards.





great letter, in particular “For our German readers,
from R.F.”  His reprint of Dr. Ventker’s recollection
reminded me of a passage in H.-U. Rudel’s book
“Trotzdem”.  Rudel mentions the same incident and for
the benefit of our English speaking readers I’ll  try
to translate both.

First Rudel:

“…we were interogated by three Colonels from the
General Staff.  For openers they showed us pictures,
which they claimed, showed the atrocities in
concentration camps.  They claimed it proved that
since we had fought for the regime which had caused
all this, we were just as guilty for what had taken
They did not believe me, when I told them that I
had never seen anything about concentration camps.  I
went on to explain that, if such incidences really had
happened, that this was regretable and objectionable
and that those truely responsible for it, that they
would have to be punished. However, things like this
did not happen in Germany alone, they ocurred in
all countries and throughout the ages.  For example
the case of the Boors in South Africa.
Things like this must be measured alike.  I also
said that I could not immagine that the mountains of
dead korpses shown in the pictures came from
concentration camps.  I explained that such pictures,
not on paper but in reality, came into existance after
the air attacks on Dresden, Hamburg and other cities,
which had been indescriminately destroyed with
incendiary and explosive bombs.  Uncounted numbers of
women and children had found their deaths this way.”
(From page 231)

Here is Dr. Ventker’s declaration under oath:
“I, Dr. August Friedrich Ventker, born on the 27th
of October, 1907 in Brockhausen, Osnabrück, wish to
testify in the Zündel proceedings in Toronto, Canada
and provide the following statement under oath:
My cousin Ernst Niermann from Diepholz was an
officer and as such assigned as crewmember to Colonel
Hans-Ulrich Rudel.  Both had migrated to
Argentina (after the war.)  My cousin Niermann told me
what happened when he was taken prisoner in 1945.  He
was brought into a room by an English Colonel. On the
table in the room were fotographs.  The Colonel said:
“take a look at these picture of the mountains of dead
corpses in concentration camps .  Here you can see
what kind of a regime you fought for.”
After my cousin studied the fotographs for a while
he turned to the Colonel and said: “Colonel, this is
fraud!  Those mountains of dead corpses were from
Dresden.  I know the city very well.  Shall I name
this street here, this one or this place?”  During the
attack on Dresden Rudel and I were on the ‘Autobahn’.
After the attack was over we drove into the city
and helped for several days with the clean-up.  We
were there when these mountains of dead corpses were
The English Colonel was furious: “Out with you, to
room 11!”I, (Ventker,) was so shocked by this narative
that it remained pretty much verbatim in my memory.
(Signed:) Dr. Ventker



Adelaide Institute:

Secrets and Lies
Reporter: Liz Jackson

Broadcast: 14/02/2005

He lives quietly in Canberra’s outer suburbs. He comes
and goes a lot. When he is home he may be seen tending
his roses in the front yard.

This unobtrusive, quietly spoken man has been
privilege to some of the world’s best-kept secrets for
two decades. He knows from long personal experience
how intelligence agencies and big defence
bureaucracies operate.

Since the first Gulf War in 1991 his unique expertise
on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction has been sought
by the CIA, Canberra and the UN.

Now he’s decided to talk to Four Corners…

“You’re imbued with this idea of keeping secrets …
you’re not allowed to talk about who you are – even
who you work for … What we’re saying now will come as
a surprise – even to some of my friends,” he says.

“I think the world should know some of the truths,
which at times, I’d have liked the world to have known
– but I couldn’t say anything.”

Via interview and contemporaneous diary notes, the
insider paints a disturbing picture of the backroom
political forces at play in the run-up to the Iraq War
and in its aftermath, as the coalition conducted its
fruitless search for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass

He details to Four Corners:

* how he quit in disgust after the CIA censored a
crucial WMD report, leading to deletion of central
facts and conclusions. “We left the impression that
maybe there were, was WMD out there … I thought it was
dishonest,” he says;

* his personal observations of the present head of
Britain’s MI6, who also played a key role in the David
Kelly affair, applying pressure to “sex up” the same

* his pre-war advice to the Australian and US
governments that Iraq’s weapons did not threaten
either country;

* how he reported to Australian authorities his
suspicions about systemic abuse of prisoners in Iraq
by coalition forces, before the Abu Ghraib scandal
broke, and how his concerns were ignored;

* his and other Australians’ roles in interrogating
“high value” Iraqi prisoners – despite Canberra’s
denials of Australia’s involvement in interrogations.
“Someone was brought to me in an orange jumpsuit with
a guard with a gun standing behind him … of course I
didn’t pull any fingernails out … but I think it’s
misleading to say no Australians were involved. I was

This compelling insider’s account of war, politics and
the manipulation of truth has been prepared by
award-winning reporter Liz Jackson. It is her last
report for Four Corners before she takes up her new
position as presenter of Mediawatch.



Hans Mohr:


The Jew Who Fled Rio

The Jewish diplomat who ran a child prostitution ring
out of the Israeli Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
hopes to leave safe-haven Israel for a new diplomatic
post in Australia.

February 12, 2005 — The Sydney Morning Herald is
reporting that notorious child pornographer Arie Scher
has been flagged as the replacement for Amir Laty, the
former Israeli consul to Australia who was expelled
amid extreme secrecy from Australia about a month ago.

The government has refused to explain why Laty, who
was only 18 months into his posting, was forced to
leave under the threat of deportation. It is believed,
and has been widely reported, that Laty’s expulsion
was related to espionage, as well as personal

(Image: A photograph of Arie Scher and accomplice
George Schteinberg found by Brazilian police. The
photo shows the two men standing, hugging each other.
Each has an arm reaching down toward the front of
Professor Schteinberg’s swimming suit. While
Schteinberg holds his suit waistband down, exposing
his private parts, Scher reaches over to grasp
Schteinberg’s penis. Australia, meet the new

When the Department of Foreign Affairs was asked for
an explanation on why Laty was banished, they
suggested asking ASIO, Australia’s domestic spy
agency. That the agency was involved confirmed
speculation the expulsion was related to national
security. Eventually, official sources told the Herald
espionage was part of the reason Laty was kicked out.
Reports subsequently emerged that Laty might have
tried to penetrate “highly sensitive Australian

In addition, reports of Laty’s indiscretions or “out
of hours activities,” as one official put it, have
also emerged. A number of women have complained of his
unwanted attentions and persistent phone calls. The
women had thought at the time his behavior might have
just come down to cultural difference — but they were
unnerved nevertheless. Then a report emerged yesterday
that Laty had a relationship in Canberra with a woman
who worked for the Defense Department.

Arie Scher’s choice as Laty’s replacement has already
sparked outrage. According to dozens of reports,
including one in the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv, Scher
abandoned his posting at the Israeli embassy in Brazil
five years ago after being implicated in child
pornography and before police were able to question

Scher, who was the Israeli vice-consul in Rio, and at
one point the consul-general, was charged with running
an illegal child pornography and prostitution
business. The investigation began when an underage
girl testified that she was filmed and photographed by
Hebrew language teacher
George Schteinberg having sex with Israeli tourists.
She also told police that Scher participated in the
sessions. In a search of Schteinberg’s residence,
photographs of children posed on a car with diplomatic
plates were discovered, as well as “massive
quantities” of child pornography. Police then traced
the car in the pictures back to the Israeli Embassy in
Rio de Janeiro.

A search of Scher’s apartment confirmed that
photographs found at Schteinberg’s residence had been
taken in the vice-consul’s luxury penthouse. “We
confirmed that the pornographic pictures were taken
next to the consul’s pool and on his deck,” said
Roberto Costa, a chief investigator for the civil
police. “We are going to charge him with exploiting
minors and prostituting them.” (Picture: Professor
Schteinberg hides from photographers as he’s being
taken away by police.)

After Brazilian authorities notified the Israeli
embassy of plans to revoke Scher’s diplomatic
immunity, he fled. According to the Brazilian federal
police, Scher departed at 12:57 in the morning for
Israel by way of Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Agent Icaro Silva of the Brazilian Police Commission
(Copacabana) said that Scher is considered a fugitive
wanted for creating child pornography. His escape
resulted in a request to Interpol that Scher be
arrested if he ever leaves Israel and that the
Brazilian government be notified of any developments
in this case.

Prior to Scher’s flight, Mr. Schteinberg confirmed
that he had assisted in taking nude photographs in the
consul’s apartment, and that he had sexual relations
with a girl, age 11, who was living with him at the
time of his arrest. Agent Silva said the pre-teen had
been living with Schteinberg for almost a year, “as
had been arranged by Scher.” (Picture: Two pre-teens
hang out at a Christian food bank, not far from the
Israeli Embassy in Rio de Janeiro.)

Silva told reporters that nine complete pornographic
Web sites were found on the hard drive of
Schteinberg’s computer, and all were in Hebrew, the
language that Schteinberg taught. “We want to
determine the names of the other girls who appear in
those photos,” said the commission agent. He added
that the Web sites confirm that Schteinberg was
running an Internet service that brought Israeli
tourists to Brazil to have sex with the children.

Silva also connected Scher to another notorious child
pornographer, a retired professor by the name of Ablio
Nogueira de Faria, age 78, who was in jail for
producing child pornography. A document titled “An
Investigation of Arie Scher,” written by an unnamed
American, was found in the retiree’s home which
contained descriptions of criminal acts by Scher. “We
want to know if some connection between the cases
exists, therefore Nogueira will be interrogated
again,” Silva told reporters.

Israel and Brazil do not have an extradition treaty
but the Brazilian Government asked the Israeli
Government to return Scher. Brazil’s Ministry of
Foreign Relations delivered a formal request to
Israel’s Foreign Ministry stating that Rio de
Janeiro’s 31st criminal precinct had a criminal case
pending against the Jew.

The request was sent to Brazil’s embassy in Tel Aviv
on October 2001 and later forwarded to the Israeli
Foreign Ministry. Ma’ariv reported that Israel refused
to extradite Scher and instead conducted its own
investigation. They found that Scher had merely
“behaved inappropriately for a diplomat.” And banned
him from foreign diplomatic missions for five years.

A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in
Jerusalem, Mark Regev, confirmed the disciplinary
hearing upon Scher’s return from Brazil five years
ago. “He was a young and single man at the time. Now
he is married and he’s six years older and there is no
reason why he shouldn’t make an excellent diplomatic
appointment in Australia,” Regev told the Herald on

Other Israeli sources told the Sydney Morning Herald
that because of the public nature of the allegations,
the Scher inquiry was quietly held at the highest
level of the country’s Civil Service Commission. They
determined that “while some of his behavior was
unbecoming, there was nothing close to criminal.”

“He made a mistake when he was younger but there is no
reason why he should not go on to have a very strong
career as a diplomat,” Regev said.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry assured the Herald that
Scher’s appointment was “just pending” and he had not
left for Australia. “The decision to send him to
Australia stands but because of concerns that were
raised, the case is being looked at at the highest
levels of the ministry,” Regev said.


Aryeh “Arie” Scher was born in Tel Aviv and spent much
of his childhood in Netanya, Israel. His father was a
Jew from Austria; his mother was a Jewess from Italy.
He entered the United States, apparently legally, and
lived for a while in San Diego, where he taught Hebrew
and worked as an administrator for a vacation resort.

In between his visits to California, Scher spent four
years in the Israel Army’s “Nachal” corps, a
quasi-religious military brigade primarily tasked with
harassing and expropriating the Palestinian people.
After leaving the IDF, Scher went to Australia for a
while, where he networked with Jewish student
organizations. Afterward, he returned to Israel to
study at the University of Tel Aviv, majoring in
Public Administration with a minor in Political

After graduating, Scher spent two years in China as an
assistant consular diplomat. His apprenticeship
completed, Scher was assigned to the Israeli Embassy
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Scher is fond of suntanning
on beaches, often naked. Scher is believed to be
homosexual, in addition to being a pedophile.

Georges Schteinberg came to Brazil to teach Hebrew at
the prestigious A. Liessin university in Rio de
Janeiro. At least, that’s what he told his gullible
goy friends. He was the accomplice of Arie Scher (see
above), assisting the diplomat in the procurement of
children for prostitution and handling the Internet
end of the child prostitution business. Schteinberg
“sampled the wares.”

Both Scher and Schteinberg are Jews who had been
considered decent and responsible men before a police
investigation uncovered their filthy exploitation of
children. Now you might have an idea of where Internet
child pornography really comes from – Jews make it,
Jews upload it, and Jews profit by selling it.
Furthermore, Jews use the pornography that they,
themselves, created to justify their efforts at
censoring the Internet (so that they can subsequently
use those censorship laws to get rid of Web sites like
this one).

And yet, really, this Jewish habit of foully
exploiting the innocent should have been anticipated
from the beginning, since many Jews believe (as a
religious conviction) that they have a license to do
anything they wish with gentiles, including raping
their children. The lesson of this story is that the
Jews are very, very good at making a false appearance
of righteousness and respectability while being, in
reality, a danger to the non-Jews among whom they
live. Arie Scher got off with a “slap on the wrist”
after finding refuge in Israel. That is why Israel
exists, and it is why some Jews never live there until
after they have been caught committing crimes

Case in point: The refusal of the Israeli Supreme
Court to extradite Samuel Sheinbein to the United
States for trial for murder. In order to avoid being
tried for his crimes in the United States, Sheinbein’s
relatives evidently arranged for him to flee to
Israel, where fugitive Jews often go. The prosecutor
in the Maryland county where Sheinbein committed his
crime demanded Sheinbein’s extradition from Israel to
the United States, but the Israeli Supreme Court
refused to allow it. Here’s what I found written about
that decision (read carefully).

“It isn’t a question of his guilt or innocence.
Neither is it a matter of avoiding justice. At issue
is the sanctity of the concept of Israel as refuge.”

The second and third sentences in that quotation are
in direct conflict, after the usual manner of Jewish
doublethink. The “high Jews” aren’t really concerned
about justice. They don’t care whether Sheinbein
committed the crime, and they don’t much care about
the question of justifiability in the event that
Sheinbein did kill his victim. What matters to them is
“the sanctity of the concept of Israel as a refuge,” a
place were Jews can go when their own actions provoke
the gentiles against them, a place where they can
EVADE retribution of any kind, legal or not, deserved
or not. So it is a matter of avoiding justice, but not
just for Sheinbein alone. It’s a matter of keeping
Israel a place where any ratty Jew can avoid justice.



Dr. Leon Bourke:



Your latest newsletter was superb, exposing the lies
and perfidy of the Allies.The only reason we do not
hear about Communist atrocities is because the Zionist
Jews were at the heart of it. Secondly, they run the
USA and the other Western couintries because of our
fellow whites who have betrayed us. Bravo

Leon Bourke



From Monika:


Could this help the Philadelphia 4?
Last year we brought Swedish law makers to the United
States to point out the plight of Pastor Ake Green who
was convicted and sent to jail for the “hate crime” of
preaching that homosexuality is a sin. As a result of
that visit and other efforts there has been worldwide
press coverage of the persecution of this elderly
pastor who was sentenced to jail because he accurately
interpreted the Biblical view of homosexuality. The
pressure on Sweden to undo this mockery of free speech
has been great and this week an appeals court in
Sweden ruled against the government saying that the
hate crime laws were not intended to “stop discussion”
on the issue of homosexuality. This is a major turn
around in Europe which for the past decade has been
headed for intolerant secularism that promoted
censorship of religion. This is also a blow to those
who promote “hate crimes” laws in the United States.
(Read Fox News story),2933,122787,00.html

Hate Crime Protection for Gays Passes in Senate
Tuesday, June 15, 2004

WASHINGTON  – The Senate voted 65-33 Tuesday to
give gays and lesbians protection under the federal
hate crime law (search), and officials said a debate
was likely next month on a far more controversial
measure to amend the Constitution with a ban on
homosexual marriages (search).

Taken together, the developments signaled the
full Senate is moving onto politically charged terrain
less than five months before the fall elections, and
came on a day that President Bush (search) renewed his
opposition to gay marriages.

“Before you get to marriage, you’ve got to get
over hate, and today the Senate did,” said Sen. Gordon
Smith (search) of Oregon, the leading Republican
advocate of hate crimes legislation that has cleared
the Senate three times in recent years but has yet to
pass the House.

“When someone is being stoned in the public
square, we should all come to their rescue, and that
includes the federal government,” he added.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (search) of
Massachusetts, the leading Democratic supporter of the
bill, said hate crimes amount to “domestic terrorism
plain and simple, and it’s unacceptable.” He urged the
administration to swing behind the proposal.

Current law permits the federal government to
assist local and state authorities prosecuting limited
types of crimes committed on the basis of the victim’s
race, religion or ethnic background. The legislation
approved in the Senate would broaden it on two counts,
allowing federal involvement in many more types of
crimes, and adding sexual orientation, gender and
disability to the list of covered categories.



New Order:



On Marxism and Democracy

“Today’s Western democracy is the forerunner of
Marxism, which without it would be unthinkable.  It
provides this world plague with the culture in which
its germs can spread.”

— THE BOOK, I:3:/78 (HM edition)

He was—and IS—right!

Dept E
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Milwaukee WI 53227

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