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Dear Fellow Patriot!

The answer to yesterday’s quiz comes from the winner:

“SA – Sturmabteiling
SS – Schutzstaffel”


The winner is Chris Kuhn.


Today’s Quiz:


The winner will receive an original, used colored,
greeting card from the Third Reich (1935). The stamp
pictures Hindenburg.


Ladies and gentlemen, this weekend marks the
remembrance of the victims of the Allied bombing
holocaust in Dresden. Spend a few minutes with your
family and tell them one of the many stories you can
find on the Internet.

The archive of Vanguard News Network

carries several stories of the Dresden holocaust.

The Adelaide Institute features the color postcard of
the Dresden Memorial

If you have not yet received the postcard, let us
know, we will send you one for free.

In the same spirit, German politicians are still
trying to block the memorial vigil on Sunday in


Schröder races to halt neo-Nazi ‘funeral march’ in

Luke Harding in Berlin
Friday February 11, 2005
The Guardian

Germany’s chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, said yesterday
he would explore “every possibility” to ban the
neo-Nazi National Democratic party, which plans to
demonstrate in Dresden on Sunday during the 60th
anniversary of the city’s destruction.
In an interview with a Jewish newspaper, Mr Schröder
said his government was now considering a fresh
attempt to ban the party following the failure of a
similar effort three years ago.

“I want my government to use every possibility to go
down the road of a ban,” he said. “But it must have a
good chance of success.”

The party, known by the initials NPD, stunned
Germany’s mainstream political establishment last year
when it won 9.2% of the vote during state elections in
Saxony. Since then the NPD’s 12 new MPs have staged a
series of stunts in the state parliament in Dresden –
walking out last month during a minute’s silence for
victims of the Holocaust.

On Sunday around 5,000 NPD supporters are expected to
hold a “funeral march” in Dresden to commemorate the
35,000 Germans killed during the destruction of the
city on February 13-14 1945 by British and American

The NPD’s 33-year-old leader, Holger Apfel, has
described the allied attack as a “bombing-Holocaust”
and “an act of gangster politics”. The NPD’s rise,
against a background of rising unemployment, appears
to have caught Germany’s Social Democrat-led
government unawares.

It has provoked a bitter dispute between Mr Schröder
and the man he beat during Germany’s last general
election in 2002, Edmund Stoiber. Mr Stoiber, the
minister president of Bavaria, this week accused the
chancellor of failing to bring down unemployment, and
driving voters towards the far right. Mr Schröder hit
back angrily, describing Mr Stoiber as “malicious”.

The chancellor is now urgently considering ways of
preventing the NPD from marching through the
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s most famous monument, on
May 8 – the 60th anniversary of the end of the second
world war, and Berlin’s liberation from the Nazis by
the Red Army. The demonstration would take place only
metres from a new Holocaust memorial.

“I am one of those who don’t want to accept that
people can demonstrate with far-right slogans at
memorials for the victims of the Holocaust,” Mr
Schröder told the Jüdische Allgemeine, a Jewish

“I hope all the parties in parliament can unite on a
change to the law,” he said. His government has
already tried to ban the NPD once, arguing that it
incited hate crimes against foreigners and Jews. But
in 2003, Germany’s highest court refused to hear the
case because the government cited inflammatory
statements and writings by party members who were
later unmasked as paid informers for the state.

“Another court defeat would only help the NPD,” Mr
Schröder admitted.

As well as the demonstration on Sunday by the neo-Nazi
NPD, thousands of anti-fascists are expected to stage
their own rival demonstration under the slogan “No
Tears for Krauts”.

Also in Dresden, the British ambassador in Germany,
Sir Peter Torry, will attend a memorial ceremony in
which representatives from Coventry will hand over a
cross of nails to the people of Dresden.

Special report




By Walter F. Mueller

The “Real ID Act” is a new legislation that passed
already through the House, sponsored by Judiciary
Committee Chair Representative James Sensenbrenner.
The legislation promises to block states from issuing
drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, it is. The
bill is a part of the President’s new legislation to
fight terrorism. As usual, anti-immigrant advocates
are endorsing the act whole heartily, not realizing
what this endorsement is – an egregious violation of
constitutional rights and liberty.

I am against Third World immigration, just like the
next guy, but this legislation will not put a stop to
that immigration. In fact, it will not even address
illegal immigration from Mexico.

The “Real ID Act” is a scam. Endorsed by the Bush
White House:

“The bill would strengthen the ability of the U.S. to
protect against terrorist entry into the United

But you know, the devil is in the detail. The “Real ID
Act” prohibits ID cards and driver’s licenses to
political refugees, including Palestinians, and German
“holocaust deniers.” If the bill passes the Senate,
Bush has already promised to sign it. Once he does,
the Federal Government can take licenses at will, and
prevent “chosen suspects” from ever getting one. It
will prevent people from boarding airplanes, open bank
accounts or entering a federal building.

The “Real ID Act” is solely designed to strip citizens
of constitutional rights, in the name of the war on
terrorism. It will have little effect on illegal
immigration from Mexico. But it will single out all
those who are critical of Israel.

It is predicted that the bill will have a hard time
passing through the Senate. Several Senators realized
that this bill can even prevent the new Palestinian
Leadership from entering the U.S.

I once was heavily involved with the anti-immigration
crowd. Until I realized that they can’t see the real
picture. Immigration has gone worse every year. I
don’t know what these advocates are doing, but out of
all activism, they are the lamest ones.

They refuse to talk about the Jews, who are the big
time financiers of immigration, and one should assume
that they should have made the biggest progress of
them all.

Most of the white population is opposed to immigration
and illegal immigration, however, even with  that safe
issue, anti-immigration advocates are going nowhere.

They are one-issue people, who can’t see the forest
for the trees.

I am still opposed to Third World immigration,
however, I realized, until I deal with the cause of
it, it’s never going to change. Sensenbrenner’s bill
is yet another outrageous attempt by the federal
government to police it’s citizens.


Germar Rudolf:


Please Distribute Widely

Our Call for the Release of Ernst Zündel

View Current Signatures   –   Sign the Petition

To:  The Canadian Envoy to the United Nations
Petition: Our Call for the Release of Ernst Zündel

We have all heard about the repression being practiced
in the United States against Arabs, Muslims, and
others in this post 11 September 2001 age, when the
American state has taken on greater authority than
before to track down dissidents or suspected
dissidents on the grounds that they are somehow
supporters of “terrorism.”

Ernst Zündel is a German-born, Canadian citizen who
has become famous for “denying” the Zionists’ favorite
legend – that six million Jews were deliberately
murdered in gas chambers by the Nazi Regime during
World War II. In terms of his age, he is now in his
sixties. He is also a pacifist. Obviously, he has not
been jailed because he poses any kind of physical
threat to established power.
Why then has he been in jail without charge for two

In courtrooms and publications, Zündel has repeated
that there is no proof whatsoever for the claims that
6 million Jews were gassed to death in World War II.
For this exercise in free speech – namely, casting
doubt on a particular Jewish legend and openly
demanding documentation for that claim that serves as
the main justification for the Zionist rape of
Palestine, Zündel was denounced in Canada as a
supporter of ‘anti-semitism’ and racial hatred. He
moved to Tennessee in the United States and married
another German immigrant, but was arrested in February
2003 for not attending an immigration meeting – a
meeting about which he says he was never informed.

Zündel is now fighting deportation to Germany where he
faces a long prison sentence, again merely for having
exercised free speech and questioned the legend of the
deliberate murder of six million Jews. Zündel has
never been convicted of a criminal offense in Canada,
nor was he even found to have violated Canadian hate
crime laws, yet in the post 9-11 era he is being
treated as a dangerous terrorist because aggressive
and racist Zionist institutions like the Simon
Wiesenthal Center, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the
Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, the
so-called League for Human Rights of B’nai B’rith, and
the Jewish Anti-Defamation League want him silenced.

Unable to provide evidence to back up the holocaust
legend that serves them well as a justification for
Zionist mass murder in Palestine, the Arab world, and
around the globe, Zionist organizations instead are
wielding their influence within the organs of state
repression in western countries to gag a ‘thought
criminal’, a man who simply called the Zionists’

Regardless of his controversial ideological
affiliations, if the 65-year-old pacifist Ernst Zündel
can be packed off to prison as a “terrorist” merely
for questioning a Zionist legend, every fighter
against Zionism and colonialism can start expecting a
knock on the door.

Free Ernst Zündel . . . because you might be next!


The Undersigned



New Order:


For us, St. Valentine’s Day is the time when
we remember the massacre perpetrated by
the Allies of World Jewry at DRESDEN in 1945!

Re: [Prayer-Circle] Saint Valentine and the Irish

Very interesting story thank you Carol………

Saint Valentine And The Irish Connection:

The factual history of St Valentine begins in the
third century AD when Valentine (Valentinius)
was a Christian priest in the reign of the Roman
Emperor Claudius The Second. This was a time
of persecution of the early Christians. It was also a
time when Claudius had decreed that no
marriages should take place, on the ground that young
unmarried males would make better soldiers
than those who were married! Valentine however,
secretly performed marriage services for the young
lovers in defiance of the tyrannical ruling, and was
arrested. It is recorded that whilst in prison he
miraculously restored the sight of the daughter of his
Judge, Asterias. Despite mingled promises and
threats on the part of the Prefect of Rome, Valentine
refused to abjure his faith and was condemned
to be first beaten with clubs, and then to be
beheaded. On his path to Martyrdom he was accompanied
by his former Judge Asterias, who together with all of
his family, had converted to Christianity.
Valentine wrote a farewell message to the daughter of
Asterias which he signed ‘Your Valentine’.

The date of the martyrdom of St. Valentine was 14
February in the year 290 AD. This was a fateful date,
since it was on that date that the Roman Feast Of
Lupercalia was celebrated by the young men and
women of the ancient city. It was popularly accepted
that on that date the Birds chose their mates,
and so, in harmony with the rhythms of nature, young
eligible girls made decorated, ribboned tokens
on which they wrote their names, and placed them in an
urn. The young men picked a token from the urn,
and the following year paid court to the chosen girl.
A fateful dovetailing of significant events therefore
took place which ensured the immortalization of the
Saint – his martyrdom for the combined and inseparable

ideals of Divine and Romantic love on that fateful
feast day of the Old World. Legend has it that a pink
Almond tree, a symbol of Eternal love blossomed from
the grave of the Saint Even the ancient exchange
of tokens in the form of Valentine cards continues
today as each year the Saint’s legacy is celebrated.

So you ask. Whats all of this have to do with Ireland?

The story of how the remains of St. Valentine came to
Ireland started way back in the 17th century. At
the time there was a Carmelite priest in Dublin, in
the Liberties, called Fr. John Spratt. By all accounts

he seems to have been a man of boundless energy as he
was very much involved with the poor and destitute of
the area. He began the building of the present Church
in 1825 which was designed by Sir George Papworth, who
was also responsible for building the Pro Cathedral
the previous year, 1824.

In 1835, he visited Rome. While there he was asked to
preach at the famous Jesuit Church, the Gesu.
Apparently his fame as a preacher had gone before him
probably brought by some Jesuits who had been in
Dublin. The elite of Rome flocked to hear him and he
received many tokens of esteem from the doyens of the
church. Pope Gregory XVI (16th) made him a gift of the
remains of St. Valentine.

On November 10th, 1836 the remains of the Saint
arrived in Dublin and were brought to Whitefriar St.
Church. The Archbishop of Dublin at the time, Dr.
Murray, received the remains and presided at the
Solemn High Mass to mark the occasion.

For some time, the presence of the remains of St.
Valentine in Whitefriar St. Church, caused the
proverbial seven-day wonder. Then, with the death of
Fr. Spratt, devotion began to disappear and the relics
from the Church, to be relegated to some back room to
collect dust.

40 years ago, as a result of major renovations, St.
Valentine has been restored to his rightful place with
a specially designed altar and shrine. Irene Broe has
carved a statue depicting the Saint holding a crocus
plant, the symbol of spring.



Adelaide Institute:


A view I heard express in Russia a couple of years ago
was that NATO is run by about 1500 families, mainly
Jewish in origin.

The fact that the former communist countries of
eastern Europe that wished to join NATO all have to
enshrine in their legal system Holocaust denial laws,
speaks for itself.

In January 1999 Poland enacted such laws, and in April
it joined NATO, by June the first academic, from
Opolen University, was before the courts: Dr Dariusz
Ratajczak. The court’s sentence destroyed his career.

That’s how it works for individuals!

Get the details by writing to Dr Ratajczak

Fredrick Töben
11 February 2005

Germany and the Purpose of NATO


Germany and the Purpose of NATO


I have often considered writing about the real purpose
of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as I see
it. However, lack of means to substantiate a number of
my suspicions was a major reason of discouragement.

Now I have at my disposal something that can help me
break the ice: an American General speaks openly, on
national television, on the real reason for the
existence of NATO. What he has to say is quite
interesting for the uninitiated as well as for the
irreverent and the perennial skeptic. I will use this
opportunity to explain some of my initial ideas on
this matter.

Adolf Hitler, simultaneously with Mussolini, and other
European leaders, was involved in an extraordinary
effort to eradicate the threat of Bolshevik tyranny
from Europe. The stability of the governments they led
was threatened via the USA as much, or perhaps more,
than any danger that could have originated in Moscow.

When Hitler’s defense of Europe was forced into the
military alternative, the United States made an
alliance with Stalin. That to me was an indication
that America was becoming friendlier to Communism than
to the traditional values of Western Europe. We know
that American intervention resulted in a greater and
stronger Soviet Russia. The Communists have indeed a
debt of gratitude to America for the expansion of

But when the Second World War was over, America
“agitated” the anti-Communist cause and formed NATO!
Why NATO? It all sounded very phony to me, because if
America had truly stood against Bolshevism it should
have joined Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco, instead of
Josef Stalin. America, of course, has never admitted
to have fought on the wrong side.

I can’t help but asking myself when was NATO a real
problem for the solidity of Soviet Communism?
Certainly not when Russian tanks and the Red Army
occupied the streets of Prague, or Budapest. The
anti-Communism of the American Establishment has
always been as serious as an Abbot-and-Costello movie.

However, America’s true concern was what Germany
represented and what to this day survives in the
German. Ellie Wiesel expressed similar sentiments,
when he advocated that every Jew must have same room
in his heart for hatred against the Germans. The great
difference between Wiesel, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
and “Ike” Eisenhower is that Wiesel has expressed his
emotions with more sincerity. The real hazard to the
American Way, the America of the Gay Pride Parades and
Martin Luther King Day, was not Bolshevism, but the
Traditional Western values that Germany had tried to
maintain at the expense of a multitude of sacrifices.

On April 24, 1999, NBC aired John McLaughlin’s “One on
One.” The show had the participation of two guests:
Lieutenant General William Odom and Professor Harvey
Sapolsky. We are going to review same of the remarks
made by General Odom.

General William Odom was introduced as a graduate from
West Point, who obtained his PhD at Columbia. He
served in President Carter’s National Security Council
and during President Reagan’s administration in the
Office of the Army Chief of Staff for Intelligence and
for the director of Reagan’s National Security Agency.
He is currently director of International Security
Studies at the Hudson Institute and professor of
Public Policy and Organization in the Department of
Political Science at the prestigious Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, where he is also the Director
of the Security Program. Gen. Odom authored six books,
the latest of which is The Collapse of Soviet

What I have always suspected as the real purpose of
NATO was disclosed, much to my surprise, right at the
beginning of the show by Gen. Odom: “(NATO) was
created not as most people think to defend against the
Soviet military threat. The French didn’t even mention
the Soviet Union in the debate for it. They wanted
NATO to deal with the German question. The British
wanted NATO to keep the U.S. in Europe.”

Gen. Odom added, still remarkably candid, that “the
expansion of NATO is for the same reason; the German
question versus Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary is
put to bed if there is a NATO roof over it.”

The type of policy advocated by this American General
is strikingly similar to the policies the Germans were
accused of implementing during the Third Reich era, in
the Nuremberg Trials. Here are two more passages of
this conversation between McLaughlin and Gen. Odom:

Mr. McLaughlin: Are we supposed to run Europe?

Gen. Odom: It pays. Yes.

Mr. McLaughlin: Why does it pay?

Gen. Odom: You are richer today because of it.

And then, Mr. McLaughlin: Can the United States defend
its interests in Europe without NATO?

Gen. Odom: No.

One of Odom’s comments brings to public attention a
second player in the game, further substantiating the
Germanophobic character of NATO: “In 1994, the British
foreign secretary said it would be better to have the
Russians on the Adriatic than the Germans.”

I hope that this brief article will bring some light
to those who still don’t understand why Dresden was
destroyed and why millions of Germans were
exterminated in American and Russian concentration
camps at the end of the war.

Those who desire to verify the veracity of these
quotes can order their own transcript of “One on One”

Federal News Service
620 National Press Building
Washington, DC 20045
(202) 347-1400

One of the best indications of the correctness of the
above contention is the simple fact that while the
U.S. military is scrambling to maintain its troop
strength in Iraq, it is not even discussing the
redeployment of forces from Germany.  After all, they
are there—just as in Iraq—for the purpose of

Here are one correspondent’s further comments:

Dear Mr. Coletti:

Many thanks for your excellent analysis of NATO as an
occupier of Germany, rather than a defender of Europe.
I have seen these indications in my own research over
the years on such major points as The Cold War Hoax,
to wit:

The U.S.A. aided in the foundation of the Soviet Union
and continued to fund it and feed it until its recent
name-change under its kosher commissars now turned

Then I encountered such minor points as the article of
the United Nations Charter that allows any World War
II ally to invade Germany unilaterally, at any time.
The deployment and equipment of NATO forces was far
more appropriate to an occupation force, than it was
‘for the defense of Europe’.

The fact that the French kicked NATO headquarters out
of France was another indication of NATO’s true role
as occupier of Europe. It is obvious that the
undemocratic Zionist occupation regime in Germany
would be swept away were NATO to leave or evaporate,
for Germans bear the burden of endless tribute to
their enemies inside and outside Germany.

From my childhood experience in wartime U.S.A., I had
no doubt who was the enemy of White Civilization: it
was the people of the U.S.A. The Germans were the
defenders of White Civilization.

Hitler deemed those who appreciate music to have
political potential. I appreciate music in the
European tradition. Such music quickly vanished
after 1945 on U.S. radio stations.

As I noted, the Western Allies SEEMED to champion
White Civilization, so Whites who fought for the
Western Allies were successfully duped into killing
the defenders of our civilization in the name of White

It is cruel irony that Stalin duped Russians into
fighting fellow nationalists in the name of
nationalism. That is why Soviet propaganda suddenly
switched from its promotion of Communist
internationalism to the promotion of Mother Russia.
Anything to gull the Goyim.

After 1945 we could see what we really fought for: the
Afro-Asiatic values of Judaism! In musical terms,
postwar American culture was dominated by Africa,
not Europe, as we see today. The White people served
their purpose as the destroyers of their fellow
Whites. Now they are being ‘phased out’ culturally
and demographically. The absurd thing is that most
Whites seem to enjoy being Africanized and Judaized to

Most Whites have lost their racial identity under the
Jewish spell. Many of them identify with their
enemies: They applaud non-White victories and side
with non-Whites on every issue. If Whites are to
survive, along with White Civilization, we must become
aware of our racial identity and become pro-White.
Afterwards, our successful self-defense will follow
logically and naturally.













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