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Finally, the link between Auschwitz and Iraq!

It will not end when the last survivor dies – in the
wings there is Spielberg’s Shoah-Survivor-Picture-Show
waiting, waiting to tell the story anew and the
Victimhood mentality continues to hold out a slavish

” Through luck and the kindness of strangers, she
survived three selections for trips to Auschwitz and
the gas chamber.”

Holocaust survivors from across the country gather in
Tamarac, ‘celebrate life’

By David Fleshler
Staff Writer
Posted February 7 2005

Survivors of the Holocaust gathered Sunday in a
catering hall in Tamarac to mark the 60th anniversary
of the year of liberation from Nazi concentration

The room at Diamante’s Banquet Center filled with men
and women in their 70s and 80s, many speaking to each
other in Yiddish. They had flown in from New York,
Boston, Chicago and other cities to spend time with
the shrinking number of people who could understand
what they went through.

“It’s a bond; you don’t want to forget,” said Tolly
Logan, 73, originally from a town on Poland’s border
with Germany. “You see people who suffered together,
people who went through hardship.”

In 1945, as American, Soviet and British armies sliced
through the German defenses, they stumbled upon huge
complexes of prison barracks, slave-labor factories,
gas chambers and crematoriums. On Jan. 27, 1945, in an
event commemorated with solemn ceremonies last month,
the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz, the largest
concentration camp complex, where the Germans killed
up to 1.5 million people, including about 1 million

Logan spent the war at a textile factory in the
slave-labor camp of Oberaltstadt, in what is now the
Czech Republic. Through luck and the kindness of
strangers, she survived three selections for trips to
Auschwitz and the gas chamber. Now, having married and
built a life in Cincinnati, she came to Florida to be
with others who experienced the same ordeals.

“I don’t feel sad,” she said. “It is a day to
celebrate life and remember the ones that didn’t make

Most of the people at the event were originally from
Lithuania, the Baltic center of Jewish culture that
was invaded by Germany as part of its attack on the
Soviet Union.

“Ninety-four percent of the Jews of Lithuania were
killed,” said Harry Demby, of Delray Beach, the
event’s organizer. “That’s why people are so anxious
to see each other.”

Born in Schaulen, Lithuania, Demby was forced into one
of the Jewish ghettos set up by the Germans.

When the Nazis decided to “liquidate” the ghetto, he
saw a little girl — “the image of Shirley Temple” —
dragged away as she screamed for her mother. After
being taken to Dachau, he survived a death march in
which those who fell out of line were shot.

With the war over, he had the satisfaction of marrying
his wife, Helen, who survived Auschwitz, in a German
museum in Munich, the cradle of the Nazi Party.

Of the more than 100 survivors gathered in Tamarac,
most had gone to camps other than Auschwitz, such as
Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen and Dachau.

While attention has focused on the recent anniversary
of the liberation of Auschwitz, Demby said, “the
liberation started off now. Every week another camp
was liberated.”

Assi Haim, director of economic affairs for the
Israeli consulate in Miami, told the gathering that
the existence of a Jewish state would prevent another

“Israel is there to make a statement: `It won’t happen
again,'” he said, speaking at a lectern flanked by
American and Israeli flags. “We won’t let it. Israel
has an army to defend its people.

“Because we are there, we have a home, it won’t be

David Fleshler can be reached at or 954-356-4535.

=============== and then there is the mindset that
uses the above as its premise to oppose the Iraqi war
= the analogy rests on a false premise that claims IT

The Military’s Dirty Munitions

Shocking Auschwitz Similarities

January 27 is the 60th Anniversary of the liberation
of the Auschwitz Death Camp WWII. Zyklon B was the
poison gas of choice of the German fascist regime.
Uranium gas is the poisonous and radioactive gas of
choice of the American fascists.

by Bob Nichols

published by Axis of Logic

The Military’s Dirty Munitions

The US Military’s genocidal operation in Iraq is
trucking off whole destroyed cities and acres of dirt
to dumps in the desert. This is to obscure the
tell-tale and eternal radiation and the chemical
residues from the use of banned and illegal weapons by
our kids and friends in the US Military.
The Empire’s tactics

They are the same as they have been for 40 years. Does
anybody remember the “elections” in Saigon, Viet Nam?
You are maybe expecting the Empire to not change or
alter it’s lethal methods and procedures?

In Viet Nam it was the deadly chemical poison Agent
Orange. In Iraq it is plain old processed uranium. The
military must think uranium is better, because it is
permanent. Uranium is radioactive. It kills people and
contaminates their land – forever.

If anybody thinks the Empire will change this
voluntarily because uranium dust contaminates our
troopers, you might as well believe that the earth is
flat. The military will have to be forced away from
their perverted sub-human addiction to genocidal
weapons. Anybody who thinks uranium weapons are used
without Presidential approval is sadly naïve, or a
White House-bribed “journalist.”

The only way the military will be forced away from
this psychotic criminal behavior is by a President and
energized Congress who order them to “Destroy the
uranium munitions! All of them! Now! And don’t make
any more.”

It’s either that, or the rest of the world will punish
the United States until the last dog dies. It is easy
enough to do. Just destroy the American economy and
laugh all the way to the bank. Trading Middle East and
Venezeulan oil in euros should do the trick nicely.
The Chinese could sell off just a few US Treasury
bonds and cause a stock market panic and crash. It is
simple. Really!

Yes, our kids and friends in the US Military are
guilty of dispersing millions of pounds of weaponized
radioactive and poisonous ceramic uranium oxide gas
and dust in Iraq with impunity. A war crime. That is
the official name for it.

This is just wrong and everybody all over the world
knows it. This human knowledge about uranium is
universal, and has been since we Americans nuked
Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Are you shocked? Surprised that the compassionate
United States government of George Bush would do this?
This is genocide by Americans, by the book. It’s what
the Nazis did in WWII, but different. It’s been
improved! Yes! We’ve improved the all important Kill

There is a tricky public relations “issue” with it,
though: American Troopers are just as likely to
breathe the radioactive uranium dust as the “enemy”
Iraqis. Then they are truly “throwaway soldiers,”
abandoned by the military as they painfully die. As
they are dying, they all request service connected
Medical Disability. That costs money. More than
President Bush wants to pay.

Eleven thousand of the Gulf War I Era Vets are dead. A
half million Gulf Vets are on Medical Disability; but
the government refuses to acknowledge they have
radiation poisoning, hoping they will go ahead and die
to reduce costs.

This is not a problem, though, for George W. Bush and
the fascist neo-cons running the Great American War
Machine. None other than Henry Kissinger, former
National Security Advisor, explains the proper
imperial outlook for troubled Americans who may not
quite understand the “big picture” yet.

Kissinger sagely informs us mere peasants in America
that “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be
used” [as pawns in foreign policy.] Try telling that
to dead vets’ families and parents and families of the
walking dead.

The easy solution just slipped away in 2004

The only people in the World (that would be us, the
300 million citizens of the almighty American Empire)
capable of, maybe, peacefully stopping the genocidal
onslaught are more concerned with watching bizarre
“reality” TV shows and making sure homosexuals don’t
get too uppity; according to recent polls and
elections in the US.

Americans are not deceiving anybody in the world but
themselves. Okies (Oklahomans) are especially
oblivious to the utterly simple fact that Oklahoma is
the major shipping point for millions of pounds of
genocidal and illegal weapons to Iraq. Up to 3.2
million pounds a day. That is up to 96 million pounds
of radioactive uranium a month!

Okies are more interested in an annual series of
football games played by an ADHD group of adolescent
boys at the University of Oklahoma. It is so much
easier to bravely scream out “Go, Big Red Sooners,
Kill ’em all!” than to tell the government their
uranium munitions are wrong, banned, and illegal.

Okies are moral cowards. Okie politicians and
preachers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, managers and
workers are deathly afraid of merely even hinting that
they would do anything other than totally support the
illegal War on Iraq. Why, what would people say at the
Country Club or at the Church? Conformism is enforced
by what is socially acceptable.

What’s more, there are 22 million pounds of lethal,
radioactive uranium fashioned into shells, land mines
and bombs not 90 miles from Oklahoma City. There,
Okies mindlessly make Oklahoma’s deadly contribution
to the “war effort” on Iraq: An impoverished,
thoroughly destroyed little country of 25 million
people that never had any nuclear weapons at all!
Ever. Even President Bush said so!

Literally “all” the munitions like that come from
Southeastern Oklahoma, the same way most of the lead
for good old fashioned bullets came from Northeastern
Oklahoma in WWI.

War Crimes

Does that make Oklahomans’ war crime guilt greater
than that of other states in the War Crimes Index of
Horror? If so, rest assured that the fascist loving
“Mussolini’s favorite” American newspaper, The Daily
Oklahoman and the corporatism dedicated Oklahoma
Chamber of Commerce will dutifully find a tax
payer-funded way to build a museum or hold a
celebration for “Genocidal Weapons of the Iraq Wars
Era. – Oklahoma is No 1.”

The poor “native” writer Dahr Jamail (born in Alaska,
referenced below) in Fallujah cannot conceive of the
horror actually delivered by our American kids in the
military to Fallujah, Iraq. The American Army, the
Marines and their video game playing speed freak
buddies in the air bombing everything to smithereens
at 1400 mph just recently leveled this beautiful city
of 300,000 very religious people.

Jamil’s InterNet scribblings are the numb face of an
extinguished, dead race walking in the radiation
poisoned birthplace of civilization. This is thanks to
obedient, compliant Okies shipping the weaponized
poisonous uranium gas and dust to Iraq.

It is not easy work shipping millions of pounds of
“ordnance” from the McAlester (Ok) Army Ammunition
Plant to Iraq. It takes a brave forklift driver to
load railroad cars with pallets full of six 2,000
pound bombs. The bomb pallet plus the forklift are
actually longer than will fit and turn through the
railroad car door.

The simple everyday workman like solution is to get
the forklift up to speed and brake hard while turning
the wheels over all the way, thus skidding the
forklift and “throwing” the loaded bomb pallet into
the railroad car.

The 12,000 pound pallet hits the other side of the
railroad car and bounces down the inside of the car
facing the right direction. Then the bombs can be
pushed to the back of the car in a normal manner. It’s
just like shooting pool.

Yet, these physically brave souls are abject cowards
when it comes to telling the government that employs
them “No, this is wrong, just flat-out wrong.” They
look to their “betters” to do that, the “suits” who
are supposed to speak for them.

The politicians, preachers and various other parasites
who represent them. It will be a cold day in Hell
before any of these heartless, lazy, irresponsible
sociopaths ever speak up.

Oklahoma is the State where teachers are 50th, dead
last, in pay among the States and the State that
imprisons more of its women than any other. Worse than
such memorably medieval states as Mississippi or
Alabama. No wonder the capacity for thinking past
today is so rare in Oklahoma. You can’t trust

The American Military, currently leveling cities in
Iraq for no reason at all except that we want their
oil, has a 229-year record of achievement that
includes many learning episodes in the brutal,
crushing art of genocide.

For the past fifteen years now an unbroken string of
millions of pounds of uranium-based genocidal weapons
has nourished a prosperous and lethal business in the
great fly-over, red neck, Red State of Oklahoma. This
is where 20% of the people over 18 years old can’t
even read; but, the Okies eagerly voted for their
Beloved Leader George Bush in record numbers in the
2004 election.

Shocking Auschwitz Similarities

January 27 is the 60th Anniversary of the liberation
of the Auschwitz Death Camp WWII. Zyklon B was the
poison gas of choice of the German fascist regime.
Uranium gas is the poisonous and radioactive gas of
choice of the American fascists.

The cruel 1930s German fascists were not as
sophisticated as their American Neo-Con fascist
counterparts. They wore Brown Shirts. Ours wear
Dockers(c) and use focus groups to develop their
propaganda. Other than that, they are the same,
Fascists are fascists.

George Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was Hitler’s
banker in America and scrounged together the family
nest egg from slave labor. Bush’s long time sidekick
and buddy Karl Roves’s grandfather was a Nazi with a
more “hands on” assignment in Germany.

The American Liberal’s Decline in Moral Courage

The precipitous decline in morale courage among
liberals; and, the spectacular rise in the Fascist
Theocracy running America occurred simultaneously. One
can not exist without the other.

Among Democrats, so-called liberals and others of the
silent American Left, mum is the word as a reckless
right wing government seeks to return America to the
legal state that existed before the New Deal and
Franklin D. Roosevelt. That is, before the first Child
Labor laws in New York!

Scared to death, “if I get fired, how will we make the
house payment,” weak-kneed, liberals are absolutely
required for the rise of a strong, united, fascist
theocratic form of government. Liberals and Democrats
of all stripes talk a good line; but they are not
dependable in confronting the fascists and theocrats.

The rest of the world realizes now that they are going
to have to sit up and take on the American War Machine
because there is no way of telling what country is
next. They will have to move now to destroy the
American economy. So be it. We simply brought it on
ourselves by not speaking up when we had the chance.
Oklahomans are first among the guilty.

Darla, a long time Oklahoma resident, says “I have
been told that scientists have means for tracking the
dust as it is blown from the battle grounds of the
East onto air currents which float from continent to
continent on jet streams and such. So, folks, we
aren’t just insuring horrible, lingering deaths to our
military in the East and the citizens (men, women and
children) of those countries where we’ve used this

Darla added “We may be the recipients, in the future,
of the uranium dust raining out of the skies onto our
loved ones here at home. Among my many concerns is
that these types of devastating ammunitions will leave
a legacy for which history will condemn my country. It
could cause my grandchildren’s children to question
why we did nothing while our government knowingly
operated in this unforgivable manner. Did the
Holocaust teach us nothing?”

Darla concluded “I hope everyone I know and who knows
me will feel as morally outraged over the idiocies of
our so-called leaders as I am. This is criminal, and
when we don’t rise up in righteous anger as a people
against the practice and against our leaders who
ordain this practice……..well, we deserve the
horrible poisoning of our people. We cannot justify
our own existence as human beings if we continue to
look away and say we can’t do anything about these
Truly, the use of millions of pounds of radioactive
uranium oxide in Iraq is a war crime and a crime
against humanity for which all Oklahomans bear
responsibility. Silence on this point is agreement
with the American fascist Neo-Cons. All Oklahomans who
do not speak out are guilty of assisting in the
commission of war crimes in Iraq by our kids and
friends in the US Military. They represent us. They
work for us. They are following orders.

“Individuals have international duties which transcend
the national obligations of obedience…therefore have
the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes
against peace and humanity from occurring.”

-Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950

When the history of the Gulf War Era is written there
will be no difference between the guilt of the Nazis
in WWII, the Okies, and fascist Neo-Con Americans in
the Gulf War Era. This fascist government cannot be
allowed to exist. Every day it continues to exist is a
day of shame for America that Americans will regret a
hundred times over.


The McAlester (Oklahoma) Army Ammunition Plant brags
that if it hasn’t made it or disassembled it, it
doesn’t exist. Here is a list of Depleted Uranium

U.S Ordnance That Contain DU DODIC Munition












D501 PROJECTILE, 155 MM APERS, M692, W/O FZ, W/M67


D502 PROJECTILE, 155 MM APERS, M692, W/O FZ, W/M67


K152 MINE, AP, PDM M86

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word ‘used’. SOURCE: Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein,
The Final Days, second Touchstone paperback edition
(1994), Chapter 14, pp. 194-195.

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award Winner and
lives in Oklahoma.newspaper. Nichols is a former
employee of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.






I abreviated the story below from a letter written by
Carl Geharis. To him should go the credit for
discovering this information.  I would only like to
add that it is curious that no one cares to give more
credit to our German people, who formed the largest
ethnic group in the good old US of A., as recently as
at the end of the twentieth century, according to
census information.  Surely there must have been
plenty of “Our German Grandfathers” around to brag
about also.

With this in mind, let’s allow the “Introduction To
The History Of Our Nation” to speak for itself:


“The Story of Our English Grandfathers,” was written
in 1905 by a one George P. Brown. It was published in
Bloomington, Ill., by the Public-School Publishing

An Introduction To The History Of Our Nation

The white people who first came to this country were
Europeans. Those who settled on the Atlantic coast
from Maine to Florida, were Englishmen. The Ancestors
of the English were those Germans who lived north of
the Elbe river in Germany, and near to the coast of
the North Sea. If we call the early English people our
grandfathers, we must claim those early German people
as our great-grandfathers. From this it is evident
that the Americans, the English, and the Germans are
all members of one great family, or race. This is
known as the Germanic Family. In history it is called
the Teutonic race.

Many of the present inhabitants of Ireland, Wales, and
Scotland have ancestors of another race, called the
Britons, who lived in England when our
great-grandfathers, the Germans, first came into the
island. They are known in history as the Celtic race.
Indeed, very many Englishmen have Celtic as well as
German ancestors. So it appears that all the people in
Great Britain and Ireland are closely related by blood
to one another and the Americans. We shall see later
that the Celtic blood that has commingled with the
Germanic has helped to cause a marked difference
between the English and the American people on the one
hand, and the present German people of Europe, on the
other. But in all essential particulars the three
nations are one great family, and ought to live in
peace and friendship> with each other, as is most
becoming to a family.

The early settlers in the Untied States were
englishmen. When they became a separate nation they
framed a plan of government which is called our
Constitution, and which is the most fundamental and
binding of all our laws, because it states what are
the commanding rights of the people, and how the
government must be carried on to protect these rights.
This constitution differs in some respects from the
constitution of England, yet the rights of the people
are practically the same in both nations. So true is
this that the Constitutional Law of England, called
the “Common Law,” is the law in every state of our
union, provided the state legislature has not enacted
a law that supersedes it.

This is the same as declaring that what our English
Grandfathers had long ago agreed upon as right and
just both in government and in business shall be the
law that must govern us when we have no law of our own
bearing upon the matter in dispute.

So it appears that if an American would know the early
history of his own customs and laws he must know the
early history of the English people.

This book is a brief history of those customs and
events in the lives of our English Grandfathers which
it concerns us all to know, and which the young people
of America need to learn if they would fully
understand the history of the United States.

Tacitus, one of the greatest of Roman historians,
wrote as follows of our German great-grandfathers: “A
fine, unmixed, and independent race, unlike any other
people … with stern blue eyes, ruddy hair, of large
and robust frames, but with a strength which only
appears when roused to sudden effort. They will be the
slaves of no man; they respect their women, and hold
them in love and honor. They consider no disgrace
equal to that which is the sure reward of a man who
shows himself a coward in battle. Fierce and cruel in
war, they are content, when the war is over, to lay
aside the sword and spear, and to plough their fields
and to cultivate the lands in> peace and quiet.”





An American Crisis: 20 Million Illegal Aliens About To
Be Legalized

Good News – The REAL ID Act of 2005 (H.R. 418,
Sensenbrenner, R-WI)

The Elephant in the American Political Parlor

It looks like politicians on the national and state
levels are finally willing to admit what the American
public has known for a long time: the immigration
elephant is crowding everyone out of the political

! President George W. Bush is expending “political
capital” to get legislation through Congress that
would legalize the 20 million or more illegal aliens
now in the United States.

! High profile immigration reform legislation, the
REAL ID Act of 2005 (H.R. 418, Sensenbrenner, R-WI),
is coming up for a vote in the House.

! The high cost of massive illegal immigration is
being recognized on the state level with campaigns in
Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and Virginia to address
different aspects of the problem.

Too bad a problem has to become a crisis before it’s
addressed. The bright side is the immigration elephant
in the parlor gives thoughtful Americans the
opportunity, long overdue, to talk about solutions.

Scope of the Illegal Alien Problem

The borders of the United States have become less
secure since 9-11. Last year, TIME magazine reported 3
million illegal aliens entered the country, triple the
number of legal immigrants. The Border Patrol
apprehended 1.15 million, but this means at least 2
million got in and are who knows where. Whether this
number included terrorists or not, can we afford to
allow 2 million people to enter America illegally
every year?

One reliable estimate puts the number of illegal
aliens now in the United States at 20 million. Other
estimates are even higher, 29 to 37 million. The
demographic implications are overwhelming. Take
California as an example. California’s population is
on schedule to increase by 2025 to 49 million, a 52%
increase. Nearly all of this growth will come from
immigration. Just since 1992, the number of illegal
immigrants living in California has increased by 53%.

The Latin American Connection

A large percentage of illegal aliens coming across the
borders of the United States are from Mexico and
countries in Central America. According to the U.S.
Census Bureau, the foreign-born population of the U.S.
in March 2003 totaled 33.5 million (11.7% of the
population). A little more than half came from Latin
America. “The foreign-born from Central America
(including Mexico) accounted for more than two-thirds
of the foreign born from Latin American and more than
one-third of the total foreign born” (August 2004 U.S.
Census Bureau report). The most immediate challenge
for immigration reform lies in dealing with the flood
of legal and illegal aliens from Latin America.

Population doubling times (how quickly a country will
double its population)in Central America range from 42
years for Costa Rica to 25 years for Guatemala,
according to the Population Reference Bureau. Mexico’s
doubling time is 34 years, which means it will have a
population of approximately 200 million by 2036 (its
population in 2002 was 101.7 million). Not even the
most rapid rate of economic growth imaginable can keep
up with the rate of population increase of most
countries in Central America. Also, studies have shown
that mass immigration actually acts to increase the
fertility rate in the sending countries, the last
thing most countries in Central America need.

The Fox in the American Henhouse

Vicente Fox and George W. Bush were elected president
of Mexico and the United States, respectively, in
2000. President Fox, in the last two years of his term
of office and unable to run again, has emphasized his
intention to make it easy for Mexicans to emigrate to
the United States. President Bush, for his part, seems
determined to help President Fox leave a lasting
legacy: open U.S. borders for Mexicans. In other
words, he would allow Mexico to export its domestic
economic, social, and demographic problems to the
United States.

Guia del Migrante Mexico (Guide for the Mexican

The Mexican government recently published a comic book
style guide for would-be migrants. Disclaimers that
this guide is not intended to encourage illegal
immigration notwithstanding, American officials were
surprised and shocked to learn of its publication.
Although Mexican officials emphasize the risks
involved in illegal immigration in the booklet, it is
difficult not to see the booklet as a not-so-subtle
encouragement of illegal immigration.

Impact of the Illegal Alien Problem

Due in large part to immigration, states in the South
and West lead the nation in population growth.
Citizens in these areas know first-hand the effect of
an ever-increasing population. Population “longages”
lead directly to water shortages and top soil loss.

Wages and Unemployment-The New Buzz Word Is

Pro-immigration groups consistently spread the myth
that our economy requires cheap labor from foreign
countries. In reality, while we are out-sourcing many
high tech jobs, we are simultaneously “in-sourcing” a
staggering number of jobs at the lower end of the job
market. In the latter case, these are jobs we can’t
send overseas. The net effect, however, is the same:
increased unemployment, depressed wages, and higher
taxes. “Statistical analysis shows that when
immigration increases the supply of workers in a skill
category, the earnings of native-born workers in that
same category fall.” (George Borjas, Harvard)

Schools and Hospitals

Data from the last census show that California’s
illegal immigrant population is costing the state’s
taxpayers more than $10.5 billion per year added
expense for education, medical care, and
incarceration. (Steven Camarota, Center for
Immigration Studies) While the situation in California
is probably the worst in the country, other states
could make similar claims.

Land and Other Resources

The United States takes in more immigrants than all
other industrialized nations combined, creating great
pressure on land and water resources. The most rapid
population increases, mainly fueled by immigration,
are taking place in Nevada (4.1% growth from 2003 to
2004) and Arizona (3.0%), states with especially
fragile environments..


An underground economy of some $970 billion is
undercutting the regular economy of the United States.
Illegal immigrants working for low wages are
components of that shadow economy. “If the IRS could
collect all the taxes it says that it is owed from the
underground economy in a given year, the current
budget deficit would disappear overnight.” (George
McTague) In effect, tax payers subsidize cheap labor
by paying for schools, hospitals, and other items the
flood of illegal aliens makes necessary. Mass
immigration is a net economic loss when services
provided illegal aliens are compared to the taxes they

Your Support Needed for the REAL ID Act of 2005 (H.R.
418, Sensenbrenner, R-WI)

Representative James Sensenbrenner’s bill deals with
four areas.

! it makes it more difficult for anyone suspected of
connections with terrorism to enter the United States

! it makes it easier to remove anyone already here who
is suspected of connections with terrorism

! it allows the Secretary of the Department of
Homeland Security to waive obstacles to the
construction of barriers to protect the borders of the

! perhaps most important, it sets forth minimum
standards states will have to follow if they wish the
federal government to accept driver’s licenses or
identification cards issued by them.

In connection with the last point, BALANCE is greatly
concerned about provision giving the Secretary of
Homeland Security unchecked and unilateral power to
determine minimum federal standards for driver’s
licenses and id cards. We have an additional concern
about requiring states to link databases with each
other and with Canada and Mexico. This will create not
merely a national id card but a tri-national id card,
a first step in giving foreign drivers access to the
U.S. without time limits or conditions on their visa

Despite reservations concerning the last part of the
bill, it is an important first step toward immigration
reform. To continue building momentum for immigration
reform, it is crucial that the legislation pass both
Houses of Congress.

The Connection between Legal and Illegal Immigration

Illegal aliens have grabbed all the headlines in
recent weeks. Not surprising, given the crisis we
face. Still, we don’t want to lose sight of the
critical importance of reducing the numbers of legal
immigrants. We admit more than a million legal
immigrants every year. This in itself is an
unsustainable number in terms of population growth,
environmental pressures, wage depression, job loss,
and fiscal and economic costs. In addition, legal
immigrants act, whether they mean to or not, as
“magnets,” attracting friends and family by offers to
provide housing or leads for jobs, and the like. Many
who decide to join friends or family who are legal
immigrants will come into the United States illegally.
While we cannot provide a precise figure, it is clear
that mass legal immigration contributes to mass
illegal immigration. A reduction in the former is
essential to a reduction in the latter.


We need to press for a moratorium on legal immigration
in excess of 100,000 annually, the highest number
possible if we are to achieve population
stabilization. It points us toward the main problem
behind the issues of massive numbers of illegal aliens
in the United States and an unsustainable legal
immigration policy: the damage done to the environment
and the infrastructure by continued large-scale
population growth. The only way to get beyond
immigration management, beyond tinkering with the
details of the system, is to go for a moratorium.

Take Action

1) Write, FAX, call, or email your Representative and
Senators (contact information is available at and and ask them to do
the following:

oppose any amnesty for the 20 million or more illegal
aliens; be on the lookout for code words such as
“earned legalization” or “guest worker” program – laws
dealing with illegal immigration are on the books –
they merely need to be enforced

support H.R. 418, the REAL ID Act of 2005, but not
with the “Homeland Czar” and the database linking

support a moratorium on legal immigration in excess
of 100,000 annually.

2) Talk with friends, family, and neighbors about
immigration reduction; write letters to your local
paper about immigration reduction; speak to local
civic groups and clubs about immigration reduction.

3) Multiply the impact of BALANCE by giving one or
more gift memberships or by becoming a sustaining
member or by making a special donation – take
advantage of the PayPal feature on the BALANCE web
site ( or use the 800 number
(1/800/866-6269 – 1/800-TOO MANY) or write to BALANCE
at 2000 P. Street, Suite 600, Washington, DC, 20036.








Ward Churchill’s Real Sins
Press Action
Tuesday, February 08, 2005

By Michael K. Smith

In all the hysteria surrounding his essay comparing
911 victims with Adolf Eichmann no one has focused on
Churchill’s own view that certain perspectives are too
reprehensible to see print. In his book A Little
Matter of Genocide, Churchill is implicitly critical
of Noam Chomsky for defending Holocaust revisionist
Robert Faurisson’s free speech rights. Churchill calls
Faurisson and others who question the existence of gas

chambers in WWII “deniers,” which is an intellectual’s
way of saying “Nigger.” Churchill writes: “Faurisson
became something of an international celebrity in 1981
when he was able to convince no less a figure than
Noam Chomsky to defend his ‘right’ to publish denials
that the nazis had utilized gas chambers in
exterminating Jews.” By placing the word “right” in
quotation marks, Churchill indicates his belief
that Faurisson has no such right. Aside from the
obvious issue of Faurisson’s entitlement to free
speech, which Chomsky properly defended, Churchill
himself concedes:

”…there is ambiguity in the record as to whether the
total physical annihilation of European Jewry itself
was actually a fixed policy objective. What is
revealed instead is a rather erratic and contradictory
hodgepodge of anti-Jewish policies which, as late as
mid-1944, included an apparently genuine offer by the
SS to trade a million Jews to the Western allies in
exchange for 10,000 trucks to be used in Germany’s war
against the Soviets. Contrary to [Yehuda] Bauer’s
irrational contention of a ‘cosmic’ and unparalleled
total extermination, approximately two-thirds of the
global Jewish population survived the Holocaust, as
did about a third of the Jews of Europe.” [A Little
Matter of Genocide, pp. 34-5]

In short, while roundly condemning Holocaust
revisionists, Churchill himself endorses one of their
main lines of contention. His claim that the above
commentary “in no way diminishes nazi culpability or
Jewish suffering” will not likely convince anyone who
believes that Jews were indeed exterminated as part of
a “fixed policy objective,” commonly accepted to be an
order from Hitler to carry out a “final solution to
the Jewish problem.” The only way out of this dilemma
is to drop the untenable view that one’s right to free
speech should be proportionate to the acceptability of
what one has to say. It will be a bitter irony indeed
if Churchill loses his job (or worse) on the strength
of an argument all too similar to his own.

Churchill argues that since assaults on truth and
memory are a powerful part of the historical pattern
of genocide, certain views therefore merit punishment,
much as the infamous Jew-baiter Julius Streicher was
convicted at Nuremberg for nothing more than ublishing
anti-Semitic propaganda. What he fails to indicate is
by that logic we can now condemn Pat Buchanan (who
agrees that Islamic terrorism is the fruit of U.S.
Empire) for calling for Churchill’s termination on the
grounds that his equating 911 victims with Adolf
Eichmann is a form of “hate speech.”
By Churchill’s calculation, sixty-nine percent of the
twin towers dead were “little Eichmanns” dedicated to
employments fully as murderous as arranging
transportation to Hitler’s death camps. Moreover, in
the essay that sparked the current controversy
Churchill asserts that American compensatory
obligation for the crimes of the national security
state would not be exhausted even if every last U.S.
citizen were annihilated in future terrorist attacks.
Those of a different political persuasion than
Churchill’s might rather easily see this as more a
prescription for genocide than anything Faurisson has
to say on the existence or non-existence of gas
chambers in World War II.

Furthermore, Churchill offers no critical comment on
the jailing of Holocaust revisionists for their
beliefs (such as Ernst Zundel, a case Churchill
comments on), as though it were perfectly appropriate
to try, convict, and sentence people to jail on the
basis of their views of history. The highly elastic
charge of historical falsification, worthy of every
religious tyranny and military dictatorship in
history, could be invoked against anyone and used to
suppress all deviations from state orthodoxy; indeed,
that is the only possible outcome widespread
acceptance of its legitimacy could possibly lead to.

Churchill also cites Harvard political scientist
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen without offering a critical
evaluation of this rather dubious source. One of
Goldhagen’s books, Hitler’s Willing Executioners,
advances the improbable thesis that all WWII era
Germans were driven by pathological hatred and thus
leaped at the chance to exterminate the Jews. A claim
so contrary to common sense barely needs refutation,
but suffice it to say that Norman Finkelstein is
correct in pointing out that “the historical evidence
for a murderous Gentile impulse is nil.” Furthermore,
it bears keeping in mind that the blanket indictment
of entire peoples for presumed evil was the
justification for the firebombings during WWII,
wherein hundreds of thousands of civilians were
incinerated in attacks having little or no military
significance. In a letter to War Secretary Henry
Stimson in September 1944, FDR explained: “The German
people as a whole must be punished for the Nazis’
‘lawless conspiracy against the decencies of modern
civilization’” [my italics]. Today, Churchill
correctly reminds us that the U.S. then staunchly
believed in collective guilt, maintaining that German
civilians and military personnel alike “richly
deserved the death and devastation” unleashed on them
by the U.S. War Department. But he neglects to point
out that neither the German people then nor the
American people today deserve to be burned alive or
otherwise treated like ants and bedbugs.

Dismissive of class analysis, Churchill is rather too
free about equating the entire American people with
the elite institutions that have such a catastrophic
impact on the world. He alleges that “Americans
have in effect collectively lost their grip,” that a
“preponderance” of the citizenry rejects the rules of
civilized behavior (rules it may not even know exist)
and has “enthusiastically embraced” a war on terror
based on “massive perpetration of war crimes and
crimes against humanity,” all of them well hidden from
mass audiences in the U.S. In speaking of Newsweek
casting an aura of “wide-eyed innocence” about the
motive behind the 911 attacks, Churchill claims that
this deceitful posture is one “the country” is
perpetually eager to embrace. While
conceding that relevant information about the
murderous nature of the national security state is
“distorted beyond recognition,” he nevertheless
complains that “Americans greeted [Madeleine]
Albright’s haughty revelation of genocide [by
sanctions] with yawns and blank stares.” He follows
this up with the claim that “the U.S. citizenry as
a whole” was “willful and deliberate” in its ignorance
about Iraq sanctions, as opposed to being excluded
from political discourse on principle and bombarded
with commercial and government propaganda on a scale
that nearly defies description. Churchill refers
vaguely to “Good Americans” in the same vein as
stereotypical “Good Germans” and concludes that the
problem in both cases is not their subordinate
position and attendant distorted world view, but their
own “not caring.” While castigating progressives for
keeping guilt at arm’s length by latching on to “handy
abstractions” such as “capitalism,” “the state,”
“structural oppression” and “the hierarchy,” he makes
reference to “the country,” “faceless bureaucrats,”
and “Americans” in similarly vague ways.

In general, Churchill’s blanket indictment of the
whole culture would be better directed at the
intellectual class he is fortunate enough to
represent. Most working people in this country can
only dream of the kind of income and unstructured time
professors like Churchill are granted as a
professional prerogative, and rubbing their noses in
atrocities they have rarely even heard of, let alone
been given a chance to properly respond to, cannot
possibly be a fruitful path. When dissent and popular
organization has given it the information and analysis
it lacks, the American public has come to reasonable
conclusions, such as that the Vietnam War was
“fundamentally wrong and immoral,” believed by
a large majority of the population to this day as the
result of popular organizing and education by anti-war
activists decades ago.

In short, rather than demonize Americans with
inflammatory comparisons to hopelessly caricatured
Germans, it seems more humane, accurate, and promising
to debunk the very notion that entire peoples are
wicked or criminally indifferent. Though Churchill
makes brief reference to Ian Kershaw’s biography of
Hitler in an effort to substantiate his claim that “a
lopsided majority of Germans were quite comfortable
with—and to a considerable extent openly celebratory
of – nazism’s “triumphs and accomplishments,” he
ignores Kershaw’s documentation of considerable
popular opposition to the Nazi regime in his Popular
Opinion & Political Dissent in the Third Reich –
Bavaria 1933-1945. In the latter book Kershaw
summarizes the pre-war situation among German workers
as follows: “The glimpses of worker attitudes which we
have extracted from a mass of documentation suggest
strongly that workers not only were unfree, in the
Third Reich, but that most of them felt they were
unfree, exploited, discriminated against, and the
victims of an unfair class-ridden society in which
wealth and opportunity were unevenly divided. Far from
being won over to Nazism during the boom years of
1937-9, the signs are that Nazism was further losing
ground among workers during this period.” These
attitudes, not at all unfamiliar to working Americans
today, became more entrenched when the bitter costs
of war came home in subsequent years.

In the countryside, resentments were much the same.
German peasants turned against the Nazis, resenting
the obligation to produce food without enough helping
hands, after which they were forced to sell only
to Nazi appointed middlemen who paid far less than
what was charged to the ultimate consumers. There was,
says Kershaw, an “acute sense of exploitation among
the peasantry, prompting deep antipathy towards the
Party and regime, aloofness from the ‘great events’ of
the war itself, and overwhelming preoccupation with
material self-interest—above all else the difficulties
of acquiring sufficient farm labor.” In the fall of
1941, reports Kershaw, “Detestation of the Nazi regime
was by this time almost universal in country areas.”

Nor can anti-Semitism be fairly said to have carried
popular endorsement. Kershaw maintains that the Nazis
recognized its unpopularity and therefore did not make
an effort to mobilize mass support behind its
persecutions of the Jews. The one occasion on which
they tried to – “Crystal Night” in 1938—inspired
widespread revulsion. Furthermore, according to
Kershaw, “the very secrecy of the ‘Final Solution’
demonstrates more clearly than anything else the fact
that the Nazi leadership felt it could not rely on
popular backing for its extermination policy.”

It is certainly true, as Churchill emphasizes, that
international law requires us to find some way of
making our leaders cease and desist from their
criminal aggression and other lawless behaviors. But
countries are populated by human beings, not demons.
If we are to succeed in transforming Empire into a
society within which a decent person might want to
live, we would do well to recognize that prevailing
arrangements are sustained by a false and manipulated
consensus, not the enthusiastic endorsement of
wickedness by conscious majorities.

Michael K. Smith is the author of “Portraits of
Empire,” “The Madness of King George” (with Matt
Wuerker), and “Rise to Empire” (forthcoming), all with
Common Courage Press.













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