Patriot Letter. Dated 4/9/05.

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[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]


Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Zundel In Germany:

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Pope John Paul II was laid at his final resting place.
202 heads of state came for the funeral. Never has a
head of state attracted this many leaders.

But here it is. The stunning thing. Almost all leaders
considered enemies of the U.S. came. For example,
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe’s travel ban was
lifted so he could be present at the funeral. Now
let’s see who else. Here is just a small list:

From the U.S.: President George W. Bush, his wife, and
father; former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of
State Condoleeza Rice.

From the U.K.: Prince of Wales Charles, Prime Minister
Tony Blair

From Germany: President Koehler, Chancellor Gerhard

From Turkey: Mesrob II, the patriarch of the Armenian
Orthodox Church from Istanbul

From Lesotho, South Africa:  King Letsie III, one
third of his countrymen live in hunger

From Zimbabwe: Roger Mugabe, one of the world’s most
brutal dictators

From Greece: Metropolit Christodoulos, the leader of
the Orthodox Church of Greece

From Russia: Metropolit Kyrill, leader of the Orthodox
Church of Moscow and entire Russia

From Syria: Baschar al-Assad, President of Syria. The
U.S. considers him a target of the war on terror

From Congo: President Joseph Kabila, another dictator
of Africa

From South Korea: Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan

From Haiti: Prime Minister Gerard Latorue. Haiti is
one of the world’s poorest countries

From Iran: President Mohammed Chatami. The U.S.
considers Iran a target in the war on terror

From Nigeria: President Olusegun Obasanjo. Yet another
dictator from Africa

From Guinea: Teodoro Obian Nguema. He is considered
one of the most evil dictators in the world

Of course, the Western world sent their
representatives, and there are too many to mention. I
mentioned those ones above because it is either a
miracle or some incredible diplomacy to gather the
worlds “dangerous” leaders around the funeral. You
have heard that even U.N. sanctioned travel bans were
lifted for some of them to be there.

Is this diplomacy at its worst or a powerful display
of the late Pontiff’s workings? Billions loved this
Pope. Who cares about the very few who hated him.




Subject: Pope was Catholic, not jew


It seems that people are seeing a Jew around every
corner. The extreme right wing, ignorant and
misinformed have been alleging that the diseased Pope
was a Zydek. Nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact, it’s ludicrous. I really have no time to
deeply comment on this other than type a few lines. My
hope is that this paper, addressed to the evenhanded,
should put the case to rest.

How do I know the above? Well, in 1978 I supplied
world media with info on Wojtyla’s history. I still
have xerox copies of some of the checks secured. They
totaled about twenty two thousand dollars ($22,000).

Rather than go into extensive details, I will refer to
my travels with Eastern European Newsweek Chief Paul
Martin. Mr. Martin was stationed in Bonn, West
Germany. I took him to Wadowice (Wojtyla’s home town).
We also traveled in my new car to Cracow and other
cities. The data below will be quick and fastly typed.
It’s first hand info. It has no assumptions. It lacks
the stuff composed by non-Polish speaking research and
secondhand tidings. It’s broken down into four
sections: (1) Wojytla’s neighbors, friends and
childhood buddies; (2) Wojtyla’s actual home; (3)
Wojtyla’s ethnicity (background); and (4) Facts from
his environment within Krakow, where he had been a
Cardinal. The conclusion authenticates background,
without any mumbo jumbo philosophy.

Meetings with Wojtyla’s Childhood Friends

Newsweek’s Martin and this writer met with several
individuals. It was discovered that Karol Wojtyla was
an exceptional student. Proletariats and intellectuals
insisted that he was a tremendous athlete, with a
quick mind. We ambulated in the fields where Wojtyla

KW’s Home

He resided in an old bldg. We spoke with individuals
born in the area. It was even recalled how he saved
time by devising a pulley system to bring milk up to a
second story window. Overall, he was an enterprising
youth, full of ambition and poor economically.

KW’s Family

His dad was a Pole. As for the allegation of his
mother being of Lithuanian heritage, one must realize
that the region around Wilnoszczyzna was overwhelming
inhabited by Poles. Moreover, she spoke Polish and no
one mentioned that she spoke Lithuanian.
Interestingly, despite that fact of Wilno (Vilnius)
now being approximately 50% Lithuanian and 50% Slavic,
before the end of WW II less than one percent of the
population spoke Lithuanian. This has nothing to do
with any hates, political objectives and/or
misunderstandings. It’s simply a fact. For
verification read German or Russian documentation.


We visited this ancient city and met with an
individual who appeared to be incredibly anti-Polish.
He was Wojtyla’s assistant and his name was Fr.
Pieron. He was loved by media personnel. He spoke to
me as though he were speaking with an individual of
non-Polish heritage.

Strangely enough, Pieron — for some unknown reason —
kept glorifying all things Jewish. It was difficult to
understand Pieron’s obsession. After all, no one had
brought up the topic of Jews, Zionism, Marks ideology
or even anything correlating to Israel.

Nevertheless, Pieron appeared to be an obsessed with
the J-topic. Pieron had a quick tongue and appeared to
be upset when I insisted that we speak to others in
Wojtyla’s Krakovian entourage.

We discovered that Wojtyla was well liked by everyone.
His cook, an obese nun, had a great smile and even
told jokes about Karol Wojtyla. I took pictures of the
various rooms, Wojtyla’s bed, the yard, etc.

Conclusion – As a youth Karol Wojtyla was a versatile
boy. He was an outstanding athlete and intellectually
endowed. Apparently, he also had a knowledge of how to
appease others and he possessed excellent interaction
skills. His personality was pleasing to all.

As for his ethnic stock, all valid data denotes that
he was of Slavic heritage. Biologically he was a Pole.
One could say, if attuned to political nationality,
that Lithuanian could figure into his background

Before Wojtyla became Pope he was a Cardinal residing
in Krakow. He was loved by his cook. A jovial person,
she stated that Wotyla loved life, tried to get along
with everyone and treated the lowest worker as though
he were a king.

I don’t have time to compose anything about his acting
or student life. Suffice to emphasize that Karol
Wojtyla was an intellectual and world traveler. He
knew who held all the cards and who had the most
influence in pulling the political and economic
strings. These few lines contain nothing about his
philosophical inner being or accomplishments as an

As for Newsweek, she was given the rights to utilize
some of Wotyla’s personal material. For example, Karol
Wojtyla’s family albumen, with childhood pictures
become one of the prizes.

Lastly, without taking any stance about Wojtyl’a
accomplishments and mistakes, let it be known that
those alleging he was Jewish are standing on the
ground of distortions. If their data was obtained by
misinformation it’s altogether another story. If
elicited as fact, it’s not true.

Wotyla’s genetic makeup was Polish. He was of Slavic
heritage and a Catholic. Anything contrary to these
facts represents dishonesty and/or propaganda.

Nuff. bruno



It should have been in the Patriot Letter yesterday!

Burgess :


New subject: Rammjaeger. Perhaps you would mention in
your letter on 7. Apr. that that date is noteworthy
because it was the first night of action of the
Rammjaeger, or German volunteer pilots who attempted
to create unacceptable losses in the Allied bomber
fleets by being willing to ram bombers that they were
unable to shoot down, and thereby stop the terror
bombing. The idea was conceived by my friend Oberst
a.d. Hajo Hermann, and is a good measure of the
desperation faced by the defenders of Germany at that
time. When he proposed it to Reichsmarschall Goering,
Goering just laughed and said that he would never get
German pilots to be willing to risk their lives in
that way. Nevertheless, Hermann went forward with the
idea and got 4,000 volunteers! Many of them had had
their entire families killed in the bombings or had
had their homes destroyed and so had nothing to go
back to or live for. Unfortunately, on the first night
of action, the Luftwaffe could get only  200 fighters
into the air, so the action was less effective than
hoped, but it did slow down the attacks for a while.
The survivors and their former enemies still meet
every year on 7. April in Germany to commemorate the
It helps to understand the “terrorists” of the middle
east today if one realizes that when someone has
nothing to live for, death is an alternative choice.

Best wishes and hoping to meet you, Burgess

PS/ Hajo Hermann is still alive today, and at age 91
is writing his third book!



Adelaide Institute:


Revisionists – have a rest and a laugh

Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 09:37:36 +0930



Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

The day we die is the day we choose our words
carefully for fear that the BRD Lager is

We should all take the Granite State of New
Hampshire’s motto to heart.

“Live Free Or Die”

Mike Reisch



From Monika:


Job Growth Falls

Dear Friends,

The jobs and wages picture for Americans below the
managerial level is worsening. A  report from the
Economic Policy Institute  shows   that  declining
real wages are now the norm for the economy

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The picture is more dismal for native-born Americans.
Northeastern University’s Andrew Sum and colleagues
find that the equivalent of all net new jobs since
2000 have been filled by immigrants. Harvard’s George
Borjas and economic consultant Edwin Rubenstein
calculate, respectively, that immigration depresses
the wages of native-born Americans by $200 billion to
$300 billion annually.

The economy is hard to turn.  Immigration is
relatively easy to turn.

At the federal level, most needed laws to stop illegal
immigration are in place. They are just not being
enforced.  So it’s up to states to make their piece of
America less attractive to illegal immigrants.

Please support the Taxpayer and Citizen Protection
Act, which is a law-enforcement measure that would
ensure that only citizens vote, and that public
benefits go only to those entitled to receive them.

We don’t want our vote diluted, or our legitimate
access to benefits cut, because they are wrongfully
used by illegal aliens.

Virginia Abernethy
Protect Tennessee Now



Anyone interested in The German White Paper on CD, let
me know.


William Bullitt was FDR’s Ambassador to Europe.
Lukasiewicz was the Polish Ambassador in Paris, and it
is in his memoirs that he prints his report to Warsaw
telling that Bullitt said the U.S. would be in the
but not at the beginning.  Your new story is more
evidence.  Some of the reports in The German White
Paper on CD, tell the same story. Here ’tis again.

Diplomat in Paris, memoirs of Juliusz Lukasiewicz p

Report to Warsaw  Paris, February, 1939

A week ago the ambasador of the United States, William
Bullitt, returned to Paris from a three months leave
in America.  Meanwhile, I have had two long
conversations with him so I can inform you of his
views regarding the European situation and Washinton’s

1. A foreign policy of the United States as an
endeavor of direct participation in the development of
affairs in Europe does not and could not exist, since
it would not be endorsed by public opinion, which has
not changed its isolationist attitude in this respect.
On the other hand, there is a noticable increase in
the interest of the American people in the European
situation, to the extent that even domestic events
move into the background and lose the attention they
normally enjoy.  The international situation in Europe
is considered in official circles as very seriously
threatening with the danger of an armed conflict.
Those in authority are of the opinion that, should war
break out between Britian and France on the
one side and Italy and Germany on the other, and
should Britian and France suffer defeat, the Germans
would directly threaten the real interests of the
United States on the American continent.  For this
reason, in case of war the participation of the United
States on the side of France and Britian is already
envisioned, naturally some time after the start of
the war.  As Ambassador Bullitt said: “Should war
break out, likely we shall not take part in at the
beginning, but we shall finish it”.
According to Ambassador Bullitt, the
above-mentioned attitude of official Washinton circles
is not based on ideological motives but stems entirely
from the necessity of defending the realistic
interests of the United States, which, in case of a
Franco-British defeat, would be seriously and directly
menaced, from the Pacific as well as from the
Ambassador Bullitt, while stating that the rumor
according to which President Roosevelt was to have
stated that “the frontier of the United States lies in
France” was false, expressed the conviction of the
President might certainly might have said that he sold
airplanes to France because the Frency Army was the
first line of defense of the United States, this
being in complete accord with the President’s views.
2. There is no basis or argument which could even
partly justify Italian claims on France.  Therefore,
France cannot and should not make any consessions,
even if only in appearance.  Any surrender on the part
of France would undermine its prestige in Africa, and
therefore the possibility of any comprimise at the
expense of France should be excluded.
Theoretically, the fear may exist that, at a time
of tension, Britian, perhaps together with Berlin, may
attempt to force on France a compromise which would
not be in France’s interest.  However, in such a case
France may count on strong support from Washington.
The United States, in its relations wth England, has
at its disposal many different and very powerful means
of pressure, and the threat to employ them would
suffice to hold Britian back from a policy of
compromise at the expense of France.
It must be recognized that British prestige has
suffered a severe setback in American public opinion
as a result of evens in the Far East and the Munich
conference, and that, on the other hand, American
public opinion realizes how much Britian desires
collaboration with the United States today and its
Under these conditions, it may be assumed that
Hitler and Mussolini will not decide on an open
conflict with England and France on the basis of
Italian demands from France.
It is, of course, the weak side of the American
position that, having already determined its attitude
in case of a possible armed conflict, at the same time
the United States is unable to contribute actively to
a positive solution of European problems, since the
isolationist American public opion does not allow
3. The attitude of official American circles
toward Italy and Germany is negative, mainly because
they consider that new successes of the Rome-Berlin
axis, which would undermine the prestige and authority
of France and England as imperial powers, would almost
directly threaten the actual interests of the United
States.  Thus, Washington’s foreign policy will oppose
any development of the situation in this direction.
In its relations with Italy and Germany, the
United States has at its disposal various means of
pressure, which have already been seriously examined
and assessed.  These means, chiefly of an economic
character, are such that they can be applied without
the slightest fear of internal opposition, and they
will undoubtedly be as forceful and effective for
Rome as for Berlin.  Ambassador Bullitt is of the
opinion that pressure exerted by the United States
simultneously on Italy and Germany on the one side and
England on the other could contribute considerably
toward preventing the outbreak of an armed conflict of
the development on the European situation in a
direction undesirable from Washington’s standpoint.
Replying to my observation that in the present
circumstances it was not clear whether the United
States would be ready to fight Germany and Italy in
defense of French colonies, or to fight certain types
of governments and ideologies, Ambassador Bullitt
asserted categorically that Washinton’s attitude was
dictated by the actual interests of the United
States alone and not by ideological considerations.
I must add that Ambassador Bullitt seems to be
completely sure of France’s unconditional resistance
to Italian demands and that he consequently excludes
any possibility of British or British-German mediation
with the object of finding a compromise at the expense
of France.
For the time being, I should like to refrain from
formulating my own opinion regarding Ambassador
Bullitt’s statements, and before doing so, I would
like to have from him additional comments.  However,
it seems certain that President Roosevelt’s policy
will henceforth take the course of supporting France’s
resistance, checking German-Italian pressure, and
weakening British tendencies toward compromise.

J. Lukasiewicz
Ambassador of the Republic of Poland

Subject: FYI

In an article appearing in the Chicago Herald-American
on Oct. 8, 1944, Karl von Wiegand wrote: “On April 25,
1939, four months before the German invasion of Poland
Ambassador William Christian Bullitt called me to the
American Embassy in Paris to tell me:   War in Europe
has been decided upon.”
“‘Poland,’ he said, ‘had the assurance of the support
of Britain and France, and would yield to no demands
from Germany.’ ‘America,’ he predicted, would be in
the war after Britain and France entered it.'”
(Source: Conrad K. Grieb, Uncovering the Forces for





Brother Walter,

I have said this very thing for years now.  It was one
of my biggest shocks to find out that many white
groups detested Christianity and Christians.  And they
do this to their own detriment as Christians in
general and Christian Identity Christians in
particular are the most loyal people to the White race
you will find.  I happen to be Identity and I know
that the people of my religion will stand up and fight
and die for our people.  The white groups who reject
Christians out of hand because they don’t want any
moral constraints on their behavior will one day
regret their behavior.




From Egypt


Jews Have No Right to Jerusalem

Jews Have No Rights in Al-Quds: Egyptian Christian


By Hamdy Al-Husseini

CAIRO, April 5, 2005 ( – Egyptian
Copts refused on Tuesday, April 5, to take part in any
conference on proclaimed Jewish rights in the holy
city of Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem).

“Jews can’t turn black into white and claim sacred
rights in Al-Quds,” Bishop Salib Matta, member of the
Orthodox Copts Council, told

“True that Jews used to live in Al-Quds for a while,
but they lived like any minority before the birth of
Jesus Christ and then they were scattered across the
globe and returned as occupiers to establish their
state on the rubble of Palestine.”

Media reports said last month preparations were
underway to organize a conference in a European
capital grouping Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders
on the religious rights of each faith in Al-Quds.

Matta said the Israeli claims of having rights in
Al-Quds are part of stereotypes circulated by Jews.

“They, to mention but a few examples, claim that they
are the ‘chosen people of God,’ forgetting the fact
that they were regarded as such only before the advent
of Christianity and Islam.”
No Evidence

Bishop Rafiq Girgis, director of the Catholic Church
press office in Cairo, said there is no evidence that
Jews had sacred rights in Al-Quds.

“But we can’t deny them the right to enter the holy
city to enjoy its spiritual aura,” he said.

Al-Azhar said on March 27, that Jews have no religious
rights whatsoever in the holy city.

“Al-Quds is a Palestinian right that should be given
back to the Palestinians,” said Fawzi El-Zefzaf,
chairman of Al-Azhar’s Interfaith Dialogue Committee.

Raouf Abbas, professor of history in Ein Shams
University, said since the establishment of the state
of Israel in 1948, Israeli archeologists and
historians tried in vain to find any Jewish monument
to get a foothold in the city.

“They might now resort to such talked-about
conferences to get what they failed to have through
excavations,” he said.

Mohammad Abu Ghadir, professor of Hebrew in Al-Azhar
University, added that Israeli archeologists had
failed to prove that the so called “wailing wall” was
part of alleged “temple of Solomon.”

Al-Haram Al-Sharif, which includes Al-Aqsa Mosque,
represents the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli
conflict because of its religious significance for

Jews claim that their alleged Haykal (Temple of
Solomon) exists underneath Al Haram Al Sharif.
Al-Haram Al-Sharif was the first Qibla (direction
Muslims take during prayers) and is the third holiest
shrine after Al Ka’ba in Makkah and Prophet
Mhuhammad’s Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Its significance has been reinforced by the incident
of Al Isra’a and Al Mi’raj (the night journey from
Makkah to Al-Quds and the ascent to the Heavens by
Prophet Muhammad).

Palestinian archeologists have warned that ongoing
Israeli excavations weakened the foundations of
Al-Aqsa mosque, cautioning it would not stand a
powerful earthquake.
Political Agenda

Matta said Egyptian Copts are only for conferences on
interfaith dialogue, which call for tolerance and

“But we reject any religious conferences with
political and hidden agendas,” he told IOL.

Girgis saw eye to eye with Matta on the conference’s

“We reject to participate in conferences that take
religion as a façade to pass their political agenda,”
he told IOL.

Matta added that Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria has
set a good example by calling for Arabizing Al-Quds
and banning any Copt to visit the holy lands as long
as they are still occupied by Israel.

Up to 400 Palestinian Christians demonstrated in
Al-Quds last month to protest reported land sale by
the Greek Orthodox Church to Jewish investors.

The protestors marched from the Holy Sepulchre Church
to the Greek Orthodox patriarchy holding aloft Arabic
and Greek placards reading: “Keep the Church for the
Orthodox Arabs,” and “Yes to the Arabization of the



Adelaide Institute:


Germans who still want to be Germans
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 22:51:37 +0930

The following is an example of one vigorous German
email exchange of ideas concerning German

Within this continuing extensive email exchange, of
which the following is but a minor contribution, the
issue always returns to Adolf Hitler, and whether he
can be viewed as having some redeeming features, or is
to be regarded as pure evil for all time. By
implication this characterisation flows on to Germans
who refuse to blanket condemn Adolf Hitler as Evil
incarnate. Revisionists are well aware how this
mechanism operates.

Wolfgang Schumacher, the champion for a continued
Jewish influence in Germany,  cannot tolerate to
consider Adolf Hitler in any other light except as
characterised above and thus, as Frank Neubauer
indicates below, continues to produce particular
thoughts that do not add up to a wholesome and
balanced Weltanschauung for those who still want to be

Schumacher’s knowledge of things German and Jewish is,
as Walter Mueller would say, ‘awesome’ and extensive,
and dialectically he is sharp as a razor. Also,
unashamedly Schumacher delights in cutting and slicing
at those thought processes that threaten his territory
– he is therefore not a wimp who begs for mercy but
rather someone who delights in a real mental
challenge. It appears that Schumacher has met his
match in Dr Bullinger, and perhaps now in Neubauer.

Unfortunately Schumacher expends too much energy in
still feeling the urge to shit on Hitler and by
implication on the German people and things German –
that obligatory action of those who are still caught
up within the post-world-war re-education snare. This
self-hatred prevents him from developing consistent
and workable hypotheses that would help Germans find a
home within their own minds.

The Jewish factor in Schumacher’s thought processes
distracts and merely supports the situation in which
Germany finds itself to this day – 60 years after the
end of World War Two still a militarily occupied

It is time for Schumacher to learn that there cannot
be a re-conciliation (undesirable for both Germans and
Jews) between Germans and Jews, and that individuals
have to chose to be either Germans or Jews. The idea
of a German Jew/Jewish German is a  nonsense that
cannot benefit those who still want to be Germans.

While Horst Mahler challenges the Jewish issue head-on
by applying Hegelian dialectics – the Jewish God must
be ‘killed’  (aufheben?)through German idealism, and
the new German spirit will emerge therefrom –
Schumacher still seeks to achieve a sweet synthesis
between both, thereby not radicalising the status quo
of Judaism.

This Schumacher mindset makes the German deficient as
a person because a German can only claim German-ness
while those embracing (often secretly) Judaism will
claim to be German, then slink off with their own
group and extend their self-identity by adding to
their German identity that extra dimension –

I do not know whether Schumacher is circumcised or not
but it can safely be stated that any form of genital
mutilation – except for life-threatening medical
reasons of which there are some – is to be openly
condemned. Schumacher’s deficiency thinking may come
from the physical loss of his foreskin – though this
speculative thought is just that because I have known
uncircumcised individuals who are afflicted by
deficiency thinking.

Sorry for not translating this material but it would
take me too long because often it is difficult
typically German philosophical terminology that is
used here. If you use a translating machine you can
get a glimpse of what this is all about.

If you wish to be taken on board by this group, then
write to Wolfgang Schumacher, et al, because most of
them do read and write in English.

Fredrick Töben



Peter Yore:


Hello again,

Here’s a story with a message followed by an article
that portends a United States of North America in our
future, especially the bold underlined sentences.


An unemployed man is desperate to support his family.
His wife watches TV all day and his three teenage kids
have dropped out of high school to hang around with
the local toughs. He applies for a janitor’s job at a
large firm and easily passes an aptitude test.

The human resources manager tells him, “You will be
hired at minimum wage of $5.15 an hour. Let me have
your e-mail address so that we can get you in the
loop. Our system will automatically e-mail you all the
forms and advise you when to start and where to report
on your first day.”

Taken back, the man protests that he is poor and has
neither a computer nor an e-mail address. To this the
manager replies, “You must understand that to a
company like ours that means that you virtually do not
exist. Without an e-mail address you can hardly expect
to be employed by a high-tech firm. Good day.”

Stunned, the man leaves. Not knowing where to turn and
having $10 in his wallet, he walks past a farmers’
market and sees a stand selling 25lb crates of
beautiful red tomatoes. He buys a crate, carries it to
a busy corner and displays the tomatoes.

In less than 2 hours he sells all the tomatoes and
makes 100% profit. Repeating the process several times
more that day, he ends up with almost $100 and arrives
home that night with several bags of groceries for his

During the night he decides to repeat the tomato
business the next day. By the end of the week he is
getting up early every day and working into the night.
He multiplies his profits quickly. Early in the second
week he acquires a cart to transport several boxes of
tomatoes at a time, but before a month is up he sells
the cart to buy a broken-down pickup truck.

At the end of a year he owns three old trucks. His two
sons have left their neighborhood gangs to help him
with the tomato business, his wife is buying the
tomatoes, and his daughter is taking night courses at
the community college so she can keep books for him.

By the end of the second year he has a dozen very nice
used trucks and employs fifteen previously unemployed
people, all selling tomatoes. He continues to work

Time passes and at the end of the fifth year he owns a
fleet of nice trucks and a warehouse which his wife
supervises, plus two tomato farms that the boys
manage. The tomato company’s payroll has put hundreds
of homeless and jobless people to work. His daughter
reports that the business grossed a million dollars.

Planning for the future, he decides to buy some life
insurance. Consulting with an insurance adviser, he
picks an insurance plan to fit his new circumstances.
Then the adviser asks him for his e-mail address in
order to send the final documents electronically.

When the man replies that he doesn’t have time to mess
with a computer and has no e-mail address, the
insurance man is stunned, What, you don’t have e-mail?
No computer? No Internet? Just think where you would
be today if you’d had all of that five years ago!”

“Ha!” snorts the man. “If I’d had e-mail five years
ago I would be sweeping floors at Microsoft and making
$5.15 an hour.”


U.S., Mexico, Canada Agree to Increase Cooperation
Bush and Counterparts Meet to Ease Tensions
By Peter Baker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 24, 2005; Page A04

WACO, Tex., March 23 — President Bush and the leaders
of Mexico and Canada agreed Wednesday to increase
security and economic cooperation at a rare three-way
summit intended to ease recent tensions over trade,
immigration and defense that have divided the United
States and its two neighbors.
By inviting Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian
Prime Minister Paul Martin to meet him here, and later
to join him for lunch and a ties-off tour of his
nearby ranch, Bush tried to put the rifts of his first
term behind him just as he had done during his recent
trip to Europe. But the one-day summit did nothing to
resolve the underlying issues that have stirred
resentment to both the north and the south.
“Look, we’ve got differences,” Bush said at a news
conference with Fox and Martin after their main talks
at Baylor University. “I don’t know if you’d
categorize them as differences that would then prevent
us from finding common ground. I don’t view it that
way. I understand why people disagree with certain
decisions I have made, but that doesn’t prevent us
from cooperating.”

The other two leaders echoed the sentiments and
largely focused on areas of agreement rather than
conflict. But each also made sure to raise nettlesome
points with Bush, both in public and in private, with
Fox lobbying for the liberalization of U.S.
immigration rules and Martin pushing for trade relief
for Canadian beef and softwood lumber. None of the
three leaders publicly mentioned the schism over the
U.S.-led war in Iraq, which Mexico and Canada opposed.

The three announced an initiative dubbed the “Security
and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” which is
designed to establish a common continental security
perimeter against outside threats while facilitating
the legal flow of people and trade across shared
borders and increasing cooperation on energy, the
environment and bioterrorism.
Among other things, the three governments agreed to
develop standardized rules for screening people and
cargo arriving in North America, regardless of which
country is the first point of entry. The initiative
was devoid of much detail beyond such broad goals, but
the leaders directed their Cabinet secretaries and
ministers to form a dozen working groups tasked with
identifying concrete steps and to report back within
90 days.
The relationships with Mexico and Canada remain among
the most important for the United States. With the
three bound together by the North American Free Trade
Agreement of 1994, nearly a third of U.S. trade is
conducted with the two neighbors, and Canada and
Mexico are the nation’s two largest oil suppliers. The
thousands of miles of borders the United States shares
with the two countries will be crossed nearly 400
million times in 2005, according to estimates.
“We’ve got a large border with Canada; we’ve got a
large border with Mexico,” Bush said. “There are some
million people a day crossing the border from Mexico
to the United States, which presents a common issue,
and that is: How do we make sure those crossing the
border are not terrorists or drug runners or gun
runners or smugglers?”
But against the backdrop of security concerns, the
three leaders said they want to build on NAFTA and
enhance economic integration to better compete against
surging competitors such as the European Union, China
and India. “North America should be the most
competitive region in the world,” Fox said.
Independent analysts said the Waco agreement is an
important step after a period of friction dating to
the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, when Bush turned his
attention away from the two neighbors to the threat of
international terrorism. The discord deepened over the
Iraq war and the persistent gulf between the competing
goals of free trade and border security.
“Things have been tense with both neighbors,” said
Sidney Weintraub, a scholar at the Center for
Strategic and International Studies in Washington.
“The big concern the other two countries have had is
that security measures that might be taken not damage
any future movement of goods and services.”
Before Wednesday’s summit, Weintraub said, he had
expected that “nothing would come out of it but
flowery language.” But he added: “I’m a little more
impressed that ministers are going to report back.
That’s still more than I expected.”
Gordon Giffin, who was one of President Bill Clinton’s
ambassadors to Ottawa, agreed that the 90-day deadline
could set in motion significant changes. “A summit
meeting of the leaders is progress for Mexico and
Canada,” he said. “Truthfully, countries like Mexico
and Canada have to strive to get the attention of the
American president.” By investing time in the U.S.
neighborhood, he said, Bush is “returning to something
he originally meant to be doing.”
Both Fox and Martin have nursed separate grievances
with Bush. Fox has been disappointed that Bush never
pushed through Congress a plan to grant temporary
guest-worker status to millions of illegal immigrants.
Just last week, Fox complained about U.S. construction
of a wall along the border near San Diego, declaring
that “no country that is proud of itself should build
Martin recently rejected Canadian participation in the
U.S. missile defense system, and when he tried to
explain, Bush did not return the call for more than a
week. Martin remains exercised about punitive U.S.
tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber and a U.S. court
decision prolonging a ban on Canadian beef amid
concerns over mad cow disease.
Bush offered nothing new to his guests on those
fronts. He promised to keep pushing for the
guest-worker plan, but he offered little hope of
success in the face of strong opposition from fellow
Republicans. “Mr. President, you’ve got my pledge,
I’ll continue working on it,” Bush told Fox. “You
don’t have my pledge that Congress will act, because
I’m not a member of the legislative branch.”
In a nod to Fox, Bush condemned plans by a group of
Americans calling itself the Minuteman Project to
patrol the border and hunt for Mexicans trying to slip
into the country. “I’m against vigilantes in the
United States of America,” Bush said. “I’m for
enforcing law in a rational way. That’s why you got a
Border Patrol, and they ought to be in charge of
enforcing the border.”
As for Canada, Bush said nothing about missile
defense, and Martin took the issue off the table. “The
file is closed,” the Canadian leader said. Martin
emphasized the positive. “Our relationships are very,
very strong,” he said, “and in a wide range of areas,
and the fact that the three of us are meeting here
today, and that we have put out what is really quite
an ambitious program that is going to be measurable, I
think is an indication of that.”





Thanks for warning those courageous men fighting a
battle  – on our own turf – against foreign invasion.



Carl F. Worden

This message is directly meant for the Minutemen who
are bravely and forthrightly defending our borders:
Beware of infiltrators.

Back in the 60s, Vietnam war protest groups were
infiltrated by CIA operatives for the purpose of
discrediting and disrupting their efforts.  My friend
Bill Colby blew the whistle, but it was too late.  For
all the things Colby was accused of, he was a straight
guy where it came to the rule of law, and when he
became aware of CIA operations within the United
States, which violated the CIA Charter, he went public
and was fired for it.

The Minutemen Project is a good effort, but it is very
vulnerable to infiltration by operatives sent to make
the whole group look bad.  If there is a way to make
that happen, you can bet the bad guys in our
government have arranged for it.

These operatives might open fire for no good reason.
They might force physical confrontations.  They might
do any number of things, so to you very brave and
decent people now protecting our border, be very
vigilant.  If you witness anyone in your ranks who
starts acting out, grab them, handcuff them and expel
them immediately or turn them over to law enforcement

You know President Bush is not happy with your
efforts.  He is in a position of incredible power to
order actions by individuals to do things you might
not expect.  Be very vigilant.

And I wish you God’s speed!  Get them all!!

Carl F. Worden



For our German readers:

Horst Mahler:


Hilf, Mahler, hilf!

Selbstredend, lieber Herr Kollege, kenne ich Ihre
Bedenken.   Trotzdem möchte ich den folgenden Text
gern als Offenen Brief auf die Reise schicken, verfüge
aber über keinen geeigneten Verteiler. Ob Sie mir
bitte helfen können? Ihr ergebener Frank Kretschmar

In der „Leipziger Volkszeitung“ vom 29.01.2005, sehr
geehrter Herr Wagner, wurde unter der Überschrift
„Studie: Junge Thüringer anfällig für braune Ideen“
unter anderem aufgezeigt, dass 56% der Befragten der
Meinung sind, „dass Deutschland durch Ausländer in
gefährlichem Maße überfremdet sei.“

Diese Zahl ist nicht neu. Längst ist denen, die sich
sachlich, an der Wahrheit orientiert, mithin politisch
unkorrekt, mit ihr beschäftigen, bekannt, dass etwa
Zweidrittel der Bevölkerung unseres geschundenen
Landes mit der offiziellen Ausländer- und Asylpolitik
nicht einverstanden sind.

Wie könnten sie auch?!

Während der Verfassungsschutzbericht auch für das Jahr
2003 keine einziges „Tötungsdelikt mit
rechtesextremistischen Hintergrund“ ausweist,
verlieren seit Jahren täglich drei bis vier Deutsche
durch die Hand von Ausländern ihr Leben. Von der
darüber hinausgehenden grauenhaften
Ausländerkriminalität wie schwerere Körperverletzung,
Raub, Einbruch, Diebstahl oder Vergewaltigung ganz zu
schweigen. Folgerichtig sind mehr als ein Drittel der
etwa 60 000 in Deutschland inhaftierten Straftäter
Ausländer, deren Unterbringung, koschere Küche
eingeschlossen, dem deutschen Steuerzahler jährlich 2
Milliarden Euro kosten.

Wie könnten sie auch?!

Während die Anerkennungsquote von Asylbewerbern nicht
einmal 5% beträgt, wird von den Abgelehnten nur jeder
Siebente abgeschoben. Anfang der 90er Jahre schätzte
der SPD-Oberbürgermeister von Pforzheim, Dr. Joachim
Becker, die mit diesem  „Asylunwesen“ verbundenen
Sozialleistungs-Kosten, die heute dramatisch höher bei
100 Milliarden (Einhundertmal Eintausendmillionen
Euro!)  liegen, auf „mindestens 35 Milliarden Mark“
jährlich. Geld, das gut investiert ist, erfreuen sich
die hier gebliebenen Abgelehnten doch so einer
gewissen Geborgenheit, aus der sie sich in Ruhe u.a.
der Vergiftung unserer Jugend mit Drogen widmen

Wie könnten sie auch?!

Während sich die Warteräume deutscher Arztpraxen
entvölkern, sind die Angehörigen, zu denen auch die
Eltern gehören, hier lebender Ausländer in ihren

Heimatländern, so in der Türkei, Polen, Marokko,
Israel und Ex-Jugoslawien automatisch auf Kosten des
deutschen Beitragszahlers mitversichert. Allein im
Jahre 2001 wurde so nahezu Einhundertmillionen  Euro
ins Ausland überwiesen.

Wie könnten sie auch?!

Während sich Deutschland seiner Pisa-Bildungsdefizite
schämt, besuchen immer mehr, in einigen Klassen etwa
in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg oder
Diusburg-Marxloh bis zu 90%,  Ausländerkinder unsere
Schulen, die der deutschen Sprache nicht oder kaum
mächtig sind. Dass dies die überwiegend muslimischen
Eltern der Kinder kalt lässt, ist nicht nur ihrem
Desinteresse geschuldet sondern gibt explizit der
abgrundtiefen Verachtung Ausdruck, die sie gegenüber
den Traditionen und Werten ihres Gastlandes empfinden.
Hier wird sozialer Sprengstoff gelegt, dessen
Explosion  vernichtend sein muss. Während eine
deutsche Mutter im Durchschnitt 1,3 Kinder bekommt,
gebiert die infolge Zwangsehe nachgezogene
Analphabetin aus Anatolien mehr als 3 Kinder. Von den
600.110 Lebendgeborenen des Jahres 1999 hatten nur 76%
deutsche Eltern. Im gleich Jahr wurde, schrecklich
genug, 1 Ausländer, so die Statistik des BKA, von
einem Deutschen umgebracht. 1016 Deutsche starben
durch Ausländerhand.

Bereits über dieses, die Lebensgrundlage unseres
Volkes existenziell betreffenden  Verhältnisse laut
nachzudenken ist in unserem, dem Untergang geweihten
Land, gefährlich, sich öffentlich dazu zu äußern,
schier lebensbedrohlich.

Hierzu leisteten Sie, sehr geehrter Herr Wagner,  mit
Ihrer  Pogromhetze in der BILD-Zeitung vom 26.01.2005
einen Beitrag, der die Grenzen alles Erträglichen
sprengt. Nicht nur wegen seines unverholenen Aufrufs
zur Gewalt sondern auch wegen seiner Verlogenheit.

Keineswegs verweigerten die 12 NPD-Abgeordneten des
Sächsischen Landtags, die regelmäßig 15, ja 17 Stimmen
des Parlaments auf sich vereinigen, den Opfern des
Nationalsozialismus ehrendes Gedenken. Sie brachten
vielmehr ihrer Empörung über die Umwandlung ihres
Antrags auf würdiges Erinnern an die Toten des
Bombenterrors auf Dresden, dem Sitz des Landtages,
vom 13. Februar 1945 Ausdruck, der allein viermal mehr
Opfer forderte als die verbrecherische  Bombardierung
Englands während des gesamten Zweiten Weltkrieges.

Dass der erste demokratisch gewählte Angehörige des,
um Sie wörtlich zu zitieren, „Braunen Dresdner
Abgeordneten-Packs“, gar, wie von Ihnen ans
Herzgelegt, mit dem Baseball-Schläger totgeschlagen
wird, ist, wie zu befürchten bleibt, nur eine Frage
der Zeit. Das Blut, das dann in Ihrem Fingern, Herr
Wagner,  und an Ihrem Schreibtisch klebt, wird sich
nicht abwaschen lassen.


Ihr Leser
Frank Kretzschmar


From Aggregat:


Aufruf zum Lynchen

Antisemitische Schmierereien und Übergriffe
verunsichern die jüdische Gemeinde in Serbien. Die
serbisch-orthodoxe Kirche und die größte
Parlamentsfraktion halten sich mit Verurteilungen
zurück. von boris kanzleiter, belgrad

Als der Soziologe Laslo Sekelj 1997 einen Artikel über
»Antisemitismus und jüdische Identität in Serbien«
schrieb, kam er zu einem beruhigenden
Schluss. Antisemitismus spiele in Serbien nur eine
»marginale« Rolle, schrieb der mittlerweile
verstorbene ausgewiesene Kenner jüdischen Lebens im
ehemaligen Jugoslawien.

Im Gegensatz zu Kroatien, wo im Zuge der
nationalistischen Unabhängigkeitsbewegung zu Beginn
der neunziger Jahre der  Antisemitismus hoffähig wurde
– auch der damalige Regierungschef Franjo Tudjman tat
sich mit derartigen Äußerungen hervor -, galt in
Serbien Judenfeindschaft nicht als erwünscht.
Intellektuelle gründeten sogar eine serbisch-jüdische
Freundschaftsgesellschaft, die in Abgrenzung zum
kroatischen Nationalismus auf das gemeinsame Leiden
und die Ermordung von Serben und Juden in den von
kroatischen Faschisten und deutschen
Besatzungstruppen betriebenen Vernichtungslagern im
Zweiten Weltkrieg hinwies.

Diese Zeiten sind inzwischen vorbei. Wie Aleksandar
Lebl von der jüdischen Gemeinde in Belgrad berichtet,
ist die nur 3 000 Mitglieder zählende Gemeinde in
Serbien und Montenegro das neue Angriffsziel der
nationalistischen Rechten. Bereits im Februar beklagte
er auf einer Pressekonferenz, dass sich antisemitische
Vorfälle in den vergangenen Monaten häuften. »Neben
Geschmiere wie “Tod den Juden” und Ähnlichem, Briefen
mit Todesdrohungen und antisemitischen Texten in den
Medien wird momentan besonders viel antisemitische
Literatur veröffentlicht.«

In Umkehrung des gescheiterten Versuchs am Anfang der
neunziger Jahre, Juden für die serbische Sache zu
instrumentalisieren, werden sie heute als Fünfte
Kolonne der angeblich amerikanisch kontrollierten
»Neuen Weltordnung« halluziniert, die aus dem Westen
dirigiert werde. Bisheriger Höhepunkt war eine
offensichtlich gut organisierte
Propagandaaktion in der Nacht vom 21. zum 22. März.

»Wir wollen Freiheit, kein jüdisches Joch«, wurde u.a.
an die Mauer des jüdischen Friedhofes in der Belgrader
Innenstadt gesprüht. Mit der
Parole »Leistet Widerstand gegen die zionistische
Okkupation des 5. Oktober!« setzten die Antisemiten
die Mitglieder der jüdischen Gemeinde mit den aus dem
Westen unterstützten ehemaligen Oppositionskräften
gleich, die am 5. Oktober 2000 den Sturz von Präsident
Slobodan Milosevic erzwangen.

Zugleich wurde eine Reihe »prowestlicher« Medien,
Kultureinrichtungen und Menschenrechtsgruppen als
»jüdisch« markiert. So prangten an den Büros des
Helsinki-Komitees für Menschenrechte und des Fonds für
humanitäres Recht sowie an dem Gebäude des Radio- und
Fernsehsenders  B92 antisemitische Parolen. Im Zentrum
wurden außerdem einige hundert Plakate verklebt, die
zum Boykott des Senders aufrufen, der unter anderem
bezichtigt wird, »Drogen und Homosexualität« zu
propagieren sowie eine »multirassische neue
Weltordnung« zu unterstützen. Die Plakate wurden
gleichzeitig an zentralen Plätzen angebracht, auch
direkt neben einer Polizeiwache und auf dem Platz der

Vor allem die Reaktionen auf die Schmierereien machten
deutlich, wie besorgniserregend die Situation
inzwischen ist. Zwar zeigte sich ein erheblicher Teil
der Öffentlichkeit schockiert, Präsident Boris Tadic
verurteilte die antisemitische Kampagne und nannte die
Slogans immerhin einen »indirekten Aufruf zum
Lynchen«. Aber zwei der mächtigsten Organisationen im
Land hüllten sich in Schweigen, obwohl sie zu
Stellungnahmen aufgefordert wurden. Die einflussreiche
serbische orthodoxe Kirche benötigte zweieinhalb lange
Tage, bis sie eine Verurteilung verbreiten ließ. Die
Serbische Radikale Partei (SRS), die bei Umfragen
konstant auf Platz eins in der Wählergunst liegt und
die größte Parlamentsfraktion stellt, reagierte
überhaupt nicht.

Obwohl die Synode der Kirche die Übergriffe
schließlich »bedingungslos« und scharf verurteilte,
führen Kritiker wie der bekannte Schriftsteller
Filip David das lange Zögern auf den erheblichen
Einfluss klerikalfaschistischer Kreise zurück. David
weist darauf hin, dass in der Kirche in den
vergangenen Jahren erfolgreich an der Rehabilitierung
des antisemitischen Bischofs Nikolaji Velimirovic
gearbeitet wurde. Der 1956 im US-amerikanischen Exil
gestorbene Geistliche erklärte in seiner
antimodernen Theologie die einfachen serbischen Bauern
zu idealen Christen. »Die Juden« dagegen hätten
»Demokratie, Streiks, Sozialismus, Atheismus, Toleranz
des Glaubens, Pazifismus, Revolution, Kapitalismus und
Kommunismus« erfunden, um »die Christen zu
vernichten«, verkündete Velimirovic. Die Gebeine des
Bischofs wurden 1991 nach Belgrad
überführt, wo er vom Klerus der serbisch-orthodoxen
Kirche heilig gesprochen wurde. Zum Kreis seiner
zahlreichen Verehrer gehören antisemitische Verlage
wie »IHTUS – Christliche Bücher« mit Sitz in
Belgrad, der gut verkaufte Publikationen wie »Die
Serben in den Klauen der Juden« oder »Jüdische
Ritualmorde« herausgibt.

Auch das Schweigen der Serbischen Radikalen Partei ist
kein Zufall. Mit ihrer ideologischen »Mischung aus
Chomsky und Le Pen«, wie die SRS-Bürgermeisterin von
Novi Sad, Maja Gojkovic, die politische Ausrichtung
der Partei treffend beschreibt, propagiert sie ein
krudes antiimperialistisch-ethnonationalistisches
Weltbild, das leicht antisemitisch aufladbar ist. In
der Propaganda der Partei gilt das »serbische Volk«
als Opfer übermächtiger ausländischer Verschwörungen
und bezahlter inländischer Verräter.
Menschenrechtsorganisationen und B92 werden von der
Partei immer wieder als Hauptfeinde im Innern benannt.
Bereits vor elf Jahren publizierte die heute von
antiimperialistischen Linken umworbene Partei das
Pamphlet »Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion« als
Beilage ihrer Zeitschrift Velika Srbija (Großserbien).

Derzeit agieren die radikalen Nationalisten des als
Kriegsverbrecher angeklagten Parteichefs Vojislav
Seselj zwar nicht offen antisemitisch. Dafür aber sind
wohl nicht zuletzt taktische Gründe verantwortlich.
SRS erhofft sich die Beteiligung an einer
Regierungskoalition mit der Demokratischen Partei
Serbiens von Premierminister Vojislav Kostunica.

Der Präsident der Jüdischen Gemeinde, Aca Singer,
erklärt, die Drohungen hätten vor allem seit dem
Nato-Angriff 1999 und dem Sturz Milosevics zugenommen.
»Uns wird die Schuld für das Auseinanderbrechen
Jugoslawiens, das Nato-Bombardement und den 5. Oktober
zugeschoben«, sagt der 82jährige Auschwitz-Überlebende
und fügt hinzu: »Dabei hat uns Juden der Zusammenbruch
Jugoslawiens sehr getroffen.« Tatsächlich  fanden
in dem sozialistischen Staat Gedenkveranstaltungen für
die ermordeten jugoslawischen Juden statt: Die
jüdische Gemeinde war von den deutschen Besatzern und
ihren lokalen Hilfstruppen fast vollständig vernichtet

Welchen Stellenwert die Erinnerung an den Holocaust
dagegen heute einnimmt, machte der Staatspräsident von
Serbien und Montenegro, Svetozar Marovic, deutlich. Er
sagte seine Teilnahme an der Gedenkfeier zum 60.
Jahrestag der Befreiung von Auschwitz wegen einer
»Erkältung« ab. Das hinderte ihn freilich nicht daran,
am selben Tag in einer Fernsehtalkshow flache Witzchen
zu reißen.













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