Patriot Letter. Dated 3/30/05.

Archived by k0nsl.

[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]


Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Before I get to the hot topic of the day, I must
address an important business matter. Over a period of
three weeks now, I keep receiving e-mail messages from
you, notifying me that you did not get the Patriot

No, I don’t take people arbitrarily off my list. Only
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If you do not receive the Patriot Letter for more than
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Remember, as time goes by, control of the Internet by
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Look at your counterparts in Europe. They do very well
without all the hateful stuff. And still discuss any
subject to its fullest.

Cleaning up your e-mails has nothing to do with
freedom of speech, but with keeping you going and out
of jail. Homeland Security has 264 full-time jobs to
monitor the Internet. Especially those who are already
considered “dangerous.”

By the way, I forgot, there is another reason why I
take people off my mailing list. When I receive more
than three times an “unable to deliver”, no matter for
what reason.


The headline in the subject column is of course
referring to yours truly. The once most “powerful man
in Sacramento.” Let me back up. Last evening, I
received a phone call from a former commanding officer
of the Sacramento Police Department. An all points
bulletin has been released to every department of the
Sacramento Police Department, the City of Sacramento,
the District Attorney’s Office and the County Sheriffs

I received a copy of the 10-page report the same
evening. It reads like a Hollywood script. As of
today, no one has claimed authorship of this report,
however, several high-ranking law enforcement officers
allege that this is the work of a combined partnership
between the ADL and Homeland Security.

The report is comprised with intel from all corners of
the Internet and does read like a typical ADL smear
propaganda. Actually, I was kind of flattered to see
that this much power has been credited to me. Of
course, 70% of that report is right out false.

I do regret the involvement of innocent bystanders,
how have really not been involved in what the enemy
calls “my Jew-hating.” Somebody thinks that the
Community News has become to powerful and that
measures need to be implemented to discredit it.

Attributing that much power to one person is a classic
tactic of the ADL. It justifies the means:

“Publisher and editor of the nation’s most popular
monthly revisionist newspaper,”

says the report. Highly exaggerated to give the
impression of danger.

The entire issue of a few high-ranking police officers
in the report is off limits, and I won’t comment on
it, since they have all families.

Most interesting is that this report credits me for
the substitute revisionist conference put together by
the white supremacist community and the IHR, after the
original conference was prevented. I believe that this
is again an ADL tactic to make me look like a security

The fact is that I had nothing to do with that “tiny
meeting”. I opposed that conference publicly.

Significant is that the report ends with January 30,

“At this late date, Walter Mueller is still publishing
his message of hate.”

And an excerpt of Community News is included.

But, read for yourself. I am posting most of the
report, except for personal info that could jeopardize
current innocent bystanders:



Following in the footsteps of his beloved Third Reich
…And taking certain Sacramento police officials down
with him

PROFILE:  Walter F. Mueller, Sacramento, California

·       Born and raised in Vienna, Walter F. Mueller
graduated from hotel school as a master of French
Cuisine, specializing in fine pastries. Moved to
Munich for his apprenticeship in the Bayrischer Hof,
one of the few five-star hotels in the world.

·       In 1979, Mr. Mueller moved to America.

·       In 1987, he became a naturalized citizen.

·       In 1991, Mueller started to become a community

·       In 1992, he was the first civilian to implement a
“citizens crime patrol group.”


·       In 1993, Mueller founded the Community News, a
monthly political newspaper.

·       In 1994, Mueller played an important part in
creating the first Neighborhood Services Department in
the nation, a bolder vision for Sacramento’s

·       In 1996, the City of Sacramento published Mueller’s
brochure Crackdown on Graffiti. This brochure becomes
a model for other cities.

·       In 1998, Mueller ran for Sacramento City Council. By
then, Walter F. Mueller was the most celebrated
activist in Sacramento County. He received the
Citizens of the Year award from the State of
California, the Neighborhood Hero Award from ABC
affiliate KCRA Channel 3, and the Community Service
award from Mayor Ann Rudin, Mayor Joe Serna Jr., Mayor
Jimmy Yee and Mayor Heather Fargo, as well as from the
County Board of Supervisors. He successfully graduated
from the City Manager’s Academy and the Citizens
Police Academy.

·       Mueller, comfortable with his position as a leader
in the Sacramento community, then revealed his true
persona.  He published his first writings on
“revisionist” matters – a viewpoint that the Jewish
holocaust perpetrated by the NAZIs was a fiction. City
officials were stunned. Unaffected, Mueller claimed
his position at the head of the European American
Culture Council.

·       Further shocking City officials, Mueller wrote a
letter to the editor responding to The Bee’s story
“Serna won’t run, cancer back,” (June 25, 1999),
Walter F. Mueller wrote: “Hallelujah! That’s the best
news I’ve read in months in The Bee! And cut out the
whining attitude because Serna has cancer. Who cares?
A handful of Mexicans? I for one say that finally,
it’s his turn to suffer.”

·       In a rare occurrence, the Sacramento Bee responded
to a letter to the editor with a commentary following
Walter Mueller’s letter:

“Hate grows under rocks, and if someone doesn’t turn
them over and let the sun in, it can spread. As much
as the bigots crave attention, they also want to
pretend they are not bigots or haters. We know what
they are. Our readers need to know, too. So today we
publish Mueller’s own words. If you can stand to read
them, judge for yourself.” (Sacramento Bee, June 25,

·       In 1999, Mueller changed the format of his Community
News periodical to include “revisionist” issues and

·       Thereafter, things changed drastically for Mueller.
After many years of being the role model for activism,
voted twice in a row “Best activist of the year”,
Walter F. Mueller became Sacramento’s prime
“Jew-hater” and advocate of the view that the Jewish
holocaust never occurred and that it was a fabrication
of the Jewish media establishment. Periodicals such as
the Sacramento Bee, Los Angeles Times, and the San
Francisco Chronicle declared: “Walter F. Mueller, we
must look hate in the face.”  Walter Mueller and his
real reasons for gaining community support, was
exposed statewide.

·       Although Walter Mueller’s contacts with members of
the Sacramento police department were severed, he
still enjoyed his status as Chair of the European
American Culture Council (an anti-Jewish front) as
well his position the publisher and editor of the
nation’s most popular monthly revisionist newspaper,
Community News. Moreover, Mueller’s commentaries were
linked with similar publications throughout the United
States as well as Canada, Australia and Germany.

·       In the period that followed, the City of Sacramento
made every effort to distance themselves from him, but
Mueller was befriended by a Sacramento Police command
officer, Lieutenant Patrick Dowden who possessed an
intense hatred of newly-appointed Hispanic police
chief Arturo Venegas for having passed him over for
promotion the previous year.  Dowden was also fuming
over having been relieved of his duties on the police
special weapons team along with his long-time personal
friend and supervisor Lieutenant Gregory Twilling.
Dowden admitted to providing Mueller “written
commentaries” on Chief Arturo Venegas.  Dowden
initiated a lawsuit.  (Sacramento Bee, April 21 1998)

·       Unbeknownst to those involved in the lawsuit against
Chief Venegas, a number of Sacramento police officers
had come forward to complain to the previous Chief,
Jack Kearns, that Dowden made repeated references to
people of color as “the mud races.”

“The mud races” is a derogatory phrase that makes
reference to people of color.  It is taken from The
Turner Diaries by William Pierce (the blueprint for
Timothy McVey’s bombing of the federal building in
Oklahoma City).  The reference to “mud races” also
appears and in a document known as Creativity espoused
in Klassen’s Teachings the manifesto of a white
nationalist organization known for its white supremist
and separatist views.

·       The complaining officers commented that Dowden was
notorious for making references to female officers in
the most derogatory of terms and related an incident
in which Dowden was relieved of duty for making a
highly offensive comment to a female supervisor of an
adjoining agency while on a security detail. Chief
Kearns relieved Dowden from the assignment but took no
further administrative action. The complaining
officers were concerned that they would not be
supported by Chief Kearns if they made a formal
complainant against Dowden and Twilling. They based
their concern on the fact that Kearns appeared to be
protective of Dowden and Twilling.

·       Another concern of the complaining officers was that
Dowden’s immediate supervisor, Lieutenant Gregory
Twilling did little or nothing to keep Dowden from
making racist or sexist comments as well engaging in
bizarre and aggressive behavior.  On one occasion,
Dowden had to be restrained by one of his own officers
to keep him from physically attacking a Sheriff’s
Deputy from an adjoining agency. It was stated that if
Lt. Greg Twilling was an effective supervisor, Dowden
would not have been able to get away with his
behavior.  After Chief Kearns resigned, the complaint
was renewed when Chief Venegas was installed as the
new Chief.  Venegas listened to the complaints of the
officers as well those of two Police Lieutenants and
three supervisors. Venegas acted on the information
immediately and removed both Dowden and Twilling from
the special weapons and assault team (SWAT).

·       March 1993, Dowden was passed over for promotion to
police lieutenant after scoring number two on the
list. Dowden initiated a lawsuit alleging

·       A witness was produced in the form of  retired
Sacramento police captain Mike George who testified
that a top deputy to Chief Arturo Venegas Jr. once
referred to Dowden and Twilling as “the Aryan
brothers” (Sacramento Bee, March 25, 1999).  George,
testifying for Dowden and Twilling in the police
“reverse racism” trial, attributed the remarks to a
Deputy Chief who was a Venegas aide.  Moreover, George
said he heard the Deputy Chief make the comments
‘three or four times at least that I recall, and that
on a couple more occasions, the Deputy Chief referred
to them as the blue-eyed blond boys.’” (Sacramento
Bee, March 25, 1999)

·       Dowden, in the mean time, chose to re-take the
promotional exam and was eventually promoted to
Lieutenant on October 28, 1994, but Dowden continued
his lawsuit.

·       September 1995, Dowden’s lawsuit was dismissed
despite of the testimony of former Capt. Michael
George.  “Even after he was promoted to lieutenant,
Dowden, who lost the lawsuit, remained a constant
critic of Chief Venegas’ administration. It culminated
in his organizing a Sacramento Police Officers’
Association membership survey earlier this year that
scored the department’s management poorly on its
performance. (Sacramento Bee, June 22, 1997)

·       On August 31, 1996, Sacramento radio talk show host
Jeff Katz was fired by radio station Talk 650 (KSTE)
in the wake of community outrage over a racist remark
he made in a broadcast. Katz said  “…motorists should
be awarded a sombrero-shaped bumper sticker for every
illegal immigrant hit while attempting to cross the
border from Mexico, and for every 10 bumper stickers
motorists could win a free drink at Taco Bell…”  )

·       Sacramento Police Lieutenant Patrick Dowden made a
motion before the Sacramento Police Officer
Association (SPOA) Board of Directors to honor Jeff
Katz with an honorary membership in the SPOA. The
Board agreed and Granted Jeff Katz the honorary title.

·       Community outrage, as well as anger within the law
enforcement community, was immediate. There was demand
for rescinding the honorary title as well as an

o       Law Enforcement officers, including those from the
Sacramento Police Department’s own ranks joined in the
attack. Sgt. Bob Mitchell of the Sacramento Police
Department said he was at the press conference along
with a dozen other officers to show support for the
apology. “We were concerned with the public perception
of us. We have to interact with the community and we
want them to know we won’t tolerate that,” Mitchell
said. (Sacramento Bee, March 21, 1997)

o       SPOA President Burchett acknowledged he called a
special meeting with the board on Wednesday following
a meeting with more than 70 officers earlier in the
week. He said he was moved by the “passion” expressed
by the rank and file officers to make an apology.
(Sacramento Bee, March 21, 1997)

·       Under pressure, The Sacramento Police Officers
Association called a press conference and backed off
their support of Jeff Katz. Moreover, they made a
public apology.  Association President, Gene Burchett
commented, “The more we thought about it, the more we
talked about it, the more we thought a public apology
was necessary,” Burchett said. “The members of our
organization do not condone the inappropriate comments
made on the air.” He said he was moved by the
“passion” expressed by the rank and file police
officers. President Gene Burchett said he hoped the
apology would “end the saga” and allow the
organization to continue with other business.
(Sacramento Bee, March 21, 1997).

o       Jose Vasquez, local president of the Latino Peace
Officers Association, said, “They didn’t apologize out
of their own hearts.” Vasquez said the police union
leaders were forced to make a public apology or face a
recall. “They were complaining and whining and telling
people they didn’t want to do that (make a public
apology). When it came down to either do it or we’ll
have a recall, they said, ‘OK we’ll do it.”‘
(Sacramento Bee, March 21, 1997)

o       Local community activists said the apology came too
late and was insincere. “This apology just falls on
death ears,” said Manuela Serna, a community activist.
Without pressure from officers, the apology would
never have been made, she said. (Sacramento Bee, March
21, 1997)


·       “Noticeably absent from the police union’s press
conference Wednesday was Lieutenant Pat Dowden, who
initially made the motion to make Katz an honorary
member of the Sacramento Police Officers Association
and later moved to rescind the membership. ‘That
speaks louder to me than anything else,’ community
activist Manuela Serna said. When asked in a telephone
interview why he did not attend the 15-minute
conference at the union’s headquarters on Lathrop Way,
Dowden said, ‘I have a job.’ When asked for comments,
he hung up the phone.” (Sacramento Bee, March 21,

·       In June, 1997, Lieutenant Pat Dowden attempted to
run for Sheriff of Sacramento County but he quit his
campaign and dropped out of the race on November 25,
1997. “When I announced (my candidacy), I had no idea
where this thing was going,” Dowden said.  (Sacramento
Bee, November 25, 1997)

·       Dowden, having achieved management status as a
Lieutenant, made contact with Walter Mueller and
communicated with him in an attempt to bolster his
campaign to discredit Chief Venegas.  Dowden provided
anti-Venegas commentaries to Mueller via a police
department fax machine while on duty.  But his
unauthorized communications were soon discovered and
Dowden was suspended. In a Sacramento Bee article
dated April 21 1998, Dowden admitted that “…department
managers suspended him for two weeks for using a city
fax machine to send his written commentaries to Walter
Mueller…” But other charges of malfeasance against
Dowden soon surfaced.  (Sacramento Bee, April 21 1998)

·       “Sources said that Dowden told officers during last
Wednesday afternoon’s roll call (April 15, 1998) at
the Joseph E. Rooney Facility on Franklin Boulevard
that management was going to curtail holidays this
summer to increase minimum staffing levels. Although
the holiday cancellation plan had been under
consideration, it was abandoned at a managers’ meeting
later in the day, sources said.  ‘He stated as a fact
something that didn’t happen,’ one source said.
‘Nobody is canceling any holidays.’  Police managers
on Thursday initiated an internal affairs
investigation into Dowden’s remarks at the roll call,
where officers are briefed before their shift begins.”
(The Sacramento Bee April 21, 1998)

·       “Police Department spokeswoman Michele Quattrin
refused Friday to say Dowden was placed on paid
administrative leave. ‘It’s the policy of the
Sacramento Police Department not to comment on
personnel issues for any employees,’” she said. But
according to an April 18th 1998 Sacramento Bee
article, “Lt. Patrick Dowden was ordered off the
street as night watch commander for all south area
patrol units late Thursday, when he was met by
officers of the internal affairs department.  Dowden
said he was instructed to turn in his badge,
identification, gun and radio and was ordered to go
home.” Although the exact nature of Dowden’s
communications with Mueller were never revealed,
Dowden was permanently relieved of his command and
thereafter demoted.

·       September 15, 1998, Dowden, attempting to block his
demotion before the Sacramento City Council, called a
number of “character witnesses” to speak in his
behalf.  (Source: City of Sacramento Among
the witnesses Dowden asked to speak was Ms. Carole
Blalock a woman who came to be known for her openly
racist views.  Observers, including some Dowden
supporters, questioned his judgment.  Most were
curious as to why Dowden chose to align himself with
Mueller and Blalock in the first place. These were two
of Sacramento’s most controversial and racist figures.
But Dowden was a police middle manager with over
twenty years of law enforcement experience.  He had
been on the tactical team, in charge of training and
was also a watch commander.  He knew, or should have
known the character of the people he chose to align
himself with. Yet he still chose Carole Blalock to
speak in his behalf before the City Council.


o       Carole Blalock, by her own words, became known as an
openly racist figure when in a letter to the
Sacramento Bee editor, Blalock responded to an apology
made by Sen. Trent Lott for making a racist statement.
Blalock wrote, “I am disgusted with him (Lott) for
apologizing for telling the truth. America’s inner
cities today would be much more peaceful if we had
segregated the blacks. (Sacramento Bee, Opinion
Section, December 13, 2002)

o       Carole Blalock became a subcommittee chairperson
European American Culture Council (an anti-Semetic
organization) under Walter Mueller.

·       Still fresh in the mind of the Sacramento City
Council was the community outrage raised by the “Jeff
Katz Affair” (Aug. ’96) in which Lt. Pat Dowden made a
motion before the Sacramento Police Officer
Association (SPOA) Board of Directors to honor Jeff
Katz with an honorary membership in the SPOA after
Katz had made an openly racist statement. The Board
agreed and Granted Jeff Katz the honorary title only
to rescind it under pressure from the Police
Department’s own ranks. The SPOA was forced to make a
formal and public apology in a press conference that
Dowden refused to attend. (Sacramento Bee, March 21,
1997). Dowden made no attempt to apologize when he was

·       The Sacramento City Council refused to block
Dowden’s demotion and he went back to work in the
north area of Sacramento as a Sergeant on or about
October 3, 1999. The demotion cost Dowden $700 a month
in lost pay.  Dowden now waited for his administrative

·       In the mean time, another Sacramento community
activist, Dave Jenest, supported Dowden during this
period. It is unknown what, if any, relationship Dave
Jenest had with Walter Mueller and Carole Blalock, but
Jenest said “… Pat Dowden has been a loyal friend and
we’ll be cheering him on in court next month as he
continues his civil action (appeal) against the police
brass and the city…”

·       After a period of time, Patrick Dowden, left his job
as a Sergeant in the north area of the city for
medical reasons. Not long after, Dowden lost his final
appeal. Dowden’s demotion was upheld.   Not long
after, Dowden’s personal friend and former supervisor,
Watch Commander Gregory Twilling, also took a
“medical” retirement.

·       Mueller decided to organize what came to be known as
the 2004 International Revisionist Conference which he
hoped to host in Sacramento. Internationally known
“revisionist” speakers were to be invited. But Mueller
met with opposition when he attempted to host the
conference at the Sacramento Turn Verein Hall, a
meeting place for Sacramento’s German-American
community. Once the purpose of the conference was
discovered, Walter Mueller met with stiff community
opposition from citizens of the German-American
community with the assistance of the Jewish Defense
League, Mueller was denied the use of the Hall and the
conference was cancelled even though a contract had
been signed.

·       In a press release, the Sacramento German-American
organization known as the Sacramento Tern Verein
issued a press release that also served as a
cancellation of Walter Mueller’s conference.

Sacramento Turn Verein
Sacramento, California
April 19, 2004

A few months ago, a representative of an organization
calling itself the European American Culture Council
inquired with a member of our Sacramento Turn Verein
staff about renting our meeting hall for the purpose
of holding a conference during the weekend of April
23-25, 2004. When our staff member asked about the
nature of the conference and the content of the
program the representative misrepresented himself and
concealed the fact that the conference was in fact to
be a gathering of Holocaust deniers. It was not until
the publication of an article in the Sacramento Bee on
April 15, 2004, that our organization learned that
this so-called Culture Council was in fact a front for
a group called the International Revisionist
Conference, bent on “revising” well-documented
historical facts about the Holocaust and that we had
been deceived when we agreed to let this group use our

Accordingly, the Sacramento Turn Verein has promptly
advised this group that they are not welcome here on
April 23 or at any other time and that they will not
be permitted the use of our facilities.

The Sacramento Turn Verein has been a community
institution since 1854. We are believed to be one of
the oldest ongoing organizations in the City of
Sacramento. Turn Verein is German for “gymnastic
club.” Our facility houses a library and the German
American Cultural Center which presents monthly
programs about German culture, history, music and
literature. Our membership is open to, and consists
of, men and women of all races, creeds and religions.
An active soccer club has been based here since 1960
as well as the Turner Harmonie, a choral society which
dates back to 1854. We rent our facilities to people
of good will regardless of religion, gender, or race
for meetings, weddings and other gatherings. On June
4, 5, and 6, the Sacramento Turn Verein will proudly
celebrate our 150th anniversary.

The Turn Verein regrets that there are those who would
seek to take advantage of our good will and our good
name in this community. We are relieved that we were
able to act in time to thwart this unseemly attempt to
use our space as a platform for hate. Hate and
historical “revisionism” have no place in our
community, our State, or our Country. We stand tall
and proud of our heritage and our contribution to life
in Sacramento and we look forward to another 150 years
of serving our community.

·       In a follow-up communication from the Jewish Defense
League to Walter Mueller, the JDL explains their part
in the cancellation of the 2004 International
Revisionist Conference.

“Dear Walter,

I cannot describe the joy that I felt in my heart when
I read today’s press release from the Sacramento Turn
Verein advising that they had canceled your meeting.
Of course, I confirmed that fact with Mr. Franz
Brvcker, an officer of the German-American Cultural
Center in Sacramento. Mr.Brvcker, who was very
helpful, told us that you had misrepresented
yourselves when you made arrangements to rent the
facility. He continued, that had they known who you
really are, they would have never considered it. Why
am I not surprised?

Just to let you know, we had been diligently working
behind the scenes to facilitate just such an event.
Today has been a very good day for the Jewish
Community of Sacramento who will not be forced to live
with your insults during Yom Ha Shoah, and for the
Jewish Defense League who can add another battle star
to our banner. Once again, good has triumphed over

And just one or two more things. – We have taken the
liberty of advising many of your speakers, guests, and
supporters of your failure. We would not want them to
waste their airfare.

Also – Weren’t you just a bit premature in making this
claim on your website:

“Think my prediction was right. It will all play out
in the media. Making this as public as possible, the
Jews have decided to destroy us through news coverage.

“Obviously, it isn’t really working, because we got
great news from our Webmaster”

In any event, I know how busy you must be now, running
around and trying to find an alternate conference

If you do manage to find the back of some beer hall,
please save me the time of finding out where it is,
just send me an email. We wouldn’t want to be late for
the conference.

Bill Maniaci
Jewish Defense League, Chairman

·       Realizing that his Sacramento-based organization was
going to face a monetary catastrophe over the
cancellation of the Revisionist Conference, Mueller
wrote the following to his membership:

From: Walter Mueller” <>
Date: April l9, 2004
Subject: Jews force the Sacramento Turn Verein to

With great outrage do I have to tell you that the
conference has been cancelled. The Sacramento Turn
Verein caved in to the massive pressure of the Jewish
community and cancelled our facility. We have yet to
receive any official notice. All we know is the press
release that was sent out by the Turn Verein.

Just a minute ago, after insisting to speak to the
President of the Turn Verein, he called and told us
“we better start e-mailing everybody not to come.”

We will lose a small fortune and you just lost your
ticket. We are seeking an attorney, because we have a
written contract with the Turnverein that does not
allow them to cancel the event. Of course, we are
doing in the process of doing press releases, because
it is also a gross violation of the first amendment.
The Turn Verein will have the facility locked down, so
we can’t enter.

Please cancel your flight and hotel room, so you don’t
lose any more money.

About refunds, we cannot promise anything until the
legal issues are clarified. However, we have records
of everybody who paid, unfortunately, our money was
already invested into the conference. Just the
Turnverein, for the two days received $5,000.00. My
house is full with a few thousand dollars worth of
food, drink, equipment, etc. Some of it we can
hopefully return, however, I’ve already made
preparation with the food.

We will raise holy hell about this, and it just proves
that the US is not any better than Canada, Australia
and the European Countries. Imagine, four days before
the event, the President of the Turn Verein issues a
press release, without notifying us first.

Of course, the money we have put out for flight
tickets will be lost. We will ask all speakers to try
to cancel their flights, unless they have other

Well, that’s it for now. I will keep you posted. Below
is the press release from the Turn Verein as well as
ours in response.”

·       In a panicked comment to his revisionist followers,
Walter Mueller added:

It is not true that we were not truthful to the Turn
Verein of what this conference was all about. In fact,
the proof lays in the media coverage that was being
done a week before the Turn Verein’s cancellation.
This conference was so public that the excuse from the
Turn Verein is laughable. The Aggie reported on the
conference three months ago. I was on the radio four

Of course, afterwards, everyone says we should have
done things different. Maybe so. but, what I hear,
many of the previous conferences have also been
cancelled, and they were all a state secret. We spent
partially the last six months putting together this
conference and I can’t stress enough, if I wouldn’t
have to deal with all the attacks from our own people
over my gay lifestyle, we might have seen this coming.
And that’s the only thing I take responsibility for.

Maybe in the future, the revisionists and the white
nationalist movement work out their differences. And
maybe, in the future, people will realize that Mark
Weber and the IHR are the good guys. And then we might
be as powerful as the Jews. But until then, we must be
thankful for the things we have such as the right to
free speech.  For the next few months, I will have to
put my belt a notch up, because we had invested a lot
of personal money, which we thought we get back with
t-shirt sales, wine and beer sales, etc.

Of course, we have to mention that Ernst Zundel will
also miss out a great deal. We still have all the
raffle items, and, in the coming days, we will try to
put it out in the Patriot Letter. Maybe you are
interested. There are some gorgeous prizes. Harvey
Taylor has seven of Ernst Zundel’s inspirational
German drawings of the American atrocities against
good German citizens in the firebombing of Dresden,
personally signed just for the conference. If you are
willing to bid on those, please contact him. Also a
lovely Ariel Sharon pin cushion, two free passes to
the “Rapture” movie.  And even an SS uniform was

In the end, we lost another battle, but not the war. I
will never give up. Community News has been here for
10 years and will be around until they shoot me. Of
course, the Patriot Letter will continue as it has for
the last three years.

About money refunds, etc., etc., Please give us some
time until we have recovered some money. We have more
than 300 resource guides. They are incredible. If you
are interested, please e-mail us, because they are
actually the property of those who have paid for the

Walter F. Mueller

·       In an 11th-hour attempt to hold his 2004 Revisionist
Conference, Mueller made a posting in a web periodical
known as Stormfront of the White Nationalist
Community. Mueller announced that the Conference is
back on again.

“April 24 Is Saved! Join Us


An important revisionist conference is set to be held
in Sacramento, California, Saturday, April 24, 2004.
The Institute for Historical is sponsoring this event.
Speakers will include Mark Weber (IHR), Edgar J.
Steele (USA), Paul Fromm (Canada), Charles Carlson
(USA) and Michelle Renouf (England).”

·       Note:   Walter Mueller’s alternate  “Revisionist
conference” was eventually held on April 24, 2004 in a
motel dining room with a fraction of his intended
number of attendees.  The Jewish Defense League
closely monitored the tiny meeting.

·       The History News Network, the internet arm of the
Center for History and Media presented by George Mason
University issues Walter Mueller “THE STUPID AWARD.”

Hot Topics: The Stupid Award
“We’re Holocaust Deniers, Not Nazis”
Award Recipient: Walter Mueller

From the Sacramento Bee (April 15, 2004):

The weekend of April 24-25, is billed as the first
publicly held International Revisionist Conference to
be held in Sacramento at the Turn Verein Hall, a
German cultural center in the 3300 block of J Street
that rents out its facilities for seminars, wedding
and other events.

Walter F. Mueller, chairman of the European American
Culture Council, said people from around the world who
attend will be “Holocaust-refuters” but that they are
not Nazis or Neo-Nazis.

“There are no documents, there never have been,”
Mueller said. He contended the gas chambers in
Auschwitz were built after the war.

·       January 30, 2005 – at this late date, Walter Mueller
is still publishing his messages of hate.  Among the
quotes in his latest anti-Jewish screed are:

o       “Auschwitz liberation”: usually the same show every
year. However, this year, it is bigger because for one
it’s the 60th anniversary, and two, the Jews so badly
need to remind the world that they are victims.
According to them, anti-Semitism has increased
throughout Europe, and Germany is on the way to
another “Nazitum.” – Walter Mueller

o       Discussing accounts of the survivors of Auschwitz,
Mueller writes:  “These stories read like Spiderman,
The Hulk, Superman, Elektra, and The Darkman. All the
survivors must have had special powers to survive the
“gruesome tactics of the Nazis” described by holocaust
survivors eyewitness accounts.” -Walter Mueller

o       “So, tomorrow, leaders from around the world will
look again at a fake gas chamber and morn, and yes,
some will even cry.  – Walter Mueller”

o       The aforementioned pieces were taken from a document
entitled, The Auschwitz Lies, by Walter Mueller
(January 30, 2005). ###

Light must be shed on the twisted Walter Muellers of
the world
as well as the twisted people, in positions of power,
who choose to align themselves with them



Lady Michele Renouf:


Dear Walter

I am a little behind in my email reading and so I have
not seen any other rebuttals to your piece below.  Yet
I would like to advance the following.

Fredrick Toben does not own the ‘rights’ to Ernst
Zundel’s case.  Just because Fredrick has been
incarcerated (not least in order to prove a
preposterous German law is indeed enforced) does not
up-stage or out-rank others who have supported
politically incorrect free debate and Ernst’s forensic
investigative initiatives in particular, yet have not
served time for it.  They, nevertheless, risk
imprisonment or the Amalekite treatment.

Consider this.  What superior good would it have
served, for example, had Irving wound up in Canadian
solitary confinement or a German cell and thus the
most energetic, entertaining travelling showman and
top orator of all were, instead, a locked away martyr
to his cause?  (And should he or others seem to some,
at times, to have avoided risking gratuitous
imprisonment, this is hardly a recoil for which they
can, instead, be vilified by their own, as it were,
wouldn’t…or shouldn’t you say!)

You write: “It seems that the deportation of Ernst
generated more excitement than his actual kidnapping
from the US to Canada. Or maybe it just is because
it’s a new step? ”

Could it be that some high profile supporters deemed
it realpolitic for the sake of Ernst’s precarious case
– when he was still fighting to remain out of Germany
– to keep their ‘unsavoury’ distance?  We know
Fredrick can lack all sense of stragegy, especially
others’.  Inadvertently, for example, he delivered me
on a plate to the enemy once, gratuitously – just to
glamorise his journey diary to goal in Germany.  Then
sulked that I had ‘denied’ him when I asked him to
remove his unthought through paragraph.

Ernst needs (nearly) all the help he can get.  If
Fredrick can lead, with his doughty efforts
concentrated on Ernst’s battle in particular, well and
good.  However, it is nonsense to overlook that
outstanding exponents like David Irving and Mark Weber
have been and remain long-time champions of Ernst’s
forensic-based battle for open historical

You write: ” Latching on to a new headline! A new
reason to raise
funds. A new issue to get one’s name into the paper. ”

What!!  Are Irving and Weber considered by you (and
Fredrick) as Johnny-come-latelies and money-raising
phonies, wanting or needing to ride on the coat-tails
of others (even lesser others) for a meal-ticket and

Any such talking down of world class warriors of real
history like these two – Robert Faurisson should be
listed with them – in order to promote Fredrick’s
efforts as proprietorial over Ernst’s, risks being
seen as absurdly sychophatic.  All are courageous men
in this cause; but all are not equally gifted

Otherwise, respectful regards to you (both!)




Adelaide Institute:


Interview mit Horst Mahler
Interview with Horst Mahler

“Die Juden gehen schweren Zeiten entgegen”
“The Jews are entering a difficult period.”

Interview mit der Bulgarischen Zeitung “Politika”,am
17. 11.2004
Interview with the Bulgarian Magazine “Politika” 17
Nov 2004

1. Politika: Herr Mahler, mit welchen Parteien und
Organisationen aus Osteuropa pflegen Sie Kontakt?
1. Politika: Mr. Mahler, with which parties and East
European organizations do you maintain contact?

Mahler: Ich pflege keine Kontakte zu Parteien und
Organisationen in Osteuropa.
Mahler: I do not maintain contact with any parties or
organizations in Eastern Europe.

2. Politika: Gibt es in den ehemaligen Ostblockländern
Voraussetzungen damit eine nationalistische Partei
Anhänger und Wahlen zu gewinnen, wie das in
Deutschland geschah?
2. Politika: In the former countries of the Eastern
Block, do the necessary prerequisites exist for a
nationalistic party to win followers and elections, as
has occurred in Germany?

Mahler: Das kann ich nicht beurteilen.
Mahler: There’s no way I can judge that.

3. Politika: Arbeiten Sie in diese Richtung und wie?
3. Politika: Are you working in this direction and if
so, how?

Mahler: Nein, das wäre Vergeudung von Kräften, die an
anderer Stelle dringend gebraucht werden.
Mahler: No, that would be a dissipation of resources
which are urgently needed elsewhere.

4. Politika: In einem Interview nennen Sie die
Demokratie “Heuchelei”.
4. Politika: In an interview, you refer to Democracy
as “Hypocrisy.”

Warum und was bieten Sie als Alternative an?
Why is that, and what would you recommend as an

Mahler: Was man gemeinhin unter Demokratie versteht
ist Judenherrschaft, vermittelt durch die
Verfügungsmacht über das globale Finanz- und
Währungssystem und durch die Medienmacht der Jüdischen
Mahler: What is generally meant by “Democracy” is
actually Jewish rule, which Jewish plutocrats exercise
through their control of global finance, the monetary
system and the media.

Ich habe nichts anzubieten.
I have no alternative to offer.

Ich weiß, daß die Völker sich vom Jüdischen Joch
befreien werden.
I do know that the nations are going to liberate
themselves from the Jewish yoke.

Sie werden als Völker jeweils aus eigener Kraft sich
die Gestalt (Verfassung) geben, in der sie als
selbstbestimmter Wille da sind, als selbstbewußte und
dadurch freie – Volksgemeinschaft.
As nations, they will someday, by means of their own
power,  create for themselves a constitution or form
of government in which they, consciously and through
their own volition, will govern themselves as
liberated national commonwealths.

5. Politika: Was für Menschen in Deutschland und
Europa wollen Sie mit Ihren Ideen ansprechen?
5. Politika: Which people in Germany and Europe do you
wish to address with your ideas?

Mahler: Das ist eben das demokratische Mißverständnis.
Mahler: This is precisely the democratic

Ich will nicht “die Menschen ansprechen”, sondern dem
Geist Ausdruck geben, wie er sich auf der höchsten
Höhe der Deutschen Idealistischen Philosophie in der
Person des Philosophen Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
selbst erfaßt hat.
I do not want to “address the people.” Rather, I want
to give _expression to the spirit at the greatest
heights of German Idealistic Philosophy, in the person
of the philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Dieser Geist findet in den endlichen Geistern, den
Menschen, ein Echo (Hegel nannte diese Erscheinung das
“Zeugnis des Geistes”) und wird durch sie zur
befreienden Tat.
This immortal spirit creates an echo in the finite
spirits of mankind: Hegel calls this our “Proof of
Spirituality.”  Through men, it becomes the act of

6. Politika: Wie sehen Sie die Zukunft Europas?
6. Politika: And how do you see the future of Europe?

Mahler: Europa ist der Erdteil des Weißen Mannes und
der Freiheit.
Mahler: Europa is the continent of freedom and the
white man.

Die europäischen Völker werden sich jetzt der
weltumspannenden Zerstörung durch den Judaismus
The European nations are growing aware of the global
devastation wreaked by Judaism.

Allein durch dieses Bewußtsein erleidet die Jüdische
Weltherrschaft jetzt ihr Ende.
This realization alone is enough to bring about an end
to  the global domination of the Jews.

Im Aufstand gegen die Plutokratie gewinnen die Völker
ihr Selbstbewußtsein als Volksgemeinschaft.
By revolting against plutocracy, the nations are
gaining self awareness as national entities.

Auf dieser Grundlage werden sie den Jahwekult als
Satanskult enttarnen, die Zinsknechtschaft durch
Verstaatlichung des Kreditwesens brechen, die Medien
und Bildungseinrichtungen aus den Fängen der
Plutokratie befreien sowie die Jüdische Diaspora als
feindlichen Staat im Staat erkennen und die Juden
unter Fremdenrecht stellen.
On ths basis of this realization, they will expose the
worship of Jaweh as a satanic cult and abolish
interest slavery by nationalizing credit systems.
They will also liberate the media and educational
institutions from the jaws of plutocracy.
Then they will recognize the Jewish Diaspora as a
hostile state within a state and place the Jews under
the governance of laws for aliens.

Das Russische Reich und das Deutsche Reich werden sich
in einer Lebensgemeinschaft wiederfinden und als
solche den in Europa angestammten Völkern Freiheit und
Frieden gewährleisten.
The Russian and German realms will rediscover their
commonality of interest, and this will assure peace
and freedom to the peoples of European derivation.

Das Deutsche Reich wird bereit sein, Großbritannien
und Frankreich den Verrat an Europa zu verzeihen, wenn
diese Nationen das völkerrechtliche Verbot der
Intervention raumfremder Mächte zur Grundlage ihrer
Außenpolitik machen und sich dadurch dem Deutschen
Reich in freundlicher Gesinnung zuwenden.
The German Reich must be prepared to forgive Great
Britain and France for their treachery against Europe,
provided they adopt a new foreign policy based on
nonintervention in the affairs of others.
This new foreign policy will favor the national rights
of others, which will ensure friendly relations with
the German Reich.

7. Politika: Was hat Sie bewegt von extrem links zum
Nationalismus überzugehen?
7. Politika: What caused you to make the transition
from the extreme left to nationalism?

Mahler: mit dieser Frage von Ihnen Begrifflichkeit ist
Mahler:  Here you are making an assumption which is
quite removed from reality.

8. Politika: Wie haben Sie sich gefühlt, als im
Prozess “Die Bundesregierung gegen NPD” Ihr Opponent,
Ihr ehemaliger RAF-Anwalt und jetzige
Bundesinnenminister Otto Schily war?
8. Politika: How did you feel when, in the case of the
BRD vs. NPD, you were opposed by Otto Schily, your
former Red Army Faction attorney, who is now a
minister in the BRD?

Mahler: Otto Schily, den ich als freiheitsliebenden
Menschen kennengelernt hatte, als Schoßhund der
fremden Herren über Deutschland erleben zu müssen,
stimmte mich traurig.
Mahler:  It saddened me to observe Otto Schily, whom I
once knew to be a champion of freedom, behaving like
the lapdog of Germany’s foreign masters.

9. Politika: Was denken Sie über den amerikanischen
“Krieg gegen den Terrorismus”?
9. Politika: What is your opinion of the American “War
on Terrorism.”

Mahler: Es gibt keinen Krieg der USA gegen den
Terrorismus. Wir sind Zeuge einer weltweiten
Schreckensherrschaft, die von den USA unter Jüdischem
Einfluß ausgeht.

Mahler: There is no American war against terrorism.
We are witnessing a worldwide  campaign of terror, a
proxy war conducted by the USA on behalf of the Jews.

10. Politika: Man nennt Sie “Märtyrer für eine bessere
Welt”. Sind Sie mit dieser Bezeichnung einverstanden?
10. Politika:  People call you a “Martyr for a better
world.” Do you agree with this assessment?

Mahler: Das ist Unsinn. Ich lasse es mir nicht nehmen,
das laut zu sagen, was ich denke. Das ist alles.
Mahler: That is nonsense. I just dare to say what I
think, that’s all.

11. Politika: Können Sie die Mythen nennen, gegen die
Sie kämpfen und wer diese Mythen in die Welt gesetzt
11. Politika: Can you tell us which myths you are
struggling against, and who is the author of these

Mahler: Ich kämpfe nicht gegen Mythen sondern gegen
reale Feinde.
Mahler: I don’t fight myths, I fight real enemies.

12. Politika: Kann das Vierte Reich Realität werden?
12. Politika: Is it possible for the Fourth Reich to
become reality?

Mahler: Das Deutsche Reich ist 1945 nicht
Mahler: The German Reich did not perish in 1945.

Es existiert als Staats- und Völkerrechtssubjekt fort.
It still exists as a national and peoples’ state.

Durch die völkerrechtswidrige Festnahme der Mitglieder
der Reichsregierung unter Admiral Dönitz am 23. Mai
1945 und die Ermordung der führenden Persönlichkeiten
des Reiches ist dieses lediglich handlungsunfähig
Because of illegal apprehensions of members of the
Reich government by Admiral Dönitz on 23 May 1945,
followed by the murders of its leading personalities,
the Reich simply lost the ability to function.

Im kommenden Aufstand des Deutschen Volkes wird es
seine Handlungsfähigkeit zurückgewinnen.
In the coming insurrection of the German people, the
Reich will regain that ability.

13. Politika: Wie ist Ihre Meinung zum Verbot von
Vlaams Block in Belgien?
13. Politika: What is your opinion about the
prohibition of the Vlaams Block in Belgium?

Mahler: Die Judenherrschaft ist jetzt schon gezwungen,
die Kulissen, die sie zwecks Verdeckung der
Hintergrundmacht aufgestellt hat, wegen Ungehorsams
der Statisten abzuräumen.
Mahler: Jewish rulership is now compelled to dispense
with the screens they had used to provide cover for
their rule from the wings, because of mutiny by the
stage hands.

Das ist ein großartiger Erfolg im Freiheitskampf der
This is a magnificent success in the liberation
struggle of the European peoples.

Diese können jetzt ihre Lage besser einschätzen und
dadurch den gemeinsamen Feind etwas deutlicher
Now it is much easier for them to evaluate their
position and identify their common enemy.

Ein klares Feindbild ist die wichtigste Voraussetzung
für erfolgversprechende Kriegshandlungen.
A clear view of the enemy is the most important
prerequisite for actions that promise victory in war.

14. Politika: Wie wird sich der Wahlerfolg von NPD und
DVU auf die politische Situation und die Zukunft
Deutschlands auswirken?
14. Politika: What effect are the electoral victories
of NPD (National Party of Germany) and DVU (German
Peoples Union) going to have on the political
situation and the future of Germany?

Mahler: Es ereignet sich mit dem Wahlerfolg der NPD
ein Dammbruch.
Mahler:  The electoral victory of the NPD was the
collapse of  a political dam.

Von Wichtigkeit ist, daß die Führungsleute dieser
Partei ebenso die überwiegende Mehrheit ihrer
Mitglieder – nach 1945 geboren worden sind.
It is very significant that the leaders of this party,
as well as the overwhelming majority of its members,
were born after 1945.

Ihr Vorsitzender, Udo Voigt, hat Prof. Dr. Carlo
Schmid, dem “Vater des Grundgesetzes” folgend – die
Bundesrepublik Deutschland öffentlich als eine Form
der Fremdherrschaft markiert und ihre Abwicklung
Its chairman, Udo Voigt, following the example of
Prof. Dr. Carlo Schmid, “the father of the
Constitution,” has openly branded the Federal Republic
as rule by foreign domination and demanded its

Er hat Adolf Hitler – zum ersten Male ebenfalls
öffentlich – als einen großen Deutschen Staatsmann
bezeichnet und unter Hinweis auf eine Veröffentlichung
des Leitenden Redakteurs des Nachrichtenmagazins DER
SPIEGEL , Fritjof Meyer, die Holocaustreligion in
Frage gestellt.
Also for the first time publicly, he named Adolf
Hitler a great Statesman; and with reference to a
publication of the chief editor of the news magazine
Der Spiegel, Fritjof Meyer, he questioned the
Holocaust religious dogma.

Das NPD-Bundesvorstandsmitglied Thorsten Heise hat
Adolf Hitler sogar als den “Größten Staatsmann des
vergangenen Jahrtausends” bezeichnet, ebenfalls
öffentlich im Rahmen eines Fernsehinterviews.
The NPD member of the Governing Committee in
Parliament, Thorsten Heise, went so far as to call
Adolf Hitler the “greatest statesman of the past
millenium, ” likewise in the context of a television

Die Bedeutung dieser Äußerungen kann bezüglich ihrer
Langzeitwirkung gar nicht hoch genug eingeschätzt
The significance of these utterances can not be
overstated, as far as their long term effect is

Ereignisse dieser Art werden sich jetzt häufen.
Events like this are going to proliferate.

Schon läßt sich feststellen, daß der Mut-Pegel in
unserem Land deutlich gestiegen ist.
It is already discernible that the level of courage in
our country has risen noticeably.

Die Juden gehen schweren Zeiten entgegen.
The Jews are entering a difficult period.

Die geschichtliche Wahrheit schlägt gewaltig gegen die
Tore Judas und fordert Einlaß.
Historical truth is pounding mightily on Judas’ door
and demanding admittance.

Längst ist es heraus, daß nicht das Deutsche Reich die
Weltkriege des vergangenen Jahrhunderts angezettelt
hat, sondern die hinter den Briten und den Amerikanern
wirkende Macht.
It has been known for a long time that it was not the
German Reich that started the world wars of the
preceding centruy, but rather the power behind the
British and Americans.

Die Greuelpropaganda gegen das Deutsche Reich ist erst
nach 1945 ins Unermeßliche gesteigert worden und wird
noch heute täglich intensiver und es wird jetzt
erkannt, daß das die Fortsetzung eines
Vernichtungskrieges gegen das Reich mit anderen, nicht
militärischen  Mitteln ist, mit der Seelenmordwaffe.

The atrocity propaganda directed against the Reich has
been unceasingly intensified since 1945 and is being
intensified again today. It is also clear that this
never ending war of attrition against the Reich is now
being continued with weapons which are not of a
military nature. Today we are being attacked with
spiritual weapons which are designed to annihilate the
German soul.

Die “Septemberlüge”, das Greuelmärchen vom Angriff
Osama bin Ladens auf die USA, wird heute weltweit
erfolgreich bekämpft.
Furthermore the “September Lie” the gruesome fairy
tale about Osama bin Ladens unprovoked attack on the
USA, is now being challenged worldwide.

Aus dem sich deutlich abzeichnenden Erfolg in diesem
Kampf wird weltweit das Bewußtsein hervorgehen, daß
die Jüdische Medienmacht eine tödliche Bedrohung für
die ganze Menschheit ist.
From the unmistakable victory of Washington’s opponent
has emerged the worldwide realization that the Jewish
media monopoly represents a mortal danger for all

Es kann nicht ausbleiben, daß die Macht der Lüge dann
auch auf den anderen Schlachtfeldern zusammenbricht,
auf denen die Wahrheit gegen die Jüdischen Lügen
angetreten ist.
It is inevitable that the power of the Big Lie is
going to collapse on other battlefields as well,
wherever the truth is courageous enough to challenge
Jewish lies.

Die Welt wird die Wahrheit der Ansprache Jesu an die
Judenführer erkennen, die da lautet:
The world is going to recognize the truth of Jesus’
speech to the leaders of the Jews:

“Ihr habt den Teufel zum Vater und nach eures Vaters
Gelüste wollt ihr tun.
“For ye have the devil as father, and ye wish to carry
out your father’s desire.

Der ist ein Mörder von Anfang an und steht nicht in
der Wahrheit, denn die Wahrheit ist nicht in ihm.
He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to
the truth, for the truth is not in him.

Wenn er Lügen redet, so spricht er aus dem Eigenen;
denn er ist ein Lügner und der Vater der Lüge.” (Joh
8, 44)
When he tells lies he is but speaking his native
language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
(John 8: 44)













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