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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Before I continue with the tribute to Professor
Faurisson’s birthday this coming Tuesday, here are a
couple of important things:

I would like to announce that Dr. Claus Nordbruch has
offered Community News a great deal on his book “Der
Deutsche Aderlass”:

This is part of my earlier book review below:

But if you really have guts, then you’ll get the book
from Dr. Claus Nordbruch. Updated and years of
research “Der Deutsche Aderlass” is truly the best
book available concerning Allied atrocities. I have
read it three times, and it still takes my breath
away, forces me to get up and get fresh air, and by
the end I have tears in my eyes. It’s only available
in German; however, all the other books become merely
shadows compared to “Der Deutsche Aderlass.”

Walter Mueller, editor of Community News (Sacramento)

What we need to know is how many of you are interested
on purchasing the book, so we know approximately how
many to order. The book is written in German; however,
just the pictures make it a must for any library.
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Each book would cost $25.00 (which includes shipping
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Speaking of bombing holocausts: The recent elections
were victorious for the German NPD. In several state
houses they are now represented. One of the states is
Saxony, with the state house in Dresden. 12 delegates
are in the Saxony house from the NPD.

Yesterday, NPD delegates Holger Apfel and Juergen
Gansel informed the house that they would bring
legislation before the members to declare one day of
the year “Memorial Day for the Victims of the Dresden
Bombing Holocaust. In addition, the 12 delegates
paused for a minute silence in remembrance of the

In an emotional speech, Apfel called the bombing of
Dresden the “Allied Mass Murder.”

Now, Germany has another scandal! House President
Cornelius Weiss accused Apfel of a “Goebbels like
speech” and the belittling of the Jewish holocaust.
Weiss, a Jew, also lamented the fact that on the 13th
and 14th more than 5,000 right-wing extremists are
expected in Dresden to demonstrate the bombings of the

Those who know me know that it takes a lot to catch me
at a loss of words. Remembering the death of hundreds
of thousands of civilians, murdered by the Allies, is
“right-wing extremism?” The German press depicts
asking for a day to remember this bombing holocaust
with “Nazis in the House.”

However, in Germany, billions of dollars are spent to
erect lavish temples to the imaginary number of Jews
allegedly killed by the “Nazis.” Berlin, this year,
will open the largest holocaust memorial ever to be
built in the world – and to any group of victims in

Someone just recently told me that it is wrong to hate
the Jews. Sure, after 70 years, the German people are
still not allowed to remember the family members they
lost during WWII. A simple tradition of honor, even
kept by the most primitive nations, however, the Jews
won’t allow it, because it distracts from the lies of
the holocaust.

Buy Dr. Nordbruch’s book and start having some of the
nightmares that the Germans have when thinking about
their lost loved ones. Father, son, uncle, aunt,
children, still don’t know what happened to their
loved ones. They rot somewhere in mass graves, dug by
the Allies, so no one could ever find them.

But this is still not enough grief for the German
people. Whenever they ask for remembrance of their
family members, the Jews scream “fascism, Nazi-ism,
and demeaning the suffering of their people.”

Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers disappeared
into Russia, never ever to be seen again.

But as long as the U.S. antique dealers sell pictures
of these sons for money, everything is okay.

Nothing the Jews claim to have suffered can compare to
the pain and outrageous humiliation of the German
survivors of the Allied mass murder.

While “holocaust survivors” swim in money, have become
celebrities, the German victims of WWII are portrayed
as criminals. In dark rooms they hide the little
memorabilia they have left from their fallen son or
husband, always in fear that the neighbor might turn
them in to the German police.

Every year, the organizers of the Dresden Memorial
March have to go through a ton of bureaucratic manure
to make it happen. On the other hand, the German
taxpayer pays for holocaust memorials, Jewish
cemeteries, and Jewish education.

Those who maintain the few cemeteries of fallen
Wehrmacht soldiers can only cover their costs if their
fundraisers are successful.

So, do not ask me again why I hate the Jews!


And we continue the birthday tribute to Professor
Faurisson, which will last until Tuesday, where Dr.
Fredrick Toben will have the final word.

And here a word from Professor Faurisson himself:


My heartfelt thanks to you, dear Mr Mueller, for the
“Happy Birthday” card that I received yesterday!
Thanks also for publishing my writings. Whatever
differences there might be between you and me, we have
to stay united in order to combat the Big
Jewish-Zionist Lie and to try and repair its
disastrous effects.

At present, in France, we are facing a Shoah tsunami
without precedent.

You may be sure I’ll stay at my post, keeping in mind
those among the revisionists who prefer clarity to

Robert Faurisson, Vichy, January
21, 2005



The Mechanics of Gassing
by Robert Faurisson

Among all those who make statements, speeches or use
sentences in which the expression “gas chamber”
appears, how many of those people actually know what
they are talking about? It has not taken me very long
to realize that many people commit one of the most
glaring errors. These people imagine a “gas chamber”
as being similar to a mere bedroom under the door of
which a household gas is released. These people forget
that an execution by gas is by definition profoundly
different from a simple suicidal or accidental
asphyxiation. In the case of an execution, one must
carefully avoid all risk of illness, poisoning or
death for the executioner and his crew. Such a risk is
to be avoided before, during and after the execution.
The technical difficulties implied herein are
considerable. I was most anxious to know how domestic
minks were gassed, how foxes were gassed in foxholes,
and how in the US a person who was sentenced to death
was executed by gassing. I have found that, in the
vast majority of cases, hydrocyanic acid was used for
such purposes. This was precisely the same gas which
the Germans used to fumigate their barracks. It was
also with this gas that they allegedly killed groups
of individuals as well as great masses of people. I
have therefore studied this gas. I wanted to know its
use in Germany and in France. I have reviewed
ministerial documents governing the use of this highly
toxic product. I had the good fortune of discovering
some documents on Zyklon B and hydrocyanic acid which
had been gathered by the Allies in the German
industrial archives at Nuremberg.

Then, with greater scrutiny I re-examined certain
statements and confessions which had been made in
German and Allied courts concerning the use of Zyklon
B for putting prisoners to death, and I was shocked.
And now, you in turn will also be shocked. I will
first read to you the statement or confession of
Rudolf Höss. Then, I will tell you the results of my
research, purely physical, on hydrocyanic acid and
Zyklon B. (Please bear in mind R. Höss was one of the
three successive commanding officers at Auschwitz; all
three of whom were detained and interrogated by the
Allies. Only Höss left a confession, for which we are
indebted to his Polish jailers.)

In this confession, the description of the actual
gassing is remarkably short and vague. However, it is
essential to realize that all those others who claim
to have been present at this sort of an operation are
also vague and brief and that their statements are
full of contradictions on certain points. Rudolf Höss
writes, “Half an hour after having released the gas,
we would open the door and turn on the fan. We would
immediately begin to remove the bodies.” I call your
attention to the word “immediately”; in German the
word is “sofort.” Höss then adds that the crew in
charge of handling and removing 2,000 bodies from the
“gas chamber” and transporting them to the crematory
ovens did so while “eating or smoking”; therefore, if
I understand correctly, these duties were all
performed without gas masks. Such a description runs
counter to all common sense. It implies that it is
possible to enter an area saturated with hydrocyanic
acid without taking any precautionary measures in the
barehanded handling of 2,000 cyanided cadavers which
were probably still contaminated with the fatal gas.
The hair (which was supposedly clipped after the
operation) was undoubtedly impregnated with the gas.
The mucous membranes would have been impregnated also.
Air pockets between the bodies which were supposedly
heaped one of on top of the other would have been
filled with the gas. What kind of superpowerful fan is
able to instantly disperse so much gas drifting
through the air and hidden in air pockets? Even if
such a fan had existed, it would have been necessary
to perform a test for the detection of any remaining
hydrocyanic acid and to develop a procedure for
informing the crew that the fan had actually fulfilled
its function and that the room was safe. Now, it is
abundantly clear from Höss’s description that the fan
in question must have been endowed with magical powers
in order to be able to disperse all of the gas with
such flawless performance so that there was no cause
for concern or need for verification of the absence of
the gas!

What mere common sense suggested is now confirmed by
the technical documents concerning Zyklon B and its
usage. In order to fumigate a barrack, the Germans
were constrained by numerous precautionary measures:
specially trained teams which were licensed only after
an internship at a Zyklon B manufacturing plant;
special materials including especially the “J” filters
which when used in gas masks were capable of
protecting an individual under the most rigorous toxic
conditions; evacuations of all surrounding barracks;
warnings posted in several languages and bearing a
skull and cross-bones; a meticulous examination of the
site to be fumigated in order to locate and seal any
fissures or openings; the sealing of any chimneys or
airshafts and the removal of keys from doors. The cans
of Zyklon B were opened at the site itself. After the
gas had apparently killed all the vermin, the most
critical operation would begin: this was the
ventilation of the site. Sentries were to be stationed
at a certain distance from all doors and windows,
their backs to the wind, in order to prevent the
approach of all persons. The specially trained crew
equipped with gas masks would then enter the building
and unclog the chimneys and cracks, and open the
windows. This operation completed, they had to go
outside again, remove their masks and breathe freely
for ten minutes. They had to put their masks on again
to re-enter the building and perform the next step.
Once all of this work was completed, it was still
necessary to wait TWENTY hours. Actually, because
Zyklon B was “difficult to ventilate, since it adheres
strongly to surfaces,” the dispersion of the gas
required a long natural ventilation. This was
especially important when great volumes of the gas
were employed as in the case of a barrack containing
more than one floor. (When Zyklon B was used in an
autoclave with a total volume of only 10 cubic meters,
ventilation (forced or artificially) was still
necessary.) After twenty hours had elapsed, the crew
would return with their masks on. They would then
verify by means of a paper test (the paper would turn
blue in the presence of hydrocyanic acid) as to
whether or not the site was indeed again fit for human
habitation. And so we see that a site which had been
gassed was not safely accessible until a minimum of 21
hours had elapsed. As far as French legislation is
concerned, the minimum is set at 24 hours.

It becomes, therefore, apparent that in the absence of
a magical fan capable of instantly expelling a gas
that is “difficult to ventilate, since it adheres
strongly to surfaces,” the “human slaughterhouse”
called a “gas chamber” would have been inaccessible
for nearly a full day. Its walls, floors, ceiling
would have retained portions of a gas which was highly
poisonous to man. And what about the bodies? These
cadavers could have been nothing less than saturated
with the gas, just as the cushions, mattresses and
blankets discussed in the same technical document on
the use of Zyklon B would have been saturated also.
These mattresses, etc., had to be taken out of doors
to be aired and beaten for an hour under dry
atmospheric conditions and for two hours when the
weather was humid. When this was accomplished, these
items were then heaped together and beaten again if
the paper test revealed any further presence of
hydrocyanic acid.

Hydrocyanic acid is both inflammable and explosive.
How could it then have been used in close proximity to
the entrance of crematory ovens? How could one have
entered the “gas chamber” while smoking?

I have not yet even touched upon the subject of the
superabundance of technical and physical
impossibilities which become apparent upon an actual
examination of the site and the dimensions of the
supposed “gas chambers” at Auschwitz and
Auschwitz-Birkenau. Moreover, just as an inquisitive
fact-finder of the Polish museum may discover, these
chambers were in reality nothing more than “cold
storage rooms” (mortuaries) and were typical of such
rooms both in lay-out as well as size. The supposed
“gas chamber” of Krema II at Birkenau, of which there
remains only a ruin, was in fact a morgue, located
below ground in order to protect it from heat and
measuring 30 meters in length and 7 meters in width
(two meters on either side for cadavers and 3 meters
down the centre to allow for the movement of wagons).
The door, the passageways, the freight lift (which
measured only 2.10 meters by 1.35 meters) which led to
the crematory chamber were all of Lilliputian
dimensions in comparison to the insinuations of Höss’s
account. According to Höss, the gas chamber could
easily accommodate 2,000 standing victims, but had a
capacity of 3,000. Can you imagine that? Three
thousand people crammed into a space of 210 square
meters. In other words, to make a comparison, 286
people standing in a room measuring 5 meters by 4
meters! Do not be deceived into believing that before
their retreat the Germans blew up the “gas chambers”
and crematory ovens to conceal any trace of their
alleged crimes. If one wishes to obliterate all trace
of an installation which would be intrinsically quite
sophisticated, it must be scrupulously dismantled from
top to bottom so that there remains not one shred of
incriminating evidence. Destruction by means of
demolition would have been ingenuous [meaning “naive”,
testified Faurisson]. If explosives had been employed,
mere removal of the concrete blocks would still have
left this or that telltale sign. As a matter of fact,
Poles of the present day Auschwitz museum have
reconstructed the remains of some “Kremas” (meaning,
in reality, reconstructions of crematoria and supposed
“gas chamber”). However, all of the artifacts shown to
tourists attest to the existence of crematory ovens
rather than to anything else.

The real gas chambers, such as those created in 1924
and developed by the Americans around 1936- 1938 offer
some idea of the inherent complexity of such a method
of execution. The Americans, for one thing, only gas
one prisoner at a time normally (some gas chambers
exist, however, which are equipped with two seats for
the execution of two brothers, for example). The
prisoner is totally immobilized. He is poisoned by the
hydrocyanic acid (actually by the dropping of sodium
cyanide pellets into a container of sulfuric acid and
distilled water which results in release of
hydrocyanic acid gas). Within approximately 40
seconds, the prisoner dozes off, and in a few minutes
he dies. Apparently, the gas causes no discomfort. As
in the case of Zyklon B, it is the dispersion of the
gas which causes problems. Natural ventilation for 24
hours is not possible in this case. Obviously, the
location of the site of execution precludes such
ventilation without seriously endangering the guards
as well as other prison inmates. What, then, is the
best course of action with a gas which poses such
difficult problems of ventilation? The solution is to
transform the acidic vapors into a solid salt which
can then be flushed out with water. For this purpose,
ammonia vapors which are basic are used to react with
the acid vapors to form the salt by chemical reaction.
When the hydrocyanic acid has all but vanished, a
warning signal would alert the attending physician and
his aides who are located on the opposite side of a
glass barrier. The warning signal is phenolphtalein.
It is arranged in containers located at various places
in the chamber and turns from pink to purple in the
absence of hydrocyanic acid. Once the absence of the
poison is indicated and once an arrangement of fans
draws the ammonia fumes out through an exhaust vent,
the physician and his assistants enter the chamber
wearing gas masks. Rubber gloves are used to protect
the hands. The doctor ruffles through the convict’s
hair so as to brush out any residual hydrocyanic acid.
Only after a full hour has elapsed may a guard enter
the chamber. The convict’s body is then washed very
carefully and the room is hosed down. The ammonia gas
has by this time been expelled via a high chimney
stack above the prison. Because of the danger to
guards who are normally stationed in the prison watch
towers, in some prisons the guards are required to
leave their post during such an execution. I will just
mention the other requirements for a completely
air-tight gas chamber such as the need for locks,
“Herculite” glass barriers of considerable thickness
(because of the risk of implosion since a vacuum has
to be made), a vacuum system, mercury valves, etc.

A gassing is not an improvisation. If the Germans had
decided to gas millions of people, a complete overhaul
of some very formidable machinery would have been
absolutely essential. A general order, instructions,
studies, commands and plans would surely have been
necessary also. Such items have never been found.
Meetings of experts would have been necessary: of
architects, chemists, doctors, and experts in a wide
range of technical fields. Disbursements and
allocations of funds would have been necessary. Had
this occurred in a state such as the Third Reich, a
wealth of evidence would surely have survived. We
know, for example, down to the pfennig, the cost of
the kennel at Auschwitz and of the bay trees which
were ordered for the nurseries. Orders for projects
would have been issued. Civilian workers and engineers
would not have been permitted to mingle with the
inmates. Passes would not have been granted to Germans
in the camp, and their family members would not have
had visiting rights. Above all, the prisoners who had
served their sentences would not have been released
and permitted to return to their respective countries:
that well guarded secret among historians was revealed
to us several years ago in an article by Louis De
Jong, Director of the Institute of World War II
History of Amsterdam. Moreover, in the United States
the recent publication of aerial photographs of
Auschwitz deals a death blow to the extermination
fable: even in the summer of 1944 at the height of the
influx of Hungarian Jews, there is no indication of
any human pyre or throng of prisoners near the
crematorium (but an open gate and a landscaped area
are clearly visible) and there is no suspicious smoke
(although the smoke stacks of the crematoria
reportedly spewed forth and flames continuously that
were visible from a distance of several kilometers
both day and night).

I will conclude with a comment on what I regard as the
criterion of false evidence regarding the gas
chambers. I have noticed that all of these statements,
vague and inconsistent as they are, concur on at least
one point: the crew responsible for removing the
bodies from the “Gas chamber” entered the site either
“immediately” or a “few moments” after the deaths of
the victims. I contend that this point alone
constitutes the cornerstone of the false evidence,
because this is a physical impossibility. If you
encounter a person who believes in the existence of
the “gas chambers,” ask him how, in his opinion, the
thousands of cadavers were removed to make room for
the next batch. Note: Due to the pressure of time, we
regret that Dr. Faurisson’s article is published here
without footnotes or references. This was because Dr.
Faurisson wishes both the references and their
translation to be scrupulously accurate. The
references and notes will be published at a later
date. Readers who wish to study the U.S. prison “Gas
Chamber Procedure Check Sheet” should refer to The
Spotlight newspaper (300 Independence Avenue.,
South-East, Washington, D.C. 20003) of 24 December



From the Adelaide Institute:


On January 27, Holocaust Memorial Day, Gena will show
the Queen to her seat at the ceremony for survivors in


Gas Chamber Survivor Who Found Love at Belsen

By Laura Elston, PA

Gena Turgel entered the gas chamber at Auschwitz and
lived to tell the tale.

In the winter of 1944, the 21-year-old was made to
strip naked with her mother inside the concentration
camp’s extermination block and wait, but miraculously
the deadly poison was never released.

“We were trembling. I didn’t know where we were.
Inside, it looked terrible. A woman came in that I
recognised from a previous camp. She was very shocked
I was there and went out again.

“We waited a while and then water came through the
walls. It was wonderful. For many weeks we had had no
water on our backs. We were all drinking it.

“As we came outside, the women there said how
wonderful it was to see us. They screamed with
happiness. I didn’t understand what they meant. I said
‘What are you shouting about?’

“They said ‘Don’t you know? You were in the gas
chamber.’ I lost my voice. I couldn’t produce any

Gena puts her survival down to a “power over a power”
and believes that God was watching over her.

“The woman who came in. I never saw her again. Perhaps
she did something.”

More than 60 years on, the great-grandmother still
cannot believe how lucky she was to escape death.

“Many times, I have to touch myself to check I’m
really alive. One appreciates life so much.”

The 81-year-old found something in the death camps
that she never expected – love, in the form of her
husband Norman.

A Jewish soldier with the British Intelligence Corps,
Norman Turgel was one of the first liberators to enter
Belsen on April 15, 1945 and was charged with rounding
up the SS commanders.

Gena, whose surname then was Goldfinger, was
imprisoned in the camp after being sent there from

During late 1944 and early 1945, some 60,000 Jewish
inmates from other concentration camps were
transported to Belsen in north-west Germany.

When the liberators arrived they found more than
20,000 naked corpses of prisoners, who had starved to
death, lying unburied on open ground.

Many survivors were ill with typhus.

Gena showed Norman around the camp’s makeshift
hospital wards where she was working as a nurse and a
few days afterwards he invited her to the officer’s

For the Sergeant, it had been love at first sight.

“When the door opened, the tables were decorated with
white cloths and flowers, which I hadn’t seen for six
years,” Mrs Turgel said.

“I asked Norman whether he was expecting any special
visitors. He said ‘This is our engagement party’. I
didn’t know the man, but he was very stubborn.

“When he first met me, he made up his mind.”

She added: “He had beautiful eyes. I didn’t hate him
but I was terrified of what I was letting myself in

Her persistent suitor refused to give up and the pair
were eventually married six months later. The bride’s
dress was made out of a British parachute and is now
housed in the Imperial War Museum.

The couple were married in a surviving Jewish
synagogue in Germany used during the war as a cattle

Journalists greeted their arrival in England, keen to
report the love affair that had blossomed amid the
horrors of Belsen.

Gena was born in Krakow, Poland, in 1923. The Nazis
began bombing the city in 1939 and by the autumn of
1941 the family had been forced to move into a nearby
cramped, squalid ghetto for Jews.

For Gena, it was the execution of four of her siblings
which haunted her in the years afterwards.

“My eldest brother went down to the sewers to go to
the French resistance. He was caught and shot. My
other brother was shot in the ghetto,” she said.

In 1941, her 17-year-old sister Miriam was murdered
after the Nazis caught her trying to bring food into
the Plaszov camp, where the family had been taken.

“We had to carry wood for the bodies to be burned.
Imagine how my mother felt carrying wood for her
daughter to be burned.

“My sister used to sleep on my left side. My arm is
always in a constant chill, even now.”

In December 1944, Gena, her mother and her other
sister Hela were moved on foot to Auschwitz, walking
for three weeks in freezing temperatures as low as
minus 20C.

After a few weeks and her encounter with the gas
chamber, Gena and her mother were transported to the
Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany and then
shortly after to Bergen-Belsen.

They were forced to leave Hela behind and never saw
her again.

Gena, who now lives in Stanmore, Middlesex, wrote a
book about her experiences called I Light a Candle.

Norman, who died nearly ten years ago, contributed a
chapter about what he had witnessed.

Gena was awarded an MBE in 2000 for services to the
Holocaust Foundation. The couple had worked hard to
educate children about genocide.

On January 27, Holocaust Memorial Day, Gena will show
the Queen to her seat at the ceremony for survivors in

The memories of what happened are still all too vivid.
“I try to be occupied all the time,” she said.

“I have two daughters and a son, eight grandchildren
and three great-grandchildren. It’s a wonderful
feeling to have family and to see it all – I was so
thankful to God for that.”





Dear Mueller,

I just wanted to say to you that your newsletter is
absolutely fantastic; especially the information
regarding Germany and the Third Reich. Such
information is always wanted and particulary accurate
honest information.


F. H.





More and more, we are forced to preach to the choir.
To persuade people — especially young people — to
see and think gets harder. Naturally this is part of
the plan. Just look at the site, In
trying to come to the truth it seems these people have
dug an even deeper hole. I think the Bible says that
when things get this bad the only thing to do is try
to interest people in God’s plan and wait for the
second coming. AH may have been our last hope, in this
material world — and even he was being controlled; I
assume you have read the interview “Red Symphony”? If
not it is available on Other books
detail the financiers of Hitler — he was naive!
Please excuse the length of this — it was going to be

two sentences! Your article is excellent.   PS I wish
some one would make available the writings of
Gottfried Feder.



Christopher Monnin:



I have been receiving your Patriot Letter from my aunt
for a few months now.
I have done some searching on the web to try to find a
way to subscribe tothese emails but have not found
anything.  I find these letters extremely informative
and would like to receive them without waiting for my
aunt to forward them to me.  Could you let me know how
I can subscribe or add me to your list.  My email
address is below.  Any help with this would be
greatly appreciated.  Keep up the great work.

Yours Truly

Christopher Monnin, P.E.






Zum Kunstleben in Deutschland :  Sie haben völlig

1933 – 1940  :  Es war für die Deutschen eine große
Zeit.   Jedes Jahr ging es aufwärts,   für jeden,  vom
Bankdirektor bis zum Bauarbeiter.  Und die Künstler
aus ganz Europa strömten nach Berlin.

Allerdings :  Die Juden waren davon ausgeschlossen.
Aber sie durften Ihr eigenes Vereinsleben haben.   Und
die Zionisten waren damit einverstanden!

Gruß     LB



Gerry Frederics:


Walter – go to and read
”Musicians”. I think you’ll like it.Your article
about the Nestbeschmutzer is absolutely right on
target. Between you, me and the fence post – fuck’em.

Gerry Frederics






Any plans to have this book translated into English?
If so, please reserve one for me.





From Norway:


The New Stürmer – Volume 6

Before reading this week’s article let us look into
true definitions of some words which our world is full
of this days.


A government of the masses.

Authority derived through mass meeting or any other
form of “direct” _expression.

Results in mobocracy.

Attitude toward property is communistic—negating
property rights.

Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority
shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation
or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse,
without restraint or regard to consequences.

Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent,
and anarchy.


The people of public officials best fitted to
represent them derive authority through the election.

Attitude toward property is respect for laws and
individual rights, and a sensible economic procedure.

Attitude toward law is the administration of justice
in accord with fixed principles and established
evidence, with a strict regard to consequences.

A greater number of citizens and extent of territory
may be brought within its compass.

Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or

Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice,
contentment, and progress.

Is the “standard form” of government throughout the

A republic is a form of government under a
constitution which provides for the election of:

– 1 an executive and

– 2 a legislative body, who working together in a
representative capacity, have all the power of
appointment, all the power of legislation, all power
to raise revenue and appropriate expenditures, and are
required to create

– 3 a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality
of their governmental acts and to recognize

– 4 certain inherent individual rights.

Take away any one or more of these four elements and
you are drifting into autocracy. Add one or more to
those four elements and you are drifting into


In to day’s world there is one Greek word one should
know and learn the meaning of – that word is
xenocracy. This word as you see consist of two parts:
xeno and cracy. The first meaning alien, strange,
foreign. The second meaning rule. Set together these
two words mean: rule by alien – rule by foreign.

In to day’s world – or rather during the last 55 years
of the last century – all western countries have  been

Superior to all others

Autocracy declares the divine right of kings; its
authority cannot be questioned; its powers are
arbitrarily or unjustly administered.

Democracy is the “direct” rule of the people and has
been repeatedly tried without success.

Constitutional. The founding fathers, familiar with
the strength and weakness of both autocracy and
democracy, and with fixed principles definitely in
mind, defined a representative republican form of
government. They “made a very marked distinction
between a republic and a democracy—and said
repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a

Why Democracies Fail

A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of
Government. It can only exist until the voters
discover they can vote themselves largess out of the
public treasury. From that moment on the majority
always votes for the candidate promising the most
benefits from the public treasury with the result that
Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy,
always to be followed by a Dictatorship. (Written by
Professor Alexander Fraser Tyler, nearly two centuries
ago while the 13 original states were still colonies
of Great Britain. At the time he was writing of the
decline and fall of the Athenian Republic over two
thousand years before.))

Before 1928 the exact and truthful definition of
Democracy came from two Greek words. Demo and
Cracy—meaning mob and rule. In a democracy 51% rules
over the 49%. Whereas, In a representative Republic a
majority of 2/3 (66.33%) rules.

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The upcoming Elections in Iraq

Dear kindred and fellow Aryans

What have the Alien Soldiers been doing since Iraq was

The foreign soldiers in Iraq have done some of their
“jobs” before the start of the war:

They have taken away all the WMD that was not in Iraq.
Further these soldiers have “freed Iraq of Saddam”,
not that I recall that the majority Iraqis asking
USrael to help them getting rid Saddam.

They have mistreated the Iraqi citizens and imprisoned
some hundred thousands of them.

They have bombed many Iraqi towns and cities to rubble
– killing children and old persons.

They have lotted Iraqi museums.

They have stolen part of the Iraqi oil wells and
transferred them to Jewish owned companies.

All Iraqi reactions and attack on their own people for
betrayal of country and people.

I trust you do see why so many Iraqis are showing
their contempt for the occupational soldiers and the
Iraqi handymen.

The upcoming election

On January 30, 2005, the Iraqi people, hopefully, will
go to the election polls to elect their new president
and parliament. This, according to the occupational
forces, will be a free democratic election; but, in
actuality, it is being established on USreal’s

The Iraqi interim government will not allow an
election in all sections of the country because not
all of the country is safe enough for “democracy.” In
spite of this, occupational forces claim an election
in Iraq will be a democratic one. President Putin of
Russia has said that an election can not be held in
Iraq as long as the country is occupied. However, the
USreal and the UK claim Iraq is a free country and
therefore, can hold democratic elections even though
many political parties have withdrawn from the
election. The main Sunnite political party and its
leader, Mohson Abdel Hamid, say that Iraq can not hold
elections because there is not sufficient safety and
security in the country. Not even the Shi’ah political
party say an election can be held. They give the same
reasons as the Sunnites.

What is more important for not holding an election is
that not all of the Iraqi people will be able to
participate. This is according to both the US and
Iraqi administrations; they intend to allow only part
of the country to elect candidates to the new
parliament. This is very important since this
parliament will be deciding, and debating, on a new
Iraqi constitution. An election for such an important
task MUST be for the entire country NOT just part of
it. What is more important is that such an election
must be held in a free country not occupied by foreign

Because the elections can not preform freely, the
international mass media will evaluate the outcome as
undemocratic, and the internationalists will judge the
elections as a fraud or whatever they decide to call

Other elections. Other times

After WWII Norway had an election, autumn of 1945. At
that time Norway was occupied by UK and about 93,000
Norwegians were forbidden to vote in the election.
These 93,000 Norwegians were suspected of membership
in the Nasjonal Samling, the national party before and
during WWII. Had these 93,000 been allowed to vote the
composition of the first storting, Norwegian
parliament, after WWII would have been different.

The last lawful government of The Third Reich, in May
1945, had all been imprisoned. This act of
imprisonment of a lawful government, was against all
international laws. Between May 1945, and until a new
and free government could be elected, West Germany was
occupied and ruled by the US and UK allied forces;
then in 1949 the US occupational forces allowed a
“free” election in Western Germany. East Germany was
occupied by the Soviet Union, and separated by the
Berlin Wall.

It is interesting to know the true facts of how the
Germans felt in regards to which party they would vote
for in 1947. Over 70 per cent of all Germans wanted a
national socialist party. But such a party, or any
other party, which wanted Germany as a strong
nationalistic country, could not be allowed to
participate in any post WWII election. The
Jewish-dominated allied forces went on with their
oppression of the free German spirit until 1949, when
they decided it was time to allow “free democratic”
elections in western Germany.

Some former NSDAP members and soldiers had started new
political parties and wanted to participate in the
elections, but none of these parties’ candidates
received enough votes to be elected to the parliament,
although 70 per cents of all Germans had said they
wanted a national socialistic party to govern them. By
1949 the public “majority” had changed their minds.
Those who like to trust in fairy tails may believe
that. The election in 1949 and all elections up and
until 1960 were fixed in order to bring “democracy and
freedom” to one of Europe’s most homogeneous
countries. Yet no one cried out that the elections
were fraudulent. The Zionists knew a bacillus can not
survive in a healthy body. They also knew there would
ever be a bacillus in any Germanic country, if, as
seen from the vantage point of the Zionists, they
could keep the Germanic soul inflicted, they could
control not only these Germanic states, but later the
whole of Europe.

Back to Iraq

What has actually happened in Iraq since President
Bush Jr, in May 2003, declared his victory and the end
of the war to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq?
Iraqis have learned what the new constitution will
contain and they want no part of it. The resistance
from the Iraqis has increased and the number of
soldiers killed fighting for a Zionist democracy and
freedom keeps growing. Even to a ‘naive’ man as Bush
Jr, it must be clear that most Iraqis do not want to
live under Zionist rule. They rebel against the
unlimited occupation which USreal has started. If the
US and UK have brought freedom and democracy, and have
made the Iraqis ready for an election, then they
should clear out of the country and let them have this
democracy and freedom—if they want to keep it. At
least it will put an end to the unnecessary killing of
innocent people and military.

Will the election be free and democratic?

The UN general secretary Kofi Annan has expressed to
the puppet President of Iraq his doubt if the election
can be held due to the large resistance against the
occupational soldiers in Iraq. One of the many other
USriael puppets, the Iraqi Prim Minister, Iyad Allawi,
has also expressed such doubts. But the Prime Minster
is not even worried about the USrael’s bayonets
securing his own life.

The US administration have no worries neither
regarding the military resistance nor the fact that
not all Iraqis can participate inn the election. US
administration claim the upcoming election will be a
democratic one since politicians from all parts of
Iraq are on the various list which will be used in the
election. It is always interesting to hear what
politicians say to protect their silly positions.

The New York Times, on January 8, 2005 expressed
neither worry nor doubt about the “democracy” or
freedom in the upcoming election in regards to the
foreign military presence in Iraq. In its editorial it
expressed worries whether or not the various parties
will stand firm against interference from Iran after
the election. According to The New York Time’s
editorial the two main Shiite parties, the Dawa
Islamic Party and the Supreme Council for the Islamic
Revolution in Iraq – Sciri, could be influenced by the
Iranian leadership. It is very remarkable that The
Times is not worried if an election in Iraq can be a
free and democratic, as long as the military situation
remains in Iraq. Had any other nation been under
occupation – by foreign nations not friendly to
Israel, the editorial would surely have shown concern
regarding the possibility for free elections.

It is surprising that The New York Times does not
mention the fact that the election will a partial one
since most of the country’s citizens will be excluded
from participating because the phony government can
not protect the election polls and advisors in all
parts of the country. In view of this fact, an
election can not be carried out because it will not
meet the requirements for free elections.

As usual, the USreal friendly newspapers accuse the
Shiite political parties to be corrupt. According to
The New York Times the two parties mentioned above
have received economic support from Iran. No
newspaper, which I am aware of, has accused both US
political parties to be corrupt since they get support
from both Israel and Jewish groups around the world.

It should also worry The New York Times that Iraq will
be occupied after the election, in fact the occupation
will last as long it takes to fully brainwash the
Iraqi people. Iraq, according to the agreement between
the puppet Iraqi leadership and the occupational
forces, will hold the largest US military outside USA.
A nation under such occupation can not be called free
in the true sense of the word.

Why does USreal need an election now?

USreal needs an election now because they want to
present Iraq as a free country to the Islamic world
before they go on with further business to start
transforming other countries to their special form of
democracy. Furthermore, USreal needs to present a new
Iraq to the UN General Assembly hoping to get its
cooperation in suppressing the Iraq and other
countries in the Middle East.

Under no circumstances will USreal allow any freedom
loving Iraqis to establish a base for political
reforms before the election which shall agree to the
new Iraqi constitution. A constitution which will make
USreal a puppet power under Israel, over Iraqi
politics in the coming years.

A consequence of the new constitution will be that the
free investigation into the circumstances related to
war on Iraq will be blocked by the new government. It
will, in the future I believe, be forbidden to present
the years Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq as
anything but bad.

Iraq, if left alone, will in the future be a true

In the face of Chutzpah , Jewish audacity and outright
lies, resistance must be a national duty.

Heil og sael












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