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Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Zundel In Germany:

For Zundel updates please visit the above website!

To submit news, information, etc. about Ernst Zundel,
please e-mail

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Today, a few things are on my mind, and I’d like to
share them. So, let’s do some mind cleaning:

Dr. Bob Countess: Very little response. If I think
about how many RIPs were written about Samuel Francis,
the coward, it makes me sick.

Ernst Zundel: Be aware that almost everything you read
on the Internet about Ernst Zundel’s “Stay in Germany”
originated on the website of the Adelaide Institute.
Now why would I say that? Because at my weekly web
surfing, I found myself with those who suddenly have
“buddied up” with the German revisionists and
activists. Many pieces are posted there without any
reference, which I know, for a fact, can only come
from the Adelaide Institute.

Many like to take credit and brag about the organized
help in Germany for Ernst Zundel. Well, here is a
little reminder. For one, I organized that support.
Second, these are the same German activists who nobody
wanted to be affiliated with a few months ago. Today,
several pretend like they have been friends with them

The Sacramento 2004 Revisionist Conference comes to
mind, when at the behest of Dr. Toben, I invited Horst
Mahler to be a keynote speaker. Almost immediately,
several prominent revisionists distanced themselves
from participating in the conference because of Horst
Mahler’s appearance.

Guenther Deckert, who now receives the abbreviation of
“Guenther D.” has been around the Patriot Letter for
many months. I am not sure where that abbreviation
comes from, but the last time I communicated with
Guenther Deckert, he seems to have no problem exposing
his full name.

The facts are pretty simple. Before anybody, Dr.
Toben, Prof. Faurisson, Harvey Taylor, even IHR
Director Mark Weber and myself have been the main
supporters of the German activists. If I remember
correctly, before Ernst Zundel, many wouldn’t touch
the German activists with a 10-foot pole. Also, many
disagreed with me when I prophesied that the German
movement will do everything to welcome Ernst Zundel.

So, again, for real updates on Ernst Zundel in
Germany, look at the beginning of the Patriot Letter.
If you wish to send financial help, send money to

Guenther Deckert
PF 100 245
D – 69442 Weinheim/B. bei Heidelberg
G e r m a n y

Discontinue your contributions to the Canadian
sources. Logic should dictate that there is very
little they can do for Ernst now. If they are still
asking for money, ask them what for.

And now, last, but not least, my final say on Matt

My two commentaries on this criminal triggered an
enormous amount of response. They were all nasty and
in the last few days I have been asked to issue an
apology, because the murderer of the Lefkow family
was found. Well, here it is: Hell has to freeze over
before I ever apologize for telling the truth. Most
seemed to have missed my point completely. It wasn’t
so much whether or not Hale actually murdered or
ordered the murders, but the mere fact that he was
again involved in criminal activities.

I am sickened by the excuses that people find for this
pathological liar and sociopath. Matt Hale’s entire
“career” is one of violence and murder. Even though he
personally could never be connected to it until
recently, his members could. I recommend a little
research on the FBI’s website before you continue to
put out the message that Hale is the victim of a
conspiracy. All of the former leaders of his
organization and many members are today in prison for
some of the most heinous crimes:

August 12, 1992: Georg Loeb, a leader of Matt Hale’s
organization, was sentenced to life in prison for the
murder of a black sailor! I am pretty sure Ed Steele
will find yet another conspiracy.

May 1993: Richard Danley pleaded guilty to illegal
possession of weapons (13 firearms, 1 UZI and a
thousands round of ammunition). He was an active
member of Matt Hale’s organization.

January 4, 1994: Charles Edward Altwater, a leader in
Matt Hale’s organization, pleaded guilty to bombing a
police officers house and a patrol car. Yet another
conspiracy against Matt Hale’s organization?

February 1, 1994: Jill Maria Scarborough and her
boyfriend, both members of Matt Hale’s organization,
pleaded guilty to a felony weapons violation. I am
pretty sure they were forced to take this plea

September 1994: Wayne Paul Wooten Jr. was found guilty
of bombing a gay bar. Wooten was a member of Matt
Hale’s organization.

September 1994: Two more members of Matt Hale’s
organization were arrested for bombing an NAACP

July 4, 1999: Good friend of Matt Hale and co-founder
of his organization, pleaded guilty to armed robbery,
assault and witness tampering.

October 4, 1999: Benjamin Smith, a devoted follower of
Hale’s organization, killed two people and wounded
seven. His rampage was triggered by the denial of a
law license to Matt Hale.

November 1999: Leader of the Matt Hale organization in
Florida, Jules Fetter, was sentenced to five years in
prison for attacking a Cuban-American, who refused to
take the literature of Matt Hale’s organization.

March 10, 2000: Lay Leone was sentenced to six years
in prison for beating a Jewish business owner. He was
also a member of Matt Hale’s organization.

March 13, 2001: Bruce Silvernail, a distributor of
Matt Hale’s organization pleaded also guilty to a
felony violation of gun laws.  Another one force to do

July 3, 2001: Member of Matt Hale’s organization,
Joshua Mark Gilmore,  was found guilty on five felony
charges, including attempted murder. I am pretty sure
that the jury was all Jewish?

December 11, 2001: Charles Cornelius was charged with
identity theft and a felony charge of illegal weapons

April 8, 2002: Tony Menear, another close friend of
Matt Hale and leader of the organization, was put back
into prison, because he violated his parole of an
armed robbery conviction.

March 13, 2003: Erica Chase was sentenced to nine
years in prison for her participation in planning to
blow up Jewish and black landmarks. She was also a
member of Matt Hale’s organization.

April 26, 2004: Matt Hale himself was finally
convicted for soliciting the murder of U.S. Judge Joan
Lefkow. I am pretty sure that that jury was all

August 6, 2004: Hardy Lloyd, a former co-leader of
Matt Hale’s organization, was arrested for the murder
of his girls friend, Lori Faun.

Now, either Matt Hale is a very bad judge of character
or he just doesn’t know how to pick his members. It is
my guess that Edgar Steele will explain away this huge
chronology of “coincidental” criminal activities of
Matt Hale’s “associates.”

Therefore, looking for an apology on my part, you
scumbags, apologize to the German people and myself
for associating yourselves with our culture and
heritage. Matt Hale is the Godfather of a criminal
organization who for too long got away with his
cowardice, having other people do his job. Finally, he
got caught.

And here is another thing. Those of you who want to be
taken serious, distance yourselves from Matt Hale and
his organization. Don’t go whining on the Internet
when the FBI comes knocking on your door. You made
your bed, so lay in it.


Adelaide Institute:


Hariri Reportedly Assassinated To Make Way For Large
US Air Base In Lebanon
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

According to high-level Lebanese intelligence
sources-Christian and Muslim-former Lebanese Prime
Minister Rafik Hariri was reportedly assassinated in a
sophisticated explosion-by-wire bombing authorized by
the Bush administration and Ariel Sharon’s Likud
government in Israel.

There are also strong indications that the Hariri
assassination was carried out by the same rogue Syrian
intelligence agents used in the 2002 car bombing
assassination of Lebanese Christian leader Elie
Hobeika, who was prepared to testify against Sharon in
a Brussels human rights court. That case involved the
Israeli Prime Minister’s role in the 1982 massacre by
Israeli troops of Palestinian refugees at the Sabra
and Chatilla camps in Beirut. The Hariri assasination
used wire-bombing technology because Hariri’s security
personnel used electronic countermeasures to fend off
a remote control bomb using wireless means. It has
been revealed that the Bush administration has used
Syrian intelligence agents to torture al Qaeda
suspects through the program known as “extraordinary

Hariri, a pan-Arabist and Lebanese nationalist, was
known to adamantly oppose the construction of a major
U.S. air base in the north of Lebanon. The United
States wants Syrian troops completely out of Lebanon
before construction of the base is initiated. Hariri’s
meetings with Hezbollah shortly before his death also
angered Washington and Jerusalem, according to the
Lebanese intelligence sources.

Washington and Jerusalem media experts spun Hariri’s
assassination as being the work of Syrian intelligence
on orders from President Bashar Assad. However, a
number of Middle East political observers in
Washington claim that Hariri’s assassination was not
in the interests of Assad, but that the Bush and
Sharon administrations had everything to gain from it,
including the popular Lebanese uprising against the
Syrian occupation.

Lebanese intelligence sources report that even without
a formal agreement with Lebanon, the contract for the
northern Lebanese air base has been let by the
Pentagon to Jacobs Engineering Group of Pasadena,
California. Other construction support will be
provided by Bechtel Corporation.

Jacobs Engineering and Jacobs Sverdrup are currently
contracted for work in Saudi Arabia for Aramco, Iraq
for the U.S. occupation authority, Bosnia, Turkey,
Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, and the
United Arab Emirates.

The Lebanese air base is reportedly to be used as a
transit and logistics hub for U.S. forces in Iraq and
as a rest and relaxation location for U.S. troops in
the region. In addition, the Lebanese base will be
used to protect U.S. oil pipelines in the region
(Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Mosul/Kirkuk-Ceyhan) as well
as to destabilize the Assad government in Syria. The
size of the planned air base reportedly is on the
scale of the
massive American Al Udeid air base in Qatar.

A number of intelligence sources have reported that
assassinations of foreign leaders like Hariri and
Hobeika are ultimately authorized by two key White
House officials, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and
Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams. In
addition, Abrams is the key liaison between the White
House and Sharon’s office for such covert operations,
including political assassinations.

“Abrams is the guy they [the Israelis] go to for a
wink and a nod for such ops,” reported one key source.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based journalist and
columnist and the co-author of “America’s Nightmare:
The Presidency of George BushII.”



New Order:


On the Elevation of Mankind

“In the folk state, the racialist philosophy must
finally succeed in bringing about that nobler age in
which men no longer are concerned with breeding dogs,
horses and cats, but in elevating man himself—an age
in which the one knowingly and silently renounces, the
other joyfully sacrifices and gives.”

— THE BOOK, II:2/405 (HM edition)

He was—and IS—right!

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

For a handy, pocket-size compendium of His Words, send
$5 to:

NS Publications
PO Box 188
Ottawa Lake MI 49267





Schools deal with pitfalls, promise as Hispanic boom
becomes way of life

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – The concrete and corrugated-steel
chicken plants loom over this northeast Georgia town’s
Hispanic neighborhoods like medieval castles. When
Maria Turcios’ parents came to Gainesville from El
Salvador more than a dozen years ago, they looked up
to those plants as their hope for a better life. But
to 16-year-old Maria and others who followed that
first generation of immigrants, a job hanging birds 12
hours a day would be a sign of failure. “I want to
have a future,” says the shy girl with the wavy black
hair and almond eyes. Maria’s future and the South’s
are linked.
Eight of the top 10 counties with the most explosive
growth in school-aged Hispanic population from
1990-2003 were in the South. But recent studies have
been critical of the way Southern schools have dealt
with this explosion, citing inconsistent approaches
that often don’t give Hispanics enough support to
reverse a regional Latino dropout rate that’s far
higher than the national average. As many Southern
school districts have come to realize, Hispanics have
come to stay. And places like Gainesville present a
picture of how educating them comes with both pitfalls
and promise.
Posted on Sat, Mar. 19, 2005

Southern schools deal with pitfalls, promise of
Hispanic growth


Associated Press

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – The concrete and corrugated-steel
chicken plants loom over this northeast Georgia town’s
Hispanic neighborhoods like medieval castles.

When Maria Turcios’ parents came to Gainesville from
El Salvador more than a dozen years ago, they looked
up to those plants as their hope for a better life.
But to 16-year-old Maria and others who followed that
first generation of immigrants, a job hanging birds 12
hours a day would be a sign of failure.

Two years ago, Maria’s family paid a “coyote” $8,000
to smuggle her to the United States in a stifling,
dark truck compartment beneath boxes of bananas. They
pushed her to learn English, and when she recently
fell behind in her studies, her mother used the threat
of a job on the chicken line to get her to buckle

“I want to have a future,” the shy girl with the wavy
black hair and almond eyes says in Spanish. “But if my
mother puts me to work, that future would disappear.”

Maria’s future and the South’s are intertwined.

Eight of the top 10 counties with the most explosive
growth in school-aged Hispanic population from
1990-2003 were in the South. In Hall County, of which
Gainesville is the seat, that growth was 676 percent.

Federal law mandates that public schools educate
immigrants, documented or not. And recent studies have
criticized the way Southern schools have dealt with
the influx, citing inconsistent approaches that often
don’t give Hispanics enough support to reverse a
regional Latino dropout rate that’s far higher than
the national average – 10 points higher among
foreign-born Hispanics.

A North Carolina think tank issued a “State of The
South” report last year saying too many low-income and
minority youth attend “isolated, resource-poor
schools” that leave this booming population ill
equipped for the future. The report warned “a new
apartheid is gripping Southern education, less visible
but just as lethal as the old form.”

This winter, the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute of Los
Angeles decried the lack of comprehensive plans to
integrate this growing demographic into the South’s
educational institutions.

“Given Latino immigrants’ and the children of
immigrants’ alienation from school, the financial
barriers to college, and the lure of immediate income
from manual labor jobs,” the report stated, “many are
opting for low-skill professions with little hope of
career advancement.”

As people across the South have come to understand,
Hispanic immigrants are no longer a predominantly
transient population, but have come to stay. The boom
is now a way of life, and places like Gainesville
present a picture of how educating this growing
population comes with both pitfalls and promise.

Signs at the Mexico-Texas border beckon immigrants to
Gainesville, “The Poultry Capital of the World,” and
many have heeded the call. They make up more than 90
percent of the area’s butchering and meat processing

Their influence is seen on the Atlanta Highway, where
signs in the bright greens, reds and oranges of
Central and South American flags advertise taquerias,
tortillarias and carnicerias. On one side of the
highway, a financial institution is advertised as “Un
Banco que entiende tu idioma” (A bank that understands
your language).

Nestled in a dip between a carpet factory and several
chicken plants, the new Catalina subdivision offers
neat white, yellow or green houses, “De Un y Dos
Pisos” – one or two stories – starting at $99,900. A
utility box in the middle of the neighborhood bears
the tags of the Sur 13 – a Mexican gang.

Hispanics now make up 51 percent of the Gainesville
city schools’ student population, and 27 percent in
the Hall County district.

Hispanic immigrants tend to live near where they work.
And in a county – a nation – that no longer supports
race-based integration, that has led to schools whose
Hispanic populations are totally out of sync with
their numbers in the population as a whole.

Lyman Hall Elementary sits halfway between Catalina
and several chicken plants. It’s listed as 94 percent
Hispanic, a makeup reflected in a student roster
peppered with names such as Jesus, Angel, Julio and

Though little or no Spanish is allowed in the
classrooms, Latin cadences flow freely in the

In a fifth-grade science lab, teacher Gayla Pierce is
giving a test on Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.
She reads each question aloud, over-enunciating to
make sure her pupils understand.

“These are your an-swers,” she says, holding up a word
list. “You may want to glance over them and make sure
you re-mem-ber.”

When Pierce started at the school in 1988, she might
have had two Spanish speakers in a class. Today,
nearly all 17 faces are brown.

“We have a very small percentage that comprehend
everything,” she says.

Eleven-year-old Ana Davila has to comprehend, because,
as with many of her classmates, there’s little help
waiting for her when she gets home.

Ana was born in Gainesville, but her Mexican-born
mother speaks little English and refuses to learn. In
fifth grade, she has already gone about as far in
school as her mother did.

“I consider myself lucky for going to school,” she

Despite an English language immersion program for
newcomers and the hiring of at least one
Spanish-speaking teacher for each grade level, the
school’s 2004 state standardized test scores were 52
percent in English/language arts, 53 percent math.
Lyman Hall achieved adequate yearly progress when the
federal No Child Left Behind Act took effect, but last
year the school fell into the “needs improvement”

Lyman Principal Crandall Autry says the law is unfair
to a school like his.

“I don’t want to sound like having high expectations
is a bad thing,” he says. “But if you’ve got a race
horse from Kentucky, and I’ve got a mule … I’m going
to finish pretty well – for a mule. And the mule is
the language.”

Just a few miles away, in the city school district,
Gainesville Elementary Principal Shawn McCollough is
trying to convince his kids that they’re all

White signs everywhere declare this a “90-90-90”
school – 90 percent minority, 90 percent poor, 90
percent pass rate on state tests. Across the doorway
in the main hallway, a huge banner blares: “No

Gainesville Elementary’s majority-minority student
body – 70 percent of the kids are Hispanic, most of
the others are black – scored 89 percent in
English/language arts and 94 percent in math last
year. That fact got them a mention in President Bush’s
acceptance speech at last year’s Republican National

McCollough instituted after-school and Saturday
programs for at-risk kids that amount to the
equivalent of an eight-day school week for some kids.
He and his staff made 153 home visits – often to find
out why a student wasn’t in Saturday class – and
staged 52 parent workshops last year for Hispanic

“The Hispanic immigrant population in the Southeast
brings extraordinary challenges to the table,” says
McCollough, the product of a Spanish mother and Anglo
father. “Teachers and principals have to bring an
extraordinary commitment and effort to meet those

That means 15 minutes for recess instead of the half
hour Karina Garcia got at her last school. But she’s
not complaining.

“Recess is important,” says the fifth-grader with
dreams of becoming an astronaut. “But learning is even
more important.”

It is important not just for the young.

At 8 a.m., Luis Guerra is seated behind a laptop at
Hall County’s McEver Elementary School. Five hours
earlier, the 29-year-old Mexican immigrant was
finishing up an 11-hour shift weighing chickens at the
Fildale Farms plant.

Guerra’s is one of 40 Hispanic families enrolled in
the school’s Even Start program. Parents and children
learn English side by side, and the adults learn to do
things many of their own parents never did with them –
such as read to them or help with homework.

Guerra made it only to middle school before dropping
out and heading to California to work in a furniture
factory. Now, his job allows him barely an hour each
day to help his daughter and son with their homework.

He is determined to be a good example for them.

“I tell them, `You have to be prepared for the
future,'” he says, twiddling fingers still stained
from last night’s work. “Not like me, having to work
12 hours a day.”

Both the county and city schools have instituted
intensive programs for high school-age immigrants who
arrive with little or no English – and perhaps little
formal schooling in their home countries. But the
federal law that mandates public education for
immigrants applies only until students reach 21.

For 17-year-old Jose Herrera, it’s a race against the

Back in Guanajuato, Mexico, Jose succumbed to peer
pressure and dropped out in the eighth grade.

His three older brothers also dropped out of school
and came to Gainesville to work in the plants. Last
year, they paid for Jose to follow them – but not to
follow in their footsteps.

Jose goes to the public Phoenix Academy, where he gets
intensive training in his new language. Students read
along in English as a teacher reads in Spanish; they
map stories, establishing cause and effect; they even
draw pictures to illustrate what they’re learning.

Jose says his brothers are always after him about his
homework, and warn him to get in bed by 10.

“I’m thinking about my future, about my children,” he
says. “I want to have something to offer my children.”

In Gainesville, as in many places around the South,
Hispanics have already surpassed blacks as the
“majority minority.” They’ve also overtaken blacks on
standardized tests, prompting the district to launch
an “African-American initiative” to close the
achievement gap.

Despite their growing numbers, there are no Hispanics
on the city’s school board – which has three white and
two black members. At a recent meeting, the only
Latinos present were a visiting scholar and a parent

“The Mexican population doesn’t have a voice in the
Southeast,” McCollough says.

A growing anti-immigrant movement is sweeping the
South, with groups in Arkansas and other states
calling for the withdrawal of services from
undocumented immigrants. Georgia – which some have
taken to calling “Georgiafornia” – is one of many
states that deny in-state tuition rates to
undocumented immigrants wanting to attend state
schools, making it even harder for them to afford
higher education.

But the notion that this is a wholly transient
population is quickly becoming outdated. Of the nearly
200 Spanish-speaking children registered at the city
schools’ International Center for kindergarten, 81
percent were born in Gainesville.

“The floodgates are already open,” McCollough says.
“The shift has occurred. They’re here.”

Arlet Ramirez, a Gainesville fifth-grader whose
parents work in the poultry plants, says she
appreciates the opportunities she’s received. And she
thinks others should look at her education as an

“It’s like inheriting,” says Arlet, who hopes to be a
doctor and treat poor people. “You put your hard work
into it and then you help someone else.”



Hans Mohr:


Dear Fritz, here is your confirmation, Adenauer was
married twice. in all the political correct books only
his first wife is mentioned. The second wife was the
daughter of John Zinsser, a Jewish partner of the J.P.
Morgan Company and her sister was the wife of John J.
McCloy   “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins




how many remember how it came about and why Adenauer
came to such high office?

As I remember, “Der Alte” got on the inside track as
soon as his former brother in law John J. McCloy
became the American high commissioner after the end of
WW II.  Former brother in law?  That’s right.  They
both had married Zinser sisters (Jewish) from New

Don’t know how and where to verify this, but am pretty
sure it is correct.

Konrad Adenauer
AKA  Konrad Hermann Josef Adenauer

Born: 5-Jan-1876
Birthplace: Cologne, Germany
Died: 19-Apr-1967
Location of death: Rhöndorf, Germany
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Remains: Buried, Rhöndorf, Germany
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician

Level of fame: Famous
Executive summary: Chancellor of West Germany 1949-61

Father: Konrad Adenauer
Mother: Helene
Wife: Emma Weyer (m. 1904, dec. 1916)
Wife: Auguste Zinsser (m. 1919, dec. 1948)

Best regards, HM



Harry Schneider:


This is U. S. Tax stuff, but it applies to Canada too.


Accounts Receivable Tax

Building Permit Tax

Capital Gains Tax

CDL license Tax

Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Court Fines
(indirect taxes)

Dog License Tax

Federal Income Tax

Federal Unemployment Tax

Fishing License Tax

Food License Tax

Fuel permit tax

Gasoline Tax
(42 cents per gallon)

Hunting License Tax

Inheritance Tax Interest expense
(tax on the money)

Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges
(tax on top of tax)

IRS Penalties
(tax on top of tax)

Liquor Tax

Local Income Tax

Luxury Taxes

Marriage License Tax

Medicare Tax

Property Tax

Real Estate Tax

Septic Permit Tax

Service Charge Taxes

Social Security Tax

Road Usage Taxes

Sales Taxes

Recreational Vehicle Tax

Road Toll Booth Taxes

School Tax

State Income Tax

State Unemployment Tax

Telephone federal excise tax

Telephone federal universal service fee tax

Telephone federal, state and
local surcharge taxes

Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

Telephone state and local tax

Telephone usage charge tax

Toll Bridge Taxes

Toll Tunnel Taxes

Traffic Fines
(indirect taxation)

Trailer registration tax

Utility Taxes

Vehicle License Registration Tax

Vehicle Sales Tax

Watercraft registration Tax

Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our
nation was the most prosperous in the world, had
absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle
class in the world and Mom stayed home to raise the

What happened?





Jewish community lines up to blunt message of
anti-Zionist author
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

By Caitlin Cleary, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh’s Jewish community turned out in force last
night for Norman G. Finkelstein’s lecture at Carnegie
Mellon University. People lined up by the dozen more
than an hour before the speech began, anxious to claim
a seat in McConomy Auditorium.

Normally, this is not Finkelstein’s crowd. The scholar
and author of books like the international best-seller
“The Holocaust Industry” and the forthcoming “Beyond
Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse
of History,” Finkelstein argues that American Jewry
has “played the Holocaust card,” exploiting the
suffering of Jews as a political tool to generate
sympathy for Israeli policy and further the aims of

Finkelstein also spoke of human rights abuses Israel
has inflicted on Arabs.

Many in the crowd spoke of betrayal and outrage that
Finkelstein, whose parents both survived the ghettos
and concentration camps of Europe, would draw
analogies between Nazi and Israeli policies. So why
wait in line to hear the man speak for two hours?

It was part of a carefully planned effort by the
United Jewish Federation to minimize the impact of
Finkelstein’s appearance by quietly filling the seats
of the lecture hall with Jews already inured to his
“ridiculous and vile distortions,” said Jeffrey Cohan,
spokesman for the UJF.

Given several weeks’ notice of Finkelstein’s
appearance, the UJF, which represents all Jewish
organizations in the Pittsburgh area, deployed a
“rapid response team” to e-mail more than 400 people,
asking them to show up, and early. Hillel Jewish
University Center of Pittsburgh conceived of the
seat-filling strategy; the United Jewish Federation
helped to execute it.

Cohan characterized Finkelstein’s support in the
Jewish community as “minuscule” and “very extreme

Ken Boas is one of those supporters. Boas teaches
English at the University of Pittsburgh, and came to
hear Finkelstein speak about his support of the
Palestinian struggle and Israel’s “abhorrent and
criminal policies” against Palestinians.

“The sense is that if you’re Jewish, you need to be
supportive of Israel and the Zionist position,” Boas
said. “It makes it very difficult for Jews to dissent
without being branded as anti-Semitic or self-hating.”

“Just so you know, Ken is wrong,” said David Shtulman,
executive director of the American Jewish Committee’s
Pittsburgh chapter, standing next to Boas. “All one
has to do is take a look at Israeli newspapers [to
know that Jews can dissent]. There are those that
argue Israeli policies are too harsh and help produce
suicide bombers — that’s a legitimate point of
debate. But to use terms like ‘Nazi’ policies, ‘ethnic
cleansing,’ that goes beyond the pale. One has to
wonder if his point is simply to demonize.”

The atmosphere was tense. CMU administrator Indira
Nair spoke first, laying out the rules: no questions,
no loud remarks, “no noises that your mothers wouldn’t
approve of.” Finkelstein began his remarks with
apologies to those who had come “hoping for a circus.”

“I’m not going to be providing one,” he said.












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Walter F. Mueller
“The truth is back in business”

The “Patriot Letter” is a free news service of
Community News, a monthly publication with a
circulation of 20,000. To subscribe to Community News
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