[box] First of all, let me just preface this by saying that I do not condone the foul attacks upon Germar Rudolf ( in later editions of this newsletter by this Mueller person. I merely post this newsletter here because it does contain interesting information. One could say I post it here for posterity.

This edition was e-mailed to me on 1/15/05. I will post other editions of the newsletter each day and will update on Twitter, watch the hashtags #revisionism, #k0nsl.


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Dear Fellow Patriot!

“British arrogance” from yesterday’s Patriot Letter
generated a mass of e-mails. My thanks go to Alex
Linder who posted the article on VNN’s front-page

triggered numerous requests for a copy of Community
News (see COMMUNITY NEWS below). I have said
everything there is to say about this issue. We all
know that the anniversary of the “liberation of
Auschwitz” will be again a media fest.

Now, I’ll bring you one of the bolder examples of how
Jews literally suck stories out of thin air, steal and



H. David Dalquist, 86; Made Bundt Cake Pan
By Elaine Woo
Times Staff Writer
January 9, 2005

H. David Dalquist, a metallurgy expert who unwittingly
secured a place in culinary history when he cast the
first Bundt cake pan in 1950, died Jan. 2 of heart
failure at his home in Edina, Minn. He was 86.
Dalquist made the Bundt pan — a ring form with a
center post and elegantly fluted sides — for the
Minneapolis chapter of a Jewish women’s society whose
members sought to reproduce a cake their European
mothers had made.

Sixteen years later, the confluence of a baking
contest, changes in women’s lives and the rise of
convenience foods made the pan a kitchen staple and
put Dalquist’s Nordic Ware brand on the baking world’s

His Minneapolis-based company has since sold more than
45 million Bundt pans and inspired a host of
imitators, making the distinctive cake mold one of the
most popular in the world.

It was not his only first. Dalquist also pioneered a
carousel that rotates foods during microwaving,
microwave splatter covers, microwave egg poachers and
other products that worked in both conventional and
microwave ovens. But none of these innovations made
him as famous as the humble Bundt pan.

A native of Minnesota, the state that also gave the
world Bisquick and Spam, Dalquist trained in chemical
engineering and served as a Navy radar technician in
the Pacific during World War II before entering the
plastics business with his brother.

In 1948, Dalquist and his wife, Dorothy, purchased
Northland Aluminum Products and began manufacturing
bake ware under the Nordic Ware name. It proved to be
a smart move in the postwar boom years as women
returned to domestic routines, including home baking.
In 1950, Dalquist was approached by members of
Hadassah, the Zionist women’s volunteer society, who
wanted to re-create the dense cakes their mothers
made. One of the women provided as a model a ceramic
dish that her German grandmother had used to make the
ring-shaped bread called kugelhopf. They asked if
Dalquist could make one of these pans in a modern

Dalquist, whose motto was “If you can sell it, you can
usually make it,” produced the pan in cast aluminum
for the Hadassah members. He also made some to sell in
department stores and called this early model a bund
pan, borrowing a German word that means an alliance or
bond. Later, in order to trademark it and perhaps
avoid association with the German-American Bund, a
pro-Nazi organization active in the 1930s and 1940s,
he added a T.

The pan languished in relative obscurity until 1966,
when a Texas woman named Ella Helfrich used one to win
second place in the 17th annual Pillsbury Bake-Off

She received $5,000 for a nutty chocolate cake with a
gooey center that used only half a dozen ingredients,
including a Pillsbury frosting mix that seemed to
magically transform the cake’s core into a delectable
chocolate pudding.

Dubbed the Tunnel of Fudge Cake, her concoction looked
impressive and was easy to prepare, a combination that
appealed to a generation of women who were going back
to school and starting careers.

After Helfrich’s success, Bundt pans flew off store
shelves. Pillsbury was flooded with 200,000 queries
from women wanting to know where they could find the

Dalquist put his factory into round-the-clock
production, eventually churning out 30,000 Bundt pans
a day. By 1970, he had licensed Pillsbury to produce
special Bundt cake mixes and sold the pans in a
package with the mix.

“No matter how many pans Pillsbury ordered,” Dalquist
recalled in a 1997 Washington Post interview, “the
amount was underestimated.” Bundt mania raged through
the next two decades. With the introduction of novelty
Bundts in shapes including a rose, a star, a cathedral
and a Christmas tree, annual sales climbed to 1
million pans.

For years, a grateful Dalquist gave the Minneapolis
Hadassah chapter his production seconds. The pans
became a goldmine for the group, which sold them and
used the proceeds to pay for schools and hospitals in

“Who could have imagined that a simple aluminum cake
pan, invented more than a half century ago, could have
become a fundraising vehicle for an organization that
today boasts more than 300,000 members across the
country?” National Hadassah President June Walker said
in a statement issued after Dalquist’s death.
“With that homey little baking pan, Hadassah women
built the most advanced medical center in the Middle
East, the Hadassah Medical Center at Ein Kerem,” she
said. “We thank David Dalquist for his contribution.”
Dalquist enjoyed making Bundt cakes with his wife of
59 years, the former Dorothy Staugaard, who survives
him along with four children and 12 grandchildren.
She did her part to sustain the pan’s popularity by
writing a book with 300 Bundt recipes. But none
rivaled the Tunnel of Fudge cake, which remains the
most-requested recipe in the 56-year history of the
Pillsbury Bake-Off.

Pillsbury’s own Bundt cake mixes fared less well and
were eliminated from the product line in the late
1990s, a move that may have contributed to a decline
in Bundt pan sales. By 2002, according to the market
research firm NPD Group, the specialty pan could be
found in only 15% of American households, down from
21% in 1993. A baking industry expert suggested that
the downturn was due to trends that favored snack cake
mixes and store-bought goodies.

Some signs, however, suggest a revival in the offing.
On websites catering to people who bake, tributes to
Dalquist and his pan have abounded. On,
for instance, some cooks reported that news of the
inventor’s passing caused them to dust off an old
Bundt pan or buy a new one. They whipped up Banana
Mini-Bundts and Bundt cakes of sour cream and dried
cherries and posted photos of their creations in honor
of Dalquist, who was buried Friday.


And now the true story:

Horst Riedinger, the court chef of the Habsburg
Dynasty, invented the Guglhupf (not Kugelhopf) at the
urging of the Emperor, who wanted a dry cake with
coffee and tea.

Guglhupf is a ring-shaped cake, make in an elaborate
ring shape mold. The name Guglhupf simply means “ball
hoop” because of the pan.

Naturally, court chef Riedlinger also invented the
pan, made of thinned copper. For many years the pan
and Guglhupf were an exclusive of the Austrian court.
Until the Duke of Alsace, Lorraine, married into the
Austrian Royal family. Then, the famous Austrian cake
was exported all over the German-speaking world and
France. Gertrude Spinnmeister in Germany asked her
husband Adolf to burn her a fireproof china mold.
That’s how a china mold came into use for the “Bundt

I remember, my Mom having a cast iron Guglhupf form.
So, whatever Jew Dalquist “invented” was used in
Europe already for generations. Nothing new that the
Jews take other achievements and run with it.



Community News was dropped off at the printer today.
It is an issue that we are especially proud of. The
front-page is dedicated to Hans Schmidt, his life, and
his work. The pictures are provided by Lady Michele
Renouf and will present the revisionist giant in a
more personable light.

George Crane, a writer for Vanguard News Network, is
featured with his article “Not one Goddam Penny to

All of you have read my investigative report “Who owns
America?” Community News will feature that report in a
more comprehensive way than in the Patriot Letter with
pictures of the Jewish real estate barons.

Dee Wahrheit spends some time on our young people.
History of youth groups over the past century, and we
provided an awesome picture with the Fuehrer amongst a
bunch of kids.

Christine Miller’s Reality Check is a must read. Take
some advice from a street revisionist on how to fight

We are also introducing Ian Buckley with his column
“The brave Minority.”

Richard Warren in his series “A more perfect Union”
gives us a scary account of a stealth government, not
of the people.

Die Deutsche Ecke features a remembrance of Dresden
and introduces the Italian Militaria Collection.

The Community News is a print magazine. It is
published once a month, 12 months a year. It is not on
the Internet and is not available through a website.
It’s strictly a print magazine with a run of 20,000
and, as of today, 2,324 subscribers.

For a complimentary copy, please e-mail us your postal


And now a word from Lady Michele Renouf:


Walter dear and Patriots

In a message dated 17/12/2004, writes:

<<Check out David Irving, who spends thousands of
dollars of supporter’s money for fancy hotels,
restaurants and fast women. >>

<<My God, no wonder the enemy is so superior!>>

Two things – hereby checked.

Firstly, David Irving is the kind of suffer-no-fool,
ever-playful delinquent who’d doubtless prefer your
depiction of him (above) to mine (below).

However, I can say that in Cincinnati he runs a tight,
quality, entertaining, well-conducted Conference.  I
am in no position to comment on the lifestyle of Mr
Irving during his exhaustive working tours – (who has
ever seen him at any time at leisure?) – across
America.  But I can make a longstanding observation
that here in London he and his family live decently,
suitably well-located yet modestly.  The exhaustive
archive researcher/ author/ orator/ educator/ debater/
liberator/ linguist/ showman/ unparalleled webmaster
works near-incessantly to achieve a singular and
massive contribution to real history.  To say his
supporters are getting a dedicated good deal is truly
British understatement.

Secondly, and by contrast, “the enemy” is never
“superior”.  It is ever deceptive, callous, cunning,
dissembling, myth-addled, misanthropic, sociopathic,
and a sullying influence.  In short it exists to
celebrate a dastardly organization of the worst of our
instincts.  In short it persists only by our external
endorsement of its own preposterous thrall.

Your noble obligation if I may say so, like everyone
else’s who sees the sly befriending ways of “the
enemy”, is simply to enable others to see this and say
so.  That’s all it will take to unseat this dastardly
‘occupation’ as Charley Reese once indicated: an
informed majority’s democratic “frown”.

Yours truly
Michele (Lady Renouf)



Dr. Leon Bourke:



I agree with you on the British. They are among the
cruelest people in the world. Of course, the Israelis
take first prize.

Leon Bourke



From T.A.H.:


Birthday Reminder

Dear Kinsman:

Saturday, January 22nd, will be the 70th birthday of
Matt Koehl, Commander of the New Order
( ).

Matt Koehl has been actively involved in the White
people’s movement for some 53 years. He has worked
full-time for the Movement for over four decades. It
was he who took over the reins of the National
Socialist White People’s Party following the martyrdom
of Lincoln Rockwell in 1967, and kept the flame of
American National Socialism burning at the time it was
closest to extinction.

Many people — including myself — have had strategic,
tactical or ideological disagreements with Commander
Koehl over the years. However, all differences aside,
he deserves recognition for a lifetime of sacrificial
devotion and selfless dedication to the National
Socialist Cause.

An e-mail greeting may be sent to him at .

A postal greeting may be sent to:

New Order
Box 270486
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Whoever you are, and whatever organization or
viewpoint you represent, I know that Matt Koehl would
appreciate a birthday greeting from you on this

Martin Kerr

PS — Please forward this e-mail to anyone whom you
think may be interested.





Israel has asked Egypt to prevent its planes from
entering Israeli air space near the southern port of
Eilat, officials said, warning that if an attack is
suspected, an intruding plane might be shot down.

While Israel would not hesitate to shoot down a plane
that appeared to be heading for an attack, they said,
an innocent plane could also be mistakenly targeted.

I don’t believe that Israel will ever warn Egypt or
anyone else to shoot down its planes if it intrudes
the port of Eilat or other, because Israel like any
gangster shoot first and warn later .

This happened before when Israel without any warning
shot down an Egyptian  passenger plane full of
Egyptian civilians  including  a famous TV star (
Salwa Hegazi ) . The plane that  crashed, killing all
the passengers, had lost it way and crossed the
Israelis borders.

Cherif loutfi



P. Dzikowski:


Dear Mr. Mueller

I thoroughly enjoyed your essay entitled “British
Arrogance,” which was republished by VNN on Jan. 13,






Goethe’s romantic novel The Sorrows of Young Werther
was mentioned in a fine column today:
“The Century of the Believers”  by William S. Lind

He writes that another Werther, citing John Keegan,
writes, (during WW II in France, in comparison to
Iraq,) “for most of the war, the 30-50 German
occupation divisions took no part in anti-resistance
activities … the number of actual anti-resistance
security forces in France (the Feldsicherheitsdienst)
probably did not exceed 6,500 at any stage of the war.
That in a country of over 40 million!”

Lind adds that, “other than during the Warsaw uprising
of 1944, I do not know of any case where German
occupation forces used bombers or artillery on cities
they occupied, something U.S. forces now do routinely
in Iraq.”






Walter Mueller schrieb:
>Dear Fellow Patriot!

>Like a brushfire, the news of Prince Harry’s partying
>in a Nazi uniform went through cyberspace.

i did a joke about that yesterday

jens k

Sein Freund Harry

Auf einer Party in London traf Klaus seinen Freund
Harry, sie unterhielten sich ganz entspannt.

Da Harry sich für Fußball interessierte, kam Klaus
gleich auf seinen Kumpel Paolo Di Canio aus Rom zu


Und wie es so kommt, konnte Klaus ihm auch gleich
erzählen, daß Paolo gerade neulich sein Badezimmer
renoviert hat.


Tja, sein Freund Harry.
Ist schon ein abgebrühter Bursche.





Jamie Kelso:


Among those 42,000 Stormfront Members are Don Black,
David Duke, Germar Rudolf, Dr. Edward Fields, Sam
Dickson, Paul Fromm, Ron Doggett, Bob Whitaker,
Juergen Graf, Stan Hess, Elena Haskins, Paul Grubach,
Kevin Alfred Strom, and new Member Willis Carto.


MUELLER’s COMMENT: I find it quite interesting to see
this many revisionists amongst the members of one of
America’s harshly criticized white supremacist
organizations. I was surprised to find Paul Grubach on
there, as well as Juergen Graf. About Willis Carto, I
wonder how that works since Jamie Kelso is also a good
friend of Mark Weber?


Mike Reisch:


Hallo Walter:

Der Fuhrer is still alive, as far as the British Royal
family is concerned.

Mike Reisch

Royal family caught up in Nazi row
Prince apologises for ‘tasteless’ costume
Sam Jones
Thursday January 13 2005
The Guardian

Clarence House was last night forced into a major
damage limitation exercise after Prince Harry was
pictured in Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party.

The photograph, splashed across the front page of the
Sun, showed the Prince of Wales’s youngest son
enjoying a drink and a cigarette while dressed as a
member of Rommel’s Afrika Korps, complete with a
prominent swastika armband.

Prince Harry’s latest embarrassment comes just two
weeks before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp where more than
a million Jews were murdered.

On January 27, Prince Harry’s uncle, Prince Edward, is
due to represent the Queen at a memorial ceremony held
at the death camp.

Prince Harry released a statement last night, in which
he said: “I am very sorry if I caused any offence or
embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of
costume and I apologise.”

But Jewish groups in Britain reacted angrily to the
prince’s error.

A spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews
said: “It’s not a joke to dress up as a Nazi,
especially as we come up to the 60th anniversary of
the liberation of Auschwitz. It is important that
everybody remembers the evil that the Nazis were
responsible for.”

The Labour peer Lord Janner, who chairs the Holocaust
Education Trust, told the Daily Mail: “I hope that on
reflection Prince Harry will regret what was an
insensitive and tasteless act.”

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, a spokesman for the Reform
Synagogues of Great Britain, was more forgiving.

“The fact that the palace has issued an apology
indicates that this was a mistake by the prince,” he
said. “But having been given, the apology should now
be accepted.”

According to the Sun, the photograph was taken a week
ago when Prince Harry, 20, attended a birthday party
in Wiltshire for his friend Harry Meades.

His older brother, Prince William, is also thought to
have been present, although he opted for a homemade
lion and leopard outfit more in keeping with the
party’s “native and colonial” theme.

But Prince Harry’s outfit, which included a German
Wehrmacht or defence force badge, attracted far more
notice than his brother’s.

“What on earth was Harry thinking of?” one fellow
guest told the Sun. “A senior royal dressing up as a
Nazi for a laugh? If that is his idea of a joke it
went down like a lead balloon with many.

“There are a lot of old soldiers out there who will
look at these photos … and be totally outraged.” He
added: “The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of
millions. To turn that into a jokey idea for a fancy
dress is an absolute disgrace.”

The prince’s sartorial misjudgment also prompted
questions about his future in the armed forces. He is
due to begin training at the Royal Military Academy at
Sandhurst later this year.

Last night a former armed forces minister said the
prince should no longer be allowed to become a British
army officer.

“After the revelations this evening I don’t think this
young man is suitable for Sandhurst,” said Doug
Henderson, Labour MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne North.

“If it was anyone else the application wouldn’t be
considered. It should be withdrawn immediately.”

But the Ministry of Defence, which said the photograph
was a matter for Clarence House, brushed off questions
about Prince Harry’s conduct.

“As far as we’re concerned, a picture of him at a
fancy dress party has nothing to do with his
suitability for the army,” a spokeswoman said.

The episode also served to stir ugly memories of the
royal family’s links with the Nazi regime. King Edward
VIII, Harry’s great-great uncle, was a Nazi
sympathiser, while Princess Michael of Kent’s father
was a Nazi party member.

Some also raised concerns about the Prince of Wales’s
ability to control his children.

Dickie Arbiter, a former Buckingham Palace spokesman,
said Prince Charles lacked the “right discipline” over
his sons. “If there were checks he wouldn’t be allowed
to go on like that,” he said.

The Queen is to commemorate the liberation of
Auschwitz by inviting survivors of the Nazi death
camps to a reception at St James’s Palace. She will
also attend the Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration
in London on January 27.












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Walter F. Mueller
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