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[NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all the things written by Walther F. Mueller; I merely archive this newsletter because it does contain interesting bits worth saving.]



Dear Fellow Patriot!

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I was inundated with responses to the passing of Pope
John Paul II. I’ll suspend most of your letters for
today and bring you a variety of different opinions.
With this, I am closing the discussion on the
Pontiff’s passing.


In their own words: White supremacists at their best:


Death is one of those things into which nothing more
can be read. But you’ll never sell that truth to the
“I saw Mary in my husband’s back hair” crowd. VNN
would like to urge the redbirds to nominate the
African, so we can have our first nigger Pope and
elevate cannibalism to a sacrament. Oh, wait, the
Church has already been there, done that, got the
shroud. \



One damn good thing the Pope did was call Bushes jew
war a fucking sham and a hoax although this little
innocent looking lying monkeyhead came out on national
world jew TV with his jewed bitch and made a short
speech about him for his own fucking political greed
shit just like the little fuckhead did with the Shiavo
Florida case with his fucking pauch brother piece of
shit Jebbie.



Bush had that same innocent jew lie of a look when he
went on national/world jew TV to launch the war in
Iraq. Never trust the bastard who has allowed gas
prices to double with his fucked up shit



“Women are parasites. They expect you to support them.
Most have no intention of supporting themselves in the
long term, regardless of their rhetoric about being



Q:Why did Hitler kill himself’
A:He got his gas bill.

Question: What goes “click” 5,999,999 times and then
Answer: A Jewish cash register.

Why did the Auschwitz shower heads have 12 holes’
Because Jews have 10 fingers!!

What’s the difference between a ton of coal and a
thousand Jews’ Jews burn longer.

Hitler and Goering were arguing about the Jews,
Goering stating that they were quite clever people and
Hitler vehemently denying they were any such thing.

Finally Goering told Hitler that they should go out in
the city and Goering would show Hitler it was true.
Hitler agreed, so they disguised themselves and went
out on the street.

Goering took Hitler into a shop, went up to the
counter, and asked the clerk: “Do you have any
left-handed teacups'” The clerk stared at Goering for
a moment and then said no, mein herr, I do not.

The two left with Hitler complaining that he did not
understand what the point of this was and Goering
telling him to be patient. They went to another shop
and Goering gave the same act: “Do you have any
left-handed teacups'” The clerk stared and shrugged
his shoulders.

They left with Hitler becoming incensed over this
nonsense and Goering begging for patience. Finally
they went into a Jewish shop; Goering again asked the
clerk: “Do you have any left-handed teacups'”

The clerk smiled graciously, went into the back room
and made a show of rummaging around, brought out a
saucer and teacup, set down the saucer, and carefully
placed the cup with the handle pointed so Goering
could pick it with his left hand. “There you are, mein
herr!” the clerk said.

Goering bought the teacup, thanked the clerk, and the
two men left. Goering turned to Hitler and said: “See,
I told you the Jews were very clever people.”

“I don’t see what was so clever about that,” Hitler
snapped. “He just happened to have one in stock!”


Question: Why don’t Jewish cannibals like eating
Germans’ Answer: They give them gas.


Two Jewish children are sitting on top of a roof near
a chimney. A passer-by asks, ‘What are you doing
there” ‘We are waiting for our parents.’


What were Jews used for in connection with the 1936
Olympics’ For the cindertrack and the Olympic flame.


Question: What is the difference between a bar of soap
and a Jew’ Answer: A bar of soap doesn’t die after 45
seconds in the shower.


The scene is a bar in Berlin in January 1933, filled
with Nazis. Goering is skulling stiens of beer with
the brownshirts, Goebbels is sipping cocktails with a
couple of groupies and Hitler is seated with a
wild-eyed Hess discussing pupil diagnostics.

An American journalist enters, sees the full crew and
realizes he’s sitting on the scoop of the century. He
asks the barman: “Which one shall I ask for the
absolute bottom line on the Nazi plans'” “Goebbels, of
course” answers the barman, “He knows everything.” The
journalist approaches and says “I want the bottom line
on what this Nazi thing is.” Goebbels flashes him a
smile and says “We intend to kill six million Jews and
one postman.” The journalist’s mind races. “But why do
you want to kill one postman'” Goebbels shouts over to
Hitler: “See Adolf, I told you no-one gives a fig
about the Jews



On the same subject:

Chris Borleis:


Dear Walter, just to let you know that not many people
here in Australia identify with this miserable
outburst of White Pride.
Aborigines are fine people, native people and in the
way they are our brother too. It is not necessary to
marry a native because alone of cultural differences.
But any National Socialist respects other races of

Hey all

Although I’m not from your country, I kinda know what
it is like there, and we have similar problems here in
Australia. Here we have native Australians, called
aboriginals, which are the blackest, ugliest forms of
human shit you ever thought possible. “Nigger, I hate
your face, don’t try and mess with the master race.”

White Pride

Once again, the White Pride people don’t contribute to
a better and harmonious world when degrading our own
brothers and sisters shit ‘nigger’. The White Pride
people should remember that white people brought the
Africans as slaves to America against their will. New
they have to put up with them in a dignified way.
Shame on you, White Pride people, Adolf Hitler would
surprise you by given you some lecture about other

Christian Borleis



A variety of comments on the passing of Pope John Paul

From Janet:



Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative
Reporting and Revisionist History


Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

April 4, 2005

Pope John Paul II:
The Judas Iscariot of Our Time

by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright 2005 by

The late Pope John Paul II was a crypto-rabbi and his
pontificate represented, for diabolical infiltrators,
a supreme coup. He became the first pope in the
history of Christendom to enter an accursed synagogue,

the den of the Talmudic Pharisees. Orthodox Judaism
esteems the Talmud as its supreme guide. The Talmud
states that Jesus Christ was a sorcerer and the son of
a whore named Miriam the hairdresser. The Talmud
declares that Jesus Christ is in hell being boiled in
hot excrement. The Talmud gloats over Christ’s
crucifixion and early death and says He got what
He deserved.

John Paul II was delighted to engender scandal and
confusion and enter the very temple of the Pharisees
that espoused these mortal sins of calumny and
blasphemy. He considered it one of the crowning
“ecumenical” achievements of his papacy, along with
encouraging the practitioners of Voodoo in Benin,
Africa to remain in their bloody cult of demon worship

and ritual sacrifice, by declaring that Voodoo
contains the “Seeds of the Word”! (Cf. L’Osservatore
Romano,” 10 February 1993). Thanks to John Paul’s
recognition of the “Seeds of the Word” in Voodoo,
three years after his visit, the government of Benin
conferred upon Voodoo the status of “an officially
recognized religion.” (cf. Associated Press dispatch,
January 11, 1996).

But it was in the matter of Judaism that this Pope
earned his immunity from the media of the West, who
might quibble about his refusal to priest women, but
sat in unabashed awe at his unprecedented Talmudic
statements and doctrines. For example, in Vatican City
on Halloween, 1997, John Paul II declared:”In the
Christian world — I am not saying on the part of the
Church as such –the wrong and unjust interpretations
of the New Testament relating to the Jewish people and
their supposed guilt [in Christ’s death] circulated
for too long, engendering sentiments of hostility
toward this people. This contributed to a lulling of
consciences, so that when Europe was engulfed by a
wave of persecutions inspired by a pagan
anti-Semitism…the spiritual resistance of many was
not what humanity had a right to expect from the
disciples of Christ.”

Could any more fraud be packed into one paragraph than
the palimpsest of Halloween masquerade that the late
John Paul II managed in the preceding statement? There
is no ignominy to which this prelate would not stoop
in his obeisance to contemporary Talmudic Pharisees,
who are the direct spiritual heirs of the assassins of
Jesus Christ.

“Wrong and unjust interpretations of the New Testament
relating to the Jewish people and their supposed guilt
in Christ’s death…”

“Supposed” guilt? The Talmud itself, in Sanhedrin 43a,
admits that the Jewish leadership had Christ killed.
In fact, Sanhedrin 43a celebrates Christ’s execution!

Historic Catholicism has always believed in the
“supposed guilt” of the Judaic leadership in the
killing of the Lord Jesus, and the killing of the
prophets, and that the Jewish leadership were contrary
to all men. That incidentally is not an
“interpretation,” it’s a direct quote from Sacred
Scripture (I Thessalonians 2:14-15), which John Paul
II negated and betrayed.

John Paul II made constant reference to the Nazi
“Holocaust.” Yet as a Pole, he knew very well that a
disproportionate number of the perpetrators of an
unsung holocaust against Polish Christians had been
Judaic Communists. In post-war Poland that nation was
completely dominated by Judaic communists: the
torturer Jacek Rozanski, head of the Secret Police;
the Politboro commander Jacob Berman and commissars
Minc, Specht (Olszewski) and Spychalski. These men
murdered or deported to Kolyma and the other Arctic
death camps, tens of thousands of Catholic Poles.

According to researcher John Sack, “In 1945 many Poles
felt (and not without reason) that Jews ran the Office
of State Security…the chief of the Office was Jacob
Berman, a Jew, and all or almost all the department
heads were Jews.”

Sack reported that 75% of the officers of the
Communist Secret Police in Silesia were Jews. He noted
that many Jews in the Communist terror apparatus in
Poland changed their names to Polish ones like General

Romkowski, Colonel Rozanski, Capt. Studencki and Lt.
Jurkowski. (cf. John Sack, The New Republic, Feb. 14,
1994, p. 6).

In Poland, “…a disproportionate number of Communists
were Jews. In 1930, at its peak, 35% of the members of
the party were Jewish. In Communist youth
organizations, Jewish membership was even higher,
while Communists of Jewish origin occupied most of the
seats on the central committee. Communism appealed to
some Jews because it opposed anti-Semitism more
vigorously than any other Polish party…Jewish
Communists reached their apogee in the years
immediately after World War Two, when the party
leadership was totally in the hands of the prewar
Communist leadership that abhorred anti-Semitism.”
(Sheldon Kirshner, The Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 5,
1992, p. 16).

The Catholic Primate of Poland at the time, Cardinal
Hlond, a brave prelate in a stalwart tradition of
Christian resistance to Judaic tyranny in Poland, so
different from the traitorous philo-Judaism of the
late John Paul II, stated that Polish Catholics felt
resentment ‘due to the Jews who today occupy leading
positions in Poland’s (Communist) government and
endeavor to introduce a governmental structure that
the majority of Poles do not wish to have.” (Ibid.,

As Piotr S. Wandycz of Yale University observed, “The
average Pole could not but notice in the Stalinist era
that the two most powerful men in the country–Berman
and Minc–were both Jewish as was the dreaded
security official Rozanski.” (N.Y. Review of Books,
Aug. 18, 1983, p. 51).

John Paul II covered all of this up. He was silent in
the face of this holocaust against his own Christian
countrymen. His silence was deafening. He turned what
happened to the so-called “Jews” (more properly,
Khazars), during World War Two –both real and
imagined– into the central ontological event of the
20th century, while helping to whitewash the
Judaic-Communist holocaust against Christians. He even

went so far as to order crosses erected in Auschwitz
by Polish Catholics to be torn down at rabbinic
insistence, with some of the Catholics arrested and
jailed for refusing the order.

As the acknowledged representative of Christians in
the world, whose side was this Pope really on?
Obviously he was no advocate of Christ or of the
sufferings Christ’s followers experienced at the hands
of Communist Khazars.

John Paul II was completely smitten with modernism and
the potentates of toxic modernity, the rabbinic world
leadership. He catered to and pimped for them.

The Pope defended and advanced the Pharisees’ cause
and falsifies and betrays the Christian. One must ask
at this juncture, was he the Vicar of Christ or of the

On Nov. 2, 1997 the Vatican declared, “Christians who
yield to anti-Judaism offend God and the church

Since the Jewish religion is based on the Talmud,
which Christ condemned in its oral form (Mishnah) in
Mark 7:1-13 as the “tradition of the Elders,” the
Pope’s Vatican symposium was declaring that to take a
position of anti-Judaism and oppose the teachings of
the Pharisees and their Talmudic traditions of the
Elders–“offends God.” But how can such a position
offend Jesus Christ when He advocated it Himself?

Has it ever been more clear that this pope was
preaching a false gospel?

John Paul the Judas, herded gullible Catholics into
the pen of Pharisaic annihilation. Do they imagine
that the Vatican worships Jesus Christ when such a
doctrine is preached by their leader? Jesus foretold,
“In vain do they worship me” (Matthew 15:9). Jesus
called the Jewish leadership of His day, “the children
of hell” (Matthew 23:15).

The rabbinic leadership has not changed in 2,000
years. Those who expose their evil–then as now–do
the very work that Jesus Christ did. In many cases the
anathemas John Paul II hurled at “anti-semites” were
in fact aimed at the person of Jesus Christ Himself.

By upholding the interpretation of the New Testament
promulgated by the modern Scribes and Pharisees, and
discarding the traditional Christian one, John Paul II
virtually admitted, by his actions and pronouncements,

that the Pharisees were right to crucify Christ.

It is clear that in actuality, John Paul II was not
the “Vicar of Christ on earth” but a crypto-rabbi. To
view a documentary photograph of him in Warsaw,
Poland, taking orders from his authentic earthly boss,

On Sunday, March 26, 2000 the Pope prayed at the
“Western” or “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem, making
remarks betraying Christianity and begging the
forgiveness of the heirs of Caiphas.

While in Jerusalem, the Pope bowed to the rabbinic
leaders of the modern Pharisees who are unrepentant
concerning the cosmic crime of deicide which their
ideological forefathers perpetrated. They received no
lecture or stern words of any kind from John Paul II
about the need to repent and about the dread judgment
they are under.

He mentioned nothing concerning the Israeli holocaust
against the Palestinians, but contented himself with
making obeisance to the wicked rabbis who supply the
rationale for Israeli war crimes against Palestinian
civilians by terming the Palestinian people “snakes”
and “Amalek,” and confirming the Talmudic injunctions
that hold that the killing of a gentile is not murder,
and that the Judaic killer in such a case is “exempt
from punishment” (Sanhedrin 57a).

In Jerusalem, the Pope placed a prayer inside the
“wailing-wall.” The text of this prayer reads: “God of
our fathers, you chose Abraham and
his descendants to bring your name to the nations. We
are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in
the course of history have caused these children of
yours to suffer. And asking your forgiveness, we wish
to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the
people of the covenant.” — Jerusalem, 26.3.2000.
Joannes Paulus II. ( The note, written in English, was
later moved to the Israeli Yad Vashem Holocaust
museum to be preserved).

Not one word about Jesus Christ, His Crucifixion or
Resurrection in this note, just a nonsensical
supposition that the Khazar Zionists from eastern
Europe who have scourged the Middle East with blood
and fire, and who have as their supreme holy book not
the Bible but the Talmud, are somehow “the children of
Abraham and the people of the covenant.” It is a
strange covenant that includes neither Christ nor the

John Paul II was idolizing a nation of people, putting
them on a pedestal for worship, exactly as the Talmud
does. What a sad, sick joke on Christianity. John Paul
II betrayed the Gospel not for 30 pieces of silver but
for media approval and fame. The world loves him.

It is a tragic characteristic of our time that our
people are drawn to love, honor and worship their own
executioners. From the hysterical adulation for Ronald
Reagan, who, in 1986, keelhauled the ailing,
87-year-old anti-communist Christian patriot Andrija
Artukovic — on a hospital gurney no less — to the
waiting arms of Tito’s Communist ghouls in Yugoslavia;
to the crypto-rabbi John Paul II, it would appear
that hero worship nowadays has more to do with mind
control and schizophrenia than an authentic admiration
for gallant resistance to the world, the flesh and the



An Evangelical Tribute to John Paul II

Submission by Rev. Rob Schenck, President of the
National Clergy Council:

If Evangelicals like me could have claimed a pope as
our own, he would have been John Paul II. Unlike any
other pontiff in history, this one looked, acted and
even sounded a lot like an Evangelical. As a result,
he did more to bring together conservative
Bible-believing Christians like me together in common
cause with Catholics, both lay and clergy, than anyone
else in the Roman church’s history.

John Paul looked like one of us in many ways. He
smiled a lot, displaying what we Evangelicals call,
“the joy of the Lord.” He had an obvious love of
Christ that showed unapologetically in his bright
eyes. We could tell that his Christian faith was first
passionate before it was cerebral; we Evangelicals
like that.

But John Paul did more than look like and Evangelical,
he acted like one, too. He traveled the world,
preaching and teaching. Evangelicals had previously
held an image of the pope as more of a monarch, or
worse, an emperor, seated pompously on his gilded
throne behind the marbled walls of the Vatican palace,
separated and insulated from the common people. This
pope broke that stereotype by crisscrossing the globe,
preaching “Jesus Christ” to throngs of people in
settings that looked more like Billy Graham crusades
than the stuffy, mystical high-masses so strange to
“outsiders” like us.

Most importantly, though, John Paul II sounded like an
Evangelical. Central to almost everything he wrote,
spoke and preached were Jesus Christ and His
Gospel—the “Evangel” from which we Evangelicals
derive our identity. One of my favorites quotes of
John Paul is from his encyclical, Ut Unim Sint, “That
They May Be One,”

“The Cross! An anti-Christian outlook seeks to
minimize the Cross, to empty it of its meaning, and to
deny that in it man has the source of his new life.

That’s language we Evangelicals understand and with
which we identify.

I should mention one more extraordinary contribution
that John Paul II made to help us Evangelicals
appreciate our Roman Catholic counterparts: he invited
us “in.” Prior to John Paul II, Evangelicals were
largely considered by Catholics to be “heretics” who
were outside the “true church.” John Paul instead
affirmed us as, “brothers and sisters in the Lord.”

Sure, great differences still exist and will remain
between Evangelicals and Catholics, but I could say
almost as much about my differences with other
Evangelicals. What I would rather say is that at no
other time in history have Catholics and Evangelicals
come closer together, recognizing one another as
Christian brothers and sisters, and at no other time
in history have we shared so much in common cause.
Whether it is the sanctity of human life, the sanctity
of marriage and the family, or the public
acknowledgement of our faith, we have discovered that
the things that really matter most in these desperate
times are held in common by Catholics and

I, for one Evangelical, will greatly miss John Paul
II. But I suspect that when we all get to heaven, and
both Evangelicals and Catholics are surprised by the
numbers of each that made it there, we’ll find this
pope winking from a corner.

Rev. Rob Schenck is a past board member and minister
of the Evangelical Church Alliance, America’s oldest
interdenominational association of Evangelical clergy.


And from Germany on the Pope:


R. Froehner

Der Papst, die 13 und Feinstaub
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 00:49:38 +0200

Karol Woityla (Katz), der (polnisch-jüdische) Papst
ist tot.
Am 2.4.2005 (Quersumme 13!) um 21:37 Uhr(Quersumme
13!) nach 26 Jahren im Papstamt angeblich an
Herzinfarkt und septischem Schock verstorben.
An 13+13 und 26 erinnern die Ähren links und rechts
des UN-Globus mit je 13 Körnern(=26 die Zahl JaHWeH
jüdischer Rachegott=El Shaddei/Adonai, vormalig
persicher Gottkönig, als Zeichen des Sieges gegen die
Bewahrer des Gral und von Atlantis/Thule), die 13
Stufen der Pyramide und die 13 Buchstaben “Annuit
Coeptis”(=unsere Unternehmung/Verschwörung ist vom
Erfolg gekrönt”) auf jeder US 1-Dollar-Banknote, und
Jesus hatte zwölf Jünger und er selbst war der
dreizehnte zeigen so die jüdische Glückszahl, die 13.
Die 13 ist die wichtigste Zahl der Freimaurer und hat
verschiedene Bedeutungen.. In der Kabbala, in der
Numerologie und in der 13. Tarotkarte “Der Tod”
bedeutet die 13 Transformation, Alchemie,
Wiedergeburt, der Phönix der der Asche entsteigt, das
Wissen über die Geheimnisse und damit die Fähigkeit
der Materialisation und Dematerialisation, d.h. die
Fähigkeit, aus dem Äther zu erschaffen, der sogenannte
“Stein der Weisen”.

Todesurkunden der Päpste werden ohne Todesursache
ausgefüllt weil laut Vorschrift(von wem?)kein
Obduktionen durchgeführt werden. So bleiben
Ritualmorde hinter den Mauern des Vati-Kahn mehr oder
weniger verborgen, wie zuletzt beim 33-Tage Papst
vermutet, dessen Tot durch Gift und die den Vatikan
durchsetzenden Freimaurer P2 verursacht worden sein

Zur Zeit gibt es 183 plus 1 Papst = 184 kardinale
Kirchenführer und bei der geheimen Wahl in der
sixtinischen Kapelle kann auch ein Nichtbischof
gewählt werden der aber umgehend die Bischofsweihe
empfangen muß und damit sind es wieder 184 bzw.als
Quersumme die magische 13!
Sicher auch nur zufällig hat die Entwicklungsländer
mit bewußt gefälschten Konjunkturprognosen in die
abhängige Kredit-Armut stürzende Weltbank unter
US-Führung genau 184(Qs 13!) Anteilseigner!(Der
Spiegel, Nr.13! in 2005)

Nett zu hören das vier
Kardinäle(Ratzinger,Sodano,Re,Ruini) die
Amts-Geschäfte der ältesten und größten Firma weltweit
Denn Glauben, Sünden, Ablaßhandel, Beichte,
Kirchensteuern, Verwaltung der vom Staat bezahlten
Löhne und Gehälter der Priester und Bischöfe in
Deutschland, italienischer Autobahnbau und
Mautkassierung, umfangreichste Rüstungs- Pharma- und
Finanzbeteiligungen sowie homophile Kinderschänder und
junge Frauen in dunklen Vatikanlimousinen vor und
hinter dem Stadtstaat sind einträgliche Geschäfte
unter dem Deckmantel der barmherzigen Firma Kirche.
Wenn ROMA ein Anagramm ist für AMOR, ist dann Liebe
das Gegenteil von Haß und steht dafür Roma oder das
römische Weltkirchenreich?
Und mit Vatikangeld wurde die Gewerkschaft Solidarnosc
um Lech Walensa in Polen 1979 wohl in höherem Auftrag
unterstützt. Und der Papst hat sich für die Bekämpfung
des Antisemitismus in Bezug auf das Judentum
Aber wir sind ja alle keine Engel oder…..?

Die ganze Feinstaubdiskussion um Partikel von
Diesel-PKW ist ein totaler Unfug!!!!

Es gibt in Deutschland ca. 15 Mio Diesel
Es gibt in Deutschland ca. 30 Mio Fahrzeug die
Gummireifen- und Bremsbelagabriebstaub produzieren.
Es gibt in Deutschland ca. 40 Mio Heizungen,
Müllverbrennungen, Industriebetriebe und
Energiemotoren die durch Verbrennung von Öl,Kohle und
Holz viel Rußstaub(Kaminfeger) produzieren.
Deutschland ist umgeben von Industriestaaten, mobiles
Transitland und dazu kommt noch der Sandstaub aus der
Bei diesen Fakten ist die Urheberschaft von Diesel-Pkw
ohne Filter für krankmachende Feinstäube einfach
lächerlich und peinlich.

Das ist die Taktik+Logik der Geister, die bereits am
24. März 1933, 53 Tage nach dem Adolf Hitler sein Amt
angetreten hatte, ohne Notwendigkeit Deutschland den
Krieg erklärten(veröffentlicht im Londoner

“Das israelische Volk der ganzen Welt erklärt
Deutschland wirtschaftlich und finanziell den Krieg.
Das Auftreten des Hakenkreuzes als Symbol des neuen
Deutschland hat das alte Streitsymbol Judas zu neuem
Leben erweckt. 14 Millionen Juden stehen wie ein Mann
zusammen, um Deutschland den Krieg zu erklären. Der
jüdische Großhändler wird sein Haus verlassen, der
Bankier seine Börse, der Kaufmann sein Geschäft und
der Bettler seine Elendshütte, um sich in einem
heiligen Kriege gegen die Leute Hitlers
Wozu solch eine Kriegserklärung denn in dieser Zeit
konnte Hitler-Deutschland nichts zum Schaden der Juden
getan haben?

Würden die freimaurerischen
EnergieGroßkonzerne(General Electric,Genral Motors,
BP,Shell, EXXON,RWE) nicht an der zerstörerischen
Explosions- und Verbrennungstechnologie zum Nutzen der
Pyramide mit vielen Energie- und Steuersklaven
festhalten und sich die Freie Energie der Impolsion
nach Tesla, Schauberger usw. unbehindert durchsetzen,
wäre das Thema Umweltverschmutzung, Krieg um Öl,
Hunger und Elend lange erledigt.

In vielen Gebieten Deutschlands ist im Winter mehr
Schnee und Frost als in Italien, Frankreich, Spanien,
Portugal oder den Beneluxländern. Nur um einige zu
nennen. In  Deutschland wird am meisten Salz gestreut,
Salz ergibt Feinstaub.

Das nächste sind die Heizungen in Häusern.
In Deutschland ist das überwiegend Ölheizung.
Ölheizung ist wie ein Dieselmotor.
Der Feinstaub aus Rußpartikeln, ist enorm hoch.
Besonders in den Sommermonaten.
Gerade im Sommer ist die Laufzeit der Heizung kurz
aber oft.
Zur Brauchwasserbereitung, springt die Heizung bis zu
20 mal am Tag an!
90 sec. Kaltlaufzeit mit erhöhtem Rußausstoß.
Und der wird dazu noch hoch in die Luft geblasen und
berieselt uns von oben.

Das die ganze Feilstaubdiskussion ein Unfug ist zeigt
die Stadt München.

Am Ostersonntag hat München zum 36 mal in diesem Jahr
die erlaubte Feinstaubkonzentration überschritten.

An einem Tag, an dem KEIN LKW Verkehr war und somit
die angeblich größten Verschmutzter gar nicht
unterwegs waren.

Warum hat München eine so hohe Feinstaubbelastung?
Hier wird extrem viel Streusalz eingesetzt.
Im ganzen Umfeld fast nur Ölheizungen.
Und der Föhn!!
Der Föhn ist ein warmer Wind aus der Sahara, der über
Italien bis zu den Alpen bläst.
Über den Alpen kühlt dieser Wind ab und fällt über dem
Großraum München nieder.
Dieser Föhnwind kann im Winter nicht nur die
Temperatur in wenigen Stunden um bis zu 20° steigen
Er bringt neben Feinsand aus der Sahara auch alle
Schadstoffe mit die ihm auf seinem Weg über Italien
und Österreich hochgeblasen wurden. Gerade in Italien
sind in Fabrikschloten nicht solche Filteranlagen wie
bei uns. Es wird alles in die Luft, und somit in den
Föhnwind geblasen und kommt in München runter.
Die ganze Eisenindustrie nördlich von Brescia in den
Bergen von Odolo bläst in großer Höhe viel Feinstaub
in die Luft.
Das alles kommt zum Teil in München wieder runter.

Wie soll München da je die Feinstaubvorgaben einhalten

Das ganze ist nur eine weitere Abzocke von
Weil den Poo-litikern nicht mehr einfällt, wie Sie die
Autofahrer noch abzocken können.













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