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Dear Fellow Patriot!


Zundel In Germany:

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This should be my last comment on the Zundel issue for
a while. It might actually anger some people, but I
cannot help it – I have to tell the truth!

It seems that the deportation of Ernst Zundel
generated more excitement than his actual kidnapping
from the US to Canada. Or maybe it just is because
it’s a new step?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that
suddenly everyone “is Spartacus” with one difference –
no one wants to take Ernst Zundel’s place. Too
complicated? Let me explain:

Ever since Zundel’s deportation, I found people
propagandizing a friendship with Ernst Zundel who have
done very little in the past. Let me pick on David
Irving, who now carries the statement on the front
page, that Zundel is “a friend of David Irving.”
Hurray, that suddenly some people found their
friendship to Ernst Zundel again. Suddenly, many are
shouting: “I’m Spartacus……..,” “No, I’m

Has the “celebrity status” of Ernst Zundel become
different because of his deportation to Germany? Or is
it that German revisionists and activists carry much
more “credibility” than their counterpart in the U.S.
and Canada? Surely, no one is coming for them to
crucify them.

Latching on to a new headline! A new reason to raise
funds. A new issue to get one’s name into the paper.

Well, let the truth be known that the true Zundel
friends who were never out for personal gain or fame,
are still Dr. Fredrick Toben, Prof. Robert Faurisson
and his sister, Harvey Taylor, Frank Schmidt and the
nameless supporters who gave and gave and gave without
asking any questions.

Another truth is also, even though the IHR’s Director
Mark Weber was the spokesperson for the Zundels, he
will have very little influence on the happenings in
Germany. Nevertheless, a newfound partnership has
emerged to champion the Zundel cause: David Irving and
Mark Weber are the Zundel team of today. Of course,
others have latched on in order to get some press.
Frankly, the Zundel issue was the only thing going for
the Institute for Historical Review. The IHR has
reached its popularity with the Zundel issue. National
Alliance’s Kevin Strom believes strongly that Mark
Weber is the Zundel expert. Let me remind you folks
that I encouraged Mark Weber to write an exclusive
essay on Zundel for the Community News special Zundel
issue. Today, the essay “Who is Ernst Zundel, and why
is he in jail” is being introduced as Mark Weber’s
independent idea.

All this screaming “I am Spartacus” is quite
dishonest. Because none of them would want to be

You want to see a true friend of Zundel, then stick
with the Adelaide Institute, there is no hidden


Walter Ochensberger’s Phoenix Magazine arrived.
Austria’s only revisionist magazine and the worlds
best revisionist magazine. Mr. Ochensberger has
outdone himself with the first 2005 issue. Incredible
photographs of the vigil in Dresden, a personal letter
from Ernst Zundel, and dynamic stuff from around the

If you are interested, you can inquire at

If you consider under what circumstances the Germans
and Austrians have to publish magazines like this, one
can safely say that he has outdone the sometimes weird
and messy publications of the U.S. revisionist


Mike Reisch:


In a message dated 3/3/2005 11:37:23 P.M. Eastern
Standard Time, writes:
Yuri Slezkine’s

Dear Walter:

I haven’t read Yuri Slezkine’s  book but only the
glowing reviews. Hopefully the good Professor found it
in his heart to mention the prominent Russian Jewish
butcher Kaganovich.

Shortly after Stalin’s death in 1957 Soviet Premier
Nikita Kruschev accused Kaganovich of murdering
20,000,000 Russians which Kaganovich did not even
dispute. In fact during the hay day of Stalin’s terror
this character would boast to his friends that all
that was needed was his signature on a form to warrant
a death sentence. He carried these on his person to
brandish them at the right circumstances.

Not even Himmler during the war was capable of such

For those interested in the prominent role the Jews
played during the 1930s in the NKVD, a for runner of
the KGB, there is an interesting research article by
Germar Rudolf on his website

These characters were definitely the modern types. The
same Godless specimen that you now find 70 years later
doing overtime for the Mossad.

Mike Reisch





Dear Harold, {Covington)

I got your message about Zundel just prior to
receiving this one from Mr. Mueller.
I feel it is extremely important to return to your
message and follow with a cautionary note concerning
the flow of messages and the type and content.

Please send another message out to your list – either
in your own words – or using Mr. Mueller’s caution so
that we do not damage Mr Zundel by saying or doing the
wrong thing.  You will have to be as specific as you
know how to be.  You will have to rein your white
supremacist buddies in a bit.  I know they mean

I have known several cases where some very important
contacts were totally ruined because some of your more
zealous friends violated basic laws of civilized
courtesy, such as ethnic slurs.

Therefore am asking you personally to intercede for
Zundal in this sensitive position.  We really do want
to give him a chance to live a bit longer.

Thank you so much.

Donna Lee



Hans Mohr:


Dear Walter,

I came across this article on
web-site. I translated it from German into English to
the best of my ability and I also feel that Ernst
Zündels (a great German)deserves the same honour. Kind

Hans Mohr

Don’t forget one thing gentlemen! Your names, will
crumble with the remains of your dead body – it will
long be forgotten-whilst the name Adolf Hitler will
continue to shine and flare! You can not kill him with
your filthy lies you spread about him, you can’t
suffocate him with your ink blotched, greasy dirty
fingers-you can’t extinguish his name from hundreds of
thousand souls, for that gentlemen, you are much too

When he loved—it happen for Germany! When he
worried— it happened for Germany!  When he was not
there–it also happened for Germany! And when he
argued for honour and image, it was for German honour
and image, and when he had only his live left in this
World, he gave it for Germany! And what have you
gentlemen given till now? Who from you gentlemen would
want to give his live for Germany? You always had the
power and richness, the pleasure and to make a glutton
of your self, multiculturalism, one world government
and a worry free lifestyle without any responsibility
on your mind and before your eyes, when you thought of

Be assured gentlemen, just the pure unselfish thinking
and actions by the Führer a loan, are enough for his
immortality! That his fanatical struggle for Germany’s
greatness was not blessed with success, like for
instance the one Cromwell was blessed with in Britain,
that may lay in the mentality of the Brit who with his
hang-ups of vanity, jealousy, envy and disregard for
others has never forgotten to be British and his
loyalty to his Monarch is in his blood-whilst the
German in the first instance is everything in
authority except a German.

You little souls don’t care, if, because of your
selfishness, the entire Nations fall’s in rack and
ruin. Your guiding star, will never be; Collectiveness
goes before Individualism, but always the other way
around. And with this guiding star you want to
obstruct an immortal greater? What I wrote in the
first years after the war, is still valid in 1957 and
confirms the correctness of my believes and

Paula Hitler, Berchtesgarden 1 May 1957-Translated
from the German version at By Hans
Mohr 2004

Paula Hitler

die Schwester Adolf Hitlers, schrieb diese Zeilen
wenige Jahre nach Kriegsende.

Ihr Herren – vergeßt nur eines nicht! Euer Name wird
längst mir Eurem Leichnam zerfallen – vergessen und
vermodert sein – während der Name Adolf Hitler immer
noch leuchten und lodern wird! Ihr könnt ihn nicht
umbringen mit Euren Jauchekübeln, ihn nicht erwürgen
mit Euren tintenbeklecksten, schmierigen Fingern –
seinen Namen nicht auslöschen aus hunderttausend
Seelen – dazu seid Ihr selbst viel, aber auch schon
viel zu klein!

Wo er geliebt hat… geschah es um Deutschland. Wo er
gebangt hat… geschah es um Deutschland. Wo er
gefehlt hat, geschah es auch um Deutschland und wenn
er stritt für Ehre und Ansehen, war es deutsche Ehre
und Ansehen – und als ihm auf dieser Welt nichts mehr
geblieben war als das Leben – gab er es für
Deutschland hin. Und was gabt Ihr bisher? Und wer von
Euch wollte sein Leben für Deutschland geben? Ihr habt
immer nur die Macht und den Reichtum, den Genuß, den
Fraß und die Völlerei – ein herrliches Leben ohne
Verantwortung vor Augen gehabt, wenn Ihr an
Deutschland gedacht habt!

Verlaßt Euch darauf, meine Herren, – schon allein das
reine selbstlose Denken und Handeln des Führers genügt
für die Unsterblichkeit ! Daß seinem fanatischen
Ringen um Deutschlands Größe nicht der Erfolg
beschieden war, wie zum Beispiel einem Cromwell
einstens in Britannien – auch das liegt vielleicht in
der Mentalität begründet, weil der Brite bei allem
Hang zur Eitelkeit, zu Neid und Mißgunst und zur
Rücksichtslosigkeit – dennoch nicht vergißt, Engländer
zu sein und die Treue zu seiner Krone liegt im Blut –
während der Deutsche in seinem Geltungstrieb alles
ist, nur nicht in erster Linie Deutscher.

So liegt Euch nichts daran, Ihr kleinen Seelen, wenn
mit Euch zusammen die ganze Nation in Trümmern geht.
Euer Leitstern wird nie heißen; Gemeinnutz geht vor
Eigennutz, sondern immer umgekehrt. Und mit diesem
Leitstern wollt Ihr die Unsterblichkeit eines Größeren

Was ich in den ersten Nachkriegsjahren niederschrieb,
hat seine Gültigkeit behalten auch im Jahre 1957 und
bestätigt die Richtigkeit meiner Überzeugung.”

(Paula Hitler, Berchtesgaden, 1. Mai 1957)





The Five Morons



As Things Fall Apart, Lie and Lie Again

Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself

Paul Craig Roberts, (a right wing conservative,
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan
administration, Associate Editor of the Wall Street
Journal editorial page, and Contributing Editor of
National Review.)

Suppose you are the party responsible for invading a
country under totally false pretences.  Suppose you
had totally unrealistic expectations about the
consequences of your gratuitous aggression.

What do you do when, instead of being greeted with
flowers, you find your army is tied down by insurgents
and you have no face-saving way to get out of the
morass?  If you are the moronic Bush administration,
you blame someone else.

Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Cheney and Bush blame Syria
and Iran for the troubles they brought upon
themselves.  The Iraqi insurgency, say the Five
Morons, is the fault of Syria and Iran.

“Partly it’s[the insurgency, a function of what the
Syrians and the Iranians are doing.”  That s Rumsfeld
excusing his dismal failures in Iraq.

You see, the facts that

–      the US invaded Iraq on false pretences

–      killed and maimed tens of thousands of Iraqis

–      shot down women and children in the streets

–      blew up Iraqis’ homes, hospitals and mosques

–      cut Iraqis off from vital services such as
water and electricity

–      destroyed the institutions of civil society

–      left half the population without means of

–      filled Saddam s prisons with people picked up
off the streets and then tortured and humiliated them
for fun and games are not facts that explain why there
is an insurgency.  These facts are just descriptions
of collateral damage associated with America “bringing
democracy to Iraq.”

The insurgency, according to the Five Morons, is
because Iraq and Iran won’t close their borders, thus
letting in “terrorists” who are responsible for the
insurgency.  Some might think that this accusation is
an example of the pot calling the kettle black, coming
as it does from the US, a country that has not only
proven itself incapable of closing its own borders but
also has demonstrated no respect whatsoever for the
borders of other countries.

The Bush administration, which already held the world
record as the most deluded government in history, has
now taken denial to unprecedented highs by blaming
Syria and Iran for its “Iraqi problem.”  Why didn’t
Americans realize that it is dangerous to put a
buffoon in charge of the US government who hasn’t a
clue about the world around him, what he is doing, or
the consequences of his actions?

Why is Secretary of State Rice trying to set Iran up
for UN sanctions — which the US can manipulate to
justify invading another Muslim country — when the
US has proven to the world that it cannot occupy
Baghdad, much less Iraq?

Are Iran and Syria going to quake in their boots after
witnessing the success of a few thousand insurgents in
tying down 8 US divisions?  The bulk of the US force
in Iraq is engaged in protecting its own bases and
supply lines. It was all the generals could do to
scrape up 10,000 Marines for their pointless assault
on Fallujah.

What is the point of the Bush administration’s
bellicosity when it has been conclusively demonstrated
that the US has insufficient troops to successfully
occupy Iraq, much less Syria and Iran?  The American
people should be scared to death that they have put in
power such deluded people.

Are Americans going to fall for the same set of WMD
lies a second time? Are Americans going to deliver up
their sons, and perhaps daughters as well, to be
drafted and sent to the Middle East to be killed and
maimed for no American cause?

The US Treasury is empty.  The once “almighty” dollar
is tottering. The US military is stretched to the
breaking point.  Former allies look askance at
America.  Hatred of America has reached an all time

The Bush administration must bring its policies in
line with its means before it leads our country into
greater disaster.  The Bush administration and its
deluded sycophants must stop poking fun at
“reality-based” experts and listen to a reality-based

There is no possibility of the US imposing its will on
the Muslim world. By its behaviour the Bush
administration is confirming Osama bin Laden’s
propaganda and breeding more terrorists.  Much better
to address the causes of Muslim discontent

>> now who s been saying this from day one?

America’s enabling of the Israeli government’s
mistreatment and dispossession of the Palestinians,
and America’s export of “culture” that glorifies the
sexual promiscuity of women.

>> forget that, Paul.  it s gotta be pay-back time to
the arabs, flood them with relief for the 50 year
american tsunami on them!

It does not serve America for Bush to impose Ariel
Sharon’s agenda on the Middle East.  Bush’s insane
policy is producing rising anger that endangers
Israel and America’s puppet governments in Egypt,
Jordan, and Pakistan along with the Saudi regime.
Ironically, this is recognized by Egypt’s Mubarak and
Jordan’s King Abdullah, who was unable to refrain from
pointing out that Bush has managed to create a Shi’ite
crescent from Iran to Lebanon.

What, King Abdullah wonders, will be the next
unintended consequence of the moronic administration
that the American people in their superior wisdom and
virtue have seen fit to empower in Washington.  “If
our aim is to win against terrorism, we can’t afford
more instability in the area,” warned the king prior
to the ill-fated US invasion of Iraq. “It’s the
potential Armageddon of Iraq that worries all of us.”

It should worry Americans, too.






the Euro closed up yesterday at $1.319 to the Euro.
The article by Thomas Friedman below gives some of the
reasons why this is happening:

“The U.S.pulled in 80 percent of total world
savings last year! [largely to finance our
consumption]. “That’s a big reason why some “43
percent of all U.S. Treasury bills, notes and bonds
are now held by foreigners,” Mr. Hormats said. And the
foreign holders of all those bonds are listening to
our debate.
They are listening to a country that is refusing to
raise taxes, and an administration talking about
borrowing an additional $2 trillion so Americans
can invest some of their Social Security money in
stocks. If that happened, it would almost certainly
weaken the dollar, further depreciating the U.S.
Treasury bonds held by all those foreigners.  On
Monday, the Bank of Korea said it planned to diversify
more of its reserves into non-dollar assets, after
years of holding too many low-yielding and
depreciating U.S. government securities. The fear that
this could become a trend sparked a major sell-off
in U.S. equity markets on Tuesday. To calm the
markets, the Koreans said the next day that they had
no intention of selling their dollars. Oh, good. Now
I’m relieved. “These countries don’t have to dump
dollars – they just have to reduce their purchases of
them for the dollar to be severely affected,” Mr.
Hormats noted. “Korea is the fourth-largest holder of
dollar reserves. … You don’t want others to see them
diversifying and say, ‘We’d better do that, too,
so that we’re not the last ones out.’
Remember, the October 1987 stock market crash
began with a currency crisis.”

I had forgotten already how the ’87 crash came






BRUSSELS, Belgium – The recent EU proposal to ban Nazi
symbols might include the USA’s pledge of allegiance.

EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco
Frattini has proposed a  Europe-wide ban on display of
Nazi symbols. A group of European Union lawmakers
called then for a ban on other symbols of oppression,
including the red star and the hammer and sickle.
Another new proposal bans the USA’s pledge of
allegiance to its flag.

“If we decide to ban one, we should decide to ban all
of them,” said Jan Zahradil, a Czech member of the EU

“Most Americans are ignoramuses about their pledge as
a Nazi symbol and that it was the origin of the
straight-arm salute of the Nazis,” a spokesman said.

He added that the ban would not apply in the USA but
only in the EU.

“The ban may not be necessary in that the USA’s pledge
is a bizarre ritual that is already shunned by every
other country. We don’t want it to happen here,” He
said “Or we don’t want it to happen here AGAIN. It
already happened once.”

Even in the USA some action was taken against the
pledge in 1942, but only the salute was changed.

“Many Europeans know more about the USA’s pledge than
does the typical U.S. citizen. That is because U.S.
schools teach propaganda and never show historic
photographs,” said Tomas Corbisier pointing to a web
image search for the “original socialist salute.”

“The only reason the pledge continues in the USA is
because the U.S. government hides the truth,”
Corbisier added.

The USA’s pledge was created by Francis Bellamy, a
self-proclaimed national socialist in the USA and an
advocate of “military socialism.” At that time
government schools in the U.S. imposed segregation by
law and taught racism as official government policy.
It happened for three decades in the USA before the
National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis)
adopted the salute and similar behavior.

In the past, U.S. schools expelled and jailed people
who refused to pledge until the U.S. supreme court
enjoined the punishments. “But there are many people
who disagree with the court decision and there are
many laws in the U.S. that require teachers to try to
lead a daily robotic chant of the pledge in military
formation like Pavlov’s lapdogs of the state,” he












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