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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Another great piece from Professor Robert Faurisson,
as we continue our tribute to his birthday on Tuesday:


Dear Mr Mueller,

Let me wish you a happy birthday. I know I am doing it
in advance but I may not have my computer tomorrow and
I would not like to miss sending you my best wishes
for that day.

And once more, receive my congratulations for your

The Warsaw Ghetto ‘Uprising’
Jewish Insurrection or German Police Operation?
Robert Faurisson

Each year, around April 19, the media and politicians
commemorate what they call the Warsaw ghetto
‘uprising,’ ‘revolt’ or ‘insurrection.’ [1] In
journalistic accounts the affair has taken on
increasingly epic and symbolic proportions. At a
Holocaust ceremony in New York in April 1993, American
Vice President Al Gore declared: ‘The story of the
Warsaw ghetto is sacred text for our time.’ [2] In
fact, this ‘story’ is a legend based only partially on
historical reality.

‘An insurrection never took place.’ [3] This remark is
by Marek Edelman, who was a leader of one of the armed
Jewish groups in the ghetto. He added: ‘We didn’t even
choose the day; the Germans set it by entering the
ghetto to find the last Jews.’ Edelman also stated
that the number of Jews who took up arms never
exceeded 220. (Other estimates of the number of Jewish
ghetto fighters range from several hundred to as many
as 2,000. In any case, no more than a minute portion
of the ghetto population took part in the fighting.)

Edelman’s view has been confirmed by Yitzhak
Zuckerman, another leader of the main Jewish armed
group in the ghetto. Zuckerman has defined the ‘war
aims’ of the Jewish fighters in these words: ‘For us
it was a question of organizing a defense, not an
uprising. In an uprising, the initiative is with the
one rising up. We, we sought only to defend ourselves;
the initiative was entirely on the side of the
Germans.’ [5]

This was no uprising of an entire community to gain
its freedom or to resist deportation. It was, rather,
the reaction of only a relative handful of young Jews
who, seeing German troops penetrate their sanctuary,
first fought back, then on the third day tried
unsuccessfully to flee, and then, finally, surrounded,
put up sustained armed resistance. [6]

The whole thing should more accurately be called a
German police operation rather than an ‘uprising’ or
‘insurrection’ by the Jews of Warsaw. By contrast, a
real uprising was staged in Warsaw, August-October
1944, by the Polish Home Army, commanded by General
‘Bor’ Komorowski. However, the media scarcely notes
this heroic insurrection, which the Soviets allowed
the Germans to crush at their leisure. The Poles
fought with such courage that the Germans permitted
them to surrender with full military honors, treating
them as prisoners of war under the Geneva convention
rather than as terrorist insurgents.

To understand what happened in the Warsaw ghetto in
April-May 1943, it is important to know why the
Germans decided to launch a police operation. In the
city’s ‘Jewish quarter’ or ‘ghetto’ were 36,000
officially registered residents, as well as, in all
probability, more than 20,000 clandestine inhabitants.
[7] The ghetto was, in a sense, a city within a city,
administered by a ‘Jewish Council’ (Judenrat), and a
Jewish police force, which collaborated with the
German occupation authorities, even against Jewish
‘terrorists.’ Many thousands of Jewish workers toiled
in ghetto workshops and factories, supplying products
vital to the German war effort.

Following the first Soviet air attack against central
Warsaw on August 21, 1942, bomb shelters were built,
on German orders, everywhere in the city, including
the ghetto, for the protection of the residents. The
Germans furnished the Jews with the cement and other
necessary materials for these shelters, which legend
has transformed into ‘blockhouses’ and ‘bunkers.’ [8]
So extensive was this ‘network of subterranean refuges
and hiding places’ that, according to one prominent
Holocaust historian, ‘in the end, every Jew in the
ghetto had his own spot in one of the shelters set up
in the central part of the ghetto.’ [9]

Small armed Jewish groups, numbering no more than 220
persons, were active. The most important of these was
the ‘Jewish Combat Organization’ (JCO), whose members
were mostly young men in their twenties. Its ‘general
directives for combat’ specified ‘acts of terror’
against the Jewish police, the Jewish Council, and the
Werkschutz (protection service for the factories and
workshops). This JCO directive stated specifically:
‘The general staff works out the central plan of
action — sabotage and terror — directed against the
enemy.’ [10]

Accordingly, these ‘fighters’ or ‘terrorists’ used
‘sabotage and terror’ to shake down Jewish ghetto
police, Jewish Council officials, and workshop guards.
[11] The ‘terrorists’ also profited from the ghetto’s
intensive industrial and commercial life, shaking down
merchants and other residents by threat and blackmail,
even holding them prisoner in their homes for ransom.
They were able to buy weapons from soldiers stationed
in Warsaw, who, like troops stationed elsewhere well
behind the front lines, often served in patchwork
units, ill-trained and poorly motivated. The ghetto
‘terrorists’ even carried out murderous attacks
against German troops and Jewish collaborators.

The ghetto became increasingly insecure. Because of
this, the Polish population became more and more
hostile to its existence, while the Germans, for their
part, feared that it could become a threat to the
city’s important role as a rail nexus in the war
economy and as a hub for transport of troops to the
Eastern front. Himmler therefore decided to relocate
the Jewish population, along with the workshops and
factories, to the Lublin region, and to raze the
ghetto, replacing it with a park. At first the Germans
tried to convince the Jews to voluntarily accept
relocation. But the ‘terrorists’ refused to accept
this, aware that such a transfer would mean for them
losing, simultaneously, their financial base as well
as their freedom of movement. They devoted all their
efforts to opposing this, until on April 19, 1943, a
police operation to forcibly evacuate the remaining
Jews was begun on Himmler’s order.

At 6:00 a.m. that morning, troops under the command of
SS Colonel Ferdinand von Sammern-Frankenegg entered
the ghetto, supported by a single tracked vehicle
(captured during the invasion of France) and two
armored cars. Initially the ‘terrorists’ or guerrillas
offered stiff resistance, wounding 16 German SS men,
six Ukrainians (so-called ‘Askaris’), and two Polish
policemen. One Polish policeman was killed. [12]

Himmler, eager to minimize casualties, was angered.
That same morning, he relieved von Sammern-Frankenegg
of command and replaced him with SS General Jürgen
Stroop. Stroop, ordered to carry out the operation
slowly to minimize casualties, did so in the following
manner: each morning, the troops would enter the
ghetto, clear buildings of their residents and use
smoke candles (not poison gas) to drive out the Jews
hiding in the air-raid shelters; the buildings were
destroyed as they were evacuated. Each evening the
troops sealed the ghetto so that nobody could escape
during the night.

Skirmishes lasted from April 19 to May 16, 1943, so
that altogether the operation required 28 days. On the
third day, many of the Jewish armed fighters tried to
escape, most whom where shot or captured. Contrary to
some reports, the German command never called for air
support to destroy the ghetto, and the operation
involved no aerial bombardment.

The number of Jewish dead is unknown. [13] An
often-cited figure of 56,065 is, in fact, the number
of Jews who were apprehended. The great majority of
these were deported, many to the transit camp at
Treblinka from where they were taken to Majdanek
(Lublin). [14] German deaths in the operation totalled
16. (This included one Polish policeman.)

One should not doubt either the courage of the Jewish
resistance in the ghetto or the tragic nature of the
whole affair, with the civilian population trapped in
the cross-fire between various heterogeneous German
units and small groups of Jewish guerrillas scattered
throughout the ghetto. Contrary to some grandiose
propaganda claims, though, what took place was far
from an ‘apocalyptic’ revolt, as one writer has
recently called it, [15] particularly when one is
mindful of the tens of thousands of deaths, civilian
and military, that occurred during those same 28 days,
on battlefields around the globe and in the European
cities bombarded by British and American air forces.



Martin Webster:


The first of these three extracts from the ‘European
Foundation Intelligence Digest’  seems to indicate
that Self Hatred is still the only politically correct
hatred allowed to Germans.

However, the second extract indicates that the extent
of German grovelling and self-abasement is not – and
will never be – sufficient to ameliorate the hatred
which the Jews bear for Germans, even unto the
umpteenth generation.

The third extract indicates that it is still a Mortal
Sin in France even to attempt to try to be fair about
the German occupation. Perhaps this lingering post-war
anti-German hatred among the French is prompted by the
degree to which the generality of the French public
“collaborated” with the Germans.

On this topic there was a report (emanating from
France) in the British media earlier this week
asserting that accounts of the French “Resistance”
have been greatly over-blown. The French Resistance
never amounted to more than 6,000 persons at maximum,
which was 0.15 per cent of the then total population!
Some “Resistance”!!

Vastly more Froggies than that claimed membership of
the Resistance immediately AFTER the German troops
were driven out of France and it became the brave
thing to do to round up young French girls who were
known to have had German soldier boy friends and – in
front of film cameras and a jeering crowd – beat them
up, shave their heads then chase them through the
streets for further beatings by the mob.

The various aspects of these reports catch Humankind
in all its splendour. One has to agree with the
sentiments of Internet  commentator Robert Reis: “I
prefer cats”.





The European Foundation, 7 Southwick Mews, London W2

Issue No. 207 – 20th January 2005


‘Die Welt’, 17th January 2005

A march has been held in Magdeburg to commemorate the
60th anniversary of the destruction of the city.  Some
1,000 people attended, and they are described as
“neo-Nazis” in the press.

Speeches attacked “the Allied Holocaust”.  Some 1,500
people participated in a counter-demonstration and
hundreds of police and security services
(Bundesgrenzschutz) were sent to keep the two sides

The bombing of Magdeburg claimed thousands of victims,
41,000 houses, 224 inns, 15 churches, 23 schools and
24 warehouses were destroyed.  90 per cent of the
city’s Baroque old centre lay in ruins by the end.

The Magdeburg demonstration is probably supposed to be
the curtain raiser for a series of such marches to
commemorate the destruction of the other German
cities, which occurred in January and February 1945.

A big march is supposed to be held in Dresden on 13
February. The capital of Saxony was destroyed in
attacks on 13 and 14 February 1945, during which
35,000 people were killed.

The ‘Bild am Sonntag’  published the views of the
British historian, Frederick Taylor, whose book on the
bombing of Dresden was recently published in German.
Taylor justifies the attacks, saying that there were
“good reasons to destroy Dresden”.

By contrast, the German historian, Jörg Friedrich,
whose book on the bombing campaign became a bestseller
when it was published in 2002, says that “Dresden is
the symbol of senseless, excessive force, destruction
for destruction’s sake, with no military purpose”.
Friedrich says the city was “nearly defenceless”.

There were considerable protests against the Magdeburg
march:  the cathedral bell rang every ten minutes in
protest, and people formed a human chain.  Preachers
said that war would not have come to Germany if it had
not gone out from Germany in the first place. Those
who died in the Allied bombing raids were the victims
of “German fascism”.

Magdeburgers followed the neo-Nazi demonstration with
brooms, symbolically sweeping the street clean of “the
brown demon” in their wake.

‘Die Welt’, 18th January 2005

Although it is by no means unprecedented, the
forthcoming state visit by the President of the
Federal Republic of Germany, Horst Köhler, to Israel,
is proving problematic.

He has been invited to address the Knesset and the
Minister of Health, Dabi Naveh, has already announced
that he will boycott the speech. The occasion is the
40th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic
relations between Israel and Germany.

In 2000 Köhler’s predecessor, Johannes Rau, also
addressed the Knesset in Jerusalem. But Naveh has said
that the German language should not be heard in the
Israeli Parliament for as long as there are still
survivors from the Holocaust.

The Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Hemi Doron, whose
grandfather was killed by the Nazis, has also said
that he does not want to attend. “My feet have never
touched German soil and I never buy German products,”
he said. “I cannot bear to hear the German language in
the Parliament of the Jewish people.”

In his 2000 speech, Rau had asked for forgiveness for
what the Germans had done. On that occasion, the
Speaker of the Knesset, Abraham Burg, had said how
difficult it had been to agree to let Rau speak in
German, and Rau made reference to this when he spoke.

Agence France Presse,
12th January 2005
‘Le Monde’, Christiane Chombeau and ‘Le Figaro’,
Olivier Pognon.
Tuesday 18th January 2005

The veteran president of the French National Front,
Jean-Marie Le Pen, has caused uproar in his own party
by saying that the German occupation of France was
“not particularly inhumane”.

Le Pen is now under judicial investigation for this
remark because it could fall under the terms of the
Gayssot law which prohibits anyone from questioning
crimes against humanity. Le Pen said that mistakes
were inevitable in a country as big as France but
that, “there is a lot to say about the massacre at

He was referring, no doubt, to the well-known
revisionist theory that the Resistance had indeed
hidden explosives in the village church where 642
civilians (including 245 women and 207 children) were
burned to death on 10 June 1944.

Le Pen said, “If the Germans had been carrying out
massive executions all over the place, as people
everywhere seem to believe, then there would have been
no need for concentration camps for political

Le Pen also referred to a massacre, which had been
ordered by a German officer who was “mad with
sadness”, after an act of sabotage in the North of
France, but which the Gestapo had prevented.

“There are plenty of anecdotes like this”, he said,
presumably implying that the Gestapo was always
running around trying to protect people.

His remarks have caused considerable irritation within
the ranks of the National Front itself.

While there may be some people in the FN with Nazi
sympathies, and there are certainly some Pétainists
who believe that Marshal Pétain shielded France from
the worst excesses of the Germans, there are also
plenty of résistants and children of résistants in the
FN, such as Marie-France Stirbois, who agree with
neither view, and certainly plenty of ordinary
patriots who do not see why anyone would want to play
down the German occupation of their country.

Whatever their political views, FN members agree that
the timing was appalling and that the remarks are
highly inappropriate.  Most FN members want the party
to wield power and not to be thrust into the outer
margins of extremism.

Le Pen blames the magazine ‘Rivarol’ for not sending
him the text of the interview for approval before it
was published.  The journalist at Rivarol, Jérôme
Bourbon, has said that the remarks show that Le Pen,
“with his revisionist theories”, is closer to Bruno
Gollnisch than to his daughter Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen is being increasingly seen as her
father’s most likely successor but it is strongly
believed that she does not share his views on these

Everyone has noticed that Marine Le Pen, who is a
member of the political bureau of the party, attended
neither its first meeting this year nor the
presentation of New Year’s wishes by her father to the

This is being widely understood as a tacit criticism.
Marine Le Pen is determined to “de-demonise” the
National Front, and her father’s words will therefore
be extremely unwelcome for her.

For his part, Le Pen has claimed that he is the victim
of “persecution”. He has clearly been somewhat thrown
by the virulence of the reactions against his

He used the occasion of his New Year wishes to the
press to remind everyone that he was himself a

“After the death of my father, I had a revolver, which
was punishable by death.  I lived through four years
of occupation sharing the privations but also the
hopes for liberation.  600,000 French people died in
the 1939-1945 war.  They have the right to be
remembered faithfully by the generations for whose
liberty they gave their lives. I have always
considered the German army and police to have been
enemy organisations: I judge them severely but while
trying to be just and trying to avoid Manichaeism.”

Le Pen went on to say that the whole thing was been
exploited for political reasons, and that his words
had been taken out of context



Adelaide Institute:


Will this material generate another discussion?

Letters to the Editor, The Advertiser –

Criticism of Israel not anti-Jewish

The Advertiser, 21 January 2005

By Vincent Burke, Unley

I refer to “War of words over museum display”(The
Advertiser, yesterday). There is nothing more
predictable than indignant outrage from the Jewish
lobby whenever there is even the mildest criticism of
Israel and/or equally mild support for Palestine.

We can see the impact of this in the report of the
reaction of our Attorney-General, who opened the
exhibition at the South Australian Museum, which has
so upset Norman Schueler.

Even though he was happy to open the exhibition,
Michael Atkinson prefers to say nothing in response to
this criticism.

When discussing the continuing conflict in the Middle
East, we are forever having to make the same fine
distinctions in relation to Israel which we have had
to make in relation to Northern Ireland.

I am opposed to the use of terror tactics, especially
against innocent civilians, to pursue a nationalist
cause, whether in Ireland or in Palestine and Israel.

I also wish to draw a distinction between being
critical of Israel, which I am and being anti-Jewish,
which I most definitely am not.

Just as the division of Ireland was fundamentally
wrong, so was the imposition of the state of Israel
within the sovereign state of Palestine.

While the latter clearly cannot now be undone, much
more needs to be done to restore sovereignty over
Palestine to the legitimate Palestinian government,
and we should be free to be able to express these
opinions without the fear of being subject to abuse.

Palestinian myths at the museum

The Advertiser, 22 January 2005

By David Kopstein, Fitzroy

Has the South Australian Museum become an outlet for
Palestinian propaganda?

So it would seem. Seduced by a most attractive poster
into the museum’s exhibition on “Palestinian
treasures”,  the unwary visitors is instead subjected
to an outrageous barrage of myths and political

These are cultural “treasures”?  The so-called
cultural exhibit comes from Canberra, sent to us by
the Palestinian “ambassador”, the very same gentleman
who would have us believe that Yasser Arafat was
poisoned by Israel.

Among the myths perpetrated by this purported
“cultural”exhibit: that Palestinians were forced out
of their land in 1948 (why did so many, then, in fact
hundreds of thousands, choose to remain in Israel and
become full citizens, with parliamentary
representation?), that Israel launched not only the
Six-Day War but the 1948 war as well (those of us who
lived through the events know full well the mendacity
of these charges) and that the land of Israel was
brimming with Palestinian Arabs before Zionism began.

In fact, the population of the entire country at the
end of the 19th century was less than half the
population of present-day Adelaide. In fact, most
so-called Palestinians immigrated to the Holy Land
only in the past century, attracted there from other
Arab lands by economic opportunity.

While much of the world suffered under the burden of
the Great Depression, for example, Palestine was
booming because of the boundless energy of a flood of
new immigrants – Jews and Arabs.

Before Zionism, Palestine was but a forsaken province
of a crumbling Ottoman Empire.

Fredrick Töben comments: I have been blacklisted by
The Advertiser editor and so anything I write will
never be published by that paper. Luckily we have the
Internet email service and can get through this
censorship with ease, thereby according myself a right
of reply!

Mr Kopstein fails to pay tribute to the actual
builders of Israel –  the many Templars, those
Swabians who during the 1850s  settled in the Promised
Land, thereby being closer to the Kingdom of God. It
was these Germans who built up Palestine as a
civilized entity that could feed itself and offer an
infrastructure on which the immigrants built their
Israel. The Templars, of course, were also thrown out
of the new Israel after 1948.

View: for picture of



New Order:


On the Greatness of the Aryan

“The Aryan is greatest not in his mental qualities as
such, but in the extent of his willingness to put all
his abilities in the service of the community.  In him
the instinct for self-preservation has reached its
noblest form, since he willingly subordinates his own
ego to the life of the greater whole and, if the hour
demands, even sacrifices it.”

THE BOOK, I:11:/297 (HM edition)

He was—and IS—right!

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

For a handy, pocket-size compendium of His Words, send
$5 to:

NS Publications
PO Box 188
Ottawa Lake MI 49267



Guenther Deckert:


Lieber Herr Müller!

Ich habe mitbekommen, daß Sie morgen ein Jahr “reifer”
werden. Ich übermittle die besten Glückwünsche und
wünsche für das neue Lebensjahr alles Gute, vor allem
Gesundheit und weiteres (politisches) Stehvermögen.

Mit volkstreuem Gruß
Günter Deckert



Horst Mahler:



Typ: Text

Lieber Udo,

jetzt ist der richtige Zeitpunkt, eine
Gesetzesinitiative zur ersatzlosen Streichung des §
130 StGB für den Fall des Einzuges der NPD in den
Bundestag anzukündigen. Wegen der Begründung sollten
wir uns verständigen.

Mit kameradschaftlichen Grüßen
Horst Mahler





German bashing

very well said. Jewish garbage
have a nice day




Chris Borleis:


Global Corporation Monopoly and National Sell-Out.
Today I want to share with you Global Economics. One
has to identify his enemy before preparation for
defense can be commenced. Citicorp is an international
business broker, a subsidiary of Rockefeller’s city
bank cartel. Their agents are all over the world
buying up profitable enterprises.
Today I received an invitation to sell my
(not-existing) business and following is a copy of
Citicorp’s letter to me:
“We can sell your business or property. The
We at CITICORP pride ourselves on our unique system of
selling businesses at the best possible price, which
has made us one of Australia’s leaders in the field of
business sales.
More and more overseas families are buying businesses
throughout Australia due to the Australian Federal
Government Business Skills Migration Scheme. With this
in mind we are presently focusing on New South Wales
with our proven successful marketing and sales
To find out how you can access this huge market and
offer your business for consideration phone us now
toll free on 1300 550 160. One of our friendly and
efficient staff will be happy to assist you through
the opening stage.
Guarantees are frequently offered but seldom
fulfilled, however you can be sure that all
information received by Citicorp is held in the
strictest confidence and discretion is paramount. In
addition our first priority is service to our valued
client. Yours faithfully….”
This foreign company achieves through intensive
promotion first option to buy any available profitable
businesses. Being one of the most powerful estate
agents in the world it is not hard to imagine that
anything of value ends up in foreign hands, not to say
in Jewish. If Citicorp is not purchasing the jewels of
the markets for themselves, they would have purchaser
of their own sort waiting for the bargains. Since
national assets have almost sold out to them, now
private assets are on the agenda. All governments are
bankrupt and have been forced to privatize their
national assets if they want to continue to borrow by
World Bank.
Remember, after WWI the democratic leaders sold out
Germany, until the furious Fuehrer brought it all
back, making himself extremely unpopular by the
offended. After the WWII Germany was sold out again
including the Fuehrer’s Volkswagen factory. Thereafter
uncle Sam extinguished the German soul by re-education
programs, de-Nazification and eliminating any
patriotic inclined Germans from the teaching
profession and public service. While Hitler
disqualified aliens from public service the allies
kept the German elite out from public office, what
ever was leftover of them after the war. As in Iraq
today Uncle Sam now buys the national assets for
peanuts, while under Saddam Hussein that was not
Globalism and its economy is just incompatible with
national economy and culture. Globalism is the
ultimate dictatorship, whereby the local people are
deprived of representation in governance. Globalism is
the destroyer of nations, borders and cultures and
ultimately of people. Globalism represents the most
intolerable and vicious and imposing ideology the
world will endure if it succeeds. It goes to the
credit of men like Franco, Peron, Edward VIII,
Mussolini and Hitler, who were well aware of the
danger and aimed to protect us from those leaches like
Citicorp. A national ideology is based on servitude
before profit. Uncle Sam does not understand such a
concept, because he is a Nomad, home everywhere and
nowhere. He is a bug, sucking the blood at any
opportunity, thereafter causing an infection. Beware!

Christian Borleis





Of course they say nothing about this at the Royal
military college


Subject: Sandhurst cadets






here is a bit of long overdue recognition: the
language most used in Europe is German with 24%, next
are French, English and Italian with 16% each!


Große Kampagne für Erlernen der deutschen Sprache in

Paris (AFP) – Zum Jahrestag des deutsch-französischen
Freundschaftsvertrages ist in Frankreich eine große
Kampagne für das Erlernen der deutschen Sprache
angelaufen. Wie das Pariser Bildungsministerium am
Dienstag mitteilte, werden in den Schulen landesweit
800.000 Broschüren mit dem Titel “L’allemand,
passeport pour l’Europe” (“Deutsch – ein Pass für
Europa”) verteilt. Die Schüler erfahren, dass Deutsch
mit 24 Prozent Muttersprachlern die am meisten
genutzte Sprache in Europa ist, vor 16 Prozent
französischen und jeweils 16 Prozent englischen und
italienischen Muttersprachlern. Außerdem erinnert die
Broschüre daran, dass Deutschland und Frankreich
füreinander die wichtigsten Handelspartner mit
entsprechenden Karrierechancen sind.



Dr. Leon Bourke:



I just finished reading Goebbels’ article that you
sent to me.
Many thanks. I couldn’t help thinking and making the
comparison between the way he described the situation
in Germany at that time and the REAL situation that
exists here and now in our own country. He, or anyone
else who knows what is going on here, could have
written the same article today!! The tragedy is that
the vast majority of Americans either do not know or
do not want to admit the truth. One of the problems
is, of course, the Fundamentalist Evangelicals who
totally misinterpret the Sacred Scripture. This is
Luther’s legacy. The Israeli Zionists are spying in
the Pentagon and elsewhere with impunity. They are
termites undermining the whole edifice of our
security. Adding insult to injury they turn around and
sell our military secrets to China. How can we turn
this around before it is too late? For those who know
anything about Our Lady of Fatima, this is certainly
the fulfillment of Her prophecy made in 1917!

Leon Bourke





Churchill’s Deception, by Louis C. Kilzer. p161
“Robert Vansittart, Britian’s chief diplomatic
adviser,and a political ally of the new First Lord,
understood this.  Vansittart said that Hitler’s policy
of uniting the German-speaking peoples of Central
Europe was ‘a quite clear and comprehensible program,
but it is quite incompatible with our interests.  We
fought the last war to prevent this’ ”

Happy Birthday – Herr Müller

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, vor allem viel
Gesundheit, wünschen Ihnen von ganzem Herzen Monika
und Familie.
Biehnenstick next to Mohnkuchen is my favorite.
Perhaps after you have celebrated your birthday you
may share the recipe.



Guenther Deckert:


NPD-Orts- und Gebietsverband Weinheim
NPD-Kreisverband Kurpfalz/Rhein-Neckar

–       über G. Deckert – Pf. 100 245, 69442
Weinheim/B., den 21.1.2005


Weinheimer Nachrichten / Herausgeber und Redaktion —
mittels E-Post

(Gemeinsame) Gegendarstellung

WN(-Lokales) v. 18., 19. und 20. Januar 2005

1)      Falsch ist, daß ein Fackelmarsch/-zug (durch
die Innenstadt…) geplant war. — Richtig ist
vielmehr, daß wir, wie in früheren Jahren, am
Bismarck-Denkmal mit einer Abordnung am frühen Abend
zur Erinnerung an die Reichsgründung 1871 ein
Fackelgedenken durchführen wollten.

2)      Falsch ist, daß wochenlang getrommelt worden
sein soll. — Richtig ist indes, daß im NPD-Kalender
auf Bundes- wie Landesebene ein entsprechender Hinweis
zu finden war. – Unter „bundesweitem Trommeln“
verstehen wir was anderes!

3)      Falsch ist, daß die Polizei den ganzen
Dienstag über wegen einer möglichen unangemeldeten
NPD-Aktion mit starken Kräften vertreten war. –
Richtig ist vielmehr, daß wir uns im Gespräch mit
Ordnungsamt wie Polizeieinsatzleitung „geeinigt“
hatten – eine Gegendemo war auch für Dienstag, 18.1.,
„ab 15Uhr bis unbegrenzt“ angemeldet worden -, die
entsprechende Presseerklärung von Stadtverwaltung und
Polizeid-rektion Heidelberg indes NUR verstümmelt und
damit sinnentstellend (Drawitsch) veröffentlicht
worden ist.

4)      Falsch ist, daß die DVU beim letzten
EU-Wahlkampf angetreten war. — Richtig ist vielmehr,
daß nur die NPD auf dem Wahlzettel stand und ihr
Wahlergebnis beachtlich verbessern konnte.

FdR: Günter Deckert – Ex-OStRat, Stadtrat 1976-1999,
Kreisrat 1989-1999; Kandidaturverbot („lex Deckert“
des „Ländle“) endet 2005!!!












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