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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Thank you so much for all of the birthday greetings.
Hans thinks, if I would have printed them all, it
would have been too much self-promotion.

No, I am not allowed to give the e-mail address from
Professor Faurisson. Don’t take it personal, its just
that Europe is monitoring “dissident’s mail” much
closer than the U.S. He will know with this Patriot
Letter that many of you extended birthday greetings.

We continue another day with Prof. Faurisson’s great
work and are closing tomorrow with Dr. Fredrick
Toben’s comments about Prof. Faurisson’s birthday from
last year. Enjoy:


Open Season on Revisionists
Robert Faurisson

[Dr. Faurisson wrote this article some eight months
ago. While some of the legal circumstances have
changed (as the preceding article makes clear), his
description of the continuing persecution of
revisionists in France, Switzerland, and elsewhere in
Europe has lost none of its freshness, acuity, or
defiance. — Editor]

This very day, Serge Thion is being tried in Paris,
while Vincent Reynouard answers a summons to appear
before an examining magistrate in Limoges. I myself
have been notified by Michel Favre, an examining
magistrate in Fribourg (Switzerland), of his finding
that I am guilty of violating Switzerland’s
anti-revisionist law by writing a revisionist article.
He has sentenced me to one month’s imprisonment
without bail. My article had appeared in a booklet
published in August 2000 by the society Vérité et
Justice (CP 355, CH 1618 Châtel Saint Denis,
Switzerland). The society’s three leaders currently
face legal proceedings which will allow them to be
heard in court.

As for me, I received no word whatsoever that I was
being prosecuted. The examining magistrate neither
warned me nor informed me. He didn’t send me a
summons; he didn’t question me. What he did do, if I
may say so, was to convict me by mail. Some will be
astounded by this. They don’t know that when it comes
to suppressing those who anger Jewish or Zionist
organizations, trust, and law, and justice no longer
matter. Those who have been designated “Holocaust
deniers,” “war criminals,” “criminals against
humanity,” or even “Palestinian terrorists” by these
organizations have learned this to their cost.

Our Fribourg judge strikes me as less deceitful than
such French justices as Simone Rozès, Pierre Drai, or
Françoise Simon, who notify me, summon me to appear,
pretend to listen to me, and convict me, no matter
what arguments I make in my defense. Tomorrow, I shall
inform Michel Favre by registered letter that I shall
not appeal his ruling; I am ready to surrender to the
Canton of Fribourg to serve my sentence. Were I naive
enough to challenge his decision before a Swiss court,
I would receive the same treatment as Swiss
revisionists in the past: first, I would be told that
mounting a revisionist defense would violate the law
anew; thus my counsel could only raise legalistic
quibbles, and plead mitigating circumstances; finally,
any witness who testified on the heart of the case,
historical accuracy, would, at the urging of the
prosecution, be charged immediately. I would then be
sentenced to twelve or fifteen months in prison, and
my fines and costs would be considerable. To avail
myself of the protection of my French nationality
doesn’t even bear considering: French authorities, in
their attempts to please the Grand Sanhedrin, would
cooperate with Switzerland against me, as they did
with a Dutch court in my Anne Frank case. Besides, I
no longer have the time, the money, or the strength to
compete in these unwinnable judicial marathons.

In Switzerland as in France, and a good number of
other countries in the world, Jewish organizations
have, through constant pressure, obtained the passage
of special laws providing for the prosecution of those
who don’t believe in the kosher version of the history
of the Second World War, with its genocide of the Jews
and its Nazi gas chambers (not to be confused with the
crematory ovens, the existence and usefulness of
which, in camps ravaged by epidemics, are contested by
no one). The Fabius-Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990,
provides for a prison term of from one month to a
year, a fine of from two to three hundred thousand
francs, and still other penalties against skeptics in
France (it is a violation of this law merely to
express doubt). An identical law has oppressed
Switzerland since 1995. Needless to say, these laws
are insolently labeled “anti-racist” by their authors
and enforcers.

For the reader’s information, I should note here that,
like my other revisionist articles, the piece that
earned me today’s conviction was inspired by the
sixty-word sentence that I uttered during an interview
with Ivan Levaï on the Europe 1 radio network in
December 1980:

The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged
genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical
lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and
financial swindle the main beneficiaries of which are
the state of Israel and international Zionism and
whose main victims are the German people — but not
their leaders — and the Palestinian people in their
In the jargon of our so-called examining judge in the
land of the “glacious Swiss” (Céline: Suisses
glacieux), “a favorable prognosis cannot be posited.”
He means that no penance or repentance can be expected
from me. Here for once is a clear-sighted judge! He
must know that ten physical assaults and a stream of
court convictions, writs of seizure, a recent police
search of my house, banning from my profession,
torrents of slander in the national and foreign press
(particularly Le Monde, the oblique daily) have only
strengthened me in my determination, especially
because, in terms of scientific argumentation, we are
still right where we were on February 21,1979, when a
“historians’ declaration” published in the self-same
newspaper amounted to a declaration that there was no
one who could answer me on the subject of the Nazi gas

I shall continue my revisionist intifada all the way
to prison.

19 June 2001

NB: In Lyon, so virulent has been the campaign that
Jewish organizations are waging against the
Universities of Lyon II and III that the officials of
those institutions, one after another, have groveled
before them, in a display of the most shameful
servility. Thus revisionist scholar Jean Plantin has
been summoned by the president of the University of
Lyon III to reappear before the jury which, eleven
years ago, awarded him the mention “très bien” for his
master’s thesis on Paul Rassinier. The Jewish groups,
and those who follow their lead, are demanding that
the thesis be invalidated — and thus the degree. In
so doing, the president has cited no law, rule, or
administrative regulation. Nothing finer was ever
devised in the Kingdom of the Absurd.

Recently, Jean-Louis Berger lost his right to teach
high school, and Serge Thion was expelled from the
CNRS (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique).


Registered letter addressed to Michel Favre
I was never notified, either by you or any other Swiss
authority of your country, of the initiation of the
proceedings against me. I see that, in the secrecy of
your chambers, without having heard me, you have just
sentenced me to a month in prison without bail and
ordered me to pay 230 Swiss francs in “court costs.”

Your penal order of June 15, 2001, was delivered to me
yesterday, June 19. I am ready to surrender to the
Canton of Fribourg to serve my sentence. You must
inform me as quickly as possible of the place and date
of my incarceration.

I would like, if possible, to see your face.

Robert Faurisson

Vichy, Wednesday, June 20, 2001



From the Adelaide Institute:


“When everyone was naked, they went inside and the
door was closed. One soldier then went up to the roof
of the building with a gasmask on his face. He opened
the lid on these little chimneys and dropped the white
pellets inside.

“The walls of the chamber were very thick, but I could
hear the people screaming. It was in the middle of the
day, and other prisoners were walking by. To prevent
them from hearing, the SS had two motorcycles outside
revved up all the way.


60 years after the liberation of Auschwitz

Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada


Sixty years after smoke from burning Jewish corpses
darkened the sky here, little about this former death
camp’s exterior reveals the horror and scale of the
crimes committed on its grounds.

Without the beaten remnants of human beings in striped
prison rags, the camp’s brick buildings look like the
army barracks they were originally meant to be.

In the Birkenau section, where an estimated 1 million
Jews were murdered, only a dozen of the wooden
dormitories that once covered the vast site still

The gas chamber and crematoria at the terminus of the
train line dissecting the camp are a pile of rubble.

And yet, the first-time visitor passing under the
mocking welcome on Auschwitz’s main gate — Arbeit
Macht Frei (“work makes one free”) — enters as if
passing through the gates of hell.

The Jews herded here were largely ignorant of what
awaited them when they disembarked like cattle from
trains and were “selected” into two groups: those to
be gassed immediately; and those to die of hunger,
disease or exhaustion after being demolished as human

But today’s visitor knows the Jews’ fate.

The sense of doom and shame is oppressive and it hits
long before the shock of seeing the piles of greyish
hair displayed behind glass, part of the many tonnes
shaved from Jewish corpses and sold to make blankets.

Before the piles of suitcases with names scribbled on
them by owners marched naked to gas chambers.

Before the gold teeth pulled from corpses, the baby
clothes, the prosthetic limbs.

It’s the weight of a universal shame that calls
everyone to account.

The very word Auschwitz conjures a hellish narrative
of industrialized slaughter and ferocious
anti-Semitism authored by a modern and “civilized”
Christian state.

On Thursday, delegations from 40 countries, including
Canada, will be reflect on that narrative when they
join survivors in marking the 60th anniversary of the
camp’s “liberation” by Russian troops on Jan. 27,

“The Holocaust is an event that is beyond history: it
is a part of human existence,” says historian Israel
Gutman, an Auschwitz survivor.

“It asks the question: What is the nature of human
beings who were able to murder millions of people,
including women, children and old men?”

Historians say there is a tendency to see the story as
so purely evil and exclusive to Hitler’s Nazis that it
is transformed into a supernatural phenomenon or
historical aberration.

But the cautionary tale the Holocaust evokes finds
_expression in recent conflicts and trends.

It resonated in the 1990s, when an international
community that vowed “never again” stood by in the
face of Rwanda’s genocide and when Serbs herded
Muslims into concentration camps in Bosnia. Equally
revealing is the rise of xenophobic reactions against

“Are the fears many Germans had towards Berlin Jews in
the 1920s so much different to the fears people have
toward Muslim groups right now?” asks Auschwitz expert
Robert-Jan Van Pelt, a cultural history professor at
the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

“There are very obvious differences, but there are
also similarities.”

In Europe, attacks continue on synagogues and Jewish
cemeteries and right-wing populist parties continue
their troubling rise.

There is a renewed awareness of the Nazis’ crimes
against humanity in some quarters, notably Germany,
where a massive Holocaust memorial to the 6 million
murdered Jews was unveiled in Berlin last month close
to the site of Hitler’s bunker.

But there is also great public ignorance — and it’s
more dangerous than the ludicrous but persistent band
of Holocaust deniers.

Nearly half of Britons — 45 per cent — told BBC
pollsters last month they’d never heard of the
Auschwitz extermination camp.

Among women and all those younger than 35, the level
of ignorance rose to a stunning 60 per cent.

These statistics, in a country where rarely a week
goes by without a World War II documentary on
television, might explain why 20-year-old Prince Harry
thought it would be funny to attend a recent costume
party wearing a Nazi swastika.

In staunchly Roman Catholic Poland, site of six of the
main Nazi death camps, Auschwitz survivor Stella
Muller Madej believes most people “don’t want to know
about the past.”

Three million of the 3.5 million Jews in the country
before the war died in ghettos or Nazi camps. Today,
an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 active Jews remain.

Sitting in her sun-filled Krakow apartment,
74-year-old Madej says she remains fearful of another

“I decided never to have children because I’m afraid
they might one day have to go through the same thing,”
says Madej, whose wartime memoirs have been translated
into several languages.

The 150 left in Krakow, near Auschwitz, attend more
funerals than births.

At Remuh Synagogue, founded by the revered Rabbi Moshe
Isserles in the 16th century, worshippers often don’t
have the quorum of 10 people needed for Sabbath prayer

Many Poles resist descriptions of Auschwitz as
primarily an extermination camp for Jews, giving
prominence instead to the 75,000 Poles killed there,
says Krakow priest Adam Boniecki, former editor of the
Vatican’s official newspaper in Rome.

Discussion of the genocide was largely censored in
schools and the media during Poland’s post-war Soviet
regime, says Stefan Wilkanowicz, vice-chair of the
Polish government’s International Council of the
Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, and a Holocaust
curriculum was drafted only two years ago,

But on the other side of the Poland/Holocaust coin,
Wilkanowicz wants Israeli schools to give their
students a more rounded view of his country during
their trips to the camp.

Israeli students tend to travel straight from the
airport to the camp and back, often guarded by Israeli

`What is the nature of human beings who were able to
murder millions of people, including women, children
and old men?’

Israel Gutman, historian and Auschwitz survivor

“They arrive with the idea that Poland is an
anti-Semitic place and they’re afraid to make contact
with people,” Wilkanowicz complains.

What’s certain is that the Holocaust forms a central
part of Israeli identity, in striking contrast to the
collective shame that made the subject taboo until the
1960s, says Israeli historian Tom Segev.

In trying to understand the Holocaust, historians tend
to emphasize separate aspects of the epic tragedy.

Some, like survivor Gutman, stress the anti-Semitic
ideology behind the genocide. Others see the slaughter
more as a symbol of modernity: the extreme result of a
dehumanizing assembly line culture that commits mass
murder as if mass producing widgets.

“The desk killer emerges in the 20th century,” says
Bristol University historian Tim Cole. “Someone who
just does his job without thinking of the results.”

In 1996, Waterloo’s Van Pelt presented a more nuanced
view that initially caused a storm. He co-authored a
book arguing that Auschwitz became the primary camp
for killing Jews by circumstance rather than design.

With colleague Deborah Dwork, he uncovered Nazi
architectural plans for a utopian city at Auschwitz to
be settled by Germans.

The city was to be built by Soviet prisoners-of-war,
whom the Germans considered almost as subhuman as they
considered Jews to be, and the wooden Birkenau dorms
were built to house them in 1941.

In January 1942, around the time German officials
adopted the policy to exterminate Jews, the Soviet
POWs were reassigned to more pressing projects.

Van Pelt says that SS chief Heinrich Himmler, deprived
of his source of labour, decided to use able-bodied
Jews instead, intent on working them to death.

In Slovakia, Van Pelt says, the country’s Catholic
officials insisted the SS also accept Jewish women,
children and elders — and even paid the SS to take

These Jewish families arrived in the spring of 1942
and Himmler, who by then was in charge of the
so-called Final Solution, didn’t hesitate to send
those deemed unfit to work to the gas chamber.

But it wasn’t until July, when the war forced Himmler
to shelve his utopian city project, that he
transformed Auschwitz into a camp whose main purpose
was killing Jews.

The number of crematoriums in Birkenau was increased
from one to four, Van Pelt says.

A consultant to a new BBC documentary on Auschwitz,
Van Pelt argues that the camp’s indirect route to mass
murder makes the scenario all the more frightening —
giving it a more human dimension, one in which
disastrous consequences are the product of competing
intentions and human actions.

Josef Paczynski, a barber at Auschwitz, believes he
witnessed the first mass gassing of Jews.

One day, he noticed 500 prisoners being brought to the
morgue and crematorium complex across the road from
where he was working. “It was all very well
organized,” recalls Paczynski, 85.

“The SS soldiers told the Jewish men to undress and
put their clothes in one place, in the right order,
because once they left the washrooms, it would be
easier to find them.

“When everyone was naked, they went inside and the
door was closed. One soldier then went up to the roof
of the building with a gasmask on his face. He opened
the lid on these little chimneys and dropped the white
pellets inside.

“The walls of the chamber were very thick, but I could
hear the people screaming. It was in the middle of the
day, and other prisoners were walking by. To prevent
them from hearing, the SS had two motorcycles outside
revved up all the way.

“After 15 minutes, the screams started to fade. After
20 minutes, there was silence.”

In the camp’s early days, executions were organized as
entertainment, with SS soldiers and officers gathering
their families to watch hangings and firing squads,
Paczynski says.

“It was like a holiday for them. Mothers used to push
their children to the front so they could get a better

Later, when Jews were being gassed and burned en masse
in the Birkenau section, smoke and the smell of
burning corpses hung like a blanket over Auschwitz. As
fate would have it, Paczynski, a non-Jew and former
Polish soldier, was chosen as the barber for Rudolf
Hoss, the SS camp commander.

A question Paczynski is sometimes asked, one tinged
with accusation, is why he didn’t slice the
commander’s throat.

“Yes, of course I could have,” he says. “But I knew
that not only my family but half the camp would have
been killed in revenge.”

Choice was a rare commodity in the diabolical universe
where “prisoner-functionaries” — floor sweepers, bed
smoothers, interpreters, pot washers and others — were
complicit in keeping the killing machine running.

The work might result in an extra portion of watery
soup or hard bread, which could mean the difference
between life and death.

In Paczynski’s case, it meant working indoors and at
least once being served what he describes as a “very
elegant” meal by Hoss’s maid.

The most insightful chronicler of this “grey zone” of
ambiguous privilege is Italian chemist and writer
Primo Levi, an Auschwitz survivor who committed
suicide in 1987.

“In the space of a few weeks or months, the
deprivations to which they were subjected led them to
a condition of pure survival, a daily struggle against
hunger, cold, fatigue and blows in which the room for
choices (especially moral choices) was reduced to
zero,” Levi wrote in his book, The Drowned and the

More disturbing examples of collaboration were the
Special Squad — prisoners who ran the crematoria.

They had the job of ushering new arrivals into the gas
chambers, collecting the corpses to extract gold teeth
and shave hair, sort and classify the contents of
luggage, transport the bodies to the crematoria, make
sure the ovens worked properly and clean out the

Performing this task at Auschwitz were 700 to 1,000
prisoners, most of them Jews. Levi argued that the
squads’ makeup “represented an attempt to shift onto
others — specifically, the victims — the burden of
guilt, so that they were deprived of even the solace
of innocence.”

The Nazis’ message, Levi wrote, was: “We, the master
race, are your destroyers, but you are no better than
we are; if we so wish, and we do so wish, we can
destroy not only your bodies but also your souls, just
as we have destroyed ours.”

Says Paczynski: “There were cases in Birkenau where
the son led his mother into the gas chamber — yes!
They took all of our morality away.”

It was a world where both victim and executioner were
damned, where life and death rested on chance and
whim. And only the telling, and retelling, of the
story can offer hope of making “never again” a
Additional articles by Sandro Contenta



Chris Borleis:


The Story of Yaakov Markus

Quoted from Maxim Ghilan How Israel Lost Its Soul,
Penguin Books (1974) p179:

‘Yaakov Markus was born in Berlin on 22 November 1927
to a non-Jewish mother named Mathilde Markus and to a
Jewish father. He came to Israel and in the fifties
was drafted to serve in the 1956 Sinai campaign. He
was killed there and buried provisionally at the
Shelah Military Cemetery. Later this cemetery was
abolished and the dead were transferred to other
permanent graves. Yaakov Markus’s bones were to be
interred – as Jewish custom stipulates for Gentile
dead – ‘beyond the pale’, that is, behind a small
stone fence cordoning off a piece of the Haifa
‘In this plot were buried other non-Jewish fighters,
pilots and technicians who lost their lives helping
Israel win her independence in 1948 and preserving it
in the years that followed. Markus’s parents did not
accept the Rabbinate’s ruling. They wanted their son
to be granted the same honor as the rest of his fallen
friends – burial in the Military Cemetery. General
Goren, the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Army – a
visionary racist who wanted the conquest of both banks
of the Jordan, advocated a religious state and tried
to modernize religion for that purpose – was not in
the country. The bereaved parents appealed directly to
the Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, who had to make
a special ruling for them. Markus was finally buried
in the same row as his fallen friends. But so that
‘his bones should not be mingled with theirs’, as
Meshulam Schlesinger, Director of the Military
Cemetery, put it, his grave was set somewhat
apart.’Meshulam Schlesinger officially stated that the
corpse of Yaakov Markus had been circumcised after his
death, to allow it to lie beside the Jewish fighters.
The grisly and macabre atmosphere surrounding the case
has done much to deepen public concern.’
Swedish Pavo Airola, famous nutritionist said that
circumcision is a Jewish (and Arab) ritual, while
Jewish medicals claimed it was a hygienic necessity.
However, when considering the circumcision of the
Yaakov Markus’s corps it is hard to reason a hygiene
necessary. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Another story worth mentioning is that a witty Jewish
defense lawyer in ‘Law and Order’ inspired the court
in the defense of his murder client, who killed a
black man for some hate reasons, that his client
should not been tried as an ordinary criminal in the
common sense, but that racism and anti-Semitism should
be regarded as a mental deficiency and treated
accordingly. The law should be amended and should
regard hate crimes of any sort sufficient to look up
people in mental institutes. (With the exception of
Jews. Ed.)
Just imagine, any one dislikes an eagle nose or
comments on US dollars transferred to Israel find him
in a mental asylum.

Christian Borleis





re the pope and the Jews!

You would think that the Pope, given his age and not
expected to last much longer, would just turn to the
Jews and say “Piss off”.  A parting shot before he
passes on




From Monika:


Subject: NEW MEXICO BORDER: ‘Escalating Violence &
Chaos / Borders…….’

“Hi, all
It appears that illegal aliens are not liking the
little bit of extra enforcement in Arizona, so they
are moving operations.

Next door in New Mexico, established Hispanics [many
of them American for many generations] may not like
the invasion of foreigners. Recall that 47% of
Hispanics voted FOR Prop. 200 in Arizona, and look for
a very broad alliance to combat illegal aliens in New

NM Border: Escalating Violence & Chaos / Borders,
Priorities Blur Along the ‘Wild Frontier’

Los Angeles Times ^ | 1/23/2005 | David Kelly
[[[[ Posted on 01/23/2005 8:14:50 PM PST by ALIPAC

COLUMBUS, N.M. — Frustrated by security crackdowns in
Arizona, thousands of illegal immigrants and drug
traffickers are flooding once-quiet New Mexico, making
it the newest frontier in America’s struggle to
control its southern border. Border Patrol agents who
once caught handfuls of immigrants a day here now
arrest 140 or 150 a night. Armed confrontations are
increasing, high-speed chases have become routine and
officials say they lack the resources to hold the

At the same time, Mexican crime syndicates using
two-way radios and sophisticated cellphones have
American law enforcement under surveillance. “They
will call in our agent locations and spy on us at our
base right here,” said Colby Morgan, an intelligence
officer operating out of the Deming Border Patrol
Station, the largest in the state. “We haven’t seen
that before. They are getting at us from both sides of
the border.”

Palomas, Mexico, just across from Columbus, is a hub
for smuggling cartels that view New Mexico as the
easiest way to move people and drugs into the U.S. And
Deming, about 35 miles north, has become a
distribution point. The cartels’ clout was evident
last year when Palomas authorities tried to arrest a
drug kingpin. Gunmen shot up the police station,
torched the cars and sent eight officers and their
families fleeing to Columbus in search of political

Read Entire Article.Mexico battles (losing control) to
influx of violent gangs.


2 posted on 01/23/2005 8:16:02 PM PST by ALIPAC
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies ]
And our government continues to allow the importation
of criminals, poverty, disease, ignorance and
dependence. This doesn’t say much for GWB’s vision of
America, does it?

3 posted on 01/23/2005 8:38:27 PM PST by janetgreen
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It’s no surprise. Our idiot governor has practically
sent limos to the border to pick the illegals up. He’s
allowing them to get a driver’s license without
needing a Social Security Card. He’s entertained Fox,
other Mexico Politicians and several Mexico
businessmen. He’s been very public about making NM a
friendly state to illegals. I think he’s a pig.
(apologies to all innocent pigs. LOL) Can you tell
that I don’t like him? :)

4 posted on 01/23/2005 8:46:22 PM PST by NRA2BFree (NO
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Palomas, Mexico, just across from Columbus, is a hub
for smuggling cartels that view New Mexico as the
easiest way to move people and drugs into the U.S.Back
in the 80’s there were so many small planes flying
drugs across the border in that area that they were
called the “Columbus Air force”. There was relatively
small numbers of illegal aliens because it was so easy
to get across nearer to major cities. You can get a
general idea of the area at : Columbus airpark!

5 posted on 01/23/2005 9:02:30 PM PST by oldbrowser
(You lost the election………..get over it)
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To: NRA2BFree; oldbrowser
People need to get very serious about this issue. If
the current Governor of NM is an OBL (Open Borders
Lobby) then who is likely to run against him in 2006?
It is never too early to start recruiting and grooming
candidates to run. ALIPAC will be there with
endorsements and contributions to assist when their is
a clear choice between candidates on this issue. We
will be active in all 50 states!

***This year 2004, according to ‘Time’s Magazine’
report, enough illegals will enter the country to fill
22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners or 60 flights every
day for a year. ***

~~President George Bush’s stance on migration numbers
&  forced population growth:  ————->

“It’s a compassionate way to treat people who come to
our country. It recognizes the reality of the world in
which we live,” Bush said during a recent news
conference. “There are some people — there are some
jobs in America that Americans won’t do and others are
willing to do.”– George Bush

“Hell Hath no propaganda like a government on a



Dr. Leon Bourke:



Just a note to wish you a Happy Birthday free of
Zionist hassles at least for a day!
Your recent newsletters have been excellent. This is
what we need, strong, forthright, truthful scholarship
that cannot be contradicted, at lest, by sincere
people who are sincerely looking for truth concerning
the Second World War.

Leon Bourke



From Guenther Deckert for our German Readers:


Betreff: Paulchen Spiegel wird nervös

Trotz NPD-Eklats Skepsis über neuen NPD-Verbotsantrag
Reuters Deutschland – Germany
Berlin (Reuters) – Bundesinnenminister Otto Schily
(SPD) hat sich trotz des NPD-Eklats mit
Holocaust-Vergleichen skeptisch über ein neues
Verbotsverfahren …
Alle Beiträge zu diesem Thema anzeigen

Deutschland diskutiert NPD-Verbot
Kurier – Vienna,Austria
NPD-Abgeordnete hatten im sächsischen Landtag bei
einer Schweigeminute zum Gedenken an die NS-Opfer den
Plenarsaal verlassen und später in Redebeiträgen die

Alle Beiträge zu diesem Thema anzeigen

Hoffen auf ein Nachdenken der NPD-Wähler
Kurier – Vienna,Austria
Nach Einschätzung des CDU-Landtagsabgeordneten Heinz
Eggert wenden sich viele NPD-Sympathisanten nach dem
skandalösen Auftreten der Abgeordneten im Landtag …
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NPD zeigt ihr wahres Gesicht
Kölnische Rundschau – Germany
Wer sich noch Illusionen darüber gemacht hat, wes
Geistes Kind die Extremisten von der NPD sind, der
müsste spätestens nach dem Skandal von Dresden eines

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Hintergrund: Das gescheiterte Verbotsverfahren gegen
die NPD
Der Standard – Vienna,Austria
… Reihe rechtsextremistischer Anschläge in
Deutschland wurde im Sommer 2000 der Ruf nach einem
Verbot der Nationaldemokratischen Partei Deutschlands
(NPD) laut. …
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Diskussion um NPD-Verbot neu entbrannt
Yahoo! Nachrichten – Germany
Frankfurt/Main (AP) Nach dem von der NPD ausgelösten
Eklat im Dresdner Landtag ist die Diskussion über ein
Verbot der rechtsextremistischen Partei neu …
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Märkischer Zeitungsverlag –
… als Biedermänner im Anzug und als angebliche
Anwälte der durch Hartz IV entrechteten schwachen
Glieder der Gesellschaft, haben die NPD-Abgeordneten
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Müntefering appelliert nach NPD-Eklat an alle
Aachener Zeitung – Nordrhein-Westfalen,Germany
Hamburg (dpa) – Nach dem NPD-Eklat im sächsischen
Landtag hat SPD- Chef Franz Müntefering dazu
aufgerufen, die Provokationen der rechtsextremen
Partei nicht …
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Neuer Verbotsantrag gegen NPD offen
OWL-Online – Nordrhein-Westfalen,Germany
Berlin – Bei Spitzenpolitikern von Rot-Grün und Union
überwiegt die Skepsis, ob nach dem NPD-Eklat im
sächsischen Landtag erneut ein Verbot der …
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Paul Spiegel warnt vor möglichen NPD-Erfolgen bei
Reuters Deutschland – Germany
Berlin (Reuters) – Der Zentralrat der Juden in
Deutschland hat nach dem NPD-Eklat in Sachsen vor
Erfolgen rechtsradikaler Parteien auch bei der
Bundestagswahl …



From Alter U. Freier


This just in from England,

FINAL CONFLICT NewsEmail 24th January 2005 Issue 2556

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>England and English society now projects an image of
prostrate, pitiful >helplessness. For half my life, I
clung to the desire to visit England, the >home of my
father’s people, of whom I had reason to be proud.
But, no more.

Dear FC:

I, too, recently returned from a visit to Europe. My
trip was centered in Southern England and London, and
northern France, with a long weekend in Germany. I was
APPALLED at the digusting nature of what once was
“Merry Olde England,” and the cavalier manner in which
France seems totally desirious of bringing Jean
Raspail’s novellic treatment of the ‘muddying of the
waters’ of the race issue in France, to full and
ominous completion.

EVERYWHERE I went, I saw less of Europe and FAR too
much of Africa, the Near East, and INDIA. I was
literally violently sick to my stomach to walk streets
and places with Saint’ names, the Name of the Cross,
and Emblems of Christian Europe, overrun with people
who have NO BUSINESS being there! What horrors have
transpired in twenty years, that I NEVER would have
believed possible!

In short, I saw pagan peoples, STUPID peoples,
disgusting remnants of the pallid dogma of colonial
egalitarianism now replacing the Gospel of
Christendom, teeming on the shores of lands once
consecrated by Bishops, Martyrs, Evangelists, etc. for
‘the white Christ,’ and for Adamic/European MAN. The
lands I thought were immune to the ‘trash culture’
that IS no culture here in the USA, are turning
RAPIDLY into mere catacombs, solely to house the
vermin that have decscended on those shores of the

Some vignettes:

In Chartres, in front of the greatest work of ART and
Piety, French boiz were skateboarding (!) – Loudly and
repeatedly, in the courtyard of a (some say, the
greatest) Shrine of Gothic Christendom! While nearby,
some strumpet of a white French girl was busily
ingesting the tongue of some perpetually-randy
resident of the Niger, whose ‘dreads’ were almost as
disgusting as the ease with which he was virtually
raping the flower of European womanhood!

In Paris, the only word that came to mind (and on the
soles of my shoes more than once!) was ‘merdre.’ The
offensive BROWN effluvient of canine defecation was
visually present in the cocksure, struttin,’
ghetto-wearin’ antics of ‘boiz n the hood’ that could
have been in DC, Chicago, or any other negro-dominated
town in the USA. What was even more disgusting was
that they were speaking FRENCH. Again, some black BUCK
was mawling a not too attractive but otherwise white
Parisian girl on the bus, while their effeminate Male
friend was animatedly rounding out this ‘trio of
diversity.’ And I had to sit next to them – ugh! In
leaving, the ubiquitous ‘pants around the buttcrack’
and the ‘struttin’ of the GHET-TOE was there in ample
measure in the person of this savage. I wanted to
scream, “Do you really want to descend to the depths
of moral and racial depravity, you French WHORE?” But
I knew they were too young, and too indoctrinated to
either understand or care. Besides, I don’t have the
French vocabulary…

Alighting at King’s Cross station (I wanted to go to
Cambridge) I walked one of the longest blocks I have
ever walked, past shop after shop of the IDOLS of
Indian pagan deities, and a street that should have
been in Calcutta, rather than in London! Such a
teeming mass of black once-Aryan humanity, with the
stench of incense to pagan idols, unwashed humanity,
garish colors of tasteless saris and male clothing on
display, and nowhere another Anglo in sight! I
thought, “This is London?” HELL, NO!

Hoping for better, I arrived in Cambridge, only to
feel as though I was on a campus in California, where
over 50% of the students are/were of Asian
derivation!?!? Surely these are not Englishmen?
Refusing vocally then, to pay a “Charge” of 4.50
Pounds to pray in King’s College Chapel, (What cheek!)
I instead found a nearby C of E church open &
deserted, that had been founded in 1450. No one else
ventured into the chapel while I was there to pray for
the soul of Britain, yet students were all around on
the street, and the images of noble education so
redolently portrayed in “Brideshead Revisited” were
gone- gone forever, and it seemed as though the YOUTH
WANT to be ‘pseudo-Bolsheviks’ instead of the cream of
the intellectual crop of England’s future. Returning
to the Shopping area, I curiously saw a “Borders”
bookstore (one chain that is common in the USA) next
to a WSSmith, and ventured in, only to leave in
disgust some ten minutes later, as the tasteless (ALL
YOUNG) workstaff looked as though they had slept in
their clothes the night before, and none of them
seemed to have any idea of what proper hair combing
techniques were, while some ‘jungle music’ offensively
blared out of the radio at every floor, and in every
department, even in children’s and religion! I did buy
some Enid Blyton books for my children, to read to
them of what England ONCE was, however.

Berlin was a slightly brighter spot, in that there
were far fewer “non-Euros” and more “echt Germans.” A
lunch at one of the local restuarants in Berlin I
love, restored my hopes that somewhere in Europe,
there remains a ‘racial concensus,’ but going to the
Opera that night, the neo-pseudo psychological trash
that masquerades as ‘dramatic staging’ made me realize
that there is something fundamentally SICK in the soul
of all Europe, and the attendant lack of race
consciousness, the rise of legitimacy of homosex and
all the other attendant ills of a dying society, were
only corroboration that our task is clear- this
culture must be rooted out, and the perpetrators of
such culture must be removed- forever. When tabloids
make a mess out of Harry wearing a costume, for fear
that ‘someone will be offended’ (Gee, I wonder who?)
while the entire importation of “International
Imperialist non-Culture” (for while it may have
originated in the USA, this ‘youth culture’ is nothing
indigenously American, only as it has Jewish hate, and
black ghetto subversion as it’s two pillars of
non-taste) to once cultural leaders such as Britain,
France, and Germany utters nary a whisper, this shows
that there is no other option- this is a war for the
future of our race, our religion, and our planet. It
is time to get to work!

By the by, I doubt I will EVER visit Europe again. Why
go there, only to find the detrius of MTV and Ghet-toe
trash that I can observe with greater ease and equal
measures of disgust here at home? We have just as hard
(or harder) task in the US!

Fr C

Orthodox Priest













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