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Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Zundel In Germany:

For Zundel updates please visit the above website!

To submit news, information, etc. about Ernst Zundel,
please e-mail

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Finally, we received an e-mail from the publisher that
Dr. Claus Nordbruch’s books shall arrive shortly. As
soon as we get them, we will send them to you a.s.a.p.

They are all sold out! You might want to check with
PZG, who will have them available.

We have heard from Dr. Claus Nordbruch that we are not
the only ones who seemed to be dealing with the bad
service of the post office. Now that is a good reason
to go “postal.”

Speaking of Dr. Claus Nordbruch, he will be in
Sacramento in mid-April and yours truly will host him.
Seating is limited, since it is at my house. So, if
you are interested, please let us know. There are no
costs, only your travel. Dr. Claus Nordbruch will
bring some of his books. For an inside look, please go
on his website at

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Now, as you can imagine, yesterday’s Patriot Letter
generated a flood of mail. As I had predicted,
“un-American” and “go back where you came from” are
just some of the things people expressed. In the
following days, I will give you a little taste of it:

From Prof. Robert Faurisson:


Dear Mr Mueller,

“PAX AMERICANA BELLUM VALET”: American peace means

R. Faurisson


Hans Mohr:


Dear Mr Mueller, at the end of your very informative
article you ask “Did I cover all? Did I miss anything?
If so, let me  know! So, now you know why I don’t
believe American “historians and experts.” Writing
history from reading books – what a concept!” For
years the following “We Anglos” has been circulating
about the Internet.

WE ANGLOS (This oldie was recently discovered.) at
We Anglos are the smartest, most cunning people on
earth. Wherever we have gone, we have created chaos,
but we have always managed to blame others for the
misfortunes we have visited upon them.

We came to North America and traded with the Indians
— their land for our firewater. We came to India and
created the divisions by which we conquered the people
of the entire subcontinent. India remains divided and
so conquered by us that we need not even garrison it
today! Where there was only one race to be conquered,
we brought in slaves of other races so that we could
play off one against the other, just as we have done
in North America, the Pacific, the Caribbean and
Africa. Sometimes we even created a `new race’, like
the mulattos or ‘coloreds’ of South Africa. Now we can
blame the Boers for persecuting ‘our’ coloreds and
East Indians.

We Anglos invented the concentration camps and some
27,000 Boer women and children died in those
‘Kitchener-Holiday Resorts’.

The silly Irish we have kicked around for some 800
years; the Scots we brought to their knees, and the
Welsh don’t count. In order to multiply the
possibilities for division and strife in Europe, we
helped create the bastard state of Belgium by taking a
part of Holland and a part of France.

We promised the White Rhodesians ‘protection’, but
handed them over to Black Marxists instead. We tricked
the Arabs into fighting for us in World War I with
promises of freedom and self-government, but we gave
them colonial conquest and Israeli occupation instead.

We Anglos have been the slavemasters and whoremongers,
the dope-peddlers for the world. Although we called
ourselves “the master race” and practiced racial
discrimination, we were never above having ourselves
some ‘fun’ with colored natives the world over.
Because we have honed hypocrisy down to a fine art, we
always expect others to do as we say, not as we do. We
therefore attack White South Africans for honestly
attempting to preserve the sanctity of races through
legal separation or ‘apartheid’. We hate them for
their policy, but we hate them even more for their

Long have we Anglos worked with Bible, gun and bottle
to bring about our conquests, and when ‘lesser beings’
refused to accept the terms of our trade, like the
Chinamen who refused to buy our opium, we blasted
their ports open and invaded their country.

When the Spaniards refused to share their wealth with
us, we pirated it from them. Twice did the Germans
out-compete us for world trade. and twice did we
mercilessly and ruthlessly blast and starve them for
their diligence and productivity.

Although we have started many wars, we have seen to it
that the others were always branded as ‘war
criminals’. We haven’t changed a bit. Although we
schemed and tricked ourselves out of our British
Empire, we show our honest personality traits by
kicking our opponents’ brains out on the soccer field,
as well as in the viewing stands. We are scheming,
clever savages, but we are running out of steam.

Today, we must rub elbows and be nice to the
riff-ruff, our former slaves, if we are to survive to
play more tricks upon the world. We will have to lower
our standards, but even if we have to change our
pigmentation with the help of the Blacks and Asians,
we Anglos will be able to do the world one more bad
turn! Remember the words of our Prime Minister Lord
Palmerston, who said in 1848: “We have no eternal
allies and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests
are eternal and perpetual.”

The Anglo Creed
We always conspire to gain more for less,
But something for nothing is what we like
To gather gold is our moral code
And Our Race we slew for the inner jew.

Just to cheer you up

regards Hans Mohr


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From Egypt:


Avnery on Sharansky

Uri Avnery

Bush’s Guru

An American and a Soviet soldier meet in Berlin in
1945 and get into an argument about which of their
countries is more democratic.

“Why,” the American said, “I can stand in the
middle of Times Square and shout ‘President Truman is
a scoundrel’ and nothing will happen to me!”

“Big deal,” the Russian retorted, “I can stand in
the middle of Red Square and shout ‘Truman is a
scoundrel’ and nothing will happen to me!”

It is perhaps this story that inspired Natan
Sharansky’s theory that the ultimate test of democracy
is that a person can stand in the town square and
denounce his government, without anything happening to
him. True, but rather simplistic, I would  say.
Simplistic enough to catch the imagination of that
other great thinker, George W. Bush.

When Israelis heard for the first time about Bush
citing Sharansky as his guide and mentor, they gasped
in disbelief. Sharansky? Our Sharansky?

To explain this reaction, one has to go back a
little bit. We first heard of Natan Sharansky
(actually Anatoliy Shcharansky, but the name was
simplified and Hebrewized when he came here) as a
“dissident” in the Soviet Union. After attracting
international attention in Moscow, he was arrested by
the KGB and sentenced for treason, in what looked like
a particularly clumsy attempt to silence him. As we
heard it, he was not broken in the hell of the Gulag
but remained a proud fighter for his rights and ideas.
A huge international campaign demanded his release.

In the end the Soviets decided to get rid of him
and exchanged him for a valuable Soviet spy held in
America. The picture of this small but upright figure
crossing the bridge in Berlin has remained imprinted
in our memories.

We waited for his arrival in Israel with bated
breath. Here he was, a great, authentic hero, the man
who had single-handedly defeated the Soviet colossus,
a modern David defying mighty Goliath.

Seeing him in the flesh was an anti-climax. For a
hero, he looked singularly unimpressive. But
appearances mislead, don’t they?

At the airport, Anatoliy, now Natan, was reunited
with his wife, another famous dissident. Since she had
already achieved a certain notoriety in Israel as a
fanatical right-winger and religious extremist, her
connection with the human-rights activist seemed

The real disillusionment, at least for me,
started with the Husseini affair. Some good soul
arranged a meeting between the great dissident and
Feisal Husseini, the leader of the Arab community in
East Jerusalem, a fighter for Palestinian human rights
and a real humanist. Sharansky agreed, but at the last
moment retracted, claiming that he had not known that
Husseini belonged to the PLO. (Which is rather like
not knowing that Bush is an American.)

At the time I wrote an article about him under
the heading “Shafansky”. “Shafan” is Hebrew for
rabbit, the symbol of cowardice.

From then on, the great human rights fighter
gradually became an uncompromising activist against
the human (and any other) rights of the Palestinians
in the occupied territories.

First he established a party of immigrants from
the former Soviet Union, achieved a respectable
election result and joined a coalition headed by the
Labor Party. But after some time his party started
falling apart. He tried to save it by resigning from
the government of Ehud Barak, on the grounds that it
had made too many concessions to the Palestinians over

Finally, in an admission of political bankruptcy,
he joined the Likud. He is now a quite unimportant
member of the government, calling himself grandly
“Minister for Jerusalem”, but serving actually as a
Minister without Portfolio, who has been put, pro
forma, in charge of Jerusalem affairs.

In the meantime, he has suffered some
unpleasantness. Another famous immigrant from Russia
published an extremely critical book about him,
alleging that he had never been a prominent dissident,
but that his importance had been deliberately inflated
by the KGB in order to exchange him for its genuinely
important agent in the American prison. Also, the book
insinuates that his role behind bars was considerably
less heroic than advertised.

Sharansky sued for libel and won, but only after
the indignity of hearing some other prominent former
dissidents testify against him.

Throughout the years, Sharansky – in line with
many “Russian” immigrants – was drifting to the
extreme right. Already as Housing Minister, he had
systematically enlarged the settlements on
expropriated Arab land in the West Bank, trampling on
the human and national rights of the Palestinians. Now
he belongs to the Likud “rebels”, the group of extreme
right-wingers who are trying to undermine Ariel
Sharon’s “disengagement” plan and prevent the
dismantling of settlements.

For years now, he has peddled the idea that peace
with the Arabs is impossible until they become
democratic. In Israel, this was dismissed as just
another propaganda gimmick serving the Israeli
government’s opposition to any peace that would mean
an end to the occupation. Since Sharansky is totally
ignorant of Arab affairs and has probably never had a
serious conversation with an Arab, it is hard for
Israelis to take him seriously. As far as I know,
nobody does, not even among Rightists.

His highly unoriginal contention that
“democracies do not make war against other
democracies” is a perfect alibi for the United States
to attack Iraq, Syria and Iran, which are, after all,
no democracies (while dictatorships like Pakistan and
Turkmenistan remain good friends).

The idea that the teachings of this particular
political philosopher are the guiding star of the
mightiest leader in the world, the commander of the
biggest military machine in history, is rather


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Adelaide Institute:


Giant swastika carved near Berlin airport

By Reuters

BERLIN – Passengers on planes descending into Berlin’s
Tegel airport were greeted by the sight of a huge
swastika scraped out of snow on a frozen lake a few
kilometers from the runway, police said on Tuesday.

The Nazi symbol, which is banned in Germany, was
visible from planes arriving from all over Europe for
most of Monday morning before water police, having
tested the ice thickness, could venture out to erase

Alerted after a pilot told the airport control tower,
police in a squad car sent to the lake failed to see
anything from the shore. A police helicopter later
spotted the 8-by-5 meter swastika and sent the water
police team.

The suspected neo-Nazi stunt recalls an affair five
years ago when a 60-by-60 meter swastika, visible only
from the air, was discovered in a forest 100
kilometers north of Berlin.

A devoted Hitler follower had planted russet-colored
larch trees in 1938 which formed a swastika for a few
weeks each autumn and spring as the leaves changed


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this column may be a little long, but is still worth
reading, especially in light of Ernst’s incarceration.
If there ever was hope for change, hang on, the time
may be coming sooner than we think.


PS. Buchanan mentions Kristol and Krauthammer, both
are Jewish and at the top of the neocon hierarchy.
When these two talk about  “our having acquired the
largest seeming empire in the history of the world,”
they don’t include you or me in “our”, it’s strictly
“them”, the Elders of Zion.

The Stillborn Empire

by Patrick J. Buchanan

Did I miss something? Where did all the “not since
Rome” bombast, talk of America’s “benevolent global
hegemony,” “Pax Americana,” and the New World Order
disappear to? Whatever happened to the “jodhpurs and
pith helmets” crowd?

Just a year ago, in the Irving Kristol Lecture at the
annual AEI (American Enterprise Institute?)
dinner, columnist Charles Krauthammer rhapsodized
about America’s “global dominion” and our having
“acquired the largest seeming empire in the history of
the world.”

We have “overwhelming global power,” said Krauthammer.
We are history’s “designated custodians of the
international system.” When the Soviet Union fell,
“something new was born, something utterly new—a
unipolar world dominated by a single superpower
unchecked by any rival and with decisive reach in
every corner of the globe. This is a staggering new
development in history, not seen since the fall of
Rome. … Even Rome is no model for what America is

Well, reality does have a way of intruding upon one’s
fantasies, and, looking at our world today, it would
seem multipolarism is making quite a comeback.

Castro, though literally on his last legs, yet defies
the Americans and is about to be succeeded as the
leading hemispheric Yankee-baiter by Hugo Chavez, the
Venezuelan ruler who lately defeated a U.S.-backed
recall. Chavez has just ordered Russian-built MIG-29s
and purchased 100,000 AK-47s and, despite U.S.
protests, Moscow appears ready to sell.

And as Chavez finds imitators in the Andean nations,
the Mexican government instructs its citizens in how
best to sneak across the border into the United
States. Would Caesar Augustus have put up with such as
this in mare nostrum?

Our NATO allies, Tony Blair included, are lifting
their embargo on weapons sales to China over the
protests of President Bush. Old Europe remains adamant
in its refusal to send troops to Iraq, as the
Ukrainians and Poles, following the Spanish, quietly
depart the beleaguered nation.

Germany, France, and Britain are negotiating a deal by
which Iran, if she will submit to regular IAEA
inspections, will be permitted to enrich uranium for
nuclear power, be granted security guarantees, and be
brought into the WTO. America opposes the three
allies’ concessions, but there is no NATO support for
U.S. military action. Should Bush exercise that
option, America will be alone in fighting insurgents
from the eastern border of Syria to the western border
of Pakistan. U.S. generals are advising the president
that his legions are already stretched thin.

The Iraqi elections appear to have deposed our client
Allawi and empowered Shia parties with ties to Iran
and Kurds who covet Kirkuk and its oil and look to
ultimate independence.

This has the Turks grumbling as well as the
dispossessed Sunnis, among whom the newly reignited
insurgency first arose. Whatever the neocons’ vision
of Iraq—as strategic base camp for World War IV or
crown jewel of Middle East empire—Americans seem to be
looking for an exit.

As for the Bush Doctrine—no axis-of-evil nation will
be allowed to acquire weapons of mass destruction—it
is being tested by Tehran and defied by Kim Jong Il,
who has crossed every red line Bush has put down and
now claims to have nuclear weapons. America’s
response? Please come back to the six-power talks.

Russia’s Putin is consolidating power in the czarist
tradition, seeking to resurrect Moscow’s old sphere of
influence, and is conducting military exercises
jointly with Beijing.

And openly contemptuous China lectures us on our
failure to rein in our voracious appetite for imports,
which is sending the dollar the way of the peso.
Beijing refuses to pressure North Korea to terminate
its nuclear-weapons program, permits Pyongyang to use
Chinese territory to transship missiles and nuclear
materiel, and spends a goodly slice of its $160
billion trade surplus with America to build up air,
naval, and missile forces for the showdown with

“Unchecked by any rival,” is how Krauthammer described
the new Rome. Yet as one watches the Old Republic
spend herself into bankruptcy, run up trade deficits
that debauch her currency, decline to defend her own
bleeding borders, permit rivals to loot her technology
and cart off her manufacturing plants, America does in
a way resemble Rome. But it is, unfortunately, the
Rome of the late fourth century.

For America 2005, unlike the America we knew not long
ago, has become a newly dependent nation, dependent on
the Gulf for oil to run our economy, on imports for
the necessities of our national life, on Beijing and
Tokyo to buy the bonds to subsidize our self-indulgent

The Kipling of the late Victorian era was speaking of
folks like us when he wrote in his poem “Recessional”:
“For frantic boast and foolish word/Thy Mercy on Thy
People, Lord!”


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Dear Walter, have tried this recipe before and it was
a disaster.  This lady must have left something very
important out of the recipe.  The cookie dough was so
thick, it was extremely  hard to mix even by hand.  I
would write her and ask her what happened, but, the
recipe was forwarded to me before by someone else.  I
sure was disappointed.
I would like to say that I appreciate your Easter
card very much.  You have extremely good taste in
choosing cards.  Wish that I had a source like that.
Care to let me know where you get them? This card as
well as the others you sent me were beautiful and to
be kept as heirlooms of a sort.
Thank you so much, my dear.  I truly appreciate you
and your emails.

Your friend, janet  ny


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New Order:



There once was a man who fought against
Adolf Hitler.

In 1940 he left college to join the U.S. Navy,
so he could fight and kill Germans and help
destroy their Leader.  Starting out as an
ordinary recruit, he rose through the ranks,
eventually becoming a full Navy commander.
Serving in two wars, he won nine decorations.

But when he returned to civilian life, something
didn’t seem quite right.  All the horror stories
and comic-book images of wartime propaganda
just didn’t add up.  The countries he thought
he had gone to war to save­­ hadn’t been saved,
but were now under the most brutal Communist
dictatorship and repression.

He began to ask questions and seek answers.
One day he came upon a book that was to
change his life forever.  He discovered that its
message had been deliberately distorted and
that he,­­ like millions of his fellow countrymen,­­
had been lied to and tricked.  That book was
written by the greatest anti-Communist of all

At the same time, he found out who Hitler’s
enemies were­­and why.  Far from being the evil
and inhuman monster portrayed by Hollywood
propaganda, he discovered someone who was,
in fact, the most noble, honorable and farsighted
figure of modern time.  He decided to become
a part of this man’s Cause.

And so in 1958, standing solemnly before a
beautiful Swastika banner in his Arlington,
Virginia, home, he pledged his life to the very
man he had once fought to destroy.  Now, instead
of fighting against him, he dedicated himself to
fighting for Adolf Hitler and to spreading his
message to white Aryan men and women

The man’s name was—

Today, as we celebrate the 87th anniversary of the
birth of this great National Socialist pioneer, we
invite every upstanding Aryan man and woman
to pay him due honor by becoming part of this
Movement, that great and wonderful Movement
he restored when he raised anew the Banner of
Adolf Hitler’s Cause up out of the ashes of defeat.


For further information on how you can become a part
of the Hitler movement, send $2 for an introductory
packet to:

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227


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Walter F. Mueller
“The truth is back in business”

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