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By Walter F. Mueller

Before I start, let’s hear from Der Spiegel staff
writer and “historian” Michael Sontheimer, who
triggered my commentary:


Germany’s Nazi Past

Why Germans Can Never Escape Hitler’s Shadow

By Michael Sontheimer

SPIEGEL staff writer and historian Michael Sontheimer
reveals his family’s Nazi past and explains why even
his 11-year-old son still has a burden to bear. As the
60th anniversary of Germany’s defeat approaches, he
analyzes the ever-present debate about German guilt,
memory and responsibility that still divides the

Almost 60 years after Nazi Germany’s defeat, Hitler
remains a polemical figure. Germans used to regard May
8, 1945 as the day they were defeated. Now, they view
it as the day they were liberated from Nazi tyranny.
The shift has been slow and is not without pitfalls.
In Berlin, the former seat of Nazi Germany, a scandal
is currently brewing that has nothing to do with
modern Germany and everything to do with the nation’s
Nazi past. The brouhaha is over how May 8, 1945, the
day Nazi Germany capitulated, should be remembered.
Local officials of a wealthy Berlin district just
passed a motion stating that victims of Nazi
oppression are not the only ones who should be
memorialized and honored. Regular German soldiers and
civilians who were killed as well as women who were
raped by the advancing Soviet army, too, should be
remembered, they declared.

The resolution has provoked harsh criticism,
especially after one lawyer and local politician said
that in some matters, he can’t help but agree with one
of the nation’s neo-Nazi parties. Critics charge that
lumping all victims together, and going so far as to
turn war criminals into victims, dangerously blurs the
question of guilt and responsibility for the war.

The message of the debate is clear: For us Germans,
whether we like it or not, the past is always present.
One only has to take a look at a German bookshop these
days. The shelves are overflowing with new
publications on every imaginable aspect of the Nazi
period. Newspapers and TV channels are running dozens
of documentaries on World War II. The conflict cost
about 60 million lives and obviously it still haunts

Every German harbors a family war story

Probably the most important reason for this ongoing
presence of the Nazi past is quite personal. The
former Wehrmacht soldiers who fought in the war are
now almost all in their eighties. Still, almost every
single German family harbors a complicated personal
war history, some more bitter than others.

Part of mine, for instance, is that my Austrian
grandfather committed suicide in the spring of 1945.
He had been a simple tailor, churning out Nazi
uniforms, but never putting one on himself or
fighting. Still, he had been a Nazi party member and
feared revenge from the advancing Soviet troops.

As a teenager in the late 1960s, I stumbled upon a box
of family photos containing a portrait of a handsome,
dark-haired young man in a black jacket with skulls on
the collar, the uniform of Hitler’s elite SS division.
My grandmother revealed to me that the man in the
photo was Willy, her beloved little brother. Willy
joined the illegal Austrian branch of the Nazi party
in the 1930s, and was then imprisoned. He escaped and
went to Germany, where he joined the SS.

He served at the Dachau concentration camp and my
grandmother remembered how he returned home for a
holiday saying he had seen terrible things which he
could not talk about but which made him despise
National Socialism. Willy then volunteered for the
eastern front and was shot in 1941, during the first
week of the Russian campaign.

My wife’s parents tell a harrowing tale of fleeing
from advancing Soviet troops in 1945. They were only
children, but leaving behind their homes and
everything they knew was a traumatic experience that
deeply influenced their personalities and lives. Of
course, we got away lightly compared to the fate of
Jewish-German families, but still, the war lingers in
almost every German home.

What did you do during the war, Grandpa?

In West Germany, the vast majority of Nazi judges,
scientists and bureaucrats simply stayed in office.
When Chancellor Konrad Adenauer was asked in early
1955 if there should be an official event marking the
10th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazis he
answered, tellingly: “You don’t celebrate your

Only in the 1960s, did rebellious teenagers like me
start to question their parents and grandparents: What
were you doing between 1933 and 1945? What did you
know about the killing of the Jews? We did not accept
the collective amnesia regarding the Nazi crimes. We
also refused to buy the popular legend of an evil
demon called Hitler who single-handedly seduced and
betrayed an innocent German people who knew nothing
about the atrocities the Wehrmacht and the SS

In the 1970s, young teachers introduced the Nazi
period into the school curriculum and historians began
more intensely documenting and researching the rise of
the Nazis. The American TV series “Holocaust” also had
a strong impact. Then, on May 8, 1985, President
Richard von Weizsaecker — once a Wehrmacht officer —
gave a historical speech to the German parliament in
which he declared the day the “Deutsche Reich”
submitted to an unconditional capitulation a “Tag der
Befreiung,” a “day of liberation” for Germans.

This was especially resonant considering Weizsaecker’s
own family war story. His father Ernst served as Nazi
deputy foreign secretary and in 1942 signed
deportation orders that sent about 6,000 French Jews
to extermination camps. In his speech, Weizsaecker Jr.
remembered Jews, but also other groups, like Gypsies,
homosexuals, communists and the handicapped, who were
persecuted and killed because they were different or
had dissenting political opinions.

Democracy grows from defeat

Nazi war criminals tried after the war in Nuremberg.
By the 1980s, recognition of Nazi crimes and the
acceptance of the German duty to critically remember
them had finally attained broad consensus. Now it is
commonplace. Just the other day, Wladimir Kaminer, a
Jew from Moscow who came to Berlin 15 years ago and
who is now a German citizen and very successful
writer, told me. “Your defeat in World War II has
helped you build up a true democracy. The Germans are
hopeless now when it comes to anything militaristic
and totalitarian. The Russians, on the other hand,
still can’t even recognize the victims of Stalinism.
That’s because even though he was a dictator, he won
the war against evil Nazi-Germany and you don’t accuse
a winner. That’s why you have a lot more racists and
right-wing extremists in Russia than in Germany.”

Respected British historian Ian Kershaw — who wrote
what I believe is the best Hitler biography —
recently praised the Germans for having done much more
to come to terms with their fascist past than the
Austrians, Italians or Japanese.

This is encouraging to hear, though it does not offer
an excuse to indulge in complacency. In the last few
years, books on the Allied bombing campaign and the
brutal expulsion of Germans from Poland and
Czechoslovakia in 1945 have focused on how Germans
suffered during the war. Leftists have warned that
this shift could lead to a moral levelling and
suppression of the fact that it was Nazi Germany
which, after all, began the war and that their goal
was to enslave Europe and ultimately achieve world

And unfortunately, on the fringes of German society —
particularly in the impoverished former East Germany
— anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism still exist and at the
moment seem to be thriving. Last year, neo-Nazi
parties won parliamentary seats in two German states
and party heads have unabashedly declared their desire
to win federal representation in 2006 elections. It is
hard to understand how such self-declared nationalists
can actually defend Hitler — a fanatic who
transformed Germany into an immoral police state and
ultimately brought the nation to its knees and forced
it to bear decades of occupation. Still, they do and
this shows that even now, the debate on the Nazi
period is not always terribly rational.

And calm rationality is what is desperately needed on
all sides when it comes to confronting Germany’s Nazi
past. Unfortunately, such even-temperedness is often
sorely lacking. Whenever a right-wing extremist
provokes controversy — like last month, when a
prominent Neo-Nazi called the Allied attacks on
Dresden in February 1945 a “Holocaust of bombs” —
German politicians immediately start to moralize in
grand style instead of discussing and analyzing the
historical facts.

The truth is that after the Dresden air attacks, even
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill looked at the
rubble and ordered a review of what he called the
“bombing of German cities simply for the sake of
increasing terror, though under other pretexts”. There
are other good arguments to support the conclusion
that the relentless bombing of German cities did,
indeed, conflict with international law and therefore
can be judged a war crime. Of course, one must not
leave out the bombing attacks perpetrated by the
German Luftwaffe against Guernica, Warsaw, Rotterdam
or Belgrade, which were also war crimes.

But out of fear they might nurture nationalistic ideas
or be misunderstood and criticized by the foreign
media, German politicians continue to evade a detailed
discussion of the historical facts. Instead, they
prefer to loudly lament the popularity of neo-Nazis
who dare to insult Holocaust victims. Again,
emotionalism and moralizing beat out rationalism.

The past is present

As a boy I loved to play in bombed out villas in
Berlin and even today when I look out of my kitchen
window I can still see a house with a bombed-out back
wing where tiles from blasted-out bathrooms still
stick on the wall. This house is certainly an anomaly,
as most of Berlin has been rebuilt. But it will take
many more years until all traces of the past
completely disappear.

Meanwhile, my 11-year-old son has started to ask me
about the Nazis. While we were living in London, his
schoolmates sometimes greeted him mockingly with a
“Heil Hitler.” Although he was born almost 50 years
after the “Fuehrer” shot himself in his bunker, he,
too, can’t escape history. That is not something I

The author recently published a photo book called
“Bilder des Zweiten Weltkriegs” (Images of World War
II). It contains rare and never-before-published color
photos from World War II. The book has not been
translated into Englih, but the photos offer a chance
to see how the camera became a weapon and de facto
historian of World War II.


Let me use one of the quotes from Sontheimer that
shall guide my response:

“For us Germans, whether we like it or not, the past
is always present.”

I say, of course, because it is being shoved down our
throats for almost 70 years. It is my opinion that
Sontheimer couldn’t be more wrong with his
assessments. Yes, I agree that every German family has
a story, but it is not a story of guilt. In the
contrary, it is a story of victim hood, terror and
loss. Long suppressed by the tsunami of Jewish lies,
most German families have lost one or two loved ones
during the war.

I really don’t care much for scientific opinion polls.
My opinion poll is the interaction with people who
actually lived through it. I can safely say that today
I have more than 150 relatives left in Germany,
Austria and Italy. All are fed up with what Sontheimer
calls “Hitler’s Shadow.” Because it is truly a dark
shadow created by the Jews.

Sure, as long as the Jews dominated the world, one can
never escape this demonization, the forced-feeding of
distorted history, which – by the way – is even worse
in the US if one considers that the country claims to
be the capitol of freedom and liberty. Somebody once
said that it is really an obsession that the world has
with Adolf Hitler.

The obsession is surely not coming from the German
people. It is the US’ obsession. Consider that the US
has more holocaust temples and holocaust organizations
than all European countries together. Sontheimer’s
headline should have been:

“Why can’t the world stop talking about Hitler?”

Look around, almost every week in the year we are
faced with yet another “new story” about Adolf Hitler,
another remembrance day of the holocaust, and even
simple holidays are used these days to remind the rest
of the world that the Jews are “the super victims.”

It is also quite unfair to even assume that the
Germans can never “escape”. Of course not, with the
world’s propaganda machine in the hands of the
traditional enemies. It is this propaganda machine
that forces not just the Germans, but also the entire
world, to believe the holocaust story.

This propaganda machine works all year round. In
Germany, the people await the grand opening of the
world’s largest temple to the holocaust. Law prohibits
any discussion or revision of this history.

If the Germans could talk about the truth today, they
would talk about Adolf Hitler as a great statesman.
They remember the Fuehrer for the great things he
brought to his people.

Stop the propaganda and you will see the great escape.
I am pretty sure that Sontheimer got it all wrong.



From M:


Communist Takeover Began Long Ago
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
March 13, 2005

Last week I wrote that KGB generals have been given
important positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security,
run by Lenin look-alike, Zionist Michael Chertoff.

I described this development as the “stealth Communist
takeover of the USA.
How better do it than when everyone is thinking
Muslims, and our elected officials are too corrupt and
compromised to protect us?”

We don’t recognize what has taken place because we
think Communism is an idealistic but discredited
working class experiment, tried mainly in Russia and

This misconception has duped millions of unsuspecting
socialists and liberals including myself. As recently
as five years ago, I was singing the praises of
Canadian Maoist dupe Dr. Norman Bethune to my English
literature class.

The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness
the working class to their program of a comprehensive
world dictatorship (now known as “globalization.”) The
Illuminati and Communists are Masonic secret societies
that celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776 and
share the same satanic symbols.

The program took a giant step in 1913 when these
Luciferian London-based bankers gained control over
America’s finances through the passage of the Federal
Reserve Act. This gave them means and incentive to
step up their covert war against humanity. The two
World Wars were the immediate result.

Communism is a satanic movement devoted to human
degradation and tyranny, not public ownership and
social justice. Of course, no one would support it if
they knew the truth.


Many high-ranking former-Communists have risked their
lives to alert their fellow Americans. One is Bella
Dodd whose shocking book “School of Darkness” I
reviewed two years ago.

She describes how Communists morph into liberals,
feminists and socialists, and myriad front groups
(identifiable by the words “international” and
“peace”) to divide and subvert society.

In “Return to My Father’s House” (1972), Maurice
Malkin provides more revelations. He was a leader of
the American Communist Party (CPUSA) in the 1920′ s
and 30’s, and part of the Soviet secret service (GPU).
When he left the CPUSA, he testified before Congress
and suffered a stabbing attack as a result.

Malkin, a Jew, had been involved in the Bolshevik
underground in Russia. His older brother Joseph, a
devoted Marxist later killed by Stalin, taught him
that by overthrowing the Czar, workers could
“eliminate all injustices and create a heaven on
earth.” All problems were due to the “class war:”

“The capitalist bourgeoisie owned everything yet the
working class did all the work. The mission of the
working class was to take through violence what
rightly belonged to them…[Only Marxism] could
relieve the human race of brutality, discrimination
[i.e. anti Semitism] and injustice, of hunger, poverty
and the drudgery that filled the lives of ordinary
working people everywhere.” (27-29)

Malkin immigrated to New York and took this bogus
religion of a workers’ heaven on earth with him. Lev
Bronstein (Leon Trotsky), a close family friend taught
him “bullets, not ballots would liberate the workers.”

His brother Joseph was one of the 150-175 mostly
Jewish radicals who left for Russia with Trotsky in
1917 aboard the S.S. Christiansfjord. Banker Jacob
Schiff bankrolled them.

The ship was stopped in Halifax and the occupants
interned. Despite (or because of) Trotsky’s public
declaration that they “were going home to Russia to
dig the grave of capitalism,” Woodrow Wilson
intervened on their behalf. Rothschild agent Edward
House controlled Wilson.

The Illuminati bankers despise capitalism because it
involves competition and market forces. It allows
other people the opportunity to prosper. They favor
monopoly or state capitalism and the abolition of
private property because then they own or control
everything. Of course, this is disguised as “public


Thus, for most of the last century the United States
has tolerated the legal existence of a party openly
dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US
government and the enslavement of its people.

This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a
hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial
and military espionage, trained guerrilla units on
American soil, forcibly took over unions, raiding
their treasuries and controlled whole industries. It
slandered, harassed and killed opponents; bribed
police and judges and infiltrated the military.

Yet all the while our highest elected officials
defended it as a harmless idealistic enterprise. “Some
of my best friends are Communists,” FDR famously said.

Malkin reports that Adlai Stephenson (as Assistant
Navy Secretary) sabotaged efforts to curtail Communist
activities. In 1956, Eisenhower “liquidated all
anti-subversive sections in the Immigration Dept and
halted deportation and prosecution of known alien
Communists. [He] stopped prosecutions of Communists
under the Smith Act, giving the Party a chance to
regroup and organize new mass fronts.” (191)

The Liberal media marginalized and ridiculed as “right
wing fanatics” people who warned of the Communist
threat. To this day, people don’t accept that the
Rosenberg’s were indeed Russian spies. The House
Un-American Activities Committee is portrayed as a
“witch hunt.”

Communism is nothing but a sugarcoated goon squad for
the Illuminati bankers. Malkin reports that the CPUSA
even had a formal alliance with the mafia, another
Masonic sect.

Moscow provided the Mafia with heroin to sell in the
USA. The Mafia “lent” money to the Communist Party,
provided muscle for taking over the labor movement,
and disposed of enemies and members who woke up. (One
Communist leader, Juliet Stuart Poyntz, was kidnapped,
killed at sea and thrown overboard.) The Mafia also
distributed counterfeit US dollars printed in Moscow.

Following Stalin’s example, American Communists robbed
banks, calling it “expropriation.” In his book, “Left
Wing Communism” (Vol. 30) Lenin counselled:
“Communists are to be ready to cheat, lie, perjure and
do everything possible to gain their ends.” Thus, when
evidence of their skulduggery surfaced, it was little
matter to denounce it as a “forgery” and smear the

The Communist Party infiltrated the Negro Civil Rights
movement and got Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther
King to work with their Moscow-trained Negro
mercenaries. W.E.B. BuBois and Ralph Bunche were among
their “Black” front men but they hardly had any Black
followers. American Negroes were too patriotic.

“The Reds realized that the only way to weaken our
country is by dividing it through anarchy and chaos,”
Malkin writes.

They had more luck with women. The Communist attitude
to women is instructive since second-wave feminism is
Communist in origin. Feminism is recycled “class war”
adjusted for gender.

Young female members were used on the waterfront to
recruit sailors and longshoremen and bring them to
party functions. “Girls would always be found in the
Communist summer camps doing the party’s bidding plus
offering a little enjoyment on the side. The Party
believes that the only laws and morals are Communist
morals. ….Communists do not believe in family
institutions or morals so everything is free.” (239)

The Communists had a department dedicated to “the
destruction of the morale of the American people by
undermining their faith in their moral and social
patterns.” (71) You can bet that something like this
is behind same-sex marriage.


When Hitler and Stalin made a pact in 1939, Malkin
realized there was little difference between the two
and quit the Party. He devoted the rest of his life to
defending American institutions, working for the U.S.
Dept. of Justice from 1948-1956. He realized belatedly
that his religious father’s condemnations of Communism
were correct, hence the title of the book.

Although this book was published in 1972, the
Communist conspiracy is more active than ever.
Conscious and unconscious agents abound especially in
lesbian, feminist, socialist, Zionist and liberal
circles. I have encountered them in academia,
journalism, politics and government.

Once, a lesbian running for the head of the English
Department gave a long speech saying she believed in
“peace.” What did this have to do with English
literature? Apparently literature today is more
concerned with indoctrination. She was elected Chair
of the Department.

The New World Order is full of empty platitudes about
“peace” “tolerance” and “human rights.” But in light
of the NWO’s murderous Communist (and Fascist)
pedigree, these platitudes are no more convincing than
if Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer uttered them.

Western elites (including the intelligentsia) suffer
from a peculiar death wish. We would be slaves already
were it not for the fact that ordinary Americans own
firearms. This, the Internet, and the inherent
self-destructiveness of evil, are my main reasons for





Thetruthisback is a very much growing very informative
WEB site with quite a variety  of  interesting
personalities. Your article “the enemies among us” was
most interesting.

Let this old man have his say: I  wonder who came up
with the  term  “White Supremacist”  I assume the
other side coined this term.

Even Hitler wrote in “Mein Kampf” about  his main
enemy the Jews as a race of superior intelligence, as
far as I remember.

All he wanted was to unite the German people and make
the country independent from capitalistic influence
and dependence to preserve the white mans culture.
Calling a race as supreme  is indeed absolute stupid
and deserves no attention.

The problem with intermarriage is  on an increase, a
“white guy kisses a black girl” is no problem, however
it seems to be very fashionable and growing the other
way around, the huge number of blondes get hooked up
with a very black  fellows.  A trend being more and
more promoted by the mass media in film and
advertisement  introduced by our “friends”. Pure white
mans culture is well on the way of becoming an
endangered  specimen.

I guess that’s  part of the evolution on this planet.
And one day in a probably not so long distant future
the presently growing “New-World-Order”  will also
come down,  will hang themselves on their own rope,
possibly this started already with Bush our “leader”
and the Iraq disaster.

Besides all that, the white men is officially  being
disadvantaged with the “Confirmative Action” law
still in full force.   Government offices are filled
to almost 100% with “minorities”,  the same with most
other public service offices, supermarkets and
shopping centers .

BUT by far the most damaging factor among the white
factions  is the hate and disagreements among
revisionists and any group in  disagreement with the
powers behind and in Washington.

For us, there must be a way for a more civilized
coexistence against a collosal well organized enemy.

To point out another case of  unexplainable  behavior
happened to me a few weeks ago,  when I responded on
the Adelaide-site. With  my  age I can compare and
somewhat evaluate between now and then and mentioned
“the more I got to know what’s going on right now in
this society of degeneration of the German people  the
more I appreciate what Hitler accomplished and
archived in pre-war days”.

Someone from the Adelaide sites wrote a short answer
which said,  “A senile old man managed to get out bed
and managed to write his crap.” May be true, age is
creeping up, but I am bewildered that this Adelaide
writer is allowed to express that kind of a low and
stupid answer.

But that seems to  be the self-destructing character
these days  on our side of the line.

The very true Giants like Ernst Zundel and Rudolf are
fading out or better are being faded out. There is
very little left other then a bunch of  groups
fighting at each other.

I am glad your site as well as the IHR is left in

Concerning the “2-bit ambulance chaser”  Steele,  with
all his possible questionable standpoints,  he
impressed at the meeting in Sacramento, with his sharp
mind and ability to express himself. You did not
participate that meeting  but   I understand now the
reason for that.




From Adelaide Institute:


Irving a supremacist who denies the Holocaust?

Security tightened at synagogues during supremacist
group visit

Advocate staff writer

An extremist white supremacist group trying to boost
support in Louisiana gathered in Baton Rouge over the
weekend, prompting heightened security at the city’s
two Jewish temples.
The West Virginia-based National Alliance hosted a
dinner and book-signing Friday evening for David
Irving, a British historian who denies the Holocaust.

After getting word of the event through the
Anti-Defamation League, the East Baton Rouge Parish
Sheriff’s Office and the Baton Rouge Constable’s
Office put deputies and constables at Beth Shalom
Synagogue, 9111 Jefferson Highway, and B’Nai Israel
Synagogue, 3354 Kleinert Ave.

There were no incidents.

“Given the politics of the group and the particular
fact that there was the author of Holocaust denial
book in town, our office felt that additional security
was appropriate,” Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Greg Phares said
Monday. “The Sheriff’s Office joined the Constable’s
Office in providing additional security at both
temples for the Friday night services.”

Authorities wouldn’t say where the gathering took
place or how many people attended. Louisiana State
Police spokesman Lt. Lawrence McLeary said the dinner
“wasn’t a rally. It was a small group meeting.”

He said State Police and local law enforcement also
conducted “intelligence gathering” about the National
Alliance, although neither the Sheriff’s Office nor
the Baton Rouge Police Department would confirm any
such investigation.

“In the interest of public safety, any time a
controversial group comes around we do intelligence
gathering,” McLeary said. “But there was nothing going
on that required any type of enforcement from our

FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Lee Huss said
the federal agency was not involved because it doesn’t
“target or monitor a group’s activities. Our
investigations deal with individuals based on probable
cause that they’ve committed a crime.”

The National Alliance is one of the largest and most
active white supremacist organizations in the country.
According to its Web site, the alliance’s goal is to
establish a “racially clean area of the earth for the
development of our people … We will do whatever is
necessary to achieve this white living space and to
keep it white.”

In February, the National Alliance made arrangements
for an airplane to fly over the Daytona International
Speedway in Florida during the Daytona 500 carrying a
banner that read, “Love your race,” and advertised the
alliance Web site.

Messages left Monday on the organization’s media
hotline were not returned. Calls to chapters in
Houston, Dallas and Mississippi also were not

Irving gained notoriety in 1977 for his book,
“Hitler’s War,” in which he claimed the Nazi leader
had little knowledge of — and no part in — the Jewish
genocide. He frequently has been quoted as saying
“more women died on the back seat of Edward Kennedy’s
car at Chappaquiddick than ever died in a gas chamber
at Auschwitz.”

The National Alliance has stepped up recruitment
efforts in Louisiana in recent months — holding
meetings and distributing leaflets, said Cathy Glaser,
Anti-Defamation League regional director in New

Louisiana currently is not listed among the organized
chapters on the alliance’s Web site, but Mississippi,
Texas and Arkansas are.

Glaser said the Anti-Defamation League learned of the
Baton Rouge dinner and book-signing through Irving’s
Web site and that “there was some concern at that
point about who would be coming to the event.”

“We’ve seen more and more alliance activity in New
Orleans, Walker and all over Louisiana — a lot of
leaflets,” said Glaser, who coordinates the
Anti-Defamation League in Louisiana, Mississippi and

“I think there’s a real attempt at this point to get
organized in the state,” Glaser said. “It seems like
they’ve really been trying to promote their cause in

Neither Rabbi Martha Bergadine nor Rabbi Barry
Weinstein could be reached Monday for comment.












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