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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Yesterday’s quiz generated 164 responses. The sad
thing, believe it or not, only 6 people got the answer
right. Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun in the bunker of
the Reich’s Chancellery in Berlin on 4/29/1945.

The winner is…………….. Harry Schneider (please
give us your postal address).


Today’s Quiz! The winner will receive an original
postcard of Old Berlin and the National Monument for

The Quiz:

“Eva Braun had two Scottish Terriers. What were their



Free – take one!


That’s the header of two copies of newspapers that
arrived at my house earlier this week. It is a new
publication, published by Alex Linder and his staff,
who also runs

I had it lying there on the kitchen table for a while.
The front looked similar to Community News, as well as
the layout. I was highly suspicious, because in the
past, white nationalist newspapers are heavy into
German bashing by using Swastikas and “Nazi symbols”
to make their point.

If the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” would
have been true, I would have been totally wrong. The
front-page of the publication was absolutely great.
Finally, yesterday, I sat down and read it. And all of
my judgmental attitudes were blown out the window.

As with the website, Mr. Linder’s publication is done
with IQ. A little bit of everything, and still
hard-hitting news for the European-American. Book
reviews, film reviews, and up-to-date comments on news
items. Awesome cartoons and the size of the paper is
just perfect.

My favorite piece was Mr. Linder’s film review of
“Fahrenheit 451.” He doesn’t know that Oskar Werner is
one of my favorite actors, even though I liked his
performance in “The Shoes of the Fisherman” more than
playing “Montag” in Fahrenheit 451.

I always pride myself about the layout of Community
News. No overcrowding and people have it easy to
follow the continuations. If I wouldn’t know better, I
would say Mr. Linder has seen Community News and taken
some pointers (not that I would mind!).

Finally an white publication with IQ!!!


The “Liberation” of the German people.

Mueller’s inside of “Der Deutsche Aderlass”

De. Claus Nordbruch’s book “Der Deutsche Aderlass” is
by far the most comprehensive book written about
Allied war crimes. The book was written for the German
readers, but it is my belief that it should have a
place in everyone’s library.

Here you will find my summary of a small part of what
the book is all about. I translated and interpreted it
to the best of my ability.

Dr. Claus Nordbruch expresses vividly that for a
majority of the German people the end of the war meant
humiliation, terror, torture and death. Many personal
interviews with eyewitnesses give it a chilling
flavor. I’ll bring you some of the horrifying details
of Allied liberation as described in the book.

Wehrmacht Soldier Erich M. remembers the treatment of
the Germans that entire families were nailed to a
table with their tongues. The eyes were gauged out.
Many of them were driven into churches and burned

Another eyewitness account describes the rounding up
of the German men of his village, where they were
stripped naked and the hands bound behind their backs.
They were beaten until unconscious. Then the nose,
tongue, ears and penises were cut off.

During the liberation of the Allies, mass rapes of
German women became a common thing. Games like
targeting women and children was a daily occurrence.

“Prisoners of War” were herded like cattle and loaded
into train wagons, shipped to the U.S. and France.
Another eyewitness recalls: “No food, no water, and
when we arrived, the public spit on us and beat us.”

Dr. Claus Nordbruch doesn’t take any prisoners. From
the Russians to the French, the English and the
Americans, the book describes the violation of basic
human rights by all democratic states.

Iron Cross carrier Oberleutnant Paul Boettcher
describes the animal-like behavior of the Russians in
an East-Prussian hospital: “As the first Russians
entered the hospital on January 30th 1945, their
behavior was that of beasts. From bed to bed, the
Russians shot all wounded German officers and SS
staff. Nurses and girls were raped, sometimes by up to
10 and 20 Russians.”

The behavior of the French military wasn’t any better.
Especially the use of Moroccan units brought
unspeakable terror to the German female population.
Elizabeth B. remembers: “For three days they looted
and raped. Most of these units were under the
leadership of white French officers.”

Germans, who were interned or imprisoned, faced
torture without end. One survivor of these gulags
describes: “The blood ran out of wounds and cold
coffee was poured all over. The guards enjoyed the
screams of the poor soul and shouted: ‘Son of a whore,
German pig, you will die very slowly.'”

The young members of the SS were exposed especially to
unspeakable torture in prison. A hose was forced into
the young men’s mouth and the water turned on. As the
stomach began to fill, the guards stabbed them to

One eyewitness remembers that 280 knife wounds were
sometimes found in the bodies. When cleaning the
floor, ears, eyes, tongue, and cut off penises were
laying around.

Even German POWs endured the horrors of their
captures. Not just the Americans, who starved the
German soldiers to death, the Brits were gruesomely
torturing them before they killed them. Many of the
Wehrmacht soldiers were kids from 14 to 22. Without
food, work became impossible.

Dr. Claus Nordbruch let us not forget the gigantic
ethnic cleansing from East Germany. It began in spring
of 1945. 16.5 million Germans were forced to leave
their homes. 570,000 were kidnapped and sort-of sold
to the highest bidder for slave labor.

For those Germans who were not forced to leave their
homes, life became a nightmare. Like in the United
States of America then, the treatment of ethnic
Germans was the same as the treatment of black people.
Germans were not allowed to use the sidewalk. Film
theaters were forbidden for Germans. Public parks were
closed for Germans.

Forced labor of German people became a lucrative
commodity amongst the Allies. It was estimated – just
in the U.S. alone – forced labor resulted in record
crops. U.S. General Major Lech estimated that German
forced labor in 1945 brought a net profit of $230

What you are just reading is the tip of an iceberg.
Dr. Nordbruch’s book goes much further to today’s
time, where Germans still suffer and still pay. Never
forget, never forgive.

You can order the book right here by following the
steps at the end of this e-mail.


For our German Readers from Horst Mahler:



Michel Friedman erwägt, Deutschland zu verlassen

Der TV-Moderator und frühere Vizepräsident des
Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland, Michel Friedman,
denkt erstmals laut darüber nach, Deutschland zu
verlassen. Grund: der wachsende Antisemitismus.


Michel Friedman kritisiert den wachsenden
Antisemitismus in Deutschland

München – “Es ist in den letzten 40 Jahren eher
schlechter als besser geworden”, sagte Friedman dem
TV-Nachrichtensender N24. Rechtsradikale Parteien wie
die NPD würden legitimiert und in deutsche
Länderparlamente gewählt.

“Ich stelle mir immer öfter die Frage, ob es richtig
war und ist, in diesem Land zu leben”, so Friedman
weiter. Nicht nur der Rechtsradikalismus mache ihm
Sorgen, “sondern auch die schweigende Mehrheit”. Der
Aufstand der Anständigen finde nicht statt. “Ohne
diesen Aufstand der Anständigen wird es keine Zukunft
geben. Deswegen meine tiefe Skepsis.”




From: “Rolf Winkler”
To: “Deutsches Kolleg”
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 11:36 PM
Subject: Einladung

zur Hauptverhandlung, am Freitag, den 4. Februar 2005,
9.00 Uhr ins

Amtsgericht Eisenach
Zimmer 301
Theaterplatz 5
99817 Eisenach

wegen “Volksverhetzung” nach §130 StGB.

“Der Haß gegen die Deutschen ist das Fundament der
europäischen Nachkriegszeit.” Peter Esterhazy –
anläßlich der Verleihung des Friedenspreises des
deutschen Buchhandels. Wie wahr.

Aber was können wir gegen diesen Haß und gegen die
europäische Nachkriegsordnung tun, um beide aufhebend
überwinden zu können?

Wie ich denke, gibt es nur eine Möglichkeit, nämlich
aufdecken, öffentlich und bewußt zu machen, seinen
Wurzeln und Profiteuren in einer geistigen
Auseinandersetzung auf den Grund gehen.

Revisionismus ist die erste Bürgerpflicht – neue
Erkenntnisse durch neue Archivfunde und
Archivöffnungen – zur Überwindung der Ursachen und
Wirkungen der Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts mit dem
Ergebnis der Nürnberger Kriegsschuldlüge.
Schuld begründet Herrschaft, militärische
Unterdrückung heißt “Demokratisierung”.

Erkenntnisse verändern die Welt.
Rolf Winkler



New Order:





Die Toten mahnen zum Widerstand


Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227



Adelaide Institute:


In the concentration camps, IBM’s code for Jews was 8
and its code for Gypsies was 12. General executions
were IBM-coded as 4, death by gas chamber as 6. The
Nazis used these codes to manage and track their
prisoners efficiently.

===

Swiss court ruling opens door for historic Gypsy suit
against IBM



Chris Borleis:


Dear Walter, an old document from the 30’s was sent to
me, of which I convey the essence herewith:

The Foreign Policy Association, New York, provided an
Information Service in the 30’s, which on the October
20, 1930 published a pamphlet containing a debate
between the distinguished German Economic President of
the Reichsbank, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht and the US
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles about the theme
“The Young Plan in Relation to World Economy in
America. The purpose of his visit was to lounge a
discussion to overcome Germany’s grief concerning of
the WWI reparation extortion.
Since I read both Schacht’s autobiographies and other
documents about him I formed a clear picture about him
as a patriot, his sincerity to relief Germany from the
burden of the Versailles Treaty, say dictate, and his
difficulties conquering the evil forces he had to deal
with on the international scene.
However, the controversy about Schacht being a patriot
and at the same times a high member of Freemasonry I
needed to find an explanatory solution to my
suspicious disparity. Since I could not ask him
anymore, but knew that even Hitler respected him when
he appointed him to his cabinet, I concluded that in
order to find entry to the professional hierarchy he
had no other choice than to join the club of the
John Foster Dulles was a member of the American
Commission at the Peace Conference, where he stood out
staunchly in favor of elimination of items from the
Reparation Bill, which more than any other single item
made the Bill absurd and impossible. Mr. Dulles was
overruled, and one result was that the bill assessed
against Germany reached the size of astronomical
Having demonstrated a more reasonable attitude as an
American against his former adversary, he concentrated
in this discussion manly on the reduced figures the
German Reich would be able to pay. However, he was no
match with Schacht, who told Dulles, if the Allies
were going to exchange the deplorable name of
‘reparation’ with a new terminology, that the word
‘reparation’ was like a rose, at least in the sense
that by any name it smells the same.
While Dulles still insisted on the Germany’s capacity
to pay the annual sum of 2 bill. Goldmark, Schacht
repudiated this demand altogether, declaring that the
robbery after the war of goods, private exterior
assets, provinces, colonies paid several times for the
war, a war Germany could hardly be blamed for.
Concerning the French/Belgian occupation of the
Rhineland Schacht had this to say:
…”Can you think of a people which still has some
self-respect, standing for having its most important
industrial area, one-sixth of its total area occupied
by foreign troops fifteen years after the war? I
cannot think of it.
…”I think that the present attitude of our government
is to give the world another chance to talk these
things over without upsetting trade and commerce,
without upsetting the world again, and perhaps they
are right in doing so, and all I can hope for is that
the others will understand it.
In the conclusion of Schacht’s memorandum he gave
following warnings to his audience:
“Ladies and Gentlemen, the last political events in
Germany do not mean that something violent or
revolutionary will happen. They mean simply a form of
protest within the legitimate lines of the
constitution, and I think it is the very advantage of
modern democracy that you can feel the sentiments and
the opinions of a big people from the constitutional
vote and that is what these last elections mean. Even
the Hitlerites, even the radicals of the Right, will
not do anything violent. All they are asking for is
not to become dishonest, not to become forced by
politics into a situation, which would make them loose
their self-respect. They want to maintain their
self-respect, and that is why they gave that warning
to the world.”
Surprising is the declaration of Dulles declaration on
the Allies obligation on disarmament:
“On the subject of disarmament, Germany was disarmed
under a provision of the Treaty of Versailles, which
provides that German disarmament would be the first of
a general disarmament of all nations.
“Germany has been disarmed for nearly eleven years and
during that time not a substantial step toward
disarmament has been made by any of Germany’s
neighbors. There may be good reasons  I am not
discussing that, but only the result which has made it
very easy, within Germany, to make it appear that the
whole thing was a trick, to get Germany disarmed, and
that the other nations have never intended to carry
out their part of the bargain, but intended to
preserve the power at all times of coercing Germany.
“The Allies can scarcely have expected to hand Germany
two issues like that and not see the German
politicians make something out of it. And they did use
them during recent general elections, with a result,
which seems to indicate, at least on the surface, a
recrudescence of bitterly anti-foreign feeling within
Schacht’s humble speech requesting relief of
reparation payments and acceptance of equality amongst
the family of nation went basically on deaf ears.
In 1932, before Hitler ascended to the chancellorship,
a new conference of the League of Nation concerning
arms reduction failed because of French opposition.
Adolf Hitler in his Speech 1934 declared before the
world that he had quit Germany’s membership of the
League of Nation in protest of the betrayal of the
League, which had failed in enforcing the promised
general reduction of armed forces to its members,
while at the same time the imposed military weakness
on Germany was unacceptable.
He also communicated to his overseas opponent that
without the backing of an equivalent Armed Forces
Germany had no corresponding weight on the conference
table. A plebiscite was held in Germany and the people
confirmed the withdrawal from the League of Nation.
Hitler secured his first political victory. And Dr.
Hjalmar Schacht became his Finance Minister, while
maintaining his position as president of the

Christian Borleis



From Donnalee:


by J. Belling

Irma Grese was only 21 years old when she became a
defendant at the infamous Belsen Trial. Few would have
imagined that the young and beautiful Grese was
capable of committing the crimes of which she was

The testimony from the Belsen Trial indicates that
Miss Grese was an SS Aufseherin, or Overseer, who was
assigned duties along with seven other women to guard
over 20-30 thousand inmates, most of them Hungarian
Jewesses detained at Auschwitz.  Indeed, it was more
for her tenure of service at Auschwitz, rather than
Belsen, for which she was charged and convicted.  The
circumstances of her case clearly indicate that Grese
was simply a victim of malicious gossip and
accusations made by ex-prisoners hell bent on exacting
their ounce of blood from their former guards. Unjust
accusations of this sort are not uncommon within
prisons. However, in our justice system, such
complaints are often not acted upon, as it is only to
be expected that the detained will harbor resentments
against their guards.  This is not to say that
mistreatment in prisons does not occur. Undoubtedly it

In the case of Irma Grese, one should simply reflect
on the fact that it is not easy to manage 20-30,000
inmates.  Auschwitz was a detention center, where
criminals were freely interspersed among those simply
being held in protective custody. As a young woman of
rather slight stature it is only common sense to
assume that as a guard among so many prisoners, Miss
Grese took measures to safeguard her own safety.
it has been reported that she carried a stick with her
and was often escorted by a dog. In correctional
facilities all over the world, such measures are
commonplace among staff members justifiably concerned
with their own safety.  The usual mistake made in
evaluating cases like Irma Grese is that the average
person is more or less unaware that guards at
Auschwitz had every legal right to take measures to
ensure their own safety and to maintain order.

Grese joined the SS in 1942, against the wishes of her
father, and was stationed for a time at Ravensbrueck,
a camp for women.  In 1943 she was transferred to
Auschwitz and stationed in Birkenau. How she actually
came to be a member of the SS is unclear. According to
her testimony, she was sent to work in the camps by
the German Labour Exchange. Obviously the recruiting
and acceptance criteria for female members of the SS
was different from that of males,  although I have
been unable to uncover any guidelines. At any rate,
Grese remained at Auschwitz until January, 1945, after
which she was sent on to Belsen at her own request. If
she had been sent to any other camp, we most likely
would never have even heard of her.

Grese’s duties at Auschwitz varied.  Most of her work
was rather benign, such as sorting through parcels and
overseeing construction projects. However, from May
until December, 1944, Grese was appointed senior
Aufseherin for Compound C which turned out to be the
eventual cause of her undoing.  There she had to
oversee 20-30,000 Hungarian Jewesses, all held in
protective custody. The huge influx of detainees
created problems which were addressed with difficulty
by the relatively young and inexperienced Grese. Most
of the problems centered around the distribution of
food.  The overcrowding also led to sanitation
problems, which Grese was scarcely capable of
handling. The detainees themselves helped to create
many of the problem situations, as at Belsen, where
they urinated and defecated whenever and wherever the
urge struck them. They also filled the latrines and
compound with trash and filth, so much so that the
latrines eventually ceased to function. This would
explain the pervasive stench around Auschwitz and
another reason why it was referred to as Anus Mundi.

Grese was accused of beating prisoners herself or
ordering then to be beaten. Grese herself admitted
that she sometimes struck prisoners with a cellophane
whip and gave orders that anyone caught stealing from
the kitchens was to be beaten. While this seems harsh,
one should bear in mind that the prisoners who stole
food from the kitchens were actually stealing the food
right out of the mouths of fellow prisoners at a time
when food itself was scarce. Thus their crime of theft
was particularly grievous, and undoubtedly warranted
strict punishment.

As head Aufseherin, Grese was also responsible for
conducting roll call. Often prisoners were compelled
to stand for hours until the roll call was verified as
correct. However, this is common procedure at any
institution and should not particularly concern us
here. Grese was accused of administering vicious
beatings. However, the accusations were never proven.
At Belsen, she was too horrified at the condition of
the sick inmates to even approach them.

Grese’s comments about the alleged gas chambers at
Auschwitz are most interesting.  She never saw a gas
chamber, but remarked that she heard about them from
prisoners.  Other SS staff also seemed to know
nothing about them save what the prisoners rumored.
Thus, when she wrote SB for Sonder Behandlung in her
strength book, she assumed that these people were sent
to the rumored gas chambers.

There is no doubt that Miss Grese struck prisoners,
but there is also no doubt that the prisoners
deliberately exaggerated their alleged mistreatment.
They often embellished each and every little tale and
accusation of beating. Grese’s testimony rings of
truth and candidness, quite alike the testimony of
many of her accusers.  Much ado was made over the
accusation that Grese was always accompanied by a
fierce dog, which she set upon the prisoners for
amusement. Grese denied ever having a dog. In fact,
the matter could have been cleared up by asking the
other Aufseherin who worked with her, but neither the
prosecution nor the defense ever pursued this line of
questioning as they should have.

Though the prosecutor tried his best, it was my
feeling that he failed to connect Irma Grese with any
crimes which would have warranted the imposition of
the death penalty.  He was unable to connect her to
alleged gassings, as well as any individual cases of
murder. The curious thing about the accusations is
that the victims were all anonymous. Not one alleged
victim of murder was ever mentioned by name by any of
the accusors. Of course, that is only because their
accusations were false. Though the prosecutor
attempted to portray Miss Grese in a negative light
after her transfer to Belsen, he failed, IMO. Most of
Miss Grese’s time at Belsen was taken up with
funerals for SS staff members who were also dropping
like flies in the camp due to the typhus epidemic.

Summing up, it is clear that Irma Grese did not
deserve the death penalty, as the prosecution failed
to live up to the burden of proof which would be
required in any impartial court today.  Clearly Miss
Grese was guilty of striking prisoners on occasion,
but this was usually for some offense or infraction of
one sort or another,.  As usual, the professional
witnesses and survivors failed to get their stories
straight and their testimony differed considerably
from their written affidavits.

It was hardly necessary for an allied court to try
Miss Grese on charges of mistreating prisoners in a
detention camp, which was legally instituted by the
legitimate government of Germany.  Such offenses
as beating prisoners could easily have been handled by
the German authorities themselves. However, it WAS
necessary that examples be made in 1945-46.  Thus,
Miss Grese was convicted and sentenced to death.
Neither her youth nor the truth saved her life from
being terminated by some stuffy old English Judge
faithfully fulfilling the orders and expectations of
his own government.  Under the guise of legality, Irma
Grese was lynched.

In EXECUTIONER, his his book of memoirs, the English
hangman Albert Pierrepoint described Irma  Grese’s
last hours on earth with an admiration for her beauty,
her courage, and her dignity he could barely conceal.
He referred to her as a “bonnie lassie” and said she
spent the night before her execution singing “Nazi
songs” with her fellow condemned inmates. She was
hanged the next morning along with two  other German
women, nurses Elisabeth Volkenrath and Juana Bormann.
Irma Grese was led to the gallows first, and
Pierrepoint wrote that as he  slipped the noose around
her neck and pulled the hood down over her face  she
gave him an “enigmatic smile” which haunted him for
the rest of his  life. “She was the bravest prisoner,
man or woman, whom I ever hanged,” he concluded. (From
EXECUTIONER, by Albert Pierrepoint). Woman though she
was, Irma Grese upheld the honor and tradition of the
SS to the last, as much as any decorated veteran of
Stalingrad or Kursk ever did.





Walter, everyone is forgetting the fact that the jews
declared War on Germany in the late 1930’s.  Do you
remember seeing the headlines on the newspapers???

janet ny



Chuck Baldwin:


Freedoms Lost Under G.W. Bush
By Chuck Baldwin
February 1, 2005

Supporters and apologists for President G.W. Bush will
often assail my assertion that the Bush administration
has done more to dismantle constitutional protections
of our liberties than any president in modern memory.
It seems that these people believe that until federal
Storm Troopers knock down the doors of their homes and
drag them off to the gulags, they have lost no
freedoms. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If history is any teacher, it instructs us in the
incremental process that elitists use to implement
their totalitarian agenda. The first step is to use an
incessant, highly orchestrated propaganda. For all
practical purposes, the major media in the United
States is providing that propaganda. At the national
level, there is hardly any investigative journalism
going on. Instead, the national press corps has become
little more than lazy lackeys for the White House.

The second step is to lay the foundation for
totalitarianism by passing legislation that may later
be used against the citizenry. And that is exactly
what the Bush administration has very successfully
accomplished. It very adroitly succeeded where the
Clinton administration failed.

For example, most conservatives would be surprised to
learn that the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland
Security was the brainchild of one William Jefferson
Clinton. However, a recalcitrant Republican Congress
denied Clinton the opportunity to implement these
plans. Of course, with the Republican, G.W. Bush,
serving as President, that same Republican Congress
was all too eager to pass these bills into law.

The third step is to demonize and marginalize anyone
and everyone who opposes the government’s plans and
ambitions. Such opponents are characterized as
“unpatriotic,” “obstructionist,” “uncompassionate,” or
even “ungodly.” Once again, the Bush minions have very
skillfully done just that. Anyone who dares to oppose
or even question Bush must be regarded as
enemies of America or even as enemies of God.

Of course, the last step is to begin using the power
and force of government to physically silence or
remove those who are determined to require such
treatment. And, as Germany’s National Socialists
proved, by the time this happens, there is no one
around who is capable of coming to the assistance of
such people.

For those who are willing to objectively analyze
Bush’s actions and policies, the truth is clearly
seen: this President has systematically put in place
laws, policies, and bureaucracies that can, are, and
will continue to strip the American citizenry of the
constitutional protections of their liberties.

Following are examples of freedoms which President
Bush and his fellow Republicans in Congress have
already expunged (as reported by the Associated

*FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor
religious and political institutions without
suspecting criminal activity to assist terror

*FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-
public immigration hearings, has secretly detained
hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged
bureaucrats to resist public records questions.

*FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute
or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone
that the government subpoenaed information related to
a terror investigation.

monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between
attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans
accused of crimes.

Government may search and seize Americans’ papers and
effects without probable cause to assist terror

may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.

*RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without
being charged or being able to confront witnesses
against them.

These rights have already been lost! Whether
individual Americans have been personally subjected to
the resultant tyranny or not doesn’t change the fact
that they have already lost these freedoms! This fact,
alone, should be enough for any studious
lover-of-liberty to be outraged!

That good men are compliant and unconcerned regarding
G.W. Bush’s propensity to trample constitutional
freedoms bespeaks a great ignorance or a great apathy,
or both!

© Chuck Baldwin


Chuck Baldwin’s commentaries are copyrighted and may
republished, reposted, or emailed providing the person
or organization doing so does not charge for
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