Patriot Letter. Dated 3/2/05.

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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Ernst Zundel’s deportation to Germany has made some
waves. I have contacted numerous friends and activists
in Germany, to form a group that will support Ernst
Zundel once he imprisoned in Germany. Visits,
financial help, and other things are included. I
already received a few responses which were awesome. I
also asked that we be kept informed on what is going
on with Zundel while he is in Germany. As soon as I
know, you will know.

The request for the special issue of Community News on
Ernst Zundel has left us with only 50 copies. If you
still want one, get it as long as they are available.


Now, let’s spend some time with revisionist giant
Prof. Robert Faurisson:


26 February 2005

Five questions to Professor Faurisson (France) from
journalist Hosein Amiri (Iran)

1) As you may be aware, the “Conseil supérieur de
l’audiovisuel” (CSA) has banned the Iranian satellite
television network Sahar from broadcasting in France.
Is this an illegal act, and is it contrary to the
principles of freedom of speech and of the media ?
What is your opinion?

RF: Yes, I am aware of that decision of February 10
and have read the wording of it. It is not an illegal
decision since it is essentially based on two special
laws that we have here in France: one against racism
and anti-Semitism (1972), and the other against
“historical revisionism” (1990), which the Jews call
“denial of the Holocaust”. Both laws are against the
freedom of speech; the second is especially
disgraceful since it is also against the freedom of
historical research. The French Jewish organisations
were instrumental in getting both laws passed —
especially the second one.

2) We are all aware that this government Council
called CSA have accused Sahar of anti-Semitism because
of its broadcast of the series ³Zahra’s Blue Eyes” and
³Al-Shatat”. How do the CSA define the term

RF: The real reason of Sahar’s ban is not the
transmission of those series. They clearly stated that
the reason was the fact that Sahar broadcast a
ten-minute interview with yours truly on February 3.
In that interview I said that there had been no
extermination of the Jews by the Germans during World
War II and that the gas chambers allegedly used to
kill the Jews in the camps (“gas chambers” are not to
be confused with the crematoria) never existed.
The Jews call “anti-Semitic” anyone who, in their
opinion, hates the Jews. I call “anti-Semitic” anyone
that the Jews hate.

3) Given the fact that, as they are broadcast from the
Eutelsat, all inhabitants of Europe, indeed, people
all throughout the world, may view such programmes,
why is that such accusations against them are made
only in France?

RF: I am not sure that such accusations are made only
in France. I suppose that they are made in every
country in which the Jewish power is in control of the
public policy and the media of the country. In France
the Jewish power is fantastic. The CRIF (Conseil
représentatif des institutions juives de France)
holds, in January or February of every year, a dinner
attended by our Premier and, at least, 15 of his
ministers. Each time, the leader of the CRIF will
deliver a speech in which he indicates what our
government must do in the year ahead. That leader will
be very rude and arrogant with our ministers. Usually
the latter will bow, express their thanks and then

4) Why is that the media can accuse all the nations,
ethnic groups or religions — the Germans, the French,
the Italians, the Muslims, the Christians — but not
the Jews and the Zionists?

RF: It has nearly always been the case in the Western
World. Jews have the power. People in general and
governments are afraid of displeasing them. People and
governments also believe, more or less sincerely, that
the Jews suffered so much during World War II that
they deserve very special respect and, accordingly,
enormous privileges.

5) BY THE WAY, it is necessary to call to mind that Mr
Ernst Zündel is another victim of the suppression of
freedom of speech.  This GERMAN-BORN HERO was
kidnapped in the USA two years ago and deported to
Canada where he had previously lived for 40 years. For
two years he has been held near Toronto in solitary
confinement. On February 24, 2005 a single judge
(sitting without a jury and hearing secret witnesses
whom it was impossible for the defence to
cross-examine) decided that this pacifist was a threat
to the national security of Canada, as well as to
international security. In doing so, that judge has
cleared the way for Zundel’s deportation to Germany
where the heroic man may well spend the rest of his
life in prison. How do you evaluate the Jewish power
in its struggle against freedom of speech, considering
that other revisionists like yourself have already
been the victims of such actions on the part of the

RF: Yes indeed, Ernst Zündel is a hero. The only
reason why he has been so persecuted and why, as we
see, he may now have to spend the rest of his life (he
is 66) in prison is that he has devoted his life to
the defence of the reputation of his beloved country,
Germany. He has for decades been fighting remarkably
against the abominable “Holocaust” lies spread by
Jewish propaganda against Germany. He is a
revisionist. In the past he often tried to make the
Arabs and the Moslems understand that the alleged
“Holocaust of the Jews” was (and is) the sword and the
shield of Israel. He would say: “If you really want to
defend yourselves against Zionism, don’t go and buy
expensive weaponry but, with the help of the
revisionist findings, go and destroy its monstrous
lie, the lie of the “Holocaust”.”
It is time that Arabs and Moslems understood the
importance of Revisionism and, to begin with, Sahar
and all the media associated with Sahar ought to make
known what Canada is doing right now to that hero.
Ernst Zündel should not be deported to Germany. He
should be freed and taken back to the USA, where his
American wife has been waiting for him since February
5, 2003. Could Iranians go and protest at the Canadian
Embassy in Tehran? It would be a good thing for
freedom of speech, for freedom of historical research,
for the Arab and Moslem World, and for Iran and


And here is the Professor on Dresden:


Robert FAURISSON 15 February 2005

The Dresden Syndrome

For the first time in sixty years, the French daily Le
Monde has just shown a bit of humanity and
understanding towards the German people in calling to
mind some of the atrocious sufferings inflicted on the
great defeated nation by the wartime Allies. On the
front page of its edition dated 13-14 February, the
newspaper carried the three-column headline “La
renaissance de Dresde réveille la mémoire allemande”
(“the rebirth of Dresden awakens German memory”). Page
2 was entirely devoted to the commemoration of the
1945 bombing of Dresden. The editorial, on page 17,
was entitled “Mémoire allemande” (“German memory”); it
was, of course, Jesuitical in tone but there were to
be noted a few sentences that give some hope; for
example: “With the passing of time, we are witnessing
a re-examination of Germany’s history with its dark
points and bright points”.

January’s Holocaustic tsunami had smothered a good
number of French people. But it seems that, from the
beginning of this month, a turnaround has started to
get underway in the public consciousness. It remains
to be hoped that this turnaround will be long-lasting
in France, Germany and the rest of the world.

No illusions should be harboured about Le Monde’s
capacity to defy a certain coterie in this way. One
may even fear that, in order to seek forgiveness for a
one-off act of daring, it will resume its holocaustic
one-upmanship with the rest of the media, for instance
in April, on the occasion of the “Days of the
Deportation”, or in July, for the commemoration of the
1944 rounding up of Jews at the “Vel d’Hiv” (the
winter cycling arena) in Paris, or in October-November
during Chirac’s visit to the camp of Struthof in
Alsace. That said, Le Monde has made an effort at
probity, and it might be worthwhile to write to
chairman Jean-Marie Colombani and encourage him along
this new path. Some readers had spoken up against the
exorbitant space allotted by the paper to the sixtieth
anniversary of the “liberation of the Auschwitz camp”.
In his “Chronique du médiateur” (“mediator’s column”),
Robert Solé echoed their protests, going so far as to
write: “A first front-page headline, in the issue of
January 25th, was followed by a second, on the 26th,
then by a third, on the 28th. There was doubtless one
too many” (Le Monde of 30-31 January, p. 14). Ten days
later, a reader’s letter was published with the title
“The destruction of Dresden”; it ended with the
question: “Don’t you think it would be right to talk
about this, not only out of respect for the hapless
victims, but also to remind many people that the
apocalyptic tragedy occurred just sixty years ago?”
(11 February, p. 16).

In Paris on 12 February, sixteen members of the
government, Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin among
them, attended the annual dinner of the CRIF
(“representative council of the Jewish institutions of
France”). True to form, Roger Cukierman took the
liberty of making numerous complaints and threats
against France and her government. Hitherto he was
always thanked for his observations, with compliments
to boot. This time, Michel Barnier, Minister for
foreign affairs, deemed R. Cukierman’s talk
“disheartening”. For his part François Fillon,
education minister, stated: “The president of the CRIF
was able to note, upon returning to his seat, that the
members of the government considered that the very
strong attacks made against France’s foreign policy
were not acceptable” (Le Monde, 15 February, p. 9).
Not long ago, the voicing by our political leaders of
such reservations or criticisms with regard to the
omnipotent Jewish organisation would have been

Towards a re-examination of German history?

Will there be talk one day of the “Dresden syndrome”?
Are we at present seeing the first signs and symptoms
of a return to reason after sixty years of outrageous
propaganda against a country that was defeated in the
second world war? In January 2005, the French on the
whole were staggered at the fits of shoahtic hysteria.
They wondered what could ever have produced such
sustained epilepsy. The Jews, for their part, know the
how and the why, but have to conceal it: the edifice
of the “Holocaust” or Shoah seems ever more to them to
be shaking at the foundations. Initially, over the
period from 1975 to 1995, they had counted on their
historians to rebut the revisionists’ arguments. But
the outcome was to be a thorough fiasco. On the plane
of reason and history, the revisionists have
annihilated the Poliakovs, Wellers, Dawidowiczes and
Vidal-Naquets like the Klarsfelds and the Berenbaums
(who had engaged the services of a Jean-Claude
Pressac), or again, the Raul Hilbergs and, later on,
the Jan van Pelts. The general public are unaware of
this because of the repression exerted by a thought
police that has managed to obtain the passage of
special laws against the distribution of revisionist
material. But then, the Jews themselves read the
revisionists and have been spectators to the rout of
their own historians. Thus, in a latter period, they
have progressively abandoned the field of the rational
world for that of whatever may grab some attention.
They have dismissed their historians and brought their
clowns and tumblers out onto the floor, the Elie
Wiesels and the Claude Lanzmanns. To evoke the Shoah
they have turned to imagination, to fiction, the
cinema, novels, the theatre, television, spectacles
and ceremonies of all sorts, and to the phantasmagoria
of the “Holocaust” religion, industry or business, all
to the point where the average Frenchman, caught in a
whirlpool of images, a constant fracas, a tide of
recriminations coupled with endless moaning and
groaning, has had no choice but to ingest the
force-fed frenzied accounts of Nazi barbarism and
extermination of the Jews, an extermination which, let
it be said in passing, fortunately produced an
ever-renewed throng of “lone witnesses”, “sole
survivors” and “incredibly, miraculously spared” Jews.
The sewers have all been dug open up again. Alleged
testimonies and confessions that the Jewish historians
themselves had written off as false have since been
recycled and presented as genuine. Finally, the most
receptive section of the population has been set upon:
children from the age of seven (!) and middle and
secondary school pupils. They are the choice target of
a brazen propaganda. Between the ages of seven and
seventeen, possessing only a few scraps of historical
knowledge and generally having scant idea of the
lengths to which an adult will go — especially in old
age — to make himself interesting either as a
smooth-talker or a downright liar, youngsters are
hardly armed to defend against it. Kitted out with
their “Simone Veil satchels”, the children or
adolescents thus taken in would be very surprised
indeed to learn that the said Veil was for a long time
officially listed as an Auschwitz gassing victim
(under her maiden name of Jacob) and was, in that
camp, a regular witness to specific occurrences which
show that the SS men were not at all instructed to
treat the Jews like so much expendable livestock.

The propagandists will not be changing tack. Their
folly will carry them still further. They will turn up
the sound still higher. One day, this folly will be
plain for all to see. Perhaps then it will be said
that, at least on this chapter of second world war
history, the return to reason began in February 2005.
The syndrome of Dresden and its white roses will have
“awakened German memory” and opened the way for a
“re-examination of Germany’s history”. Meanwhile, in
Canada, the German pacifist Ernst Zündel languishes in
the high security prison where he has been kept for
the past two years, without even being charged. His
crime? He is a revisionist. His wrongdoing? He works
to awaken German memory and demands a re-examination
of his country’s history.



The Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto wrote a hit
piece on the Ernst Zundel deportation. Check out the
article first:


Globe and Mail, Toronto

Wash that creep right out of our hair


Tuesday, March 1, 2005 – Page A19

As you read these words, Ernst Zundel, crackpot
Holocaust denier, may already be on an airplane bound
for Germany and the obscurity he so richly deserves.
If you’re lucky, you’ll never see his wretched name in
print again, although, given his talent for publicity
and the media’s fascination, you’re unlikely to be
that lucky. This sketchy character never did deserve
even 15 seconds of fame. He never was worth the oceans
of ink we spilled on him, or the hours of air time he
sucked up. And yet, he managed to keep himself in the
headlines for more than a quarter of a century. And
because of that, I can’t help feeling that even though
he lost, he won.

I’m sick to death of Mr. Zundel. And I’ve always
thought the best way to deal with public idiots is to
ignore them. Without the sunshine and water of public
attention, he might have shrivelled up and disappeared
long ago. Instead, we declared him such a menace that
we locked him up. For the past two years, he’s sat in
jail while authorities determined whether he posed a
“security risk” to Canadian society. Now, unreasonable
detention couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. But
if Canadian society isn’t robust enough to withstand a
little creep like Mr. Zundel, then we’re in more
trouble than I thought.

Holocaust denial is not exactly a mainstream view
these days — in the West at any rate, as distinct
from the Middle East, which is another matter
entirely. And nothing Mr. Zundel ever said or did or
wrote was going to make it so. Despite cranking out
such self-published tracts as The Hitler We Loved and
Why, he never did attract more than a handful of other
nuts, losers and conspiracy theorists. (Not
surprisingly, he is also fixated on UFOs, which he
believes are Nazi secret weapons based somewhere in

In the great scheme of things, I suspect Mr. Zundel
packed less clout than, say, David Duke, another
neo-Nazi white supremacist who’s trotted out every so
often by the American media for his curiosity value.
Mr. Z. didn’t even advocate violence. When it comes to
immigrants who practise hate speech, we put up with
worse — for example, imams who tell their followers
it’s their duty to wage holy war on infidels, i.e.,
Jews and Christians.

The debate over what to do about Ernst Zundel divided
Canada’s Jewish community from the start. Back in the
early 1980s, many people felt the best policy was to
ignore him, either on the grounds of free speech or in
hopes that he’d disappear. But others, especially
Holocaust survivors, felt the icy chill of history,
and they carried the day. In the mid-1980s, a
Holocaust survivor named Sabina Citron persuaded the
Ontario government to prosecute Mr. Zundel — for
breaking an obscure law that prohibited the
dissemination of “false news.” The Crown was in over
its head, and the law was weak. He was convicted, but
eventually the Supreme Court overturned the law.

The legal circus lasted 20 years and cost the
taxpayers untold millions. (Remember, this is Canada,
the nation that is unable to deport known terrorists
and simple common criminals.) Along the way, the
Canadian Human Rights Commission decided to go after
him, too. It spent a colossal amount of time and money
to conclude that his anti-Semitic website violated
human rights and should be shut down. The entire
effort was utterly beside the point, since the website
was based in the United States.

Was all the effort to get rid of this public nuisance
worth it? Irving Abella, Shiff Professor of Canadian
History at York University, says yes. “These groups
can do enormous harm,” he argues. “All it takes is one
of these crazies to do something violent. They can
form alliances with other groups, with neo-terrorists
or al-Qaeda-related groups that are dangerous not only
to Jews but to society.” Mr. Zundel’s legal battles,
he argues, significantly hurt his ability to spread
his poison. And in the end, public exposure did far
more to hurt than help his cause. “There have been
some unforeseen positives,” says Mr. Abella. Holocaust
survivors who had kept silent became so enraged that
they began to speak out, and today millions of us,
including school kids, have heard their stories.
Today, more Canadians understand the facts of the
Holocaust than before Ernst Zundel became a household

Still, I can’t help thinking we used a sledgehammer to
kill a gnat. An nasty, irritating gnat, to be sure. A
gnat that we created, and that I am happy to get rid
of, and one I hope I never have to mention again. A
gnat who never did deserve the notoriety we bestowed
on him.


MUELLER’s COMMENT: What a sick individual!

Here are two responses. One from our friend in France
and the other from Dr. Fredrick Toben:

From France:


Dear Ms. Wente,

On Feb. 26, the “Globe & Mail” published an article
saying that “Mr Zündel could not be held under any of
the grounds available in the Immigration and Refugee
Protection Act for justifying the certificate’s use”.
Which was true, and is true.
Did anyone complain to your paper and asked to
compensate that article by spitting the way you do
today on the most heroic person of our times?
I’m sorry you were asked to write such despicable
words about a man whom you certainly know only from
what the media have told you.
One day, maybe much later, you’ll be sorry to have
written that article and I’m sad for you.

Yvonne Schleiter



Dear Margaret Wente

After reading your article about Ernst Zündel I can
see why Canada is declining in mental rigour and
falling back on Bolshevik-Stalinist legal tactics of
silencing those who have a developed mind twitch which
they grasp the complexities of life as such.

You are fortunate that someone is tolerating your
presence at the newspaper because in this article
about Zündel you have reverted to a primitive, vulgar
and elemental level that shames not only your employer
but also that which you have in your mind – and what
values and qualities you nurture in your mind are so
clearly revealed in your prose.

The content of your article indicates that your mind
has no redeeming virtue and values at all. There is a
definite lack of empathetic understanding and maturity
that could be expected of someone your age.

I have meet many individuals, local, national and
international, but never have I seen a person expose
herself in such a demeaning way.

Were you in my English class, I would have to give you
some marks for form because undoubtedly you have an
elementary and generally crude grasp of language use.

As for content, I would have to request you re-think
all that you have written. In your essay there is a
lack of depth, a lack of balance, a lack of
appropriate choice of words, an emotional gush that
reveals lack of self-discipline and self-respect.

I could go on and submit a whole list of points as to
why this essay of yours is indicative of what ails
Canada as a first-world country.

Your mind-set is confused and underdeveloped – you are
indeed mentally challenged, something that comes
through your prose when you use the  royal ‘we’. Such
a generalisation is questionable in your case.

I conclude from your essay that you are not a serious
investigative journalist, you are not someone who has
bothered to sit back for a moment and thought about
Ernst Zündel’s alleged ‘ crime’.

You have either unilaterally, or through an order from
above, done a hatchet job on  Zündel that is a classic
piece of self-serving trivia. You have not offered any
valuable insights or new information that would
illuminate the problems allegedly generated by Ernst
Zündel in Canada.

Some of your words, phrases and sentences I selected,
just for fun, and shake my head in disbelief that you
are actually being paid to be a classic ink pisser, as
you yourself indicated what you did on Ernst Zündel.

By the way, you did not create Ernst Zündel, and that
is your greatest self-delusional point. Your
insignificance in what is happening on the world stage
is not even apparent to you. Ernst Zündel is in the
thick of world events while you are a mere parasite
feeding off his person. You needed Ernst but he never
needed you!


Dr Fredrick Töben
2 March 2005



Kudos for Dr. Toben from our friends in France:


For once we have a translation of a German text with
Horst Mahler’s message!
I wish to congratulate you, my dear Fred, for having
made that translation.
But I’m sorry to see that, once again, things are
being done ALWAYS by the people who already work so
hard! When I think of all the work you do, I wonder
how you can manage (your work with the emails, your
website, your “Adelaide Institute”, all the letters
you write, plus… plus all the things I am not aware
As you know, I could, with the help ot my dictionary,
translate some German into French (let me remind you
that “Der zweite Leuchter Report” published by Ernst
had been entirely typed by yours truly), but I am
very, very slow and, anyway, I have not enough time.
So, I have been looking for quite a while for some
French revisionist to translate German into French.
unfortunately, no success: Marc Dufour is very
brilliant, but he wouldn’t do that quickly enough
because he would want to make it too good and would
take several days; my sister-in-law would be able to
translate but… I cannot talk about revisionism with
her because she is too afraid!
You or I, or Walter Müller, should try to find some
permanent person to do the job…
Anyway, thank you for what you did today!
Bye, dear friend







you mailed out another great edition of Community
News!  However, when you get old as me your eyes begin
to give you problems reading small print.  That’s why
I went looking for and found Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack”
Mohr’s  article on the internet.  It is written in big
bold letters and easy to read:

For my money this is a must read story, especially so
since it also tells about destroying evidence and
other activities of the International Red Cross.  It
reminded me of the Polish officers who had surrendered
to the Russians and who were subsequently liqudated in
the Forests of Katyn.  When this atrocity was
discovered by advancing German troops, the
International Red Cross was alerted.  Red Cross
representatives and neutral observers from Sweden were
shown the evidence.  It all was to no avail.  At the
Nuremberg cangaroo court trials those murders were
blamed on Germans anyway.

Christine Miller’s Reality Check was heartwarming too.




David Q. :




“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the
heart of the fool
to the left.”  — Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)



Chuck Baldwin:

Let Me Tell You About My Dad
By Chuck Baldwin
March 1, 2005

My father, Edwin J. Baldwin, was born on March 1,
1907. This was the same year that “The Duke” John
Wayne was born. However, my father, though only 5′ 6″
tall, outlived the 6′ 4″ actor by some fourteen years.

Dad was born in the little village of Lake, Michigan,
but moved with his parents to Little Rock, Arkansas,
when he was only an infant. His four brothers and
sisters were all born and raised in Arkansas. Dad
didn’t leave the state until just before I was born.

After WWII, Dad left Arkansas to look for work. He
found it in a little town called La Porte, Indiana. As
a result, La Porte became his home. It was there that
he lived the rest of his life; it was there that I was

The day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, my dad and his
two brothers, Bud and Gene, marched down to the
recruiter’s office to sign up. Bud joined the Navy and
served with distinction throughout the war. Gene
joined the Marines and was wounded in the Pacific.

However, when military officials saw Dad’s welding
credentials (he was a master welder), they told him
they wanted him to serve his country in another
capacity. Subsequently, my father was selected to help
construct the atomic bomb.

As with most of his generation, he was avidly
patriotic. His love for this country never waned. This
was revealed to me in a very interesting way just four
months before his death.

I drove my mother and father from my home in
Pensacola, Florida, to La Porte in October of 1992.
Dad was nearly 86 years old. As we made that 800 mile
trip along Interstate 65, I was intrigued at something
Dad did: he saluted every American flag that he saw in
route. Every single flag! I had never seen him do
anything such as that before. As I said, Dad passed
away four months later. That trip from Pensacola to La
Porte was the last trip Dad made on this earth. I have
never forgotten it.

Did Dad have a premonition that on this trip he was
saying good bye to Old Glory and about to head out to
Glory? No one will ever know.

As previously mentioned, Dad was a master welder. He
came from a long line of craftsmen. His father was a
carpenter. His brother Bud was a master plumber, and
his brother Gene was a grade one machinist. These were
hard working, blue collar men that took great pride
and personal satisfaction in the quality of their

As a tradesman, Dad was a loyal union man and
Democrat. I still have his Teamster union pin and
credentials. As a proud Southern Democrat, Dad could
never find it in him to vote anything but a straight
party ticket, although he did express grudging
admiration for George Wallace and Ronald Reagan. Dad
always respected honesty and courage in men, and he
believed that both Wallace and Reagan demonstrated
those qualities.

However, Dad’s most enduring legacy is his devotion to
the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, for many years my
father was a drunkard. His addiction to alcohol cost
him his first wife and almost cost him his life. When
he was saved at the age of forty, his health was
almost terminal.

After Dad gave his heart to Christ, the bondage to
alcohol was broken, and his health was restored. From
the day he was saved until the day he passed away, my
father never had a single drink. Not one!

By the way, if you or someone you know has a drinking
problem, you can obtain a free cassette taped dramatic
reenactment of my father’s life story which was
produced by the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago,
Illinois, by going to my web site at:

After Dad’s conversion, he ministered in the La Porte
County Jail and Indiana State Prison in Michigan City,
Indiana, for the next 35 years as a volunteer
chaplain. He won hundreds of men to Jesus Christ. My
dad is the greatest personal soul winner that I have
ever known, bar none!

Beyond that, my father had a special love in his heart
for the souls of black men. He loved them, and they
loved him in return. In fact, one giant of a black man
that Dad won to Christ in ISP made it his personal
responsibility to keep Dad safe inside those prison
walls. Anyone intent on doing my father harm knew they
would have to answer to “Tiny.” And this no one dared
to do.

Without a doubt, Dad’s honesty, courage, patriotism,
work ethic, and devotion to Christ was the single most
important influence upon my life. I can only pray that
I will be somewhat the man he was and that the
influence I have upon my children will be somewhat as

© Chuck Baldwin


Chuck Baldwin’s commentaries are copyrighted and may
republished, reposted, or emailed providing the person
or organization doing so does not charge for
subscriptions or advertising and that the column is
copied intact and that full credit is given and that
Chuck’s web site address is included.

Editors or Publishers of publications charging for
subscriptions or advertising who want to run these
columns must contact Chuck Baldwin for permission.
Radio or television Talk Show Hosts interested in
scheduling an interview with Chuck should contact

Please visit Chuck’s web site at
When responding, please include your name, city and
state. And, unless otherwise requested, all
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Pro-White Vlaams Belang Now Belgium’s Strongest Party

The Vlaams Blok is back after being banned as “racist”
in 2004.

From Austria’s Freedom Party to France’s National
Front to Germany’s National Democratic Party, Europe’s
pro-White parties are making a comeback due to fears
caused by rising crime rates among non-White youth and
mounting cultural clashes with the Continent’s massive
Muslim populations.

But nowhere has White revival been as swift or as
strong as in Belgium’s Dutch-speaking region of
Flanders, where support for Dewinter’s Vlaams Belang,
or Flemish Interest, has surged from 10 percent of the
electorate in 1999 to nearly a quarter today.

Vlaams Belang is now Flanders’s strongest party with
support from a third of the voters in Antwerp, the
region’s largest city — supporters who are hopeful
that the appeal of White nationalist politics will
continue to spread as Europe’s Muslim population grows
out of control.

“The radical Muslims are organizing themselves in
Europe. Other political parties want Muslim votes and
say ‘Let’s be tolerant,’ while we are saying – the new
political forces in Europe are saying – ‘No, we should
defend our identity,'” declared Filip Dewinter, in an
interview with the New York Times.

In November of 2004, the Belgian Supreme Court upheld
a verdict issued by a Court of Appeal in April, which
declared the Vlaams Blok a criminal organisation. It
was the first time in the history of the Western world
that a so-called democratic regime outlawed the
country’s largest political party.

The Vlaams Blok was supported by almost 1 million
voters in the 2004 elections and received 24.1% of the
vote in Flanders, where 60% of the Belgian population
lives. Voting is compulsory in Belgium and no other
party was supported by more people. The party grew
continuously for two decades. Since 1987, it had won
twelve consecutive elections in a row.

In response, the ruling government voted a series of
new laws with the sole purpose of outlawing the Vlaams
Blok, including an Anti-Racism Act and an
Anti-Discrimination Act which define “discrimination”
so broadly that every individual can be prosecuted on
the basis of them. Simply using the word “Jew” in the
wrong context could result in a lengthy prison

Moreover, according to Belgium’s draconian new laws,
every member and collaborator of an organization that
propagates “discrimination,” can be punished with
imprisonment. Furthermore, the onus of proof has been
reversed, so that the complainant does not need to
prove that the accused “discriminates” or propagates
“discrimination,” but the latter has to prove that he
does not.

The power to prosecute for discrimination and racism
is entirely in the hands of the Jewish-dominated
Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against
Racism (CEOFR). The group is composed of political
appointees, none of whom are pro-White.

On Monday, a Belgian senator who has complained about
the draconian measures, and who wanted to do electoral
deals with the Vlaams Belang, was thrown out of the
Belgian Prime Minister’s political party (see link
below). The senator has accused his party of breaching
the Convention on Human Rights by using methods akin
to the Spanish Inquisition.

Hugo Coveliers, a Liberal (VLD) member in Antwerp,
dared to share a stage with Belang leader Filip
Dewinter at the end of last month and announced he
would make a pact with Belang, if necessary, in order
to take power in the municipal elections in 2006. His
stance went against the position of Prime Minister Guy
Verhofstadt and the VLD leadership which requires
total non-cooperation with Belang – the new face of
the Vlaams Blok, which Jewish-dominated Belgian courts
have ruled “racist.”

Many liberals are still seething from events in
January, when the three members of the European
Parliament from the Vlaams Belang party abstained from
a vote commemorating the 60th anniversary of the
liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in

The EU’s legislative body adopted a resolution
condemning the work camps built by the Nazis as “among
the most shameful and painful pages of the history of
our continent.” It goes on to express concern about
Jews in Europe experiencing a “heightened sense of
security” due to “anti-Semitism” and calls for
recognising the Holocaust formally across Europe every
year on 27 January, the anniversary of the liberation
of Auschwitz.

The resolution was adopted by 617 votes to 0 with 10
abstentions, including the trio of Vlaams Belang

Frank Vanhecke, the party’s president, said he feared
that Jews would be able to use the resolution as a
weapon against European values and European peoples.
He also complained that the resolution labeled his
party as racist. “We are labeled as such by the
resolution because we support some nationalist
elements. Some members want to demonize certain
political parties,” he said.













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