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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Today begins the remembrance of the bombing holocaust
of German cities.

The Dresden postcards have arrived, and even though we
ordered quite a lot, we have only 50 available. We
also have bumper stickers that read:

“Trauermarsch in Gedenken an die Opfer des Allierten

Let us know if you want one.

We also got a few Dresden postcard posters. Those who
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PZG gives a free postcard for anyone who places an

I am 836 e-mails behind. I’ll try to get the important
stuff out – every day a little, and spend the whole
weekend on your mail. Please continue sending me your
views. They are important to me.

Now here is my Dresden essay. Please forward far and
wide. I have written this piece in 2002 for the
February issue of Community News:


By Walter F. Mueller

Dresden: It was February 13th 1945. The Germans were
celebrating “Fasching” as well as they could three
months before war end. Dresden was filled with people.
Before the war, the population was 630,000. In 1945,
because of refugees fleeing the Russian Army, the
city’s population had risen to 1.2 million people.

Around 21:45pm, the sirens reminded the people of
Dresden that Germany was still at war. Many of them
believed the promises that Dresden was not a target by
the Allied bombing campaigns.

Dresden was always considered Germany’s city of art
and had no significance to Hitler’s war efforts.

At 22:09pm, that believe was shattered drastically.
Then radio warnings that a swarm of British bombers
had just passed the city limits, made women, children
and men run for their lives, seeking shelter.

Within minutes, 244 British Lancaster-bombers turned
the city into a flaming inferno. Not even 3 hours
later, around 1:30am, the British came back with 500
Lancaster-bombers and turned the rest of the city into
a sea of flames.

The fires could be seen 320 kilometers away.
Altogether, the British dropped 650,000 firebombs and
200,000 explosive bombs on Dresden.

As this wasn’t enough, 11 hours later, another wave of
300 American Mustang bombers finished of what was left
of Dresden. 783 more tons of bombs were dropped on
Dresden. After that, about 200 of the B-17 in low
flight, murdered the survivors of the civilian
population with their machine guns.

We know today that without a doubt these were the most
devastating bombing raids in the history of mankind.
Within 14 hours, 28 square kilometers were destroyed
and leveled. For the first time in history, the
survivors weren’t enough to bury the dead. More than
70 percent of all victims in Dresden died of
suffocation or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Until 1995, the number of dead was a highly
controversial figure, disputed by the traditional
enemy. Then, in 1995, Germany’s popular magazine “Die
Welt” published the documents of former officer and
Administrative Director of the City of Dresden,
Matthes, during WWII, which confirmed the following:

35,000 full dead bodies were recorded; 50,000 bodies
in parts; 168,000 dead bodies could not be identified.
All the children, women, and senior citizens of whom
only ashes remained from the flaming inferno were
impossible to count.

According to Professor Dietmar Hosser from the German
Government Institute of Construction, the temperature
in Dresden at the time of the bombing raids reached up
to 1,300 degrees Celsius, or 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still, today, the Americans and Britains do not
recognize this holocaust, in fact, a book recently
published in Britain argues about the numbers of the

From 1942 until the last four months of 1945, the
Allies had dropped 1.3 million tons of bombs over
mostly civilian populated cities of Germany. More than
2 million people were killed.


On the issue, several books have been published. On
top of my list is Dr. Claus Nordbruch’s “Der Deutsche
Aderlass”, which is the most researched and best. The
book is available right here – see below.

David Irving revised his Dresden book and you can buy
it at



From the Adelaide Institute:


Marked for death

“I built all four of them (gas chambers)” –  Irving

Cousins Irving and Samuel Althaus survived three years
at the extermination camp before their 1945


January 25, 2005

… In January 1942, top Nazi leaders met in the
infamous Wannsee Conference outside Berlin to finalize
Adolf Hitler’s grand plan to exterminate the Jewish
race. Auschwitz rose to the challenge.

When Samuel’s train arrived carrying his large family
and every other Jew from his hometown of Ciechanow,
north of Warsaw, the SS had already successfully
gassed Russian POWs in trials using an insecticide
called Zyklon B – chosen after a canny SS officer
figured that, if it could kill lice, it could kill
people, too.

By February 1942, two temporary gas chambers were
operating in Birkenau.

“It was a manufacturing plant,” says Dr. Mark
Nataupsky of Newport News, who heads a local committee
to commemorate the Holocaust. “What did it
manufacture? Death.” …

… Typical of transports, Samuel was beaten from the
train and into a long line for selection. An SS
officer – in this case the notorious camp doctor Josef
Mengele, dubbed the “angel of death” for his inhuman
medical experiments – decided whom to gas immediately
and whom to starve and torture beforehand. …

… The SS put Samuel and Irving, an electrician, to
work to make Auschwitz an even more efficient killing
machine. Permanent gas chambers opened in Birkenau in
early 1943. Four main crematoria, too.

“I built all four of them,” Irving says quietly. …



Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

Is this perhaps the beginning of the end of repression
in Europe?

Your readers might be interested in what is happening
in the tiny nation of Slovakia as reported by the On
Line JTD.

It is remarkable that Central Association of Jewish
Community head Frantisek Alexander characterizes
questioning certain aspects of W.W.II history as
asking for trouble and infectious. Even the most
casual observer by now recognize the fear that these
enemies of free speech harbor for the truth. His
comments only reinforce this perception.

Mike Reisch




New York, Monday, January 24, 2005

Hate crimes not a crime in Slovakia?

Slovakia’s Jewish community is protesting against a
government plan to decriminalize Holocaust denial.

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia has
filed a formal protest with the government against a
Justice Ministry plan on the issue. As in many
European countries, publicly denying the existence of
the Holocaust is a criminal act in Slovakia. However,
in a general overhaul of the penal code, the Justice
Ministry will submit a bill to the Parliament in
February that would eliminate any sanction for
promoting the view that Jews were not systematically
targeted for elimination under Hitler. Justice
Ministry spokesman Richard Fides has told the Slovak
press that the current ban interferes with freedom of
speech. But Central Association of Jewish Community
head Frantisek Alexander disagreed.’If you start
letting people promote the idea of Holocaust denial in
a country where most people don’t even know what the
Holocaust is, you are asking for trouble. Holocaust
denial is infectious,’ he told JTA. Gyula Bardos, a
legislator in the governing coalition, is optimistic
that the plan will be defeated. ‘Deputies from all
political parties know that denying the Holocaust is a
very dangerous matter,’ he told JTA.



New Order:


The Auschwitz Fraud

“[We must] … see to it that the immeasurable pain of
the Holocaust is not dehumanized, that it is not
examined clinically and dispassionately … ”

—U.S. President Ronald

Before the large internment center at Auschwitz was
occupied by the Soviets in January 1945, all internees
(save the very ill) were given the free choice of
going with the Germans to relocation centers in the
west, or (b) remaining behind to be “liberated” by
America’s Communist ally.

Virtually all internees elected to go with the
Germans—including such postwar notables as Elie Wiesel
and Otto Frank, father of the famous diarist.


1.  If Auschwitz was the “death factory” portrayed by
Hollywood and the media, how did all these people
miraculously survive the “gas ovens” in the first

2.  If their wardens were “exterminators,” why did
they—given a choice—decide to go with these horrible
“Nazis,” rather than remain to be “liberated” by the
Red Army?

3.  Why have new generations of “survivors” arisen to
perpetrate this discredited blood libel against the
Germans and other Aryan peoples, despite the
overwhelming, objective evidence presented by honest,
selfless—and courageous—historians and researchers?

You won’t get truthful answers at some Hollywood theme
park or from the paranoid, sado-masochistic fantasies
of those suffering from a tribal persecution complex,
but you will find them through sober, rational—and
yes, clinical and dispassionate—forensic examination
and consideration of the facts, of the type usually
required by any honest scientific inquiry or court of

For starters, you may obtain a list of titles
summarizing some of the findings on the Holocaust Myth
by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SASE)
NS Publications, PO Box 188, Ottawa Lake MI 49267.


This message is brought to you as a public service by

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227



From William Henry:


By Päivi Munter, Patrick Jenkins,
Thibaut Madelin, and Leslie Crawford
Financial Times, London
Tuesday, January 4, 2005

BaFin, Germany’s financial markets regulator,
yesterday said it had found evidence that Citigroup
traders manipulated the German government bond futures
market in August. It said it had asked prosecutors to
launch a criminal investigation into the case.

“There is concrete evidence that they attempted to
push up the price [of the bonds] artificially and then
take advantage of that,” an official at the market
regulator said.

A “handful” of traders is understood to be implicated,

though BaFin refused to name individuals. The
prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt will determine
whether to file criminal charges against individual
Citigroup employees involved in a series of trades,
which earned the bank profits of an estimated 17
million euros ($22 million).

Citigroup disrupted the eurozone bond market and
angered the region’s governments by selling 11 billion
euros of cash bonds in less than two minutes, only to
buy 4 billion eurosof the paper back at lower prices
soon after. The transactions clogged the market and
created uncertainty about prices, forcing EuroMTS, the
UK-based operator of Europe’s trading platform for
cash bonds, to curtail liquidity.

The scale of Citigroup’s trades, which spanned about
200 securities across the eurozone, has prompted
parallel investigations in several European Union
countries, led by BaFin and the Financial Services
Authority of the UK. Yesterday the FSA declined to

The liquidity hiccups prompted by Citigroup’s trades
alarmed the eurozone’s 11 issuer governments, which
have striven to create more actively traded debt
securities since the euro’s launch in 1999.

In addition to cash bonds on EuroMTS, the trades also
involved the use of German Bund futures, which are
traded on the Frankfurt-based Eurex exchange and
regulated by BaFin.

Eurozone cash bonds are priced against the benchmark
of the far more liquid Bund futures, making Eurex the
most important trading venue for eurozone government

At the time, bond traders said an unexplained rise in
the Bund futures contract on a quiet Monday morning
slightly before Citigroup’s sweeping cash trades had
roused suspicions of market abuse. A sudden rise in
the Eurex prices could have created a false
expectation of a big buy order on the cash market.
Instead, Citigroup flooded the market with sell

The Citigroup investigation represents an important
test case in Germany, which adopted a new law on
investor protection in 2002, bringing its legislation
on market manipulation into line with the rest of the
European Union. According to an EU directive, market
manipulation can, among other things, involve
transactions or orders to trade that give misleading
signals about the demand for or supply of financial

Citigroup apologised in September for the
controversial trade, conceding its employees had not
considered its impact on the market. It was
unavailable for comment yesterday.





More German hatred, this time from a professing
“Southern American.”  Actually, his statement sounds
more like a Jacobin or some other God-less and
soul-less creature……….. Thank God I am German,
and that all the way. BTW, I do not suscribe to this
e-list, someone forwarded this to me.  God forbid that
the general anglo-saxon celtic INHUMANITY of the
SELF-righteous would ever be part of this German.

From: “Chris A. Chamberlin”
Subject: RE: [The Southern Nation] NOPs

Date: Mon Jan 24, 2005 7:08pm

Good concept, but if you could elaborate and define
for us who you believe constitutes OP?

For example, the Greek nation was a homogeneous nation
that had the same race, religion, common psychology,
history, and culture. Hutchinson and Smith, in their
edited volume “Nationalism”, state that nationhood is
defined by these common characteristics, as opposed to
a state, which is simply a geo-political entity devoid
of meaning outside of itself.

The Jews of course, fit the same bill, having all of
these characteristics.

It would be hard to fit all of us (that is, everyone
currently living in the South) into the same mold
unless you either make the mold so large that is
meaningless (i.e. multiculturalism) or we must
eliminate some people that do not fit the common mold
that we define.

I would say that a southerner is a white,
Anglo-Saxon/Celtic person who’s ancestors originated
from northern Europe, particularly the British isles
and who shares a common Christian faith.  We thereby
share the same race, religion, common psychology,
history and culture.

This of course by nature exclude other peoples.  For
example, we share a common race with the Germanic
peoples, but anybody who had intimate dealings with
them knows that we do not share a common psychology,
nor do we celebrate a common history or culture.  How
much less then do we share with say, the Kurds, or the

This argument hinges on a very simple question, Who is

An interesting question on doubt.

And another one: Just think, the celts are going to
redeem us………..they must not know their own
history or have their own self-invented version of
their history, including the history of Portugal.

From: “James Cantrell”
Subject: RE: [The Southern Nation] NOPs

The problem with this is that it is too restricting,
too much a cutting off, which leads too easily to a
sense of pure cultural superiority and then hatred. It
was not to the Greek long term cultural health to see
all other Indo-European cultures as being barbaric.

It works if we allow, in Celtic fashion, the
concentric circles to define our people. We
Southerners would then see as our Double First cousins
the Scots, Irish, Bretons, and Welsh; as our second
cousins the French, Spanish and Portuguese (whose
Celtic source was the same as the Irish, Scots, and
Welsh). Then we would recognize all culturally and
religiously conservative European Christian cultures
distant kin that must be honored and aided: Italian,
Austrian, Bavarian, Swabian, Serbian, Croatian,
Polish, Ukranian, Russian, Lithuanian, etc. Thanks to
the cultural liberalizing led by England and Yankee
America that has polluted the world, all those nations
are filled with cultural Liberals, but the groups as a
whole could be redeemed with proper leadership.

Outside that ring would be Indo-European cultures that
are culturally conservative but not Christian, such as
Indian Hindus. Just outside that circle would be all
conservative Christian non-whites. The non-European
cultural proclivities they carry, which are all in
way destructive of the best of conservative European
cultural values, are not swept away simply because
they have enough sense to know that Jesus is The
Messias. Leftists in our world know that, which is the
reason they love and promote all kinds of non-white



Chris Borleis:



Speaking of bombing holocausts: The recent elections
were victorious for the German NPD. In several state
houses they are now represented. One of the states is
Saxony, with the state house in Dresden. 12 delegates
are in the Saxony house from the NPD.

Yesterday, NPD delegates Holger Apfel and Juergen
Gansel informed the house that they would bring
legislation before the members to declare one day of
the year “Memorial Day for the Victims of the Dresden
Bombing Holocaust. In addition, the 12 delegates
paused for a minute silence in remembrance of the

In an emotional speech, Apfel called the bombing of
Dresden the “Allied Mass Murder.”

Now, Germany has another scandal! House President
Cornelius Weiss accused Apfel of a “Goebbels like
speech” and the belittling of the Jewish holocaust.
Weiss, a Jew, also lamented the fact that on the 13th
and 14th more than 5,000 right-wing extremists are
expected in Dresden to demonstrate the bombings of the

Those who know me know that it takes a lot to catch me
at a loss of words. Remembering the death of hundreds
of thousands of civilians, murdered by the Allies, is
“right-wing extremism?” The German press depicts
asking for a day to remember this bombing holocaust
with “Nazis in the House.”

However, in Germany, billions of dollars are spent to
erect lavish temples to the imaginary number of Jews
allegedly killed by the “Nazis.” Berlin, this year,
will open the largest holocaust memorial ever to be
built in the world – and to any group of victims in

Someone just recently told me that it is wrong to hate
the Jews. Sure, after 70 years, the German people are
still not allowed to remember the family members they
lost during WWII. A simple tradition of honor, even
kept by the most primitive nations, however, the Jews
won’t allow it, because it distracts from the lies of
the holocaust.

Buy Dr. Nordbruch’s book and start having some of the
nightmares that the Germans have when thinking about
their lost loved ones. Father, son, uncle, aunt,
children, still don’t know what happened to their
loved ones. They rot somewhere in mass graves, dug by
the Allies, so no one could ever find them.

But this is still not enough grief for the German
people. Whenever they ask for remembrance of their
family members, the Jews scream “fascism, Nazi-ism,
and demeaning the suffering of their people.”

Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers disappeared
into Russia, never ever to be seen again.

But as long as the U.S. antique dealers sell pictures
of these sons for money, everything is okay.

Nothing the Jews claim to have suffered can compare to
the pain and outrageous humiliation of the German
survivors of the Allied mass murder.

While “holocaust survivors” swim in money, have become
celebrities, the German victims of WWII are portrayed
as criminals. In dark rooms they hide the little
memorabilia they have left from their fallen son or
husband, always in fear that the neighbor might turn
them in to the German police.

Every year, the organizers of the Dresden Memorial
March have to go through a ton of bureaucratic manure
to make it happen. On the other hand, the German
taxpayer pays for holocaust memorials, Jewish
cemeteries, and Jewish education.

Those who maintain the few cemeteries of fallen
Wehrmacht soldiers can only cover their costs if their
fundraisers are successful.
So, do not ask me again why I hate the Jews!


Dear Mr. Cornelius Weiss,

In regards to your complaint as a Jewish members of
the Saxony parliament against your colleges of the
same parliament, the NPD delegates Holger Apfel and
Juergen Gansel, who intended to introduce legislation
before the house to declare one day of the year
“Memorial Day” for the Victims of the Dresden Bombing
Holocaust, I would like to comment on your
frustration. Your anger derives obviously from
belittling of the “Jewish Holocaust”, which you
purported an anti-Semitic attitude and offence.
It is a tragedy of your Jewishness, which forbids
bluntly and without compromise a loyal commitment to
your host country, thereby proliferates animosity and
explains anti-Semitism within the public. Napoleon
Bonaparte complained about similar situation when he
called for a congress, the “Jewish Interrogation” in
1806, to analyze the causes of anti-Semitism and
resolve the matter at once. Due to his naivety his
effort was in vein. Jewish loyalty is confined to its
own interests and supercedes political loyalty to any
country. If this statement constitutes a so-called
anti-Semitic opinion the truth itself needs to be
Firstly, it is a fact that you cherish no patriotic
commitments towards German history and German
suffering during and after the war, while rejecting
the idea of a “Dresden Holocaust Memorial”. In your
position as a member of a German State parliament you
pursuing rather alien aims and ideologies instead of
taking up a job as a responsible representative and
Is the terminology of Holocaust in bridge of copy
Apfel/Gansel reference on the Dresden Bombing and
their desire of instituting a remembrance day in
retrospect of German suffering during WWII bombing
If you are alienating yourself with the native
population in this respect, opposing a fair and
reasonable suggestion of other members of the
parliament, while even going a step further and
mobilizing the legal authorities in charging honorable
patriots of an extremely questionable offence, you
should not being surprised that your action backfires
with ugly consequences you may call anti-Semitism, a
kind of hatred, which in this as in most other cases
are self-inflicted.
The Trademark Holocaust and Genocide has no copyright.
The Germans need hardly to steal from otherlanguages,
they invented even the monkey. It was Raphael Lemken
who stole the “geno” and “cide” from the Greek
language. But if Holocaust was coined to indicate the
destruction of people, Mr. Apfel and Mr. Gansel used
an accepted terminology without intention to hurt your
Levite feelings, Mr. Weiss. But if those men  really
did ambark on your feelings, I would politely advise
you to take the two option:
Ether you take a walk to a psychiatrist or you take a
flight to Israel.
Without wanting to be sarcastic the later would
resolve the matter altogether, for Mr. Apfel, for Mr.
Gansel and for yourself.
There is plenty evidence that Jews do not love
Germans. Nobody gets upset about. Nobody needs to
debate the issue. On the other hand Germans don’t love
Jews. But that constitute anti-Semitism and the absent
of love towards Jews is punishable. Love is not
enforceable by law because it has its origin on divine
mutual understanding. The incompatibility between
Germans and Jews rests in “blood and Soil”,
instinctive territorial DNA ingredients that must be
blamed for the distinctive separation of those two
The usually repulsive look of Jews is not reason
enough to disqualify them from the society, but rather
his uncivil and antisocial behavior therein. Of course
that Jews have a damaged penis adds to the laughter,
and Jewish suffering with Tay-Sachs-disease-complexes
is worldwide renown.
The Goyim cannot be blamed for those short comings and
taken to account.

Anti-Semitism is the most contradictory and
controversial terminology, which accuses anyone who
declines to accept Jewish lies.

Shalom Christian Borleis





No drug-using and wife-beating sports stars ever
existed in the Third Reich. The Third Reich was a
Reich of geniuses, innovation, invention, music and
thinkers. Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler was a patriot
of the arts. An art that was representative of the
great people of Germany.

If sperm drinking, pie fondling, dog feces eating, and
mass killing is the art, film and music that
represents today’s American society, please bring back
Adolf Hitler.
Walter Mueller

bravo and three cheers for your article.
With my age I was able to experience the times of A.
H..  The goal was to work for the “Gemeinschaft” in
contrast to the present day world.
The period of the “IHR” seems to come to an end.
Difference and fight among leading individuals
contributed to this apparent downfall.
The leaders should not give up and continue to work
together in harmony and only one goal in mind;  to
fight injustice and lies  and to stand up for truth in
The work of so many great individual powerfull
thinkers, should not be in vain.




James McCallum:


There is a great deal of sympathy in the Anglo Saxon
World for Germans and Hitler ( Pro German ). Your not
making a distinction between British Rulers and the
British people will only sqander that pro German
feeling amoungst Anglo Saxons around the world (
Australia New Zealand Great Britain Canada USA )  and
turn them back to the Jewish prefered position of anti
German. Do you think your words of Disdain won’t have
an effect on the reader.
You are obviously pro German due to your German
forefathers do you think people of British background
are not the same.
Why try and forment an anti German reaction from
people. you already have an up hill battle with the
Jewish media against you.
Even if you genuinely dislike us you do your cause a
dis service. I don’t understand you at all.

James McCallum













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