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Dear Fellow Patriot!

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The answer to yesterday’s quiz comes from the winner:


And the winner is……………………. Familie


I will suspend most of your letters today in order to
remember one of America’s more outspoken revisionists,
who died yesterday.


By Walter F. Mueller

I was at the IHR Conference in 2002, and it was there
where I met Dr. Bob Countess. Just briefly. If you ask
me to describe him, I probably couldn’t. And that’s
how close I should ever get to him.

Nevertheless, Dr. Bob Countess became one of the more
avid contributors of the Patriot Letter until he fell
ill. I have criticized him and we’ve gone around and
around. However, he was a fearless fighter for our

I admired him for his “brass balls” whenever he got
involved in the holocaust issue. Never ever was he
afraid that the traditional enemy would recognize him.
He always gave his name, phone number, and address in
case anyone wanted to challenge him.

He was a contributing writer to Germar Rudolf’s
revisionist magazine and a guest at many conferences.
Out of all the revisionists, he did not have the
glamour urge. No matter how much we disagreed, he
always participated.

It was more important to Dr. Countess to hurt the
enemy then to worry about petty infighting. God, I
tell you, he has annoyed me many times. And I said so
many times. But, nevertheless, his perseverance and
candor will be greatly missed here in the Community
News war room.

So, when you go to bed tonight, think of Dr. Bob
Countess and picture him arguing with God about the

Please forward this far and wide, and if you’d like to
make your own comments, make sure you e-mail them to


Let’s hear it from Germar Rudolf:


Dr. Bob Countess died yesterday at 6:34 pm CST,
surrounded by his family, succumbing to a brain tumor.
When he was diagnosed back in November 2004, the
doctors gave him two weeks. He made it eight times as
long. Until two weeks ago, he was still able to walk,
and last week, when I spoke to his wife Elda, she said
that he was still able to speak. The nurses called it
a miracle. But no miracle lasts eternally.

I will write a more detailed obituary later.




Jack Martin:


Hello Fritz,

Did you happen to see the lead article in this week’s
Phoenix New Times?

It appears that some frustrated would be artist wants
to put up a “Holocaust” memorial in Phoenix.

Excerpt is attached.

I wrote the following to the Phoenix New Times letters
column. Doubt that they will print it — but who
To Phoenix New Times|Letters

If Bill Tonessen is as big a phony as Sarah Fenske
implies in her article – and if Phoenix absolutely
MUST have a “Holocaust” memorial – why shouldn’t
Tonnesen be the one to do it?

Since the “Holocaust” itself is a monumentally phony
event, described by one author as “The Hoax of the
Twentieth Century,” such a person as Fenske describes
would be a logical candidate to mount such a project.

P. T. Barnum would have been a natural first choice
but, alas, he is no longer with us.

Suckers, however, are still being born every minute
and they will no doubt be lining up to gawk and
provide Tonnesen with the celebrity he seems to crave.

As Jewish songwriter, Irving Berlin, once put it –
“There’s no business like “Shoah” business.”

Jack Martin


Jack Martin

Illusions of Grandeur

He’s done with art. Now Bill Tonnesen wants to build a
Holocaust memorial in Phoenix

Three years ago, Bill Tonnesen self-published a book
announcing his plans to become one of the top modern
artists in the world. The undisputed giants of the
field were Richard Serra and James Turrell, he wrote.
“Then I thought, there would be me.”
At the time, Tonnesen wasn’t just little-known. He was
unknown. A landscape architect based in Tempe, he
wouldn’t have made the cut even if you were listing
the three most famous landscape architects in the
Valley. More to the point, he wasn’t an artist.

He was, he admitted, just a guy who’d fallen into a
cliché. He looked at abstract squiggles selling for
millions of bucks and thought, “I can do that.” But
rather than stop there, Tonnesen resolved to do it —
and write about his efforts. “From a dead start,” he
wrote in Tonnesen:
Twelve Months to Fame and Fortune in the Art World, “I
gave myself one year to become a somewhat famous
artist,” and eventually, he added, “the third most
famous artist.”

Three years later, there’s no doubt that Tonnesen
failed to accomplish that. When they list modern
artists of renown, they still list Serra and Turrell.
They do not list Tonnesen.

But Bill Tonnesen did manage to create some pieces
that, if not entirely original, were eminently
hangable. He made some money — which, according to
his book, was a major motivation for wanting to make
it big. He got more ink in the local press than most
Valley artists who’ve been laboring for decades,
suggesting that his hubris may have been more a
clever marketing gimmick than a disconnect from

And, in the midst of making art and selling it, he
discovered what he now considers his true life’s

It isn’t art. It isn’t landscape architecture.

It’s a Phoenix memorial for the Jewish Holocaust. And
not just any memorial. Tonnesen’s plan, he says, is
“something that has never been done before in the
world, because it’s so difficult.” Suggest that this
city may not be ready for something that’s never been
attempted elsewhere in the country, and Tonnesen only
reacts with annoyance that his ambition has been
understated: “Not the country! The world!”

He’s not Jewish, he’s not an architect, and he’s never
designed a memorial. Bill Tonnesen has about as much
business attempting such a wildly ambitious project as
he did aspiring to become the next James Turrell.

The difference is this: The only things vested in
Tonnesen’s previous quest were his ego and his bank
account. Now that Holocaust survivors are counting on
him, the stakes are much higher.

Now in their final years, many survivors very much
want to see the memorial built before they die. But
they’ve chosen a designer who wants the biggest and
the best — and hasn’t always been able to pull it

Critics say that Tonnesen’s greatest ability is
self-promotion. They don’t think his achievement can
possibly match his chutzpah, and as evidence they
point to a history of contentious projects.

“If this is his mission, his destiny, and he puts his
ego aside to do a public service, then that’s one
thing,” explains Brad Konick, a Phoenix sculptor. “But
if this is all about his ego — it’s just asking for

Says artist Mary Shindell, “Bill Tonnesen is all about
Bill Tonnesen.
And whatever he’s going to do, he’s doing for

There’s no mistaking Bill Tonnesen. He is 6’6″, after
all, and he always wears the same thing:
38-inch-inseam blue jeans and a white button-down
shirt with TONNESEN stitched in red block letters
above the pocket.
It’s less a uniform than a signature, as if he were
the late Carrie Donovan, preening for Old Navy in her
pearls and oversize black glasses.
He carries a tape measure at his hip so frequently
that workers at one Scottsdale art gallery have taken
to calling the tool by his name, as in, “Hey, pal,
could you pass me the Tonnesen?”

Tonnesen doesn’t say things so much as pronounce them:

This is wonderful.

She’s brilliant.





Mein Kampf was translated for  Turkey and is now one
of their  best sellers,  according to am article in

LA Times from March 16






how many remember how it came about and why Adenauer
came to such high office?

As I remember, “Der Alte” got on the inside track as
soon as his former brother in law John J. McCloy
became the American high commissioner after the end of
WW II.  Former brother in law?  That’s right.  They
both had married Zinser sisters (Jewish) from New

Don’t know how and where to verify this, but am pretty
sure it is correct.




From Egypt:


Subject: How Israel’s agents have hijacked US Middle
East policy. A MUST READ !

A very revealing document sent by the “neocon”gang to
Bush two years ago and which demonstrates blatantly
how Israel’s agenda and priorities govern American
policy in Palestine, Iraq and the rest of the rag tag
Middle East.  In a very astute manner , America’s
foreign policy has been hijacked by this determined
group of agents of a foreign country.

Can anyone doubt that this war is in Iraq all about
Israel’s long‑term security; & can anyone deny
the Zionist extremism that motivates the “necons “at
the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) after
reading this letter?‑040302.htm


The Honorable George W Bush
President of the US
Washington, DC

Dear President

We write to thank you for your courageous leadership
in the war on terrorism & to offer our full support as
you continue to protect the security &
well‑being of Americans & all freedom-loving
peoples around the world.

In particular, we want to commend you for your strong
stance in support of the Israeli government as it
engages in the present campaign to fight terrorism. As
a liberal democracy under repeated attack by murderers
who target civilians, Israel now needs & deserves
steadfast support. This support, moreover, is
essential to Israel’s continued survival as a free &
democratic nation, for only the US has the power &
influence to provide meaningful assistance to our
besieged ally. & with the memory of the terrorist
attack of Sep 11 still seared in our minds & hearts,
we Americans ought to be especially eager to show our
solidarity in word & deed with a fellow victim of
terrorist violence.

No one should doubt that the US & Israel share a
common enemy. We are both targets of what you have
correctly called an “AoE”. Israel is targeted in part
because it is our friend, & in part because it is an
island of liberal, democratic principles ‑
American principles ‑ in a sea of tyranny,
intolerance, & hatred. As Rumsfeld has pointed out,
Iran, Iraq & Syria are all engaged in “inspiring &
financing a culture of political murder & suicide
bombing” against Israel, just as they have aided
campaigns of terrorism against the US over the past
two decades. You have declared war on international
terrorism, President. Israel is fighting the same war.

This central truth has important implications for any
Middle East peace process. For one spoke of the
terrorist network consists of Arafat & the leadership
of the PA. Although your critics in the US, Europe &
the Arab world suggest that you & your administration
bear some responsibility for the lack of political
progress between Israel & the Palestinians, they are
mistaken. As Powell recently stated, the present
crisis stems not from “the absence of a political way
forward” but from “terrorism in its rawest form.” That
terrorism has been aided, abetted, harbored, & in many
instances directed by Arafat & his top lieutenants.
Arafat has demonstrated time & again that he cannot be
part of the peaceful solution of the
Israeli‑Palestinian conflict. He demonstrated it
in July 2000, when he rejected the most generous
Israeli peace offer in history; he demonstrated it in
Sep 2000, when he launched the new intifada against
Israel; & he demonstrated it again these past two
weeks when, despite the hand you offered him through
Cheney, he gave sanction to some of the worst
terrorist violence against Israeli citizens.

It is true that the US has a leading role to play in
the Middle East &, potentially, in resolving the
conflict between Israel & the Palestinians. But it is
critical that negotiations not be the product of
terrorism or conducted under the threat of terrorist
attack. This would send a most dangerous signal to our
adversaries that civilized states do not have the
necessary courage to fight terrorism in all its forms.

President, it can no longer be the policy of the US
to urge, much less to pressure, Israel to continue
negotiating with Arafat, any more than we would be
willing to be pressured to negotiate with Bin Laden or
Mullah Omar. Nor should the US provide financial
support to a PA that acts as a cog in the machine of
Middle East terrorism, any more than we would approve
of others providing assistance to Al Qaeda.

Instead, the US should lend its full support to
Israel as it seeks to root out the terrorist network
that daily threatens the lives of Israeli citizens.
Like our own efforts in Afghanistan & elsewhere,
Israel’s task will not be easy. It will not be
accomplished quickly or painlessly. But with
fortitude, on our part as well on the part of the
Israeli people, it can succeed in significantly
reducing the risk of future terrorist attacks against
Israel & against us. &, in so doing, we will give the
Palestinian people a chance they have so far not had
under Arafat’s rule ‑ an opportunity to
construct a political culture & government that do not
marry their national & religious aspirations with
suicide bombers.

Furthermore, President, we urge you to accelerate
plans for removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.
As you have said, every day that Saddam Hussein
remains in power brings closer the day when terrorists
will have not just airplanes with which to attack us,
but NBCWs, as well. It is now common knowledge that
Saddam, along with Iran, is a funder & supporter of
terrorism against Israel. Iraq has harbored terrorists
such as Abu Nidal in the past, & it maintains links to
Al Qaeda network. If we do not move against Saddam
Hussein & his regime, the damage our Israeli friends &
we have suffered until now may someday appear but a
prelude to much greater horrors. Moreover, we believe
that the surest path to peace in the Middle East lies
not through the appeasement of Saddam & other local
tyrants, but through a renewed commitment on our part,
as you suggested in your State of the Union address,
to the birth of freedom & democratic government in the
Islamic world.

President, in that address, you put forth a most
compelling vision of a world at peace, free from the
threat of terrorism, where freedom flourishes. The
strength of that vision lies in its moral clarity &
consistency. In the war on terrorism, we cannot
condemn some terrorists while claiming that other
terrorists are potential partners for peace. We cannot
help some allies under siege, while urging others to
compromise their fundamental security. As you
eloquently stated: “Our enemies send other people’s
children on missions of suicide & murder. They embrace
tyranny & death as a cause & a creed. We stand for a
different choice, made long ago, on the day of our
founding. We affirm it again today.”

Israel’s fight against terrorism is our fight.
Israel’s victory is an important part of our victory.
For reasons both moral & strategic, we need to stand
with Israel in its fight against terrorism.


William Kristol; Ken Adelman; Gary Bauer; Jeffrey
Bell; William J Bennett; Ellen Bork; Linda Chavez;
Eliot Cohen; Midge Decter;

Thomas Donnelly; Nicholas Eberstadt; Hillel Fradkin;
Frank Gaffney; Jeffrey Gedmin; Reuel Marc Gerecht;
Charles Hill; Bruce P Jackson; Donald Kagan; Robert
Kagan; John Lehman; Tod Lindberg; Rich Lowry; Clifford
May; Joshua Muravchik; Martin Peretz; Richard Perle;
Daniel Pipes; Norman Podhoretz; Stephen P Rosen;

Randy Scheunemann; Gary Schmitt; William Schneider Jr;
Marshall Wittmann; R James Woolsey












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