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Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Dear Fellow Patriot!

This one was forwarded to me by Janet and it is a
really great article:



By Kelly McGinley
February 24, 2004

Disclaimer (To all the men with backbones and women
who obey God, this is not for you)

Where are America’s backbones? Where are the men in
this nation? Why are they sitting idly by while this
country is turned into hell? Where is their courage
and leadership? Have they all had spinectomies?

In the past men would give their lives to save women
and children. Now they pass resolutions while 4,000
babies are slaughtered daily and mothers are dying on
the front lines in Iraq. Judicial tyranny rules.
Children are running the homes. This country is
disintegrating while the fathers are afraid to take a
stand. What has become of the God fearing man? Is this
how jellyfish live?

The courage that existed 230 years ago during the
founding of this country is nowhere to be found today.
We need to remember the courage it took to come to
this country, go against the British, and to rebel as
at the Boston Tea Party. Men had courage to explore
out west and to secede from the union. They fought
lions, tigers and bears without a blink. The sermons
from pulpits empowered the men to take courageous
stands that helped establish this country.

What happened? Are you telling me that small groups of
women yelling for equality caused men to tuck their
tails and run? That this small group of women caused
men to give up their leadership roles in the family,
community and government?

The tragedy at Columbine brought this crisis to my
mind. I could not believe that all the dads were kept
from entering the school. The police and firemen were
afraid to go into the school because there were two
kids with guns and bombs. So children bled to death
because it was not yet safe to enter. DO WHAT? I was
flabbergasted. What ever happened to sacrificing our
lives for our brethren, let alone our families? If I
had been there and my child was inside, it would have
taken a bullet to keep me out. Fifty years ago all the
dads would have shown up with their guns and dared the
government to stop them.

I guess that’s how men with little knives hijack
planes. They must have known there were no spines on

Historically pulpits provided leadership of courage
and backbone. The women stayed quiet in the church and
the children were well disciplined. Men brought their
guns to church, and put clothes on their daughters.
This country is full of heroes for men to
emulate—-look at Christopher Columbus, George
Washington, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee,
Stonewall Jackson and our modern day hero, Judge Roy

What happened to America’s men? We could blame the
feminist movement, or maybe the government doing the
job of the men. Could it be the public schools and the
drugging of our boys? Maybe pornography and giving
into the lusts of the flesh. If there had been real
men playing in the Super Bowl, MTV would NOT have done
the half time show. Well, whatever happened it must
change, or America is doomed.

Men encourage their wives to work for the extra money.
Who cares who raises the children. And wives, be sure
to take that birth control pill even though it could
be detrimental to your health, plus cause abortions.
After all, the men need sex without responsibility.
Your children are being exposed to horrific images on
TV and music, but that’s okay. We wouldn’t want you to
miss a down of the football game.

On my radio show, my motto is that it is the pulpits
and the parents destroying America. I am not willing
to blame the Democrats, Republicans, ACLU or liberal

This country was founded and became great because of
the patriarchal mentality. Families were balanced with
a patriarch and a matriarch. Men protected women and
children from the dangers of the world. Families were
the way God intended them to be. It has often been
said when a country is in judgment, “The women are in
control and the children rule”. God established a
natural order for men and women and if we want God’s
blessings, we must return to that order. Women have
taken over many denominations making them pro abortion
and pro sodomy. They have infiltrated the military,
exploded into the workplace, while their children are
either being killed or left to the wolves. The only
hope for the children is men turning back to God’s
Holy Word and returning this country to a patriarchal
society again, but I am not holding my breath.

Why are the men and especially the pulpits afraid of
the women? You do not hear today from the pulpits
God’s role for women. For some reason they do not want
to deal with these issues. Men can take on Osama Bin
Laden and the terrorists, but not the women. It is my
belief that this country has suffered for giving women
the right to vote. As the scriptures say, women are
easily deceived and most vote on emotions and feelings
instead of facts and hard choices. Now we have men
voting the same way.

Now, if there is anyone left reading, here is a great
quote from an unknown author who says it all! “The
greatest want of the world is the want of men—men
who will not be bought or sold, men who do not fear to
call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as
true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will
stand for the right though the heavens fall.”

Please men, fear God, not women. Women obey God. Do
what is required to turn this country back to a God
fearing Bible believing patriarchal country again.
Your children and grandchildren will rise up and bless

© 2004 Kelly McGinley – All Rights Reserved



Prof. Arthur Butz:


Take a bit of Talmud, add a spice of social psychology
and a generous helping of a mass communications medium
more powerful than anything hitherto imaginable, and
what do you have?

A New Religion

Prof. Arthur Butz        Plaques at Auschwitz

Before: Four Million

After: One and a half Million

An interesting objection is the claim that nobody
would dare invent such a tale as the six million
legend; nobody has the extraordinary imagination
required and, even if he did, the obvious risk in
telling such gigantic lies should dissuade him. The
argument amounts to the claim that the mere existence
of the legend implies the truth of its essentials, so
I suppose that we can classify it as the hoaxers’
ontological argument.

What is interesting about this objection is its
superficially logical quality. Indeed I imagine that
this calculation accounts in good measure for the
widespread acceptance of the legend; people assume
that nobody would be so brazen as to invent such lies.
Nevertheless the logic is not sound, for history
affords us numerous examples of popular acceptance of
gigantic lies, and in this connection we can again
cite witchcraft hysteria as precedent for the
psychological essential of the six million hoax.

It is ironic that Hitler anticipated the psychology of
the “big lie” in his remarks on the subject in Chapter
X of Mein Kampf. It is also ironic that the most
mind-boggling accounts of exterminations appear in the
Jewish Talmudic literature in connection with the last
two of the three great Jewish revolts against Rome,
the Diaspora revolt of 115-117 AD and the Palestine
revolt of 132-135 AD. In connection with the Palestine
revolt of 66-70 AD the Talmudic writings do nothing
more than bewail the loss of the temple in Jerusalem
and discuss implications of the loss for Jewish law. A
good discussion of the three reports is given in
Michael Grant’s The Jews in the Roman World.

According to the ancient accounts (mainly Cassius Dio,
who wrote around 200 AD, and Eusebius, the early
fourth century Bishop of Caesarea) the Diaspora revolt
started in Cyrenaica (northeast Libya) at a time when
the Emperor Trajan had, for the purposes of annexing
Parthia and its valuable Mesopotamian territory,
constituted a huge eastern army at the price of
withdrawing many small contingents which had served to
keep order in various parts of the Empire. The Jews
attacked the Greek and Roman civilian population and
it is said that they killed 220,000 in Cyrenaica,
amusing themselves in various gruesome ways. The
revolt then spread to Egypt where the Jews killed an
unknown number, and to Cyprus, where they are said to
have killed 240,000. In Alexandria, however, the
predominantly Greek population gained control of
events and are said to have massacred that city.
Recent archeological evidence indicates that the
ancient accounts are not exaggerated.

The Talmud says almost nothing about this revolt,
except to give the number of Jews killed in Alexandria
as “sixty myriads on sixty myriads, twice as many as
went forth from Egypt”, i.e. 1,200,000 on the
assumption that addition and not multiplication is
intended. The killings are blamed on “the Emperor
Hadrian,” which may be due to the fact that the
Hadrian was at the time the commander of Trajan’s
eastern army and succeeded Trajan as Emperor when
Trajan died in 117, possibly before the final
suppression of the revolt.

The figure given for the number of Jewish victims is
obviously exaggerated for, while it is usually
difficult to be more than approximately correct in
estimating the population of ancient cities,
Alexandria of the period had a population of 500,000
or more, with an upper bound of one million a
reasonable one to assume because that was the
approximate population of the city of Rome, a figure
concerning which there is also some uncertainty, but
if Rome ever attained a population significantly
greater than one million, it never got near two
million. The 1,200,000 martyred Jews may seem a brazen
invention but you haven’t seen anything yet.

The next great revolt was in Palestine in 132-135 and
was a serious attempt by its leader, Bar-Kokhba, to
set up a Jewish state with himself as king, although
he eventually claimed to be the Messiah. During the
revolt he made laws, issued money, and performed the
other regular functions of government.

Bar-Kokhba’s end came in 135. Jerusalem not being
suitable to withstand a siege, he led the remnants of
his army to Bathar (the present Bittir), which is
located on high ground about ten miles southwest of
Jerusalem, 25 miles from the Dead Sea and 35 miles
from the Mediterranean. The dimensions of the ancient
town were roughly rectangular, with a north-south
length of about 600 meters and an east-west width of
about 200 metres. The south half of the town was
fortified. These dimensions plus the fact of the
estimates for the Jewish population of Palestine of
the time ranged from a low of 500,000 to a high of 2.5
million make it unlikely that Bar-Kokhba’s Bethar army
numbered as many as 50,000 men.

The Romans laid siege to Bethar in the summer of 135
and Bar-Kokhba’s resistance collapsed in August. The
Romans broke into the fortress and Bar-Kokhba was
killed in that final battle.

For general reasons it seems unlikely that the Romans
carried out a massacre of the Jewish population of
Bethar. The only “evidence” for a general massacre
occurs in the Talmudic literature (including in this
context the Midrash Rabbah) which for reasons unknown
comments extensively on the siege of Bethar and its
supposed aftermath. Except where noted, the Talmudic
passages are reproduced in the Appendix to the book
Bar-Kokhba by the archaeologist Yigael Yadin. The size
of Bar-Kokhba’s Bethar army is given as 200,000 men.
Bar-Kakhba is said to have been so tough that, when
the Romans catapulted missiles into his fort, he would
intercept the missiles with his knee with such force
that he would knock them back into the faces of the
astonished Romans, killing many. The Talmud goes on to
claim that the number of Jews killed by the Romans
after the fortress fell was 4 billion “or as some say”
40 million, while the Midrash Rabbah reports 800
million martyred Jews. In order to reassure us that
these figures are given in earnest, the necessarily
accompanying events are set forth. The blood of the
slain Jews reached to the nostrils of the Romans’
horses and then, like a tidal wave, plunged a distance
of one mile or four miles to the sea, carrying large
boulders along with it, and staining the sea a
distance of four miles out.

The Jewish school children of Bethar, according to the
Talmudic literature, were of course not spared by the
Romans, who are said to have wrapped each of them in
his scroll, and then burned all of them, the number of
these school children having been 64 million or at
least 150,000 (the approximate present public school
population of Washington, D.C.).

The Romans matched the Germans in efficiency, for the
bodies of the slain Jews were used to build a fence
around Hadrian’s vineyard, which is said to have been
eighteen miles square, and blood saved over from the
tidal wave was used to fertilize Roman vineyards for
seven years. Shades of soap, glue and fertilizer

It is also claimed that Bar-Kokhba (usually referred
to in the Talmudic literature as Bar-Koziba – it is
still not clear what his real name was) was killed by
rabbis for falsely claiming to be the Messiah.



Chris Borleis:


The Foreign Policy Association
Information Service

Discussion between Secretary of State, John Foster
Dulles, and President of the Reichsbank, Hjalmar
Schacht in 1930.

Compiled by Christian Borleis

The Foreign Policy Association, New York, provided an
Information Service in the 30’s, which on the October
20, 1930 published a pamphlet containing a debate
between the distinguished German Economic President of
the Reichsbank, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht and the US
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles about the theme
“The Young Plan in Relation to World Economy in
The purpose of his visit was to lounge a discussion to
overcome Germany’s grief concerning of the WWI
reparation extortion. But an equal important grievance
of the Germans in this debate was the obligation of a
general disarmament agreement violated and ignored by
the Allies.

John Foster Dulles was a member of the American
Commission at the Peace Conference in Paris and
Versailles, where he stood out staunchly in favor
of elimination of items from the Reparation Bill,
which more than any other single item made the Bill
absurd and impossible. Mr. Dulles was overruled, and
one result was that the Bill assessed against Germany
reached the size of astronomical figures.

Having demonstrated a more reasonable attitude as an
American against his former adversary, he concentrated
in this discussion manly on the reduced figures the
German Reich would be able to pay. However, he was no
match with Schacht, who told Dulles, if the Allies
were going to exchange the deplorable name of
‘reparation’ with a new terminology, that the word
‘reparation’ was like a rose, at least in the sense
that by any name it smells the same.

Surprising is the declaration of John Foster Dulles on
the Allies obligation of disarmament. In this respect,
Dulles had this to say:

“On the subject of disarmament, Germany was disarmed
under the provision of the Treaty of Versailles, which
provided that German disarmament would be the first of
a general disarmament of all the nations. Germany has
disarmed for nearly eleven years and during that time
not a substantial step toward disarmament has been
made by any of Germany’s neighbors. There may be good
reasons  I am not discussing that, but only the
result, which has made it very easy, within Germany,
to make it appear that the whole thing was a trick, to
get Germany disarmed, and that the other nations have
never intended to carry out their part of the bargain,

but intended to preserve the power at all times of
coercing Germany. The Allies can scarcely have
expected to hand Germany two issues like that and not
see the German politicians make something out of it.
And they did use them during the recent general
elections, with a result, which seems to indicate, at
least on the surface, a recrudescence of bitterly
anti-foreign feeling within Germany.”

Those were the stern warnings of Dulles, spoken on
October 20, 1930.

Schacht’s autobiographies and documents form a clear
picture of his patriotic intentions and sincerity to
relief Germany from the burden of the Versailles
Treaty. This Treaty was regarded in Germany as a
dictate, which had not been negotiated but enforced
under duress of a food sanction. The sanction was
lifted after the Treaty had been signed after 800.000
People had died on starvation. The postwar years
caused Schacht great difficulties in dealing with
unfair and hateful French and English politicians,
while having several times being humiliated with
insults like ‘don’t forget that you lost the war
etc.’. His humiliation came consequently to the
attention of Adolf Hitler, who seized on it:
“Without an army my words have no weight on the
conference table.”

The apparent controversy about Schacht’s position
being a patriot and at the same times a high member of
Freemasonry causes suspicions. But when considering
that even Hitler respected him when he appointed
him to his cabinet it must be concluded that in order
to find entry to the oligarchy, Schacht had no other
choice than to join the club of the ‘exclusive’
conspirators. Amongst the international bankers
Schacht had the reputation of an economic wizard.

While Dulles still insisted on the Germany’s capacity
to pay the annual sum of 2 bill. Goldmark, Schacht
repudiated this demand altogether, declaring that the
robbery after the war of goods, private oversea
assets, provinces, colonies paid several times for the
war, a war Germany could hardly be blamed for.
Concerning the French/Belgian occupation of the
Rhineland, Schacht had this to say:

…”Can you think of a people, which still has some
self-respect, standing for having its most important
industrial area, one-sixth of its total area occupied
by foreign troops fifteen years after the war? I
cannot think of it.”

…”I think that the present attitude of our government
is to give the world another chance to talk these
things over without upsetting trade and commerce,
without upsetting the world again, and perhaps they
are right in doing so, and all I can hope for is that
the others will understand it.”

In the conclusion of Schacht’s memorandum he gave
following warnings to his audience:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the last political events in
Germany do not mean that something violent or
revolutionary will happen. They mean simply a form of
protest within the legitimate lines of the
constitution, and I think it is the very advantage of
modern democracy that you can feel the sentiments and
the opinions of a big people from the constitutional
vote and that is what these last elections mean.
Even the Hitlerites, even the radicals of the Right,
will not do anything violent. All they are asking for
is not to become dishonest, not to become forced by
politics into a situation, which would make them loose
their self-respect. They want to maintain their
self-respect, and that is why they gave that warning
to the world.”

In 1932, before Hitler ascended to the chancellorship,
a new conference of the League of Nation concerning
arms reduction failed because of French opposition. In
addition, France formed an alliance with Soviet Russia

in 1934, thereby provoking and calling Germany for
action. The arms race began.

Adolf Hitler in one of his most famous Speech 1934
declared before the world that he had quit Germany’s
membership of the League of Nation in protest of the
betrayal of the League, which had failed in enforcing
the promised general reduction of armed forces to its
members, while at the same time the imposed military
weakness on Germany was unacceptable.

He also communicated to the Western Allies that
without the backing of an equivalent Armed Forces
Germany had no corresponding weight on the conference
table. A plebiscite was held in Germany and the people

confirmed the withdrawal from the League of Nation,
while Hitler secured his first political victory.
And Dr. Hjalmar Schacht became his Finance Minister,
while maintaining his position as President of the



Michelle Kunert:


I saw an ad space bought out in the SN&R by the Rev
David Thompson of Westiminster Presbyterian Church in
Sacramento, praises a Polish Catholic priest named
Father Kolbe, who is said to have died in
Auschwitz in the place of a Jewish prisoner who
presumed he was going to be executed.  However there
are so many stories cycling around about Father Kolbe
(at least on the internet), no account appears to
agree on how he lived, why he was at the concentration
camp, or exactly how he died!

An interesting thing on the site,
first claims it was a “deathcamp”, but then it admits
there was a regularly assigned Protestant doctor on
the staff who wrote about his admiration for Father
Kolbe, and for his help in the hospital there. Now why
would an “extermination camp” have doctors and a
hospital to examine and treat patients?! Another
survivor of the camp claims that he and others there
would do everything they could to stay the night
near the bed of Father Kolbe to ask for consolation
and to pray with him. Kolbe was also reported to be
allowed to go about the camp saying, “I am a Catholic
Priest, what can I do for you?”

Another site called
says that there was Jewish opposition to his being
cantonized by the Vatican because he wrote in articles
in the 1920’s his town newspaper Warsaw,
Poland  that “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
were indeed part of a plot of Zionist Jews working
along with the Soviet Union.

The site claims that when Germany had Kolbe
arrested when they invaded Poland, and that they shut
down the Catholic churches. How would they have the
Hitler’s Catholic officers’ approval to do any of
this? Hitler never himself renounced his membership
with the Catholic church either, perhaps because he
certainly didn’t want Catholics to come out against

Some accounts of Kolbe’s martyrdom claims it involved
immediate official execution, as on on While others say that he was
part of a bizarre experiment that took him days to
die, or that he received a euthanasia injection. Some
have even  put up a shrine at the place claimed to be
his cell. But a reasonable question here in the story
is that being that he was known as “the founding
friar of the City of Mary the Immaculate”, why would
he request to only save the life of just one man,
rather than all condemned Polish citiizens at the camp
? That would not only be an abuse to withhold the
power granted to him by the Vatican, but it wouldn’t
make him a hero to the Polish either. While no facts
seem to be sure about Father Kolbe, it is certain that
the man who claimed that Kolbe took his place,
Gajowniczek, died as a fairly affluent man in Brezeg
Poland in 1995. Apparently no one else within the
hundreds of others who witnessed operations at Auzwitz
could confirm this single man’s testimony.

Considering that the Polish Pope John Paul has
canonized more priests and nuns than any other in
history, and perhaps this Pope and this council of
Vatican II have been desperate to find  any their
clergy who appeared to have created resistance again
Germany, even though most Polish and Eastern Europeans
apparently admired the Germans as much the French!
Rather than admitting and publically discussing their
involvement with the government of the Reich, the
Vatican have to now create their own myths about
Europeans’ resistance that never existed.Westiminster
church’s address is 1300 N st. Sacramento, CA  95814,
and their web address is

Another interesting development here in Sacramento
is the Youth Symphony is presenting “Music from the
Holocaust Era”. If they are
referring to the time right now in America and the
world, then they are correct. Perhaps I’d go with a
shirt saying “I’m not a denier just because I say the
real Holocaust happening today.”

-Michelle Kunert





The Meaning of Subjugation

Dear J. M. Damon, Austin  Texas!

As a German Confederate Nationalist, thank you so
And yes, Irish born General Patrick Cleburne’s
statement does apply to Deutschland.  Monika



Very interesting that Jew Max Boot still believes
stories about German soldiers, in WWI, cutting off the
hands of Belgian children and turning corpses into
margarine. According to Woods, “it was these sadistic
and bizarre crimes, described in the Bryce Report,
that were fabrications for propaganda purposes. When
Clarence Darrow offered to pay $1,000 ($17,000 in
today’s money) to anyone who could show him a Belgian
boy whose hands had been cut off by a German soldier,
no one took him up on it… Britain’s hunger blockade of
Germany, which violated accepted norms of
international law in more than one respect, resulted
in 750,000 civilian deaths—about 150 times the number
of Belgian civilians most scholars say were killed by
the Germans.” Yet Americans continue to believe Jews
when they tell the most outlandish stories about WWII.
Even questioning received history will land a European
in jail, and we have only our Anti-Federalist
ancestors to thank that we do not (yet) share their

“But who cares about this kind of total horror
suffered by non-Jews? Who weeps for the German
children at Dresden, who ran screaming, enveloped in
the inextinguishable fire of liquid phosphorous,
together with 250,000 other civilians, mainly women
and children? Who weeps for the German children
repeatedly raped by beasts inflamed by the Soviet Jew
Ilhya Ehreburg? Who writes lacrymogenous novels for
the no less real – and no less innocent – Japanese
children of Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Who weeps for
children the same age as Anna Frank, massacred at
Paracuellos del Jarama [site of the famous massacre by
Communists during the Spanish Civil War], for whom not
even one single street has ever been named, even in
their own country? No one. For these victims, there
are no ‘best sellers.’ For them, there are no
‘docudramas,’ no fiftieth-year editions, no movies,
plays, no saturation TV broadcasting, no propaganda
campaigns in their name, no petitions, no mobilization
of political parties and their members of parliament.
For them, there are no public demonstrations fifty
years later; nor does anyone remember them by changing
the name of one single street, no matter how short or
insignificant. Why? Is it because they have no lobby
to turn human suffering into an unprecedented
shakedown scheme? Is it because they lack the
convenient orchestration of the ‘mass media’ which
uses suffering as a political weapon, intended to
accomplish the moral paralysis of all those who
denounce such hypocrisy? Or should we be a bit more
audacious, and simply say it is because these victims
were not Jewish?” ~ Pedro Varela,

a man who was imprisoned for five years for simply
doubting the authenticity of the diary of Anne Frank.

Monika – by God’s grace proud descendent of the men in
gray – the men of the German Wehrmacht – my Papa, my
grand-fathers, not to mention the many uncles on both
sides of my German family, who fought defending their
homeland against the invasion of the world lead by the
Anglo-Americans and their Zionist cohorts. .

Yes, you guessed right. The official color of  the
Uniform of the Deutsche Wehrmacht  was GRAY. Monika

A cap just like the one below was given to me by an
American woman whose husband was in the U.S. military
in 1945 and who brought back things which were taken
from dead German soldiers and German homes in the
“spirit”  “To the victors belong the spoils of the

I appreciate her kindness in giving me this cap and
some other items.

(Spoils = Goods or property seized from a victim after
a conflict, especially after a military victory.)













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