Patriot Letter. Dated 1/28/05.

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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Auschwitz ad nauseam is the way Fritz puts it –
Holohoax Mania another one. But nothing covers it as I
have put it: The Auschwitz Show. I wanted to close the
issue yesterday, however, I received so much mail
about it that I will continue today and close the
Auschwitz with this Patriot Letter. We need to
concentrate on the real holocaust committed on the
German people during and after WWII.

So, here are my closing comments on the Auschwitz

The Auschwitz Show was showing its highlights today
with Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, holding a
special mass for the Auschwitz “victims.” Next to her
walked an Auschwitz “survivor”. Three times she
survived concentration camps, only to end up in
Auschwitz, where instead of gas, water came out of the
showers and miraculously saved her life. Amazing,
isn’t it? These vivid imaginations of the “holocaust
survivors” have truly no boundaries.

What we have seen the last couple of days is humanity
at its worst – without brain, without self-respect.
The editors of The Sacramento Bee lamented the
Auschwitz “murders” on their editorial page:

“Never again, again” was their headline. The editorial
board did mention other atrocities, like Rwanda,
Sudan, etc. Not one word about who truly are the
world’s biggest mass murderer and war criminals:

The United States of America and Great Britain. Of
course, under the guise of bringing freedom and
liberty to other countries, the mass murder and terror
they bring is somewhat justified by the mainstream.

Let’s remember a few of the great heroic actions of
these “freedom bringers.”

Dresden is one of them, Nuernberg, Wuerzburg,
Stuttgart, Berlin another. Or how about marching into
Dachau, rounding up all the medical staff and guards,
and murdering them without a trial. 600 of them.

The Nuernberg trials, another one of the “heroic”
actions to bring Germany freedom and liberty. Without
the right of self-defense, the Allies hanged most of
Hitler’s cabinet.

You have heard of Ike’s “heroic” imprisonment of 1.2
million German POWs, who where deliberately starved to

And these “heroic” journeys have continued into the
20th century. From Korea to Vietnam to Iraq.

Hypocrisy and arrogance have formed a deadly
partnership. Terrorizing the world around them while
ignoring the terror in their own countries. Bravo,
Queen Elizabeth, Bravo George W. Bush, Bravo Gerhard

150,000 people have died in the recent Tsunami in
Asia. Experts say the worst tidal waves in mankind.
150,000 was the loss. Everybody is mourning, everybody
is in disbelieve.

Then check this out. Every year, world leaders gather
to show the world that they still believe that the
“Nazis” were able to kill 6 million Jews and 1.4
million in Auschwitz. Where is the disbelief here?

Could it be that the “Nazis” experience an encounter
of the Third Kind? Maybe alien technology enabled them
to do then what is still impossible today. Alien
technology made all the bodies disappear and left only
the shoes.

Beam me up Adolf!


Let’s now hear from an eyewitness to the bombing
holocaust of Dresden:


The Fire-bombing of Dresden

by Lothar Metzger

Since the facts of the combined USAF and RAF raids on
Dresden became known, mostly through the novel
‘Slaughterhouse Five’ by Kurt Vonnegut, there has been
great controversy as to why this appalling raid was
considered necessary.

The city had no military targets to speak of, and it
was known that it was packed with civilian refugees
from the east. Here is an eye-witness account by
Lothar (shown here with his sister), just nine years
old, who survived.

It was February. 13th, 1945. I lived with my mother
and sisters (13, 5 and 5 months old twins) in Dresden
and was looking forward to celebrating my 10th
birthday February l6th. My father, a carpenter, had
been a soldier since 1939 and we got his last letter
in August 1944. My mother was very sad to receive her
letters back with the note: “Not to be found.” We
lived in a 3 room flat on the 4th floor in a working
class region of our town. I remember celebrating
Shrove Tuesday (February 13th) together with other
children, The activities of the war in the east came
nearer and nearer. Lots of soldiers went east and lots
of refugees went west through our town or stayed
there, also in the air raid night February13th/14th.

About 9:30 PM the alarm was given. We children knew
that sound and got up and dressed quickly, to hurry
downstairs into our cellar which we used as an air
raid shelter. My older sister and I carried my baby
twin sisters, my mother carried a little suitcase and
the bottles with milk for our babies. On the radio we
heard with great horror the news: “Attention, a great
air raid will corne over our town!” This news I will
never forget.

Some minutes later we heard a horrible noise — the
bombers. There were nonstop explosions. Our cellar was
filled with fire and smoke and was damaged, the lights
went out and wounded people shouted dreadfully. In
great fear we struggled to leave this cellar. My
mother and my older sister carried the big basket in
which the twins were lain. With one hand I grasped my
younger sister and with the other I grasped the coat
of my mother.

We did not recognize our street any more. Fire, only
fire wherever we looked. Our 4th floor did not exist
anymore. The broken remains of our house were burning.
On the streets there were burning vehicles and carts
with refugees, people, horses, all of them screaming
and shouting in fear of death. I saw hurt women,
children, old people searching a way through ruins and

We fled into another cellar overcrowded with injured
and distraught men women and children shouting, crying
and praying. No light except some electric torches.
And then suddenly the second raid began. This shelter
was hit too, and so we fled through cellar after
cellar. Many, so many, desperate people came in from
the streets. lt is not possible to describe! Explosion
after explosion. It was beyond belief, worse than the
blackest nightmare. So many people were horribly burnt
and injured. lt became more and more difficult to
breathe. lt was dark and all of us tried to leave this
cellar with inconceivable panic. Dead and dying people
were trampled upon, luggage was left or snatched up
out of our hands by rescuers. The basket with our
twins covered with wet cloths was snatched up out of
my mothers hands and we were pushed upstairs by the
people behind us. We saw the burning street, the
falling ruins and the terrible firestorm. My mother
covered us with wet blankets and coats she found in a
water tub.

We saw terrible things: cremated adults shrunk to the
size of small children, pieces of arms and legs, dead
people, whole families burnt to death, burning people
ran to and fro, burnt coaches filled with civilian
refugees, dead rescuers and soldiers, many were
calling and looking for their children and families,
and fire everywhere, everywhere fire, and all the time
the hot wind of the firestorm threw people back into
the burning houses they were trying to escape from.

I cannot forget these terrible details. I can never
forget them.

Now rny rnother possessed only a little bag with our
identitiy papers. The basket with the twins had
disappeared and then suddenly my older sister vanished
too . Although my rnother looked for her immediately
it was in vain. The last hours af this night we found
shelter in the cellar of a hospital nearby surrounded
by crying and dying people. In the next morning we
looked for our sister and the twins but without
success. The house where we lived was only a burning
ruin. The house where our twins were left we could not
go in. Soldiers said everyone was burnt to death and
we never saw my two baby sisters again.

Totally exhausted, with burnt hair and badly burnt and
wounded by the fire we walked to the Loschwitz bridge
where we found good people who allowed us to wash, to
eat and to sleep. But only a short time because
suddenly the second air raid began (February14th) and
this house too was bombed and my mothers last identity
papers burnt. Completely exhausted we hurried over the
bridge (river Elbe) with many other homeless survivors
and found another family ready to help us, because
somehow their home survived this horror.

In all this tragedy I had completely forgotten my l0th
birthday. But the next day rny mother surprised rne
with a piece af sausage she begged from the “Red
Cross”. This was my birthday present.

In the next days and weeks we looked for my older
Sister but in vain. We wrote our present adress an the
last walls of our demaged house. In the middle of
March we were evacuated to a little village near
Oschatz and on March 3lst, we got a letter from my
sister. She was alive! In that disastrous night she
lost us and with other lost children she was taken to
a nearby village. Later she found our address on the
wall of our house and at the beginning of April my
rnother brought her to our new home.

You can be sure that the horrible experiences of this
night in Dresden led to confused dreams, sleepless
nights and disturbed our souls, me and the rest of my
farnily. Years later I intensively thought the matter
over, the causes, the political contexts of this
night. This became very important for my whole life
and my further decisions.

Lothar Metzger



Dresden was just one of the many cities that were
destroyed by the Allies. PZG carries a book, written
by Herman Knell, who tells the horrifying story of the
destruction of Wuerzburg. 6,000 civilians were
murdered and 92% of the Wuerzburg structures were
destroyed.  PZG has a special on that book with 50%
off. It’s written in English and is a great
opportunity for you to hear the victims themselves:


Quickly, the top news in 6 lines:

Condoleeza Rice was confirmed by the Senate to be
Secretary of State in the U.S.

Two blacks are nominated for Academy Awards in the
Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor category. From
Queen Latifa to Jamie Fox.

February 3rd-Ingrid Rimland in L.A.


Michael Walsh:



The 27th of January has been put aside to remember the
Great Holohoax. You have got to believe it but Members
of Parliament and others from ‘the great and the good’
set of establishment clowns are fighting over the
ticket allocation.  You couldn’t make it up.

Couldn’t you?  Sorry but there is nothing new when it
comes to human gullibility and the need of the
upwardly mobile to prostrate themselves before false
gods made from the taxpayers gold.


Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Emperor’s New
Clothes is perhaps the most lucid and amusing parable
of holohoax-mania. This once-upon-a-time metaphor
tells of two rogue tailors who on learning of a vain
emperor’s fetish for exotic clothes set out to trick
him and his subjects.

They convinced him that their beautiful
rainbow-coloured cloth would be so fine it would
appear invisible to all except the dumbest of his
subjects. Anyone with half a brain upwards would
marvel at the breathtaking raiment made for him alone.

The emperor couldn’t believe his luck.  In one hit he
would acquire a zoot suit to take your breath away and
as a bonus discover which of his subjects weren’t full

The emperor parted with two bags of gold (is the
‘reparations’ department listening?) upon which the
rogue tailors set about creating illusions.

The tailors, let’s call them Israel and Cohen,
closeted themselves away where no one could see their
secrets, and apparently laboured for weeks.

They were in stitches all right but not the kind that
holds clothes together. They were splitting their
sides laughing. What a scream; they could hardly
believe their good fortune, verily they had chanced
upon a nation of cattle (goyim) ready for the milking.

Eventually after drying their eyes they emerged and
spread the imaginary raiment before the prime minister
who had been invited to check progress.

The poor sap, realising he would be exposed as a
cretin if he confessed to being unable to see the
cloth, praised the six million threads and of course
the tailors’ skill and integrity.


When the fawning prime minister said he would convey
his admiration to the emperor the tailors had
difficulty keeping their faces straight.  But full
(Deutsch) marks to them, they did.

Before too long the emperor with his entourage
appeared in person to be measured up.

Give an inch and they will take the yard it has been
said: Israel and Co. sure did and more shekels changed



As the tailors went through the motions of spreading
the imaginary cloth before him they invited admiration
of the raiment’s quality, colours and imperceptible

No one, not even the emperor wished to appear foolish
by saying they couldn’t see anything. And so they all
cooed and waxed lyrical while the rogues made a few
farcical adjustments.

Finally the emperor stripped to his buff and allowed
the terrible two to hang the imaginary material over
his naked shoulders, fussing as they did so. “You look
wonderful.” they cooed.

What a sight to behold. The gathering sycophants,
politically correct and upwardly mobile gushed
effluent in their false praise of the finest of
imaginary raiment. “Oh, sire, see how it hangs’ they
said excitedly.

Thanks to the town criers (an inefficient precedent to
the Internet) word spread about the spectacle created
by six million imaginary gold threads.

It was then suggested that the plebeians (plebs to you
and me) be given the privilege of sharing the
sartorial excellence of their emperor’s new gowns.
After all, they had paid for the swindle with their
hard earned taxes.

So the emperor and entourage of fawning lickspittles,
eyes fixed firmly on the potential re-arrangement of
the pecking order, took off down Independence Avenue
and Whitehall.

The crowds gathered for the grand parade of lunatics.
Not wishing to draw attention to themselves by singing
out of tune they ejaculated hosannas about the
non-existent robes as the naked emperor and his
bootlickers swept by.

Unfortunately there is a party poop at every shindig;
in this event a mere child named Revisionist who could
only see what his eyes could see.

“But, dad,” the little lad exclaimed wondrously:
“there are no six million gold threads. The emperor is
naked. It’s a load of bollocks!”

Horrified, his journalist father rounded on the little
tyke: “Don’t talk such nonsense, we can all see the
six million threads,” he shrieked as he tried to pull
the child away.

Alas! Too late! The plebs had heard the lad and his
truthful observation. It was all fine words without
substance; it was such a hoax that it had to be
protected by law.

Also in need of protection was the embarrassment of
the establishment that had been taken in by Israel and
Co. Imprisonment was now the likely lot of anyone who
even questioned the scam

Lacking sophistication (or is it sophistry) and the
need to protect their backsides the crowds lining the
pavements took up the chant: “There is no six million,
there is no six million, there is no . . .. it is a
load of . . . . . !”


“Why then are they, the Israelis, obstructing all
honest research into the six million question?  All
statistics will so long be controversial until world
Jewry and Zionism will be willing to present to the
public exact official statistics of the losses.

The roadblock to research is due to the fact that from
six million dead, one can exact far more reparations
than from say 6,000.”       Joseph Ginsburg, Jewish
researcher and survivor, Munich

“Are the truths on which the Holocaust relies so
flimsy that they need smears to protect them, coupled
with prison sentences like those now imposed in
Germany, Austria, and France…?” – Auberon Waugh.

“I hope my fellow Old Brentwoodian Jack Straw does
introduce legislation to make it a criminal offence to
question the Holocaust.  That will bring everything
out into the open.

I shall claim the honour of being the first prosecuted
by repeating the words; ‘The gas chamber shown to the
tourists at Auschwitz is a fake built after the war by
the Polish communists.’  I assume a British court will
permit us to call witnesses and evidence which the
German courts denied us. (The Polish authorities have
since admitted that the structure in question was
built in 1948.”  – David Irving, Historian. Sunday
Times 20 October 1996.


L’Express, one of France’s most influential magazines
similar to Time or Newsweek agrees that “everything is
false” about the Auschwitz “gas chamber” for decades
shown to tens of thousands of tourists
yearly’.–L’Express January 19-25, 1995. pp 54-73



“A report that an Auschwitz building could not have
been designed as a gas chamber is true but
irrelevant.”  – Dr. Raul Hilberg, Los Angeles Times,
Feb 23 1989

How odd that there is not a single mention of gas
chambers in General Dwight Eisenhower’s Crusade in
Europe, Winston Churchill’s The Second World War or
Charles dGaulle’s Memoires de Guerre.


“A very disturbing thing has happened to journalism,
to the writing of history, and even to justice.  In
anything to do with the Nazis any attempt at
detachment is considered suspect, any degree of
objectivity reprehensible.”

–          Gite Sereny, April 21 1988


It is now claimed that the actual extermination camps
coincidentally only happen to be situated in those
parts of Europe occupied by the Soviets. Dr. Martin
Broszat, the anti-Nazi Director of the Institute of
Contemporary History in Munich, who can lay claim to
being a major influence on the genocide issue,
admitted in Die Zeit, August 19th 1960 ‘that there
were no extermination camps on German soil’ and that
instead, one had to look ‘above all to Auschwitz.’

How convenient that this last redoubt of the
propagandists was occupied by the Red Army, a dab hand
at extermination itself, which never allowed outside
inspection until 10 years after the war’s end.

Gita Sereny, the Jewish holocaust historian admits:
“Auschwitz, despite its emblematic name, was NOT
primarily an extermination camp for the Jews and is
not the central case through which to study

– The New Statesman, November 2 1979.


“Despite thousands of detailed documents on the
crematoria built to dispose of the bodies of typhus
victims, not a single piece of documentary evidence
has ever been produced to substantiate the existence
of even one gas chamber; not an order for
construction, a plan, an invoice, or a photograph.
During the hundreds of ‘war crimes’ trials, nothing
could be produced.  There were no gas chambers at
Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that
I state my reputation and career.”

– Professor Robert Faurrisson.  Le Monde

“At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of
ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people
will accept without question. It is not exactly
forbidden to say this or that or the other, but it is
‘not done.’ Anyone who challenges the prevailing
orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising
effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is
almost never given a fair hearing, either in the
popular press or in highbrow periodicals.” – George

Here’s freedom to him who would speak

Here’s freedom to him who would write,

For there’s none ever feared that the truth should be

Except he who the truth would indict.

– Robert Burns



I am putting aside my strong difference of opinions
with Edgar J. Steele. He forwarded me this column and
I have to say it is great:



by Edgar J. Steele

January 27, 2005

“All right, pigs.  Who wants to be my love slave?”
— Judy Tenuta, founder and central figure of

Happy Jew Day!  Actually, Jew Day, officially known as
“Holocaust Remembrance Day,” occurs on May 4 this
year, but today is a special installment, being
observed worldwide, because it is the 60th anniversary
of the Russian “liberation” of Auschwitz.  Jews like
to memorialize death in their national holidays (as
with Hanukah, which celebrates the slaughter of a
great many of our White European ancestors), even when
it’s their own deaths…provided those deaths never
occurred, of course.  And then, of course, they like
to make everybody else celebrate those holidays, too.

Though we all are expected to observe these holidays
even more reverently than do the Jews, we can never
become Jewish (it’s racial, of course, which they used
to admit quite freely).  I like to think of the new
religion being thrust upon us in place of Christianity
as Jewdayism.  Yes, it sounds a lot like Judaism, but
instead of worshipping ourselves as the Jews do in
Judaism, a form of secular humanism (go on, look it
up), we adherents of Jewdayism are supposed to worship
the Jews, not ourselves.

Don’t confuse Jewdayism or Judaism with Judyism, a
cult started by the comedian Judy Tenuta, wherein she
herself is worshipped by others.  I think Tenuta is
Jewish, though, so hers might actually be a legitimate
branch of Judaism, unless she expects other Jews to
worship her, as well.  And I’m not sure that she
actually worships herself, either.  In that case, hers
is a branch of Jewdayism, isn’t it?  Note my
evenhandedness: I make no value judgments about any of
these religions.  Each seems about as valid to me as
the others.

I fielded several calls from CNN producers the other
day.  “Somebody” had given them my name as someone
they might want to interview to provide counterpoint
to their coverage today, which predictably will gush
in support of all things Jewish.  They discussed
sending out a camera crew to film me being profiled
with my commentary.  Obviously, the idea was to get a
foil to make look foolish…the typical, inarticulate
and irrational “hater” to be vilified on camera.  I
know that always is the media’s agenda when its
minions approach me, but I am willing to play along,
anyway, because I count on being able to hold my own
with anybody on politically-incorrect subjects.

One of them asked if I believed in the Holocaust.  “Do
I believe Jews died or do I believe 6,000,000 Jews
were gassed and cremated?” I responded.  The latter,
she said.  “No – that’s complete rubbish, as a little
logic will demonstrate,” I replied.  “Here, let me

“Consider why Germany, fighting a war on two fronts,
desperate for fuel and materiel of every sort, would
bother to load millions of Jews on railroad cars and
transport them hundreds, even thousands, of miles to
concentration camps.  Camps built specifically to
house them, where they would be fed, clothed, even
tattooed so they could be inventoried…just to kill

“Look,” I continued, “it doesn’t even begin to make
sense.  If they wanted Jews dead, they would have done
it the same way that Russian Jews had been doing it to
millions and millions (20 to 80 million, depending
upon to whom you talk) of White Christians for the
past thirty years at the time:  with a bullet to the
base of the skull, wherever they might be found.”

There was a long pause.  I used it to add:  “As my
buddy Al likes to say, ‘In all of German-occupied
Europe, there were 2.4 million Jews.  After the war,
3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations.
Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.'”

More silence.  (I imagined her feverishly taking
notes.)  “Did you know that WWII wasn’t the first time
that Jews claimed 6,000,000 of their number were
eradicated in a genocidal frenzy?” I asked.  “No – no,
I didn’t,” came the tentative response.  “WWI,” I
said.  “They made the exact, same claim, but they
would like us to forget about that now.  And that
wasn’t the first time either.  You might ask what is
so magic about the 6 million figure – well, it derives
from their Talmud, which teaches that their Messiah
will not come until 6 million Jews are slaughtered.”
I resisted the almost-overwhelming urge to point out
that Israel’s current Jewish population is just about
6 million and then ask if she believed in religious

“How do you know this is true?” she asked.

“Well, the Talmud is there for anybody to read.
Besides, they keep changing the plaques at Auschwitz.
First it was 4 million killed there, said the memorial
plaque, which now has been replaced with a plaque that
claims 1.5 million.  Even so, the 6 million figure
never got knocked down by the 2.5 million Auschwitz
reduction.”  (Go here for a particularly illuminating
article which puts the final Auschwitz figure at about
140,000, based on documents released following the
Soviet collapse.)

More silence, then she asked if I had any other
thoughts on Auschwitz.  “Where do I begin?” I began.

“Did you know that, when the Russians were about to
“liberate” Auschwitz, most of the Jewish prisoners,
including Elie Wiesel, famed Nazi hunter, and Otto
Frank, Anne Frank’s father, elected to move to another
camp with their German captors, rather than await the
arrival of the Russians?  If the Germans were so bad
and such rampant killers, why not wait for the
Russians?  By the way, did you know that the last part
of Anne Frank’s handwritten diary was done in
ball-point pen, which wasn’t even invented until after
the end of the war?”  (Anne Frank died of typhus
before war’s end.)  “Did you know that Otto has paid
court-ordered restitution to at least one individual
who claimed to have been hired to write the diary?”

“What about all the pictorial evidence?” she asked.

“Mostly faked,” I replied.  “All those pictures of
skinny people and bodies stacked like cordwood were
actually of Czechs and Poles and Germans.  And they
died of Typhus, which was rampant in the camps, not
gas chambers.  Simon Wiesenthal, whose Southern
California museum is supported by taxpayer dollars,
has been shown repeatedly to use faked photographs in
his exhibits.  A great many photographs were faked for
the trumped-up Nuremberg trials, for which German
confessions were extracted by torture, a notoriously
unreliable interrogation technique.  Tellingly,
several confessions, written out in English, were
signed by German officers, though they didn’t speak a
word of English.

“There’s a famous photo of Auschwitz where smoke from
alleged crematoria was added by Wiesenthal to “prove”
the existence of ovens.  Problem is, eventually the
original surfaced, with no smoke to be seen.   And
Allied flyovers never reported any billowing smoke
from any of the camps, either.”

“Do you have these pictures?” she asked.

“Yep, and documentary proof of everything I say.  And,
I can put my hands on it in mere minutes, at most.”

For example, now you see it…………now you don’t.



Dr. Leon Bourke:



Your long newsletter yesterday was superb. It was
excellent history and everyone should read it. That
was first rate.

Leon Bourke



Mike Reisch:


Dear Walter:

As most readers know Auschwitz was set up by the
National Socialists in the early 1940s as a transit
camp (Stammlager) to supply labor to other
concentration camps of the Reich whose inmates were
involved in the German war industry. Some Auschwitz
inmates also labored in the nearby synthetic fuel
plants of Monowitz as well as a variety of Upper
Silesian industries.

The inmates were generally Russian POWs, Poles, Jews,
and members of various nationalities and minorities.
Western historians and the media consider the period
of the early 1940s to January 1945 when Auschwitz was
under National Socialist control as bad.

After the occupation of the camp by the International
Socialists, also characterized in the West as a
liberation, Auschwitz became a transit camp
(Stammlager) for the vast Gulag system whose inmates
were used as cheap labor to the Soviet economy. The
inmates were generally German POWs, German civilians,
Ukrainians (Hilfswillige), and members of various
nationalities and minorities. Doesn’t sound much
different from the good old days when Auschwitz was
bad, does it?

After the camp had served its purposes as a Stammlager
for the Gulag it eventually morphed into the Auschwitz
club. This club known to the Germans as the Auschwitz
Keule serves to bludgeon anyone who dares to tell the
truth about W.W.II. Its use has been most effective in
Europe particularly Germany by suppressing revisionist
thought. Its is also becoming increasingly popular for
this purpose to squelch dissident intellectuals in the
English speaking world including the United States.

This later period when Auschwitz was run by
International Socialists is in the view of Western
historians and the media as good. Not only is it a
club but also a money maker for various groups. It has
been turned into a macabre lucrative tourist
destination complete with nearby restaurants and

Indeed the good Auschwitz has served everyone well
except of course the Germans who still want to remain
German, the Austrians, the Swiss Banks, Italian
Insurance Companies, and the Palestinians.

The German National Zeitung article attached describes
in detail the good Auschwitz that some of your German
speaking readers may not be entirely familiar with.

Mike Reisch






for what it’s worth, the first URL below has a comment
about the integrity of Russian statemen.  Quote:
As some Russian leaders were busy engaging in
subservient activities by attending the 60th
anniversary of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration
camp’s liberation in Poland, other Russians, who put
their nations’ interests ahead of global Jewish
supremacy, signed a joint statement to protest the
mass insanity that promotes global Jewish interests
and its corresponding hatred.  In a joint statement,
literally hundreds of prominent Russian nationalists,
including 19 members of Parliament, demanded that
Russia’s prosecutor take action to stop all Jewish
organizations within Russia, which the unified
Russians honestly described as “extremist.”

The second URL documents Jewish casualties in
different concentration camps.




New Order:


Yes, many, many more non-Jews died than any
alleged “Six Million.”  But the gentleman you quote
knows nothing about National Socialism.

National Socialism came out of the ARYAN SOUL
of the German people and had nothing to do with
any so-called Illuminati or Freemasonry.
Indeed, Free Masons were barred from joining
the National Socialist movement.

Adolf Hitler was sent into the world by Providence
to remind Aryankind of the eternal laws of life,
which are the laws of Nature—which are the laws
of GOD!

These manifest laws incorporate the primary values
of RACE and PERSONALITY.  They—not some occult
doctrine—form the basis for National Socialism.
We disregard them at our peril!

We invite you to join with us in spreading the truth,
rather than repeating and propagating the sort of
ignorance mentioned above.


Don Jay



Jack Martin:


In the days of the “Cold War,” Americans were
frequently told how citizens of Communist countries
had a distorted and false understanding of the world
because of the indoctrination and brainwashing they
were subjected to.

I remember thinking at the time, how unbelievably
gullible and naive they were.

We Americans, on the other hand, lived in a free
society, with unrestricted access to information
available to us, and an unlimited range of privately
owned and operated media that continuously worked to
provide us with accurate news and largely unbiased
commentary covering the full spectrum of thought on
news of interest and importance to the American

We did, after all, live in a society based on free
enterprise and competition.  If any one part or
segment of the media were not giving us truthful,
accurate, impartial, and full reporting of the news,
its competitors would certainly rush in to fill the

It pains me now to think how unbelievably gullible and
naive I was.

Did anyone watch the PBS special on “Auschwitz: Inside
the Nazi State”?

This presentation is replete with outright lies and
such misrepresentation of fact as to render what was
purported to be fact into sheer malignant and surreal

Unfortunately, most of those viewing this obscenity
are likely to be misled because, like the citizens of
those Communist countries, they have been subjected to
years of incessant indoctrination and brainwashing.
What worked for Pavlov’s dogs, works even better for
homo sapiens(?).

The effect of all this is worse for Americans than for
those benighted subjects of Communist oppression who,
living under totalitarian rule, at least knew that
their information and news was managed and distorted.
Americans, mostly, labor under the delusion that
theirs is not.

Back in 1807, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The man who
never looks into a newspaper is better informed than
he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is
nearer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with
falsehood and errors.”

The current PBS Auschwitz effluvium is yet another
confirmation of Jefferson’s sagacious insight.

And in our day we have, not only newspapers to mislead
us, but movies, television, schools, book publishers,
government institutions, and a host of other sources.

Much of the Auschwitz special is based on so-called
eyewitness statements that are both uncontested and
unsupported and the substance of which is not in
harmony with known facts.

Judging by their apparent ages, some of the supposed
“eyewitnesses” are presumably just actors reading
lines from a script.

The “confession” of Rudolf Höß (Hoess) is used
heavily, with no mention of the established fact that
Höß had been tortured, and that the (original)
“confession” was written in English!

Also, extensively used is the notorious “Gerstein
statement,” at least six different versions of which
are known to exist.  As revisionist historian
Friedrich Paul Berg wrote: “Many parts of Gerstein’s
statements range from the fantastically incredible to
the downright impossible.”

Leading Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg is author of
“The Destruction of the European Jews.”  In testimony
given during the 1988 Zündel trial in
Canada, Hilberg stated, with reference to the Gerstein
“I realized, of course, clearly, what sort of person
this was from the context of the language he used, and
did not rely upon any statements (for use in his book)
that appeared to me either imaginative or exaggerated.
I did not use them.  When asked if he had eliminated
“ridiculous parts in your use of his statement,
Hilberg replied: “Well, I eliminated anything that
seemed not to be plausible or credible,
When asked about his opinion regarding Gerstein’s
sanity Hilberg responded: I am not a judge of sanity,
but I would be careful about what he said.”
In subsequent trial, Hilberg refused to appear as a
witness for the prosecution.

The camp at Treblinka was mentioned along with the
usual concomitant story of mass graves. What was not
mentioned is that, in 1999, ground penetrating radar
was used at the Treblinka site and it was determined
that there was no soil disturbance consistent with
hundreds of thousands of Jews having been buried
there.  Mr Krege, an electronics engineer, who
conducted the test, said, “Personally, I don’t think
there was a [death]-camp there at all.”

One could continue in this vein but it would be
carrying coals to Newcastle.

The Third Reich produced “Jud Süß” and “Der Ewige
Jude.” These were benign in comparison with
“Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State.”

The PBS special, as shown thus far, is manifestly an
assortment of malignant lies from beginning to end
with the inclusion of just enough, mostly irrelevant,
factual material to impart an appearance of
authenticity for the gullible.

It is blatant unmitigated anti-German hate-propaganda
clearly meant to inflict harm on the German nation and

And yet, I suppose, hundreds of thousands will,
unthinkingly, swallow it whole.

These lines of Ogden Nash come to mind:

See the happy moron,
He doesn’t give a damn.
I wish I was a moron.
My God – perhaps I am!

Josef Goebbels, often accused of spreading false
propaganda, would surely have been embarrassed had he
been associated with a piece of such vulgar mendacity.

Jack Martin



Adelaide Institute:


A twisted story that begins with truths, half-truths,
exaggerations, distortions, then ends in outright lies
– but the reader is gripped emotionally and forgets to
ask two critical questions:

1. The Professor Robert Faurisson challenge about the
murder weapon:

Show me or draw me the Auschwitz homicidal gas

To date no-one has fulfilled that challenge and
Faurisson is still waiting for that evidence!

What has happened is that legal restraints are placed
on Revisionists who ask probing questions. Why? Truth
does not need legal protection because it can stand on
its own but lies do.

2. Why was it that until the 1988 Ernst Zundel Toronto
Trial, the twenty plaques that contained the 4-million
death figure were removed, and after a few years
replaced with the 1.-1.5 million number?

Such a reduction should logically have reduced the
overall claimed 6-million Jewish dead figure. Why has
this 6-million figure not been reduced?

Why is it in many European countries illegal, a
criminal act not to believe in the Holocaust, to doubt
the Holocaust?

In thsi Internet age to force individuals to believe
in something is foolish because it is against the
principles that President Bush announced would uphold
his presidency: freedom and democracy. All oppressed
Revisionists should seek President Bush’s help to
crush Holocaust terrorism and thereby gain freedom
from oppression..
Cheney, Chirac and Putin Pay homage

Front page of St. Petersburg Times, 01/23/05

60 years after end of the evil, Auschwitz still an

The former Nazi death camp maintains its grim demeanor
decades after the atrocities. “We don’t have contact
with beauty.”
By Associated Press, Published January 23, 2005
OSWIECIM, Poland – At first the red-brick barracks
look almost respectable, numbered like normal houses
along tree-lined paths. But then the gas chamber
reveals itself through the wintry fog, and the death
wall where prisoners were stripped and shot, and the
soil and ponds still full of teeth and crumbled bones
from incinerated corpses.

The death factory where the Nazis murdered 1.5-million
people went idle 60 years ago Thursday, but Auschwitz,
ground zero of human savagery, still has the power to
stun its visitors into silence.

“For me, this is a grave, not a museum,” said Shalom
Gross, a 57-year-old Israeli who lost more than 80
relatives to the Holocaust on his mother’s side alone.

He held three Hebrew holy books. “I have come here to
pray,” he said.

Auschwitz today is many things at once: an emblem of
evil, a site of historical remembrance, a vast
cemetery. With its neighbor Birkenau and the town of
Oswiecim – the Polish name of Auschwitz – it is also a
place where life goes on, where people go to work,
shop for groceries and try to make a living in a
depressed coal-mining region where unemployment is
near 19 percent.

Some of the barracks serve as offices for the scholars
and administrators at the memorial site, who walk past
the gas chamber and barbed wire as they go to and from
work. A room once occupied by an SS guard is eerily
preserved, down to the photo of Adolf Hitler on the

“It is strange to work here, where we don’t have
contact with beauty,” said Franciszek Piper, the head
of the museum’s historical research department.
“But if people in Poland wished to live far from the
places where people were killed, persecuted, where the
soil is soaked with the blood of those killed by the
Nazis, then everyone would have to leave Poland.”
The 60th anniversary carries special weight, because
very few survivors are likely to be alive for the
70th. Vice President Dick Cheney will attend
Thursday’s ceremony at Auschwitz along with Presidents
Vladimir Putin of Russia and Jacques Chirac of France
and others. President Bush visited Auschwitz in 2003.
An estimated 600,000 people visit the camp each year
to learn or to grieve or to reflect on the past. Most
move about in quiet reverence, yet even here, there’s
occasional levity – smiling tourists posing under the
infamous main gate with its cynical slogan “ARBEIT
MACHT FREI” (work makes you free), or a group of
visitors laughing as they line up to see a documentary
about mass murder.

Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, says he has
often seen such behavior at Auschwitz.

“It’s exactly the people who are smiling that you want
there,” he said. “While it’s disconcerting to see, the
experience will play back in their heads – two months
or two years later – and have an effect.”

More than 90 percent of the victims from 1940 until
the Soviet Army liberated the camp on Jan. 27, 1945,
were Jews, and the rest were Gypsies, Polish political
opponents, Soviet POWs, Catholics and homosexuals.
died in gas chambers or from starvation, medical
experiments, disease or forced labor.

Noted inmates at Auschwitz included Anne Frank,
15-year-old author who died at a different camp weeks
before liberation; Elie Wiesel, author and survivor;
Edith Stein, a Jewish-born nun killed there, also
known as St. Teresa Benedicta; St. Maximilian Kolbe,
Polish priest killed there; and Viktor Frankl,
author/psychiatrist and survivor.

Auschwitz is in fact not one camp, but two: Auschwitz
I, built in an abandoned Polish military base, and
Auschwitz II, or Birkenau, a much bigger complex that
went up later about 2 miles away to expedite the
Nazis’ Final Solution.

It is Birkenau that shocks more profoundly, a flat,
vast space still ringed by the silver birch trees
(birken in German) that gave the place its name.
Crematoria lie in rubble as a reminder of the Nazis’
effort to hide their crimes as their defeat loomed.
Still intact are the rail tracks on which prisoners in
cramped cattle cars were hauled into the camp and
selected for slave labor, experiments or death.

Many of the visitors are Israeli schoolchildren
brought here to reinforce the ethos of “never again.”
Many more come from Germany, alone or in groups
organized by schools, churches and unions to confront
their nation’s past.

This month, a German service workers’ union brought
young and middle-aged adults to visit the camp and
meet with a survivor.

After a day at the camp, they gathered to reflect on
their experience.

“I cannot comprehend the cruelty, how our parents and
grandparents could have gone along with this,” Jochen
Schuk said. “Or even today how people can still cling
to ideologies of hatred.”

Auschwitz is held up as a moral lesson in the fight
against racism and anti-Semitism, but it has also
become a potent symbol for those seeking other

For Poland, invaded and occupied for five years by
Germany, then ruled by communist dictatorship for more
than 40 years, having Auschwitz on its soil is
particularly painful. The Nazis treated the Poles as
an inferior race, dotted their land with death camps
and murdered about 3-million non-Jewish Poles. Yet it
often is tainted with guilt by geography.

Last year, when a Canadian TV station referred to
Treblinka as a “Polish concentration camp,” Poland
formally complained to the Canadian government.

So sensitive is Poland to accusations of anti-Semitism
that visitors to Auschwitz are forbidden to make
recordings of guided tours. Some have edited the
recordings to “prove that Poles are anti-Semites, even
those who work at the Auschwitz museum,” said Marzena
Konopka-Klus, a camp guide.

A particularly fraught question is whether Auschwitz
is primarily a Jewish experience, or a universal one.

One of the most wrenching disputes involved a
Carmelite nunnery next to the camp. Jewish groups
protested that it was an intrusion on their sacred
burial place. Polish-born Pope John Paul II intervened
in 1993 and got the nuns to move out.

Jews and Christians have quarreled over crosses put up
around Auschwitz. A discotheque in a tannery near the
camp where prisoners worked and died was shut
following international protests. Plans for a shopping
mall across the street from the Auschwitz museum were
scaled down after Jewish groups complained.

And then there’s the predicament of Oswiecim, a town
of 42,000 forever associated with a monstrosity for
which it bears no blame.

Residents insist that life in Oswiecim is just as
normal as anywhere else. But Andrzej Bibrzycki, the
chief elected county official, said he longs for
a time when investors and tourists will stop shunning
the economically depressed coal mining area and create
jobs for the unemployed.

“In Jerusalem, near Christ’s tomb, Muslims are doing
good business. So believers of other faiths are making
good money near sacred shrines,” he said. “I think
these kinds of expectations are normal.”

At this time of year, tourists move through the camp
and the unheated exhibit spaces bundled in heavy
coats. Any urge to complain is stifled by the photos
of inmates in pajamalike fatigues.

As dusk falls, officials quietly lock the entrance
gates, but refrain from breaking the silence with
announcements over loudspeakers. As the night deepens,
the visitors drift off at the time of their choosing –
or when the gloom and the cold become unbearable.













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