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Dear Fellow Patriot!


Zundel In Germany:

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L.A.: The Anti Defamation League (ADL) released its
annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents. The report, of
course, is highly biased and can’t be believed. Let’s
take a look at what the “hate pimps” tell us this

Especially in schools, the number of anti-Semitic
incidents rose by 30% in California, and 17% in the
country. It looks like the young people are finally
getting fed up with the forced feeding of crap by the

Nationwide, the number of anti-Semitic incidents rose
from 1,557 in 2003 to 1,821 in 004. In California, the
number jumped from 180 to 237. ADL Spokesperson
Susskind says:

“We’re started seeing more Swastikas doodled in
textbooks or kids calling other kids ugly names.”

Uuuuuh – beware of ugly names! I don’t know why the
ADL still wonders why the Swastika has become such a
popular sign for the youngens of this country? For
more than 60 years, the ADL was a big part of the
propaganda to demonize the Hakenkreuz, the Nazis,
Adolf Hitler, and the Third Reich.

Young people in all of history have always had their
rebellious years. So, when looking for logos, or
identification to be “bad” what better symbols that
are constantly in the news.

The ADL claims that it is predominantly white kids. I
wonder what they say about the Montana school rampage
by the native Indian boy? The police found actually an
entire “Nazi Club” amongst the native youngsters. You
see, the demonizing of the Third Reich doesn’t know
any racial boundaries anymore. The gigantic propaganda
machine of the traditional enemy made the Nazi Era and
it’s leader, Adolf Hitler, the role model for all
races who want to be different. Being “cool” and “bad”
is the trend of today’s young generation.

Most kids have no idea what it all means, and how can
they? They are only being forced to learn one side.

To blame just the children is ludicrous. The teachers,
the parents, and the local school system. When
children leave high school, and can’t read or write,
however, are forced to spend hours to learn about the
“evil Nazis”, then something isn’t right.

Take a closer look at the school system. All that
represents good has been taken away. God isn’t allowed
in the school system, being the best is being bigoted,
and being proud of your race is racist. Sometimes I
wonder if that wasn’t done deliberately so that the
mushy minds of young people are only thought about the
“evil” of the world.

Not ever in history has a single episode received so
much attention than the Third Reich. No athletes, no
stars, not even presidents. Still today, Adolf Hitler
is the most covered “evil leader” in the world.



“History” says that General Dwight Eisenhower
personally took Hollywood moguls on a tour to view the
concentration camps, immediately after the war. Today,
at 9:00pm Eastern Time, Cable’s AMC will air
“Imaginary witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust.” The
film explores why most film studios, including many
run by Jews, largely condoned Hitler’s action until
1939, and didn’t deal openly with the holocaust until
years later.

Well. I think they sure have made up for it. Just this
year again, another holocaust movie, nominated for an
academy award. The public has been inundated with
holocaust fairytales from Hollywood. Why they started
so late I think is simply answered: It took the Jews
this long to make it all up!



“As a young infantry captain, I hit the beach at
Normandy, during the momentous D-Day battle. My fellow
soldiers and I did what we had to do in order to
liberate Europe from the Nazis. We struck back at the
heart of the enemy to – liberate – save the world.”

Mayor General Millner Rohers

Ever since, the U.S. has used that universal phrase to
liberate over and over again. The latest in Iraq. To
save the world from terror.

These liberations always involve unspeakable massacres
and terror for those who are supposed to be liberated.
The murder of hundreds and thousands of civilians,
including women and children, are the preferred

Soon the celebration of D-Day 60th anniversary of WWII
will begin. A show for the masses to cover up the
truth. D-Day was the beginning of the true holocaust
for the German people. Heads of state will gather at
the beaches of Normandy, pretending that they care.
Heroic tales of rescues, of survivors, or sinking
landing crafts by the Germans, will be told.

The overall cry of victory will be: “We kicked the
Nazis ass.”

What you won’t hear is that it took the world’s
greatest powers five years to destroy the superior
warfare of the Germans. Only by bombing the cities
full of civilians, by slaughtering their children, and
raping their women, was this victory achieved.

And afterwards, they made a mockery of the world’s
justice system and put on a show trial in Nuernberg to
judge the German leaders with war crimes.

Then, one could see the pictures of the Russians
hoisting the flag over a destroyed Berlin, the
Americans at a destroyed Berghof. We have seen today
the same thing in Iraq, when toppling the statue of
Saddam Hussein.

Then, a campaign of starvation began for the German
civilians – one the world had never seen before.

Then, a phony free vote, installed a monkey
government, that is still run today by the Americans.

Hundreds and thousand of German prisoners of war were
slowly starved to death. Today, we see it all over
again with Guantanamo Bay.

Senator John Kerry, a self-admitted warcriminal, who
ordered the killling of an entire Vietnamese village,
actually run for President of the U.S.

When the world celebrates D-Day, remember that today’s
U.S Military power comes from the theft of the
superior technology from the deeated Germans.

Then, Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler was trying to
bring Europe deliberation of Jewish power. The freedom
for all people to compete in a healthy economy.
History says he was an evil man and a dictator.

Today, the U.S. is trying to bring Freedom and
democracy to the entire world. The freedom for all
people to live without terrorists. The war on terror
has caused thousands of lives, billions of dollars,
and the internment of the enemy. I wonder if history
will say the same as they said about the Third Reich.

So, D-Day should be a day to remember the evil Jews
do. Not a celebration, but a day of mourning for the
slaughter of millions of innocent civilians. “D” stand
for dark, or in German for “dunkel”.


From Janet:


Canadian police learn how to bolster security at home
during Israel visit

Canada Israel Committee

Some 30 police chiefs from all over Ontario say they
have learned valuable lessons during a week-long visit
to Israel, and are now better prepared to respond to
emergencies – or terror threats – in Canada.

Niagara Police Visit Israel Free
By Leora Eren Frucht

They witnessed a mock terror attack, viewed videotapes
of the real thing, and grilled anti-terror experts –
and when it was over, some 30 top law enforcement
officers from Ontario returned from a week- long visit
to Israel, armed with lessons for boosting security in
their own communities.

The trip – the first of its kind – brought Ontario
Provincial Police Commissioner Gwenneth Boniface,
federal government security advisor Dr. James Young,
Ontario Emergency Management Commissioner Julian
Fantino, as well as police chiefs from all over the
province to Israel to get a first-hand look at
security, policing and emergency management
techniques. They were joined by Ontario Minister of
Community Safety and Correctional Services, Monte

“The anti-terror expertise here is impressive,” said
York Regional Police Chief Armand LaBarge. “These are
the people we need to be talking to if we want to
learn how to combat terror.”

“North America tends to take safety for granted, but
the truth is we are no longer immune to terror,” said
Greater Sudbury Police Chief Ian Davidson. “This has
been an incredible opportunity to learn how people
respond to the highest level of terror – and gives us
a much broader perspective on public safety.”

The trip was sponsored by the Canadian Jewish Congress
– Ontario Region, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto,
the Ontario government and the Ontario Police Chiefs

For two of Canada’s newly-appointed security chiefs,
it was an especially timely trip.

“I now have a greater awareness of our own potential
vulnerabilities,” said Fantino, who took up his post
as Ontario Emergency Management Commissioner just a
week ago. “Unfortunately Israel has had to deal with
ongoing emergencies, and that meansâ?¦they are always
in a state of readiness.” Fantino added that he was
particularly impressed by the seamless coordination
among the different bodies responsible for security
and emergency response in Israel. “That is the key to
an effective emergency response.”

Young – who became the federal government’s advisor on
public safety and emergency preparedness last month –
recalled that during his recent deployment to Thailand
to help tsunami victims, the first people on the scene
were Israeli forensic experts. “I’m well aware of
their advanced methods,” he said. During this trip,
Young said that he and other police officers were
eagerly eyeing several Israeli-made security products
on display at a trade show – including a gun that can
be held around a corner, a hot-air balloon used for
surveillance, and a particularly effective barrier
intended to block a car-bomb attack. “There was a lot
of interesting technology; this is definitely a
strength of Israel,” said Young.

Many of the police were impressed not only by the
gadgets and methods used by the Israeli security
forces, but also by the attitude of ordinary Israelis.

“I’m quite amazed at the way life just goes on here
despite the threat,” said OPP Commissioner Boniface.

“I learned that the goal of terror is to demoralize a
country – to beat it psychologically by attacking the
most vulnerable elements – the citizens,” said
Hamilton Police Chief Brian John Mullan. “In that
sense, the spirit and motivation of the people and
their willingness to persevere is deeply admirable.”

“You see that ordinary Israelis are not paralyzed by
fear,” added York Chief LaBarge. “The sense of
normalcy that prevails is a way of not giving in to

Several police chiefs were even a bit envious of the
attitude displayed by Israeli citizens, many of whom
volunteer as civil guards and generally display
considerable vigilance.

“Security is perceived as the duty of everyone here,”
noted Ottawa Deputy Police Chief Lawrence Hill.
“There’s a great sense of community – something we’re
still working on building.”

“The way the whole society deals collectively with the
security threat is a lesson for all Canadians,” said
Sudbury Chief Davidson.

“The fact that there is respect for religious and
cultural rights despite the security threat is
impressive,” noted Midland Police Chief Paul David
Hamelin, who is also the President of the Ontario
Association of Chiefs of Police. “I think that Israel
has found an admirable balance between security and
human rights.”

Hamelin says he was also struck by the similar
challenges facing Israeli and Canadian police. “We
visited a correctional centre here and heard our
Israeli colleagues discussing the need to rehabilitate
and re-integrate prisoners into society – the same
sort of thing we discuss. And despite the threat of
terror, police here are expected to deal with breaking
and entering just like any other police force.”

The Canadian police say they also felt a strong sense
of solidarity with their Israeli colleagues. After
they heard an Israeli border policeman recount his
confrontation with a terrorist – in which his partner
was killed and he narrowly escaped the same fate –
stood up and applauded him.

“We could relate on a very personal and professional
level to that officer,” said Sudbury Chief Davidson.
“Police officers anywhere in the world have a common

As the Ontario delegation showed up at Jerusalem’s
Hadassah Medical Centre for a scheduled visit to the
trauma centre, sirens blared as an ambulance pulled up
with two Israeli border police officers who had just
been shot by Palestinian gunmen. The Canadian police
visited the trauma centre just moments after the staff
had finished treating the wounded soldiers.

“This sort of thing is not prevalent in Canada – but
it’s not entirely foreign to us either,” said
Davidson, noting that during the visit, the police
heard that four of their Canadian comrades had been
shot dead in Alberta. They observed a moment of
silence in their honour while visiting Canada’s
ambassador to Israel, Donald Sinclair.

During the trip, the police also met with a
Palestinian security adviser and with Canadian
peace-keeping troops stationed in the Golan Heights.

This was the first visit to Israel for nearly all the
police chiefs – and they got to experience Israel
from a tourist’s perspective too, traveling from the
Galilee to the Dead Sea. “Israel is a much more
cosmopolitan place than I ever imagined,” said
Hamilton Chief Mullan. “This trip has certainly
changed some of the stereotypes I had about the

Accompanying the police delegation were Joel Richler,
Chair of the CJC-Ontario region, Bernie Farber,
National Chief Executive Officer of CJC and Morris
Zbar of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.





The late Pope John Paul II was a crypto-rabbi and his
pontificate represented, for diabolical infiltrators,
a supreme coup. He became the first pope in the
history of Christendom to enter an accursed

Actually I never heard the past Pope say anything
negative again Germany.

The commotion in the press about history in connection
with the Pope was concentrated frequently with
political propaganda about WW2 “Nazi” times and
pictures of “remembrance”, daily and hourly.

The Pope had the guts to side against the Palestine
Holocaust, speak against the war in Iraq, etc.
As a none Catholic I had deepest respect for the

Strangely, after above statements on justice, the
media started with concentrated articles agaainst
Catholic priests, the church, and 100 million dollar
proceeding against priests and the church.

Was that kind of penalty for the popes siding with the
under dog?
I am very much against child molestation, but what
about the scum that comes from Hollywood?
The present day US kids are so much deep into the
dirties type of sex, demonstrated by the sex media.
What Jackson did pales against what being done in
other circles.
But there ist no money to be made in that section.



Dr. Leon Bourke:



The quotes you have given from the White Supremicists
are thoroughly disgusting and nauseating. Who would
want to identify with them? They sound Talmudic –
perhaps they are.

Leon Bourke





Diversity Mongers Target the Web
Can quotas rule the ultimate meritocracy?

By Heather Mac Donald

Bad move, guys. The “diversity” mongers have just
brought up the one thing that they should have stayed
far far away from: the web. Newsweek’s technology
columnist Steven Levy has declared that the lack of
“diversity” among the web’s most popular blogs
requires corrective action. The goal? A blogosphere
whose elite tier “reflects the actual population” —
i.e., where female- and minority-written blogs are
found among the top 100 blogs in the same proportion
as females and minorities are found in the general

Levy’s complaint comes on the heels of Susan Estrich’s
campaign against the Los Angeles Times for allegedly
refusing to publish female op-ed writers, a campaign
that has caused widespread wringing of editorial hands
about male-dominated op-ed pages. For Levy to have
mentioned the web at this moment is about as smart as
inviting Stephen Hawking to an astrologers’
convention: The web demolishes the assumptions behind
any possible quota crusade.

A Harvard conference on bloggers and the media
triggered Levy’s concerns. Keith Jenkins, a Washington
Post photo editor, had warned during the conference,
via e-mail, that the growth of blogging threatened
minority gains in journalism. Whereas the mainstream
media have gotten to “the point of inclusion,” Jenkins
wrote, the “overwhelmingly white and male American
blogosphere [might] return us to a day where the
dialogue about issues was a predominantly white-only

Who would’ve guessed it? The mainstream media, Jenkins
admits, has gotten to “the point of inclusion.” You’d
never know it from the ongoing agitation for more
race- and gender-conscious hiring and publishing. Just
this December, the National Association of Black
Journalists wrung from the president of NBC News a
promise to hire more black journalists at the highest
levels of the newsroom. At an NABJ conference last
April, a Denver Post editor accused newspapers and
broadcast outlets of refusing to hire blacks and
called on NABJ members to denounce such alleged
discriminators. The Association tallies and publicizes
black representation in newsrooms to the minutest
detail, including the ratio of black supervisors to
black reporters. Susan Estrich, meanwhile, has had her
female law students at USC logging daily ratios of
female- to male-penned op-eds in the Los Angeles Times
for the last three years — numbers that she has used
to try to bludgeon editor Michael Kinsley into
instituting female quotas. The Media Report to Women,
cited by the New York Times’s Joyce Purnick, pumps out
statistics on the percentage of female interviewees on
network-news shows and of female news directors in
radio, among other crucial discoveries. Female book
reviewers in The New York Times Book Review are weekly
stacked up against male reviewers at Edward Champion’s
“Return of the Reluctant.”

These diversity grievances follow the usual logic:
Victim-group X is not proportionally represented in
some field; therefore the field’s gatekeepers are
discriminating against X’s members. The argument
presumes that there are large numbers of qualified Xs
out there who, absent discrimination, would be
proportionally represented in the challenged field.

If the quota mongers really believed these claims,
they should welcome the web enthusiastically, since it
is a world without gatekeepers and with no other
significant barriers to entry. Imagine someone coping
with real discrimination — a black tanner, say, in
1897 Alabama. To expand his business, he needs capital
and access to markets beyond the black business
corridors in the south. Every white lender has turned
him down, however, and no white merchant will carry
his leather goods, even though they are superior to
what is currently on the market. Tell that leather
maker that an alternative universe exists, where he
can obtain credit based solely on his financial
history and sell his product based solely on its
quality — a universe where race is so irrelevant that
no one will even know his own — and he would think he
had died and gone to heaven.

For allegedly discriminated-against minority and
female writers, the web is just that heaven. They can
get their product directly out to readers with no
bigoted editors to turn them away. As Steven Levy
himself conceded in a column last December, there are
virtually no start-up costs to launching a weblog:
“All you need,” he explained, “is some cheap software
tools and something to say.” In case reader prejudice
is a problem, web writers can conceal their identity
and simply present their ideas. And there is no
established hierarchy to placate on the way to the
top. As Levy wrote: “Out of the inchoate chatter of
the Web, the sharpest voices simply emerge.”

So here is the perfect medium for liberating all those
qualified minority and female “voices” that are being
silenced by the mainstream media’s gatekeepers.
According to diversity theory, they should be far more
heavily represented in the blogosphere’s upper reaches
than they are in traditional journalism. In fact, the
opposite is the case, as the Washington Post’s Keith
Jenkins pointed out. The elite blogging world is far
less “diverse” than the mainstream media.

Why? Could it be that the premise of the “diversity”
crusade is wrong — that there are not in fact hordes
of unknown, competitively talented non-white-male
journalists held back by prejudice? Don’t even
entertain the thought. Steven Levy certainly doesn’t.
After fleetingly rehearsing his own previous analysis
of the web as a pure meritocracy, he dismisses the
argument without explanation and trots out the
hoariest trope in the “diversity” lexicon: “the old
boy’s club.” Why is the top rung of the blogosphere so
homogeneous? Levy asks. He answers: “It appears that
some clubbiness is involved” — that is, that white
male bloggers only link to other white male bloggers.
(Susan Estrich likewise accused the Los Angeles
Times’s Michael Kinsley of favoring writers in his old
boy’s club.)

Appears to whom? Where does this alleged club meet? In
fact, the web is the antithesis of a closed, exclusive
society. Levy offers no evidence for a white male
bloggers club beyond the phenomenon he is trying to
explain: the popularity of certain blogs. If the top
blogs link to other top blogs, Levy assumes that they
are doing so out of race and gender solidarity. Levy
is suggesting that if an Alpha blogger comes across a
dazzling blog, he will link to it once he confirms
that a white male writes it but pass it up if he
discovers, for instance, that a Latino woman is behind
its sharp and clever observations on current events.
The charge is preposterous. Moreover, as Buzz Machine
notes, bloggers don’t know the race and gender of many
of their colleagues.

Here’s a different explanation for why the blogosphere
is dominated by white males: because they’re the ones
producing the best product. Sorry, ladies, but there
aren’t as many of us engaged in aggressive,
competitive opinionizing and nonstop consumption of
politics as our male tormentors. In 2001, the Hartford
Courant, desperate to promote women on its pages,
analyzed its letters to the editor, expecting to find
bias in letter selection. It turned out that women
write only one third of the letters that the paper
receives, exactly the percentage published,
incidentally. Even Gail Collins, editor of the New
York Times’s editorial page, admitted through clenched
teeth to the Washington Post in the wake of the
Estrich blitz: “There are probably fewer women, in the
great cosmic scheme of things, who feel comfortable
writing very straight opinion stuff.”

As for minorities, the skills gap in reading and
writing means that, at the moment, a lower percentage
of blacks and Hispanics possess the verbal acumen to
produce a cutting-edge blog. For decades, blacks and
Hispanics have scored 200 points below whites on the
SATs’ verbal section. Black high-school seniors on
average read less competently than white 8th graders;
Hispanic 12th graders read only slightly better than
white 8th graders. And those are just the ones who are
graduating. In the Los Angeles school system, which is
typical of other large urban districts, 53 percent of
black students and 61 percent of Hispanic students
drop out before graduating from high school; most of
the dropouts exit in the 9th grade. Assuming,
generously, that those dropouts have 5th-grade skills,
they are unlikely candidates for power blogging.

Here’s Steven Levy’s minimum prescription for joining
the ranks of Alpha blogging: “You have to post
frequently . . . link prodigiously,” and, like one
technology guru he describes, spend two hours daily
writing your weblog and “three more hours reading
hundreds of other blogs.” If you have difficulty
reading, you’re probably not going to find that regime
attractive. Obviously, many individual blacks and
Hispanics possess more than the necessary skills to
power their way into the top 100 blogs. But diversity
zealots don’t look at individuals, they look at
aggregates. And in the aggregate, blacks and Hispanics
lag so far behind whites in literacy skills that it is
absurd to blame racial exclusion for the absence of
racial proportionality on the web. Junking
“progressive” pedagogy, with its absurd hostility to
drilling and memorization, is the only solution to the
education lag; diversity bean-counting is

No one has succeeded in closing the skills gap yet,
but over the years we’ve developed numerous
bureaucratic devices to paper it over. These devices
will undoubtedly prove highly useful in addressing
what Levy calls the web’s “diversity problem.” Levy
proposes, as an initial matter, that the
power-bloggers voluntarily link to some as yet
unspecified number of non-male, non-white writers. The
history of ‘voluntary’ affirmative action efforts need
not be rehearsed here; suffice it to say, once
‘voluntary’ race- and gender-conscious policies are
proposed, mandates are not far behind.

But even Levy’s “voluntary” regime calls out for
regulation. How will the diversity-minded linker know
the “identity” of a potential linkee? To be workable,
a diversity-linkage program needs some sort of
gatekeeper — precisely what the web has heretofore
lacked. One can imagine something like a federal
Digital Diversity Agency that would assign a diversity
tattoo to each blog: a lavender pig, for example,
signifying a white male blogger with an alternative
sexual orientation. A mismatch between the diversity
tattoo on a site and its content could trigger a
federal audit to track down identity fraud. Let’s say
an allegedly black female site (tattooed with a black
halo) canvassed technologies for sending humans to
Mars. Regulators might find such content highly
suspicious, since everyone knows that black females
are supposed to write about black females.

As absurd as such a regulatory regime would have to
be, it still would not be enough to make a properly
“diverse” blogosphere, for the web’s real diversity
flaw is the role of readers. It is readers who
determine which blogs zoom up to Alpha orbit, and
until now they have been frustratingly outside any
sort of regulatory reach. Only when Internet users are
required to open up a representative sample of sites
can we be confident that the web’s “diversity problem”
will be solved.

The diversity blogging debate has just begun, and it
has already descended into self-parody. Still, it has
produced one invaluable admission: The gatekeepers in
the mainstream media — supposedly bigots who deny
opportunity to members of various groups unless shamed
or bullied into overcoming their prejudice — are not
the problem, they are the solution! Far from being
bigots, they are, in fact, obsessed with diversity. As
Levy puts it, they have “found the will and the means
to administer [the] extra care . . . required to make
sure public discussion reflects the actual
population.” Diversity utopias, it turns out, require
top-down management; open-ended democracies like the
web are less certain propositions.

The next time someone charges a gatekeeper with racism
or sexism — the next time, say, Jesse Jackson pickets
a corporation — remember Levy’s admission. It could
save a lot of hot air.

— Heather Mac Donald is a fellow at the Manhattan
Institute for Policy Research.



William Henry Harris:



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