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Dear Fellow Patriot!

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Now we continue with the reminder that the real
holocaust was committed against the German people:


German after-war prisoners dug trenches to escape
American night-time bullets!
Americans starved, beat, and killed millions of German
prisoners after the war, whereas during the war
Germans gave American inmates good food, housing, and
medical attention.

About June 1945 in one of the hundreds of Americans
and British field-camps. Former Waffen SS prisoner
Ernst Koppe surrendered with his men on the Austrian
border, and was kept in a field-camp with 12,000 other
soldiers with no tents for 2 months. They ate thin
vegetable soup once a day, an army biscuit every 3rd
day, and grass, worms, and bugs. Occasionally locals
threw them food, which the Americans took if they saw
it. Thousands died from cold, rain, and very little
food, while Americans refused offers from local
Churches to house and feed them. Russian SS were taken
away one day, and Koppe heard they were sent to the
Soviet border.

The same camp. Very young to middle-aged prisoners.
Koppe says they scraped trenches with their hands
because some nights American guards fired their rifles
into the camp wounding and killing some. The trenches
also protected them from the cold. Prisoners were
continually taken away for questioning and beaten,
especially middle ranking officers. Koppe continually
witnessed guards “bashing” the faces and bodies of
inmates with rifle butts and fists, and guards
shooting inmates. All National Socialist government
men were badly beaten, many to death. After 6 to 8
weeks of minimal food Koppe could barely stand, and
was transferred with most of the remaining inmates to
work camps.



US War Crimes in World War II:

by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr, AUS Ret.

In spite of everything which has been written about
Eisenhower which makes him out to be a hero, there
seems little question that Dwight Eisenhower meets all
the qualifications of a certified war criminal, even
if Bacque’s figures are off a bit. (If Germany had
been the winner, there is little doubt he would have
been tried and found guilty of the most heinous crimes
against mankind.)

Many veterans will get upset with this appraisal of a
man they looked on as a “bona fide” American hero. But
the proof for these accusations can be found in what
happened to those Germans who were fortunate enough to
surrender to the British and the Canadians some two
million of them. The evidence shows that “almost all
continued in fair health and many were quickly
released and sent home or transferred to the French,
to help in the post-war work of reconstruction.

Bacque specifically commends General Patton for
behavior towards his POWs in a civilized manner. His
Third Army freed vast numbers of German captives
during May 1945, to the dismay, no doubt, of the
Zionists who controlled Washington.

Both General Omar Bradley and J. C. H. Lee,
Communications Zone (ComZ) Europe, ordered the release
of prisoners within a week of the war’s end. This
SHAEF order was countermanded by Eisenhower on May 15,

While German soldiers from the British and Canadian
zones were quickly regaining strength and were helping
rebuild Europe, Germans taken by the Americans were
dying by the hundreds of thousands – emaciated figures
in diarrhea smeared clothing, huddling pitifully in
watery holes with perhaps a scrap of cardboard over
their heads and a rotten potato for supper. At times
many of them were reduced to drinking urine and eating

Did all this happen because of one supremely
unprincipled and influential man named Eisenhower? Or
was Ike in turn influenced by a small circle around
him or by his superiors in Washington? Historians will
be probing this question for decades to come.

Here are the principle dates by which this infamy will

1944: Eisenhower told the British ambassador to
Washington that the 3,500 officers of the German
General staff should be ”exterminated.” He also
favored the liquidation of perhaps 100,000 prominent
Germans. Soon after, he wrote to his wife, Mamie:
“God, I hate Germans! Why? Because the German is a
beast!” Eisenhower said he was ashamed to bear a
German name.

August 1944: The North American wheat surplus was
greater than at any time in history, nearly one
billion bushels. The U.S. corn surplus and potato crop
also reached a new high.

March 10, 1944: A message sent from Eisenhower to the
Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) of Britain and the U.S.
recommended the creation of an entirely new class of
prisoners, Disarmed Enemy Forces or DEFs. At a press
conference in Paris, this same day, Ike said: “If the
Germans were reasoning like normal beings, they would
realize the whole history of the United States and
Great Britain is to be generous towards a defeated
enemy. We observe all the laws of the Geneva

March 19, 1945: Eisenhower’s special assistant,
General Everett Hughes, visited the American supply
depots at Naples and Marseille. In both places, he
writes, there are ”more stocks than we can ever use.
(They) stretch as far as eye can see.”

Spring 1945: The International Red Cross had over
100,000 tons of food stockpiled in Switzerland. At one
point, it sent two trainloads into the American Zone
of Germany, but the food was sent back. The Morgenthau
Plan for a ”Carthaginian Peace” in Germany, to use
the words of Military Governor Lucius Clay, is
implemented through the directive JCS (Joint Chiefs of
Staff) 1067, which specifies to Eisenhower the policy
he must adopt towards every institution in Germany.
The directive is largely the work of three of Henry
Morgenthau’s underlings in the Treasury Department
Harry Dexter White, Frank Coe, and Harry Glasser.
White and Glasser were both Jews and all three were
Communist ”fellow travelers.”

April 11, 1945: On the eve of his death, FDR told
Morgenthau in Warm Springs, GA: “Henry, I am with you
l00%” When Truman took over, he continued Morgenthau’s
“Carthaginian Policy” towards conquered Germany.

April 17, 1945: The Americans opened their enormous
Rheinberg Camp, six miles in circumference, with no
food or shelter whatsoever. As in the other big “Rhine
meadow” camps, opened in mid-April, there was
initially no latrines and no water. In some camps, the
men were so crowded they could not lie down.
Meanwhile, at Camp Kripp, near Remagen, the
half-American Charles von Luttichau determines that
his German comrades are receiving about 5% as much
food as their captors.” Complaining to the camp
commander, HE SAID: ”Forget the Geneva Convention.
You don’t have any rights.”

Late April 1945: Heinz Janssen, a survivor of the
Rheinberg camp, described conditions as they were at
the time. “Amputees slithered like amphibians through
the mud , soaking and freezing. Naked to the skies day
after day and night after flight, they lay desperate
in the sand of Rheinberg or sleep exhaustedly into
eternity in their collapsing holes.”

April 26, 1945: The Combined Chiefs of Staff sent a
message to Eisenhower, urging him not to take any more
German prisoners after VE Day. He ignored it. The CCS
approved of Ike’s proposed DEF status, but only for
certain types of German prisoners. The British refused
to go against the Geneva Convention. The CCS orders
the illegal DEF status to be kept strictly secret. By
this date, Eisenhower’s Quartermaster General of
ASHAEF, Gen. Robert Littlejohn, has already twice
reduced the rations to German prisoners. A message to
Gen. George C. Marshall, signed by Ike, mandated: ”No
shelter” for German prisoners, despite an unusually
cold and wet March and April.

May 4, 1945: The first German POWs were transferred to
DEF status. Mail to and from all German prisoners was
banned for more than a year.

May 8, 1945: Germany surrendered unconditionally. The
U.S. State Department wasted no time dismissing
Switzerland as the official Protecting Power for
German prisoners, contravening the Geneva Convention.
State also informed the International Red Cross that,
with no Protecting Power to report to, there is no
point in sending delegates to the camps. From this day
forward, prisoners held by the U.S. Army had no access
to any impartial observer. The British and Canadians
also removed the Swiss protectors, but continued
treating their POWs decently.

May, 1945: The American Red Cross reported that more
than 98% of Americans captured by the Germans will be
coming home safely, thanks in part to the food parcels
sent to them during the war, which were promptly
delivered by the Germans.

May 15, 1945: Eisenhower and Churchill talked about
further reducing the rations for the German POWs.
Churchill was informed that the POWs have been getting
2,000 calories per day (compared to 4,000 for American
troops) and that 2,150 was regarded as an absolute
minimum required for sedentary adults living under
shelter. Eisenhower failed to tell Churchill that the
U.S. Army was not even feeding many DEFs, and that
they were feeding others, much less than 2,000
calories per day.

Mid-May 1945: The Bingen camp, near Bad Kreuznach in
the Rhineland, was now holding between 200,000 and
400,000 German POWs, with no shelter, food, water, or
medicine. The death rate for prisoners in these U.S.
camps were now about 30% per year, according to a U.S.
medical survey.

June 2, 1945: The European Theater Provost Marshal
issued two reports. One, the last in a series of daily
reports, logged 2,870,400 POWs on hand. The other, the
first report in a weekly series, dated the same day,
logged only 1,836,000. At one point in mid-June, the
prisoner strength on the ration list is given as
1,421,559, despite the evidence of Gen. J.C.H. Lee and
others that there were about 4 million. This bizarre
bookkeeping persisted throughout 1945 in all branches
of the occupying army. The apparent purpose was to
obscure the death toll by means of an indecipherable
mass of conflicting Statistics. (One of Bacque’s
greatest coups has been to decipher them.)

Mid – June, 1945: British “Tommies” took over the huge
Rheinberg camp from the Americans, saving many
thousands of German lives. The final act of the
”Yanks” before the British took charge, was to
bulldoze one section flat while the men were still
living in their holes in the ground. Meanwhile, a team
of doctors from the U.S. Army Medical Corps completed
a survey of some of the smaller Rhineland camps,
holding some 80,000 POWs (not DEFs). They found a
death rate 80 times higher than anything they have
known in their professional career.

July, 1945: Eisenhower becomes military governor of
the U.S. Zone in Germany. He continued to turn back
all relief teams from Switzerland, the U.S. and

July 10, 1945: A French Army unit under Gen. Rousseau,
took over the Dietersheim camp (near Mainz) from the
Americans. He found 32,000 men and women of all ages
in a moribund (dying) State. Another French officer
Capt .Julien, was taking command 17 days later and
found a vast mire ”peopled with living skeletons,
male and female, huddling under scraps of wet card
board .” Horrified, Julien wrote: ‘This is just like
the photographs of Buchenwald and Dachau.

July 20, 1945: Gen. Littlejohn received a memo
stating, “These men, German POWs are authorized a
maximum of 1,150 calories for the non-workers and
1,850 for workers.” (Remember, it takes 2,000
calories of keep a sedentary adult alive.

July 26, 1945: The International Red Cross proposed
restoring mail service to German POWs. Fearing that
the reality of the death camps might come to light,
the U. S. War Department rejected the idea.

August 4, 1945: Eisenhower ordered that all remaining
German POWs be stripped of their rights, thus reducing
them to DEF status.

August 27, 1945: In a long memorandum, Gen. Littlejohn
informed Eisenhower that 1,550,000 Germans who
supposedly were getting U.S. ARMY RATIONS, WERE
RECEIVING NOTHING. Ike turned a deaf ear to his report
and the death rate continued to climb.

August 30, 1945: Max Huber, head of the International
Red Cross, wrote a stinging letter to the U.S. State
Department about American interference in efforts to
save starving Germans. Some months later, an evasive
response, signed ”Eisenhower,” arrived in
Washington, falsely claiming that giving Red Cross
food to enemy personnel was forbidden. Thousands of
train cars loaded with decaying food were sent back to
Geneva arid to sources in Paris and Brussels. Huber
apologized for tying up the French rail system because
of the food which was being returned by the Americans.

By this time, more than 2-million German men had been
discharged into American custody, including thousands
of priests, ministers, doctors, and professors. Not
one single camp commander or guard was questioned by
the Allied press corps and the controlled media of the
U.S. concerning conditions in these hell holes.

It might be well, to stop right here and ask this
question: ”Is anyone who reads this horrifying
account, so naive as to believe that the American
people would have put up with these barbaric actions
by its chief military men if they had known about it?
Do you think that the politicians who were in the
forefront of those who kept these facts from Americans
would have lasted very long in office, if the truth
had been known? Do you think that millions of
Americans would show such concern for the Holocaust of
the Jews, if they knew that it was Jewish hatred for
their fellow kinsmen, that were killing over a million
Germans? I sincerely doubt it! That’s why these facts
have been kept from the American people for almost
fifty years.

Late Summer, 1945: Jean-Pierre Pradervand, head of the
International Red Cross delegations in France, told
Henry W. Dunning, an American Red Cross official, that
conditions in the French camps are worse, in many
instances, than anything seen in the former Nazi
camps. Pradervand showed Dunning pictures of the
living skeletons. Dunning explained all this to the
American Red Cross in Washington, which informed key
government officials. Nevertheless, the cover-up
continued. Pradervand also informed Charles De Gaulle
that one-third of the prisoners handed over to France
by the Americans will die soon without a radical
change in treatment. De Gaulle showed no interest and
the prisoners continued to die.

September 27, 1945: Pradervand’s pictures of German
living skeletons were shown to Eisenhower in his

September 30, 1945 – October 1: The French newspaper,
Le Monde, ran a story which began: “As one speaks
today of Dachau, in ten years people throughout the
world will speak about camps such as Saint Paul

October 11,13, 14, 15, 20: The New York Times ran a
cover-up report of the death camps by star newsman
Drew Middleton. Interviewed by Bacque in 1988,
Middleton admitted that he never actually visited any
of the 50 U.S. camps located within 40 miles of his
Frankfurt desk, but was only ‘driven by,’ as he was
being debriefed by the military.”

December 1945: Eisenhower returned to the States and
the U.S. Army allowed the first relief shipment to
enter the American sector.

1947 – 1950’s: Nearly all the surviving records of the
Rhineland death camps were destroyed. The West German
government concluded that 1.7-million German soldiers
were alive at the wars’ end, and who were known to
have been in fair health, and disappeared. The Western
Allies pinned virtually all the blame on the Soviets.

1950: The first German edition of ALLHERERTE
KRIEGSVERBRECHEN is published. Never translated into
English, the book gives eye-witness descriptions of
the conditions which prevailed in the American camps.

1960s – 1972: The West German Foreign Office, under
Willy Brandt subsidized books denying the atrocities
in American POW camps and the high death rate.

1980: The International Committee of the Red Cross
refuses to open its archives to James Bacque and other
investigators into Allied atrocities. To this day, the
ICRC has remained silent on the subject, despite the
visits of Pradervand and other Red Cross delegates to
many death camps.

September 1989: James Bacque’s book on the American
death camps, “Other Losses,” published by Stoddard, a
Canadian Publishing House, was released, after being
refused by more than 30 American publishers. Saturday
night, one of Canada’s most respected magazines.
simultaneously published a summary of this book as its
lead story and within days Canada was buzzing about
Gen. Eisenhower’s war crimes. Why is it that we have
heard little or nothing of this in the United States?

As American citizens, many of us who served in the
American Armed Forces during World War II, and a great
many of us who are of German heritage, should demand
of our leaders in Washington, D.C. that the truth
about this War be made known.

With accurate information of what really happened,
instead of Zionist propaganda, just possibly we might
be able to avert World War III, which is now being
planned by these same One Worlders.

It is interesting to note, that it has been proven in
recent years, that many of the pictures taken in
Germany during WW II, purporting to be Jewish victims
of ”racial extermination,” were actually pictures of
German civilians who had died under American war



Jack Martin:


Re: Lodge: Why we must remember
By Richard Lodge / Letter from the Editor
Friday, January 28, 2005

Dear Mr. Lodge,

I sent the following letter to your newspaper.  If the
usual pattern prevails, I expect it will not see
Whether or not… I would like to have your comment.


Jack Martin

Concerning Richard Lodge’s editorial “Why we must
60 years is indeed a long time… an exceedingly long
time to be subjected to uninterrupted slander and
malignant vilification.

Mr. Lodge expressed concern that “people can try to
rewrite the history of a time…”   Well, inasmuch as
that so-called “history” has been an infamous lie
from the very beginning, I would say that it is high
time that it was rewritten.

Do your homework Mr. Lodge!  The “Holocaust” is a
Millions of Jews were not gassed!
There were NO homicidal gas chambers in the German
concentration camps!
There is NO forensic or documentary evidence for them
at all.

You wrote that at Auschwitz “an estimated 1.5 million
Jews, Roma  (Gypsies), prisoners of war, homosexuals
and others were gassed, starved or worked to death…”
Perhaps you can explain why you
failed to mention that the previous “official” number
of victims was given as 4 (four) million, a number
which was lowered to 1.5 million only because the
research of revisionist historians proved the
ridiculous impossibility of the earlier number.
Perhaps you can explain how the alleged “gas chamber”
of Auschwitz I that is shown to tourists was admitted
to be a postwar “reconstruction” by Franciszek Piper,
the head of the Auschwitz Museum.

In the unlikely event that the truth matters to you at
all, read the literature that challenges the
politically correct propaganda with which we have been
bombarded for all of those 60 years and more.  Check
out the works of Arthur R. Butz, “The Hoax of the
Twentieth Century; Germar Rudolf, “Dissecting the
There are many others.  Check the Internet; you
probably won’t find them in your local bookstore or
They are just as censored as your newspaper.

Am I wrong about that?  I hope so.  Show me, and your
readers, that you are willing to look at both sides –
and spare us the lie that there is only one side.
Even were that true, enough of us believe otherwise to
oblige you to try to disabuse us.

If you’re up to it, that is.

Jack Martin



Chris Borleis:


Dear Walter, who believes any longer the swindle?
Not Volksverhetzung, rather ‘Volkszersetzung’.
Auschwitz! Auschwitz! Auschwitz! Auschwitz! Auschwitz!
Auschwitz! Auschwitz!
Don’t you get sick of it?
Anyhow, the gas chamber does not give me a headache.
Cruelty? Hung by the rope? Shot by the bullet? Put to
sleep by poison or lose the head by guillotine, what’s
the difference? All those execution methods are in use
in democratic America. The method of execution gives
me a little headache. But the real headache comes from
the big lie that is the number killed by the cruel
The joke is of course the attached copyright of the
number six.  Remember six. 666.
Remember, you are allowed to increase the numbers of
Jews being killed without fear, but don’t dare to
reduce it. You end up in jail in Germany.
How about the (magic) reduction of people perished in
Dresden, which has been previously stated between
200,000 and 300,000 to only 35,000. Doesn’t make you
I have previously written to the Lord Major of Dresden
concerning this matter and his reply was that perhaps
the numbers killed in the raid was no more than 35,000
souls. That is amazing when considering that the
relative much smaller bombing raid of Hamburg resulted
in the death of already 45,000 people and that is
official. Now the bombing of Dresden is regarded as
the profound greatest single catastrophe Germany
experienced. And the death toll is magnificently
lower? But there is another joke:
While you cannot reduce the numbers of the poor Jews
killed in the Holocaust unless you want to risk to be
incarcerated, there is no one to stop you from
question the numbers of the bloodthirsty Germans being
killed in Dresden. You might say nobody got killed in
that bombing raid. It is all propaganda. Look at it:
Dresden is more beautiful than ever. Even the
Marienkirche is still there. What are you lamenting
about? To whom do you want to make restitution claims?

It is a strange world. Is there nobody who will hit
the traitors on the head? Did the Grundgesetz not
provide for equality before the law?
Since when am I not allowed to believe that the sun is
The Almighty will provide the karma for those who
imposed not only the great lie, but were hiding behind
the imposed law on the truth seekers. God, have mercy
with them, but keep them away from me.
The Holocaust legend is a strategy to deliberately
subvert the German nation. The restitution payments of
the German government to the interned Levites and
Israel are an admittance of guilt. The collective
guilt burdens every honest German citizen and
descendant ever since. We are made to believe that in
order to rehabilitate we have to defame our heritage
and ancestry and relinquish our nationhood as well. As
a matter of fact, many German youth dirty already
their nest with slander against their own kind. The
pride and self-awareness Germans were renown for have
become part of the past. The international clique, in
exchange for old proven values, promotes a “Third
World Culture”. The Holocaust Hoax has successful
undermined the core of the nation and while our
fathers sacrificed their lives in the war, there was
not enough substance leftover to continue or replenish
a healthy stock. The mighty spirit of the Germans to
be seen in Leni Riefenstahl’s movies bears witness of
such strength of the past, containing pride, beauty
and self-awareness.
Today we have to keep quite in our own country because
our own legislators have perverted the laws,
ridiculing and punishing patriotic expressions as
Volksverhetzung. Aliens have become now part of the
This is a brilliant example how an alien ethnic group
can impose its will by legislative twist to achieve
preferential treatment and then thereafter claim to be
disapproved and hated by the host citizens, which
ultimately culminate in the ever famous appearing
shameful slang of  “anti-Semitism”.
Douglas Reel, chief reporter of London Times, said in
‘Controversy Of Zion’, that the Jew is not a builder
of empires but rather its destroyer. Wherever he
appears, he is the worm in the apple and his mission
is to subvert the foundation of any nation.
We know that Adolf Hitler’s biggest but most fatal
crime during his period was to revive and reinvigorate
the lost national and racial self-awareness, which
previously and after his appearance deteriorated with
subversion. To eliminate and condemn any national
resurrection was the war aim of our enemy.
The attack on Germany by the international Levite
forces, beginning immediately after the election of
the Fuehrer, was to counter the attempt of German
national and racial identity and its immense life
forces, which its leader had mobilized, regenerated
and revitalized. While other countries had succumbed
to those evil forces, Germany was still intact, strong
and self-aware keen to through off the bondage of
foreign elements.
In time history will reveal that Hitler appeared in
Germany’s greatest peril while expecting other nations
would join him in rejecting globalization and the New
World Order. But other nations at that time had
already surrendered to the bankers and conspirators.
Too late did Hitler acknowledge his miscalculation.
The nations subversion had too far proceeded. Neither
Great Britain nor France was able to through off their
shackle. They all have fallen prey.

Christian Borleis



Germar Rudolf:


To our English readers: The English version of this
book is being translated and will appear in summer
2005. So please be patient until then)

Lieber Freunde!
Werter Unterstützer!
Verehrte Kunden!
Spitzel, Denunzianten, Feinde und Verfolger!

Die Befreiung aller vom Auschwitz-Joch rückt näher!
Heute habe ich das Werk “Vorlesungen über den
Holocaust” abgeschlossen. Es wird in Kürze zum Drucker
gehen. Es können bereits Bestellungen dafür abgegeben
werden. Um aber allen deutschsprachigen Menschen die
Möglichkeit zu geben, sich so schnell wie Möglich vom
Auschwitz-Joch zu befreien, habe ich das gesamte Buch
zum freien Herunterladen ins Internet gehängt. Der
einzige Haken daran ist, daß das Buch 12,1, MB hat
(PDF-Format). Wem das zu viel ist, der wird sich bis
März gedulden müssen.
Zudem darf ich ein weiteres Wekr ankündigen, das in
etwa einer Woche ebenfalls zum Drucker gehen wird:
“Auschwitz-Lügen”, eine Sammlungen von Widerlegungen
von Auschwitz- und Holocaust-Lügen der etablierten
Lügenzunft in Medien, Justiz, Politik und
Doch hier nun eine Einführung in das Werk “Vorlesungen
über den Holocaust”. Wer angesichts der massiven
Lügenpropaganda der Holocauster Fragen hat, der findet
die Antworten hier:
Germar Rudolf, “Vorlesungen über den Holocaust.
Strittige Fragen im Kreuzverhör”, 576 S., DIN A5, pb.,
s/w Ill., Bibl., Index
Bestellseite: EUR 30.-
(User Name: visitor; Paßwort: download)
Seit 1992 hält der deutsche Wissenschaftler Germar
Rudolf Vorlesungen vor verschiedenen akademischen
Zuhörerkreisen in aller Welt. Sein Thema ist sehr
kontrovers: der Holocaust im Lichte neuer
kriminologischer und historischer
Forschungsergebnisse. Seine Zuhörer meinen anfangs,
recht genau zu wissen, was “der Holocaust” eigentlich
ist, aber schon nach kurzer Zeit wird ihr Weltbild
durch die vorgelegten Beweise völlig über den Haufen
geworfen. Obwohl Rudolf vor seinem Publikum nichts
anderes präsentiert als ausgewachsenen
Holocaust-Revisionismus, fallen seine Argumente
dennoch auf fruchtbaren Boden, da sie pädagogisch
einfühlsam und auf wissenschaftliche Weise präsentiert
werden. Dieses Buch ist eine literarische Ausarbeitung
von Rudolfs Vorlesungen, angereichert mit den neuesten
Erkenntnissen der Geschichtswissenschaft zu einem
Thema, das die Regierungen der deutschsprachigen
Länder per Strafrecht regulieren wollen.
Wie sein Thema, so ist auch der Stil des Buches
einzigartig: Es ist ein Dialog zwischen dem Referenten
einerseits, der dem Leser die wichtigsten
Erkenntnissen dieser weltweiten Kontroverse darlegt,
und den Reaktionen aus dem Publikum andererseits, mit
kritischen Anmerkungen, Einwänden und Gegenargumente.
Die “Vorlesungen über den Holocaust” lesen sich wie
ein lebhafter, spannender Schlagabtausch zwischen
Personen mit unterschiedlichen Ansichten. Die üblichen
moralischen, politischen, und scheinwissenschaftlichen
Argumente gegen den Revisionismus werden alle
angeführt und gekonnt widerlegt. Dieses Buch ist daher
ein Kompendium von Antworten auf die wichtigsten
Fragen zum Holocaust und seiner kritischen
Wiederbetrachtung. Mit seinen über tausend Verweisen
auf Quellen und weiterführende Literatur ist dieses
leicht verständliche Buch die beste Einführung in
dieses brandheiße Tabuthema sowohl für den
interessierten Laien wie auch für Geschichtsliebhaber.

Germar Rudolf
Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 257768
Chicago, IL 60625
Tel.: 001(773) 760 1121
Fax: 001(773) 409 5570



From William Henry Harris:


Patriot Act Bars US Woman From Driver’s License
By Margaret Thomas,

The Driver’s License Bureau told me today that they
had merged with the Social Security Department this
December, and that’s why I can’t get a driver’s
license. Social Security is federal and the Driver’s
License Bureau is state. How can they MERGE? Why
wasn’t this in the paper? I guess the “National ID
Card” is here. I’m not an illegal alien or a
terrorist, I was born right here in Georgia, and I’ve
had a driver’s license for 26 years without EVER
getting a ticket.

Evidently, the new Patriot Act law takes away a
woman’s right to drive unless she signs everything she
owns over to her husband’s name. I renewed my license
last month, and received a letter last week saying my
license was being canceled. I went in today with all
my papers to see why, and they said that my maiden
name is on my Social Security Card, (Margaret Thomas),
and last time I got my license they put my maiden and
married name on my license (Margaret Thomas Funk), so
my names don’t match.

I can’t get a Driver’s License in either name! I can’t
get it in my maiden name, because it doesn’t match my
old driver’s license. I can’t get it in my married
name because it doesn’t match my Social Security Card.
I said “Well, what can I do to get a license?” He said
“You can get a divorce. Bring your divorce papers in
and we’ll change it.” (Chief Cox of Norcross, GA. said
this, in front of witnesses.) …

What are they going to take away next, our right to
vote without our husband’s permission? I called Rep.
John Linder, and he said they had had quite a few
calls from women about this. He said it’s appearing to
be a common problem, but it’s a federal law and they
don’t know what they can do about it. As a matter of
fact, I heard another woman arguing about the same
thing while I was at the DMV today….It’s affecting
every woman who wanted to keep her own identity. I
guess we’d better start shopping for burkas. The
Taliban wouldn’t let women drive, either.

The Atlanta Journal is possibly doing a story on this.
The reporter was interested, and I’ve called and
written my state representatives and the ACLU. (Maybe
they’ll do something good for a change!) If many women
affected by this, as I suspect, maybe we can start a
class action suit. ….

I called the DMV, and they were quite snippy. They
said it’s a national, federal law, they’re just
enforcing it….I said that this was discriminatory
against women, and she said “Oh no, men have this
problem too.” ….

I went to my state legislator’s office to discuss this
“connection” between the Social Security Number and
the Driver’s License, and was told that it is now
being done in the name of the “War on Terrorism,” and
that government needed to identify everyone in the
country by a Social Security Number. I probed a little
more on this, and was immediately thrown out of the
office. Bottom line, there is now created a new
“crime,” – that of driving without a Social Security

Is it not stated in the Declaration of Independence
that government derives its “just powers from the
consent of the governed? “Where have the voice of the
People been given a opportunity to address this
matter? Like it or not, government is now forcing
everyone, both small and great ,to be numbered with a
mandatory Social Security Number notwithstanding their
conscience toward God.

“An he [the Beast] causeth all, both small and great,
rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark …
that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the
… number…” Rev. 13:16, 17.

This issue is now being argued repeatedly in the
courts across this country.



New Order:



DRESDEN — A Real  Holocaust


Sixty years ago, on the evening of February 13, 1945,
an orgy of genocide and barbarism began against a
defenseless German city, one of the greatest cultural
centers of Northern Europe.  Within less than 14
hours, not only was it reduced to flaming ruins, but
an estimated one-third of its inhabitants—­­possibly
as many as half a million­­—had perished in what was
the worst massacre of all time.

As Jewish propaganda again reaches a crescendo in
celebrating the Soviet “liberation” of the famous
Auschwitz internment center, it is fitting that we
consider what an actual holocaust is—one which is not
a Hollywood trademark, but rather one in which
millions died in the most horrific and excruciating
manner: not only in the genocidal rampages of
America’s Communist ally in Eastern Europe, but also
in the systematic, targeted mass murder of German
civilians in deliberately created Anglo-American fire

In such places as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Kassel,
Würzburg, Darmstadt and  Pforzheim, among many
others—but especially in DRESDEN, victims were roasted
alive in an orgy of Allied sadism and fiendishness
without equal, which now stands as a symbol of
genocide and evil for all time. The following account,
taken from the Feb. 1985 issue of the NS Bulletin,
tells us what a REAL holocaust is like.

Toward the end of World War II, as Allied planes
rained death and destruction over Germany, the old
Saxon city of Dresden lay like an island of
tranquility amid desolation.  Famous as a cultural
center and possessing no military value, Dresden had
been spared the terror that descended from the skies
over the rest of the country.

In fact, little had been done to provide the ancient
city of artists and craftsmen with anti-aircraft
defenses.  One squadron of planes had been stationed
in Dresden for awhile, but the Luftwaffe decided to
move the aircraft to another area where they would be
of use.  A gentlemen’s agreement seemed to prevail,
designating Dresden an “open city.”

On Shrove Tuesday, February 13, 1945, a flood of
refugees fleeing the Red Army 60 miles away had
swollen the city’s population to well over a million.
Each new refugee brought fearful accounts of Soviet
atrocities.  Little did those refugees retreating from
the Red terror imagine that they were about to die in
a horror worse than anything Stalin could devise.

Normally, a carnival atmosphere prevailed in Dresden
on Shrove Tuesday.  In 1945, however, the outlook was
rather dismal.  Houses everywhere overflowed with
refugees, and thousands were forced to camp out in the
streets shivering in the bitter cold.

However, the people felt relatively safe; and although
the mood was grim, the circus played to a full house
that night as thousands came to forget for a moment
the horrors of war.  Bands of little girls paraded
about in carnival dress in an effort to bolster waning

spirits.  Half-sad smiles greeted the laughing girles,
but spirits were lifted.

No one realized that in less than 24 hours those same
innocent chilren would die screaming in Churchill’s
firestorms.  But, of course, no one could know that
then.  The Russians, to be sure, were savages, but at
least the Americans and British were “honorable.”

So when those first alarms signaled the start of 14
hours of hell, Dresden’s people streamed dutifully
into their shelters.  But they did so without much
enthusiasm, believing the alarms to be false, since
their city had never been threatened from the air.
Many would never come out alive, for that “great
democratic statesman,” Winston Churchill, ­­in
collusion with that other “great democratic
statesman,” Franklin Delano Roosevelt­­had decided
that the city of Dresden was to be obliterated by
saturation bombing.

What where Churchill’s motives?  They appear to have
been political, rather than military.  Historians
unanimously agree that Dresden had no military value.
What industry it did have produced only cigarettes and

But the Yalta Conference was coming up, in which the
Soviets and their Western allies would sit down like
ghouls to carve up the shattered corpse of Europe.
Churchill wanted a trump card­­ a devastating
“thunderclap of Anglo-American annihilation”­­ with
which to “impress” Stalin.

That card, however, was never played at Yalta, because
bad weather delayed the originally scheduled raid.
Yet Churchill insisted that the raid be carried out
to “disrupt and confuse” the German civilian
population behind the lines.

Dresden’s citizens barely had time to reach their
shelters.  The first bomb fell at 10:09 p.m.  The
attack lasted 24 minutes, leaving the inner city a
raging sea of fire.  “Precision saturation bombing”
had created the desired firestorm.

A firestorm is caused when hundreds of smaller fires
join in one vast conflagration.  Huge masses of air
are sucked in to feed the inferno, causing an
artificial tornado.  Those persons unlucky enough to
be caught in the rush of wind are hurled down entire
streets into the flames.  Those who seek refuge
underground often suffocate as oxygen is pulled from
the air to feed the blaze, or they perish in a blast
of white heat­­, heat intense enough to melt human


One eyewitness who survived told of seeing “young
women carrying babies running up and down the streets,
their dresses and hair on fire, screaming until they
fell down, or the collapsing buildings fell on top of

There was a three-hour pause between the first and
second raids.  The lull had been calculated to lure
civilians from their shelters into the open again.  To
escape the flames, tens of thousands of civilians had
crowded into the Grosser Garten, a magnificent park
nearly one and a half miles square.

The second raid came at 1:22 a.m. with no warning.
Twice as many bombers returned with a massive load of
incendiary bombs.  The second wave was designed to
spread the raging firestorm into the Grosser Garten.

It was a complete “success.”  Within a few minutes a
sheet of flame ripped across the grass, uprooting
trees and littering the branches of others with
everything from bicycles to human limbs.  For days
afterward, they remained bizarrely strewn about as
grim reminders of Allied sadism.

At the start of the second air assault, many were
still huddled in tunnels and cellars, waiting for the
fires of the first attack to die down.  At 1:30 a.m.
an ominous rumble reached the ears of the commander of
a Labor Service convoy sent into the city on a rescue
mission.  He described it this way:

“The detonation shook the cellar walls.  The sound of
the explosions mingled with a new, stranger sound
which seemed to come closer and closer, the sound of a
thundering waterfall;  it was the sound of the mighty
tornado howling in the inner city.”


Others hiding below ground died.  But they died
painlessly­­—they simply glowed bright orange and blue
in the darkness.  As the heat intensified, they either
disintegrated into cinders or melted into a thick
liquid­­, often three or four feet deep in spots.

Shortly after 10:30 on the morning of February 14, the
last raid swept over the city.  American bombers
pounded the rubble that had been Dresden for a steady
38 minutes.  But this attack was not nearly as heavy
as the first two.

However, what distinuished this raid was the
cold-blooded ruthlessness with which it was carried
out.  U.S. Mustangs appeared low over the city,
strafing anything that moved, including a column of
rescue vehicles rushing to the city to evacuate
survivors.  One assault was aimed at the banks of the
Elbe River, where refugees had huddled during the
horrible night.

In the last year of the war, Dresden had become a
hospital town.  During the previous night’s massacre,
heroic nurses had dragged thousands of crippled
patients to the Elbe.  The low-flying Mustangs
machine-gunned those helpless patients, as well as
thousands of old men, women and children who had
the city.

When the last plane left the sky, Dresden was a
scorched ruin, its blackened streets filled with
corpses.  The city was spared no horror.  A flock of
vultures escaped from the zoo and fattened on the
carnage.  Rats swarmed over the piles of corpses.

A Swiss citizen described his visit to Dresden two
weeks after the raid:  “I could see torn-off arms and
legs, mutilated torsos and heads which had been
wrenched from their bodies and rolled away.  In places
the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to
clear a path through them in order not to tread on
arms and legs.”

The death toll was staggering.  The full extent of the
Dresden Holocaust can be more readily grasped if one
considers that well over 250,000—­­possibly as many as
a half a million­­—persons died within a 14-hour
period, whereas estimates of those who died at
Hiroshima range from 90,000 to 140,000.*

Allied apologists for the massacre have often
“twinned” Dresden with the English city of Coventry.
But the 380 killed in Coventry during the entire war
cannot begin to compare with over 1,000
times that number who were slaughtered in 14 hours at
Dresden.  Moreover, Coventry was a munitions center, a
legitimate military target.  Dresden, on the other
hand, produced only china­­ and cups and saucers can
hardly be considered military hardware!

It is interesting to further compare the respective
damage to London and Dresden, especially when we
recall all the Hollywood schmaltz about the “London
blitz.”  In one night, 1,6000 acres of land were
destroyed in the Dresden massacre.  London escaped
with damage to only 600 acres during the entire war.

In one ironic note, Dresden’s only conceivable
military target­­, its railroad yards, ­­was ignored
by Allied bombers.  They were too busy concentrating
on helpless old men, women and children.

If ever there was a war crime, then certainly the
Dresden Holocaust ranks as the most sordid one of all
time.  Yet, there are no movies made today condemning
this fiendish slaugher; nor did any Allied airman ­­or
Sir Winston ­­sit in the dock at Nuremberg.  In fact,
the Dresden airmen were actually awarded medals for
their role in this mass murder.  But, of course, they
could not have been tried, because there were “only
following orders.”

This is not to say that the mountains of corpses left
in Dresden were ignored by the Nuremberg Tribunal.  In
one final irony, the prosecution presented photographs
of the Dresden dead as “evidence” of alleged National
Socialist atrocities against Jewish concentration camp

Churchill, the monster who ordered the Dresden
slaugher, was knighted, and the rest is history.  The
cold-blooded sadism of the massacre, however, is
brushed aside by his biographers, who still cannot
bring themselves to tell how the desire of one
madman to “impress” another one let to the mass murder

of up to a half million men, women and children.






What was done to the Confederacy, total war, was
repeated in Europe, by the US and their Zionist cheer
leaders, not to disregard the rest of the world.
Dixie Porte-Crayon

In memory of all the German civilians that were
murdered on the 13 and 14 of February 1945, as the
British Royal Air Force gave the final clearance to
commence what would later become known as one of the
greatest atrocities that has ever been commited
against a civilian population. On the night of the 13
of February the RAF launched 796 bombers and 9
Mosquitoes which carried 1,478 tons of explosives in
addition to 1,182 tons of incendiary bombs which
turned the city of Dresden, Germany into a virtual
inferno. This attack included another strike by the US
Air Force the following morning. 311 American B-17s
dropped 771 tons of bombs on Dresden….

The attack on Dresden was never a legitimate act of
war, and its result was the terroristic mass murder of
German civilians. The city had become a hub for not
only refugees, but also for POW camps, and hospitals.
Many of these hospitals housed wounded allied
Today on Dixie Road the German flag is flying half
mast and will fly half mast throughout the the month
of February. And yes, our 22 plus Confederate Flags
are flying as always on Dixie Road, Georgia, CSA,
occupied territory. Monika – The sword is mighty, but
principles laugh at swords.  Overwhelming force may
crush truth to earth but, crushed or not the truth is
still the truth.”  –John S. Tilley

In one ironic note, Dresden’s only conceivable
military target — its railroad yards — was ignored
by Allied bombers. They were too busy concentrating on
helpless old men, women and children.













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