A Phone in my taste – QSAlpha Quasar IV

The QSAlpha Quasar IV is a phone wholly designed with security and privacy in mind. The operative system is called QuaOS which uses Android 4.3 as the base, and according to the project managers QuaOS will be open source. It is powered by a powerful Quad-core processor.
It sports encrypted local storage and encrypted cloud storage. Android OS with an encryption layer. A unique digital signature and key computation methodology to protect the user’s digital identity. It goes into production in March 2014 and you can have it already in June.
The project is crowdfunded via Indiegogo and has 116 funders and only raised two percent of its $3,200,000 goal — despite this, the Quasar IV will still be produced.
Certainly this is a very interesting product for those who favours security and privacy.


For further information see the QSAlpha web page at qsalpha.com

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