Peer-Reviews (and critique) of k0nsl

I got the blog peer-reviewed, here are the results. Anonymous industry peer-reviewing.

The layout is poor (get rid of the scrolling and pop-overs) — and obviously the content leaves a lot to be desired.


The scrolling ticker at the top of the page is somewhat distracting but can be overlooked. Nice use of twitter feed integration and obvious wordpress widgets on the right sidebar. Nice feature that the nav stays with the user as they scroll and good to see a consistent theme throughout. However I’d increase the amount of content shown to the user in the posts on the homepage so they are more likely to engage.
Corrected rating to 3 stars from 1 star.


I find the highlighting on the left menu is too stark, it seems a little jarring. Personally, I’m also not a huge fan of preview text for a post that is just the first few lines of it. It could go a long way if you summarized each post.


Everything looks clean. You should add something to allow people to at least quickly understand the topic or who you are on the main page.


Nice clean design. I like the simplicity of the contrasting greyscale colors. Scrolling seems a little bit choppy because of the sliding left sidebar. Rather than having the slight delay between when the sidebar slides down and when you scroll, I think it might be nicer to just pin the sidebar and have it scroll simultaneously with the page.


It’s not entirely sure what the site is about. It seems to be a blog or news service, but it’s hard to tell.
ample negative space makes the content relatively easy to read. Left side navigation is a little confusing in my opinion due to use of characters.


I’m not a huge fan of the orange as the article titles. Also, maybe you could bring the left hand nav up to be flush with top of the first article. It feels like it is hanging a bit too much now.


Like it! Good layout.


myg0t is not a good style to follow for domain names. k0nsl is a big red flag. The summaries in the center column are too long. None of those stories interest me, but there aren’t any more below to view. Also, nobody cares about your @konsl box on the right. Did you make this website for you to look at, or other people?


Very plain and grey. This could really do with imagery in the main posts and splashes of colour here and there. There is no real hierarchy to the posts. The latest post should be highlighted and perhaps it’s snippet made longer and the older posts made shorter. Maybe include one of the Spotlight posts in the main column. Would also consider putting Spotlight above the tweets box. The latest bar at the top seems a little pointless as most people will scroll right past it. You should confirm that with a heat map. Do I really need to see statistics?


A little bit tumblr looky, but it can be an advantage :)


Great appearance. Nice background and footer. Good to see unobtrusive social media buttons, but the Digg and G+ buttons link back to the blog. The scrolling “latest” header doesn’t seem very useful, and may also be considered annoying.


Logo is not legible and not in the right place – gives an impression that something didn’t load. Very nice aesthetics otherwise, apart perhaps from the unnecessary (IMO) tags.


Left sidebar is cute, but movement animation is a little annoying. Fonts are nice, layout is nice, site footer is great. Really like the social media buttons.


The navigation is in an unusual poition but still very noticeable. Good idea. However, the space on the top should be better used – what about logo and mission?


Nice design for a personal blog, you clearly put some effort in it.


k0nsl blog text not very readable. Menu items don’t seem to be consistent with the left-side box design (maybe needs padding like the search box). The position of the dates on right hand side vary depending on the content length. too much whitespace between blog titles and posting dates. (does not match the padding above the title).


Content width is too narrow. Even on my 15in laptop screen over half the page was not being used. Look at a sticky sidebar rather than one that is always scrolling trying to catch up. is a great example and waypoints.js is a easy way to implement that.


Very clean layout. Made it clear from the beginning I was reviewing a blog site. I’m not sure what Spotlight is, or why these articles are more interesting than others. Is sitemap an important link to have? Pretty sure only crawlers are interested in sitemaps.
Remove sitemap link. Responses page is not very interesting without context.


Looks pretty clean, great color contrast. Not sure why each blog entry is elided, though (the […]).


I like the design, especially the buttons below the left menu. Perhaps move that up a little higher though as its not in line with the middle section. Just the top right corner moved up about 50 pixels would be enough.


Well… it’s a blog … it’s pretty decent. My only one tip… try to use less ‘fancy’ english words. I’m Dutch and suffer from the same problem, but words like ‘ebullient’ don’t really mean much to the average person.


It’s clean, simple, and professional. I think the follow-me-as-I-scroll blog menu is getting a little older at this stage however? Maybe consider a pinned nav at the top if you want it always present?


logo is almost illegible – I can barely make out word blog there. I don’t know about anyone else but I dislike blogs that make you click through to get the complete post. Other than that it looks pretty good.


Maybe provide an intro paragraph on your blog. I’m not sure what I’m reading here.


Taking into account that this site isnt finished (according to it’s author), I think its got potential, I also had a look at the index page, the ‘secret agent’ feel is a little bit of an old concept but its been really well done.


Nice, clean. Not sure what really could be improved. What comes to my mind is the leading topic of the blog, if there is any.


Nice site, but I don’t like the popover re: your logo. A quick “About” paragraph at the top would be useful so we know who you are when we first visit your site.


The design is fine for a blog. However, just display the full blog post instead of directing people to another page to read stuff.


The moving sidebar is both fun and distracting. There needs to be a header bar that explains what the blog is about. It says it’s your personal platform, but what is the unifying theme of the site?


lightbox? zu dunkel…[NOTE: means ‘too dark’ //k0nsl]


Show me full posts on the homepage! I don’t want to click through. Other than that, it looks good, although the top margin on the left-hand column bugs me. I really want it to be vertically aligned with the other two columns.


nice! i really like the color scheme and subtle texture you chose. I think the delayed scroll for the sidebar is a little too distracting though. In my opinion I think the headings for each blog post could be a bit larger. Something about the lack of a header is a little jarring i think. Maybe breaking the grid by having the rest of the content site below the sidebar could work?


I don’t like it so much, but I think is a matter of taste, I can’t see any particular thing wrong it. You have a coherent palette, link to social, readable fonts, everything fine. As I said I don’t like it so much, but it is probably just not my cup of tea ;)


I’ve never been a huge fan of truncating blog posts, with a read more link. For blogs, I think it’s better to display the whole article. That might be just a personal thing though. Nice design though.


Pretty cool. I guess your logo is a little hard to read. Perhaps a twitter icon for your twitter widget. Overall really nice though!


Nice! I see that your site has full length posts now. I suggested that yesterday. I like the left, floating sidebar.


A nice blog. I love your design. But the design at the right should be the same as the design in the left side bar.


The modal dialog when you first the hit the page is extremely laggy for me in Chrome even on a top-spec iMac. It’s also seriously distracting and detracts from the main experience of the site. Good look other than that.

That’s it, so far. I might add more some other time – but first I must commit all these changes which people have suggested, well most of them in any case. I have completed many of them already.