Pancake and WordPress = Love

I have Pancake (see note #1) running successfully on “puff” now with WordPress, all working fine. So my next step is completing various comparisons between k0nsl-nginx, Apache and lighttpd so make a decision on my purposed usage of Pancake, to see if it’s viable. But these comparisons will be done in the coming days as I have something else to fix before that.

By the way, a new release of Pancake is available as of today, 1.2.4 (stable, see #note 2).

For those not knowing how to get the permalink / search engine friendly URLs working correctly on Pancake, please see below.

First of all, set permalinks to “/%postname%/” in WordPress. Now set the following rewrite rule in Pancake:


– precondition: 404
pathinfo: ~()(/.+)$~


In case you have set “/index.php/%postname%/” this setting should work:

– pathinfo: ~^(.+.php)(/.+)$~


That should take care of the issue. Enjoy your pancake 



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