Intel Haswell

WOW, this is hot !     FROM flyingsuicide: “While the Sandy Bridge architecture is currently still the latest from Intel and we have just had a taste of the 22 nm shrink Ivy Bridge, pictures have been leaked of the next-generation architecture Haswell processor. The GPU area of the die is said to be

Updated system software & Apache

I’ve been busy updating our system software along with the server software, most importantly Apache :-)     I’m also now trying out Centos which seems to be really applicable for servers.     Tux :-)   After I’m all done with this it’s high time to complete one of my ongoing projects. –k0nsl

Installing my HD-box..

I decided to install my HD-Box for my Samsung LED-TV before I deal with the server. It was a success :-) 1080p through HDMI, excellent output and quality on my Samsung! The photograph is incredibly poor quality. I took it with my shitty Iphone4.


I’m in the process of cleaning up one of my servers and this process involves installing FreeBSD from the ground, then configuring and securing all aspects of it. THAT is a tiresome process. I do it in a robot-like manner, like a sleep-walker. I know the system in-and-out. After this I”m compelled to continue coding

SSD disk (OCZ Agility 3)

Right. Three weeks ago I made a purchase of a Solid State Drive – brand being OCZ, and model Agility 3.  It’s capacity is a meager 60gb but that’s enough for my main system. When I used the mechanical drive the system felt so slow – despite me having state of the art technology. This