Free webhosting

I’m in the mood for letting in ten people on my server with access to the following services: E-mail FTP PHP MySQL cPanel That’s about it. Storage? Up-to a gigabyte.   Either you can have or point your domain to my nameservers and use your own. Whatever you like. Just make contact at the following page:

Anonymizing service @

  I have configured the possibility for people to use my anonymizing service, it will basically tunnel your browser-related traffic through my server (gondor). You can read up on anonymizer services here:   To use my anonymizing service point your browser here:   Feel free to tell your friends about it.   -k0nsl

Planned system-upgrade

My new, planned system-upgrade, will consist of these items: CPU: Intel i7-3820 (4 cores is enough for what I do) Motherboard:Asus Rampage IV Extreme ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREME Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 24GB CL9   The exact product may change but I will definitively get these from Corsair as they have been great for me in

New file hosting service

I’d like to make a push for “rawupload” which is a new file hosting service, all free of charge, and with the following type of files currently allowed for upload: images, compressed archives, flash movies and portable documents. Check it out: or Thanks, -k0nsl

AMD HD7970 (droll)

[slider crop=”yes” slide1=”” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] DAMN, isn’t this a beauty ??? I’m getting one, probably, but I’m interested to see if Kepler is any good or if it’s just talk, talk, talk. Nvidia can begin by launching it he he I do have a pretty OK card right now, the HD 6870. It’s sufficient for what I

My ‘backup server’

Well here’s the HDD’s which holds ALL my important data (except for some encrypted webpages/projects/private work that is kept at Mozy (I uploaded a TrueCrypt container for that, tss!). [slider crop=”yes” slide1=”” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] They are all SATA 3, so it’s a little better than SATA 2 but not much (hardly noticeable.) — but it