New cPanel server!

I ordered a E3 1230v2 two days ago to replace my 5420 which is currently hosting most of my cPanel clients. It works fine but it was time to get something new and something that is overall much better. However, I’m letting the new server run for about a month before migrating the clients to the new one,

A ‘Vultr Hosting Teddy Bear’

Yesterday, I found a package from Vultr Hosting in my letterbox. As you can see from the lousy photograph above this paragraph, it contained a Vultr Hosting teddy bear — naturally in the shape of a vulture. The back of the teddy bear shows the address for Vultr Hosting. The photograph is lousy in quality

IRC: ‘’ added to pool

There’s not much to proclaim in this entry, other than the fact that I’ve added several new IRC nodes to the main pool. Most recently (today, as a matter of fact), I’ve added “” to the pool. As usual: standard port at 6667, and SSL at 6697. I always recommend everybody to connect through SSL

A Package from Sucuri Security

Today a package arrived from ‘Sucuri Security’ ( It contained several t-shirts, but I only took photographs of this one: As you can tell, they’re quite nice. I masqueraded my face because there’s enough photographs of me on the Internet, there needn’t be any more  Thanks a lot to Sucuri Security for sending them to me! I

k0nsl Mumble is up & running

I’ve set up Mumble on one of my servers and it’s up and running and it seems (so far) to be working perfectly fine after tuning it. Description of Mumble courtesy of the Mumble SourceForge project page: Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming and