Makonix SIA / YourServerSE

I’m just putting these PetaByet benchmarks up for the moment. They will be complimented with more content in another post after I’ve got to know their services more intimately. Makonix SIA / YourServerSE offer locations in Sweden and Latvia. The VPSes are running nginx, PHP-FPM, IRCd and SoftEther VPN and so far both are working

A generic benchmark of DigitalOcean NYC3

Just a generic benchmark of DO’s NYC3 location. [divider]Basics[/divider] Link: Link: [divider]PetaByet Benchmark[/divider] [divider]UnixBench[/divider] All CPUs: 1443.7 1 CPU: 1388.3 [divider]ServerBear Benchmark[/divider] [divider]Get it[/divider] You can spin up your own VPS with DigitalOcean in just 60 seconds, via this link here. This particular location (NYC3) has IPv6.

Vultr Hosting: London Benchmark

A quick and rudimentary benchmark of Vultr Hosting’s London region/location. More as a personal note than anything — could perhaps be useful for other people as well. I’ve had this particular VPS for almost two months and it has been up for 58 days so far. I use this VPS specifically for IRCd, linked to

My Asus Raidr

I bought an Asus ROG Raidr today, you read more about it at Asus website: Here’s how it compares to my previous SSD drive, an old OCZ SSD. I’ll be installing Debian on the “Raidr” later today  [divider]OCZ SSD[/divider] My trusty old OCZ SSD: [divider]Asus Raidr[/divider] Now for the ASUS RAIDR Express PX2-240GB: …see the

Sago Networks: Two Quick Benchmarks

Me and kollek bought two Xeon E3 dedicated servers from Sago Networks almost three days ago, and here’s two quick benchmarks which I ran on them. The servers are only loaded with Proxmox VE at the moment — so they’re more or less running stock — nothing else is running on them. All fresh and

The Double Standards of Greville Janner

In May 2011, Lord Janner published an article in the Telegraph entitled “Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk deserves no sympathy”. In part, Janner’s article dealt with the issue of whether an alleged offender (in this case Demjanjuk) should face justice or be allowed to escape prosecution on grounds of old age and ill health. Janner said:

PetaByet Benchmark for

I migrated my KVM box earlier today from a box running an old Xeon 5150 — with minimal downtime thanks to some ingenuity by redirecting all traffic via reverse proxy to this tweet: Doing backups of ‘gl0bocnik’ (assorted + blog) with possible migration to new server. — k0nsl (@k0nsl) 9. Juli 2014 It worked like