RunAbove Sandbox

A quick draft with results for my RunAbove Cloud Sandbox. The description of the RunAbove service is as follows: For developer, by developers. RunAbove has been created by the OVH Group. We want to change the way you look at Cloud Computing Services. Based on a new vision of Cloud Computing Services, RunAbove is the

Benchmark of Berry Servers

Hi friends, I reckon, most people who know the k0nsl, they also know I’m a sucker for new stuff, right? Well…not in a material sense, of course! I could care less for any material things. But back to “Berry Servers”: when they launched their VPS line I almost hit the order button instantly, at the

Backupsy — a month later!

I’ve been with Backupsy for about one month now, I started my service with them at 09/14/2014 and up until now everything has been functioning as expected; no issues. The recent emergency maintenance which subsequently meant moving the node to another rack meant nothing, it all seamlessly went past me without any hiccups. The only

Books in the Mail: TRR & LOTH

I received a couple of very interesting books today in the mail; the mail man came honking his horn and I ran outside in anticipation for what I knew was already coming… And there they were! A copy of the groundbreaking and legendary “Rudolf Report” together with the best starter book on the whole topic:

BuyVM ‘lv-node16’: basic tests

A few basic/generic tests on BuyVM’s ‘lv-node16’ after their upgrade to E5-2630L CPUs. I don’t have any comparisons because I lost the previous benchmark results, somehow. Very sloppy of me For me, the only interesting results are the UnixBench [1] numbers. [divider]UnixBench[/divider] UnixBench (w/ all processors): 1620.4 UnixBench (w/ one processor): 989.7 [divider]PetaByet Benchmark[/divider] [divider]ServerBear

Fix AMD Mouse Corruption

This is only a temporary fix for the dreaded “AMD Mouse Corruption”-issue, not a final solution by any means. If all the other solutions has failed, such as re-flashing your card with another BIOS, or whatever else you may have tried, then perhaps this will be of benefit for you. It’s just a simple solution

Backupsy – basic tests

I’ve been using Backupsy ( for backing up some of my data and their service has been good for me, so far. I have nothing to complain about from my own experience this far! Here’s some basic tests: [divider]PetaByet Benchmark[/divider] [divider] Test[/divider] [divider]Disk Benchmark[/divider] Yes…I know – “dd”, ahem. But this is a quick and