A Package from Sucuri Security

Today a package arrived from ‘Sucuri Security’ (https://sucuri.net/):


It contained several t-shirts, but I only took photographs of this one:



As you can tell, they’re quite nice. I masqueraded my face because there’s enough photographs of me on the Internet, there needn’t be any more 

Thanks a lot to Sucuri Security for sending them to me! I appreciate it.

[divider]About Sucuri Security[/divider]

Sucuri, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation, with our team spread across four continents and over 8 countries. The company was founded by two highly passionate members of the Information Security (InfoSec) domain, both focusing on two very distinct areas – Defensive/Preventive and Awareness.
Sucuri’s inception was in 2008 in the bedroom of our founder, but the idea of tackling the web-based malware problem first came to us in 2004. You can find distant cousins of our engine under the name of Owl, version .1, and WIGS (Web Information Gathering System). Both open-source projects were offered to the masses for free. It was through this process that we built the knowledge we required to understand what end-users really need.

Sucuri, the brand, rose from the rivers of the Brazilian Amazon in 2009, making its first sale in 2010, and incorporating in the USA later that year. The product was developed as a cost-effective solution that would help any web site recover from a malware compromise and protect them to stay secure moving forward.

Visit them: https://sucuri.net/

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