The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer

[quote]To be capable of change is a principle very few people recognize. — Franz Holtzhäuser[/quote]


[box]This was probably my first “true” encounter with a so-called Holocaust Believer. I captured the images of him via his webcam.

These are 100% authentic reactions to the questions and answers I put forward to him. The Holocaust believer was — to my knowledge — ignorant of the fact that his webcam snapped these photographs…[/box]



My first message to him (Hello, I am Franz, I do not believe in the “gas chambers”, etc., etc,.)

” Hmm, who is this person??? “

I ask the Believer if he thinks the Germans “gassed” six million Jews

” Time to put on the ‘serious’ face “

The Believer says the Germans mass murdered 12 million people and Six Million Jews, the usual response.

I ask the “Holocaust” Believer for proof of these very serious allegations; what evidence are there for “gassings”?

The Believer replies: ” Everybody knows these stories are true “

I inform the “Holocaust” Believer that contemporary research has shown these stories to be scientifically impossible as alleged and nothing but lies.

The Believer is starting to become uneasy..

The “Holocaust” Believers reaction as I refer him to The Rudolf Report, Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz.

” Look at all the pictures of Auschwitz, all the dead people “, the “Holocaust” Believer is agitated.

I respectfully inform the Believer that the people on those photographs are victims of disease and of typhoid, the reaction is…unusual.

The “Holocaust” Believer has calmed down. ” Time to be serious “, he thinks for himself, ” No, the pictures shows people who was gassed by the Germans “

The “Holocaust Believer” looks at my message. I tell the Believer that he is wrong, that the Germans tried their very best to fight against disease and to keep the inmates healthy, and that not one Jew was ever “gassed”.

The “Holocaust” Believer cannot understand why I persist. He cannot possibly understand why the stories he has been told are lies. He does not know the answer.

” Anti-Semite! “, he furiously writes, in apparent lack of argument and utter frustration.

He feels very comfortable now, having used the “Mother Word”, the protective device of his mind; whenever he is confronted with something he cannot possibly understand or argument against, he will always use his protective shield – “Anti-Semite!”

The “Holocaust” Believer now has a jeering smile on his lips; the frustration is gone, he is feeling very confident and safe

” I can win any argument or debate this way “

The “Holocaust” Believer sees another, new message written by Franz. He feels fear and is starting to feel unsafe again; will Franz defy his “Protective Shield”?

I tell the Believer that I am not a ‘Anti-Semite’, that I do not hate the Jews, and that he shouldn’t be saying these things, as they are untrue, just like the “gas chambers” and other foul lies.

The “Holocaust” Believer writes, ” F*ck off, you’re a f*cking Holocaust Denier and an Anti-Semite!”

Awaiting a reply from Franz, who should just have abandoned this “Holocaust” Believer a long time ago, but it is entertaining to see the true face of a Believer, Franz believes it beats most other things in life.

Still waiting for a new message, the “Holocaust” Believer is starting to become nervous and anxious..

Franz does correctly by informing the Believer that his foul language and false accusations will not advance his arguments, and they will not make his belief in “gas chambers” a fact, for they are a invention of perverted minds, and also something which can never become truth; the white paper clip which previously resided in the mouth of the “Holocaust” Believer is quickly withdrawn.

I tell him that the photograph he sent is not a ‘gas chamber’, but is actually a shower, hence the shower nozzles, and I also inform the Believer that nobody today believes the Germans murdered Jews by using piped gas in one of the shower blocks; the reaction of the “Holocaust” Believer, yet again, intensifies, and the face is looking desperate.

” What should I do next? “, the Believer is thinking; Franz is refusing to let his people be accused of the junk-stories I’ve repeated!

When nothing else works, when all the “arguments” are used up, when the Belief has been crushed; it is best to put the stick in the mouth and screech, “Anti-Semite” once again

And leave the room in utter desperation, despair and humiliation – why do people Believe in the “Holocaust”?





Franz Holtzhäuser / Holocaust History News

The person depicted in this article is a run of the mill believer in the impossible as alleged “Holocaust” with it’s fantastically alleged “gas chambers” and other — more or less — stupid junk stories. If the person depicted wishes to have the photographs removed, he should contact Franz. has merely reproduced this article and has no responsibility nor liabilities for making the content available here. Besides, we don’t really give a hoot anyway 




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