#OpTrollIsrael: 3k Websites And 2k Emails Hacked

#OpTrollIsrael by Anonghost Team is continuing with success. Apparently the man behind these defacements are Moroccan [1], his message on the defaced websites read like this:

We are AnonGhost and we are everywhere! There is no israel in this map, no one recognize you because it is Palestine. We are coming soon.

In September the Anonghost team hacked 5k Israeli bank accounts:

Operation #OpTrollIsrael appears to have been a huge success so far, totalling 3k rooted websites along with some 2k email accounts [2]. Here is part III posted on pastebin.com 20.11.13:

Source: http://pastebin.com/sfsD3nFJ

What do I think? Simply: Good, good


And no, that isn’t me on the above photograph, but it’s a nice photograph. I found it from somebody I follow on Twitter (@PegalauNegri).

1. #OpTrollIsrael: 65 Israel Websites Hacked by AnonGhost
2. Anonymous Hack More than 3,000 “Israeli’ Websites and 20343 Government Emails #OpTrollIsrael

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