nginx reverse proxy with caching

I’ve set up nginx to act as reverse proxy + caching, and so far it works out very nice. I’m currently doing benchmarks to determine what settings is most optimal for my system. I dubbed it “k0nsl-nginx” because what I’m using is a slightly modified nginx. I’m constantly doing minor changes to see what will yield best results. So far I’m just caching stuff on — it’s not exactly optimal for production deployment yet…

(Click for bigger resolution)

I’ve  also spent a bit of time to improve the blog, added a search page which you can use here:

It’s simple and sleek. Removed a lot of junk from it. And as I mentioned in a previous post I’ve also worked on Holocaust History Archive to make it compatible with latest PHP release (stable).

If you encounter any errors I’d be a happy chap if you could report them:

That’s all for now, I’m evaluating this set up to see if I should deploy it fully. 


[box] BY THE WAY:

I was getting “HTTP Error.” message when uploading media via WordPress. This is easily fixed by adjusting the value of max_input_time in php.ini[/box]

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