My Return to Watercooling

I have recently decided to get back into watercooling again, but this time I’ll keep it very simple.

On monday I will order the following items:

EK-Supreme LTX

EK-Reservoir Combo DCP 2.2:

New case (Corsair Vengeance C70): quite small but yet with enough room for most of the components I need:

(this one looks a lot better in-person)

Thermochill PA120.3 radiator

(I already have this one at home, so I’ll reuse it. I also have a EK-CoolStream RAD XT 240)

I have fittings, tubing and some other bits and pieces as well. I thought of reusing my Swiftech Storm too but then I’d have to fabricate a bracket for socket 1155.

I’m looking forward to get into watercooling again after quite a long time away from it all.


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