My bump with Piracetam

In early 2006 I developed a interest for nootropics in my quest to further enhance my mind and body after having read quite intensely about the subject. This was at the time perfectly legal in my country of origin, and it probably still is (I have not looked it up, and don’t care very much about it nowadays).

I used it more as a personal experience [or exercise, rather] and to really see if it worked. This was at a time when I had lost interest (again) in reading books, because I had difficulties focusing and absorbing the pertinent details contained in the book. As always when I do something I’m doing it quite extreme – so I ordered an entire box of three bottles of each Piracetam I could find (it was a big box). I found whilst researching the subject that Phenylpiracetam and Oxiracetam was the strongest and most concentrated of them all, so I ordered extra bottles of these. The particular manufacturer of my Phenylpiracetam was named “Relentless Improvement”, a name that suits. They recommended about 300 to 400 mg daily and noted that exceeding 600 mg per day was not recommended,that with a good diet, just in case I took a shake called 18 shake, as supplement.

This may have been revised now, though. I don’t know.

My friends told me they thought I became much more boring, that’s to say I probably became much more focused and concentrated than I was earlier because prior to me getting older and wiser, impulse often dictated my actions, unfortunately.

As for that company I mentioned earlier, for giggles, I looked up if they were still in business. They sure are. That’s funny, I actually didn’t anticipate that 

I looked through some of the user reviews on different Piracetam derivatives and some were both funny and interesting to read, for example:

Stephen says:

Helpful for learning complex theory

Somebody from Pennsylvania wrote:

Amazing: Awakens Your Mind

Chris Baker from Brighton said:

Enhanced perception and enjoyment of music

At the time when I used Piracetam I probably thought so too, but I can’t remember exactly everything now (I was involved in a terrible car accident and my head took most of the damage – I still have the photographs of the car wreck (a little Volkswagen Golf) someplace, totally wrecked).

In any case this was quite interesting to try and I didn’t have any negative effects, none that I or my doctors could find. Of course, I got my regular bloodwork done and everything like that. Seeing as this stuff is still being pushed by various companies it must mean there’s still an interest for it, and that is understandable. Who wouldn’t wish to enhance their mind further? Well I’ve already done it this way, and I did it for over a year every day. Now I’m more interested to hear other peoples thoughts on Piracetam – preferably specific details such as adverse effects, positive effects and in what sort of environment these positive effects were noted.

If somebody is interested in this I urge them to actually research the matter until such time that you know exactly every detail about it, down to the molecules and atoms. Don’t look at user reviews, try to find actual studies and pieces published in medical journals, then read the user reviews and various other articles too – just for good measure 

If you are a junkie and you think this will get you a “high” you’re going to be sourly disappointed.

Basic reading

As you see, I am quite versatile.

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