My ‘backup server’

Well here’s the HDD’s which holds ALL my important data (except for some encrypted webpages/projects/private work that is kept at Mozy (I uploaded a TrueCrypt container for that, tss!).

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They are all SATA 3, so it’s a little better than SATA 2 but not much (hardly noticeable.) — but it performs backup (I created a nifty crontab for it) when I am away from the computers eating dinner which sometimes takes two hours.  All encrypted of course, as is my main system – it took one week to generate it for my main system via TrueCrypt (better compared to, say, BestCrypt which I once paid for but it’s (was) buggy as hell) – it took a week  because I chose the best option. And my system is heavily overclocked so it would have taken even longer if it was factory default (who runs factory default these days  ha ha!).

Oh, there’s three more disks in the lower back of the side. It’s an Antec case (which I hate because it obstructs some of the outlets/ports on the motherboard – stupid layout). In the olden times I never bothered with backup at all so in consequence I often lost all my web pages, coding projects and everything else. But it’s not difficult starting from scratch if you once wrote the code…but my memory is not what it used to be after I was involved in a car crash: luckily my friend who drove the car, revived me.



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