Gondor: “My 2 Girlfriends”

Today Gondor had a visit by two girlfriends. He seemed to like them a lot, too. 

The quality of the pictures may not be the best because I have not fiddled with the settings of the phone. It’s taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I found laying in the snow, a few days earlier. It belonged to a person which must have been only on a visit in our country because it certainly wasn’t a Nordic person, so I kept it – because the owner probably (or hopefully?) went home again…

Gondor is the name of one of my servers (i.e gondor.holocaust-news.com) and also the name of my pitbull “puppy”, who is two months away from being one year old. Incidentally the server “Gondor” is a bit over one year old in it’s current incarnation..

Luckily a dog cannot sing the way we humans can, because I suspect he’d be singing something along the lines of this foul text:

Guys know one girl’s just not enough
But juggling two is so tough
What’s a boy to do?
Who wants the same old thing every night?
Yes, I need change in my life
Give it more thought
Don’t try it cause you’ll get caught

I’m going to try and fix the settings for the camera on the S3 sometime later. For those interested: I don’t use and I don’t need a phone. I’m only using it to take pictures; it doesn’t even have a sim card in it. Now we’re going outside for some barbecue – it’s not unusual to barbecue in the winter where I live.


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