Electric Ejaculation via Machine at Auschwitz

Somebody called only “K” or “Mr. K” claims to have been persecuted at Auschwitz from 1942 all the way to 1945 (so he survived about three years in a ‘chemical death factory’ too — a feat in itself) and in that time “Mr. K” says he was probed with an iron rod in the rectum causing him to involuntarily ejaculate; an SS-Aufseherin quickly grabs two pieces of glass and holds it underneath his scrotum to collect the ‘sperm juices’ for research in their lab. However — fiendish and cunning being a trait applied to the Nazis — they worked out a considerably better method for collecting the sperm of Jews — a special machine with which the victim would be placed upon; then probes are fastened on both sides of the genitalia which would generate electrical waves, subsequently causing the victim to ejaculate his prized sperm.

Yes friends, believe it or else…

Auschwitz Ejeculation Device? Auschwitz Ejeculation Device?

The original entry / testimony by this “Mr. K” looks like this:

“As soon as I arrived in Auschwitz I was taken into a room and there I was undressed and made to kneel down … on my knees and my hands. The SS officer [who] was probably a doctor, dressed in white robe, shoved an iron stick, which had a handle on its end, right into my rectum. He then turned the stick and caused an involuntary ejaculation of sperm. A female SS officer [who] worked with the other officer held two pieces of glass underneath my genitals in order to collect a sample of my sperm for the lab. They then made me stand up on a special machine that gave electric waves to both sides of my genitals until again a sperm was ejaculated. After the liberation I was taken to Sanatorium Gauting next to Munich. There I was bedridden for almost a year starting with a weight of only 30 kilograms. During that year I was operated for serious medical problems.”

This lying perverted moron says:

a female SS officer [who] worked with the other officer held two pieces of glass underneath my genitals in order to collect a sample of my sperm for the lab.”

But there were no such thing in the SS as ‘female officers’ or anything of the kind. There existed only Aufseherinnen, helpers.

They should change the name of their fraud operation to ‘Con Claims’ or ‘Claim Cons’ considering that fraud is common in that organisation, see:


  • Claims Conference: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (www.claimscon.org)



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