Moving to Gondor

My shared hosting for and a bunch of other domains I had on there (because of the geographical location was suited for it) has been suspended therefore I’m moving them over to Gondor.

Right now it’s just redirecting to, and I think it will be configured like that. I’ll use as my main domain, and others as mere redirects to the main — unfortunately I can’t get “” because some Chinese guy bought it some years ago and put an online casino on the domain, but now it’s expired but still tied to somebody and I can’t get it. I tried to get it when they auctioned it out, but apparently my meagre bid wasn’t accepted 

Now I got temporary access to download all files/databases from my shared hosting account so I’ll transfer it all to this server. I didn’t have anything of real value on that account anyway so it’s not a big deal. It is better to have the stuff on Gondor or Benito 

Gondor — my pit bull — is actually being playful with me as I write this post ha ha, damn how fast he grows. I’ll see to it that a photograph will be posted of him, soon.

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