Merry Christmas from k0nsl

Merry Christmas to all my friends, and especially the ones in #taunet – very happy I found you all after such a long time 

I say ‘Merry Christmas’ and not ‘Happy Holidays’. I might greet somebody with the latter if they’re going someplace, but not on a day like this. A little funny comparison whilst we’re at it. Tomorrow, depending on timezones, Jews all over the world will celebrate Hanukkah – as usual this celebration is in typical Jewish tradition, it represents a day when the Jews killed other peoples. When we observe Christmas it is because somebody was given birth on that day. As anyone can see there is a detrimental difference in Jewish tradition and Christian tradition.


Now, don’t get me wrong friends; I come from a Germanic tribe but was raised in the spirit of Christianity and have adopted some of its healthy values, although today, with the advent of Jewish culturemarxism all these values are now being perverted. I observe mainly Germanic traditions and agree wholeheartedly with Gerry Frederics when he tells us that:

The very first Christmas tree in Canada was uprooted and the plaque which commemorated the planting of the tree by German immigrants was removed and destroyed, all at the behest of Jewish pressure groups such as the ADL.


Can anyone even begin to imagine the unbelievable cowardice of the Canadians?, or the truly incredible Jewish hatred for anything aryan? TO UPROOT A CHRISTMAS TREE?


Did you know, that the Christmas tree is an ancient Germanic symbol of everlasting life? And the oak, of strength and steadfastness?


Did you know that the ancient Germans didn’t ‘pray’? They ‘honoured’ nature. Essentially, nature was God and ‘The Gods’ (Wotan, Thor etc.) were merely extensions of man-kind. Hence the earthiness of Nordic Gods. Hence the complete lack of ‘fear’ of God, as it is preached by Christianity. Why should an honorable man be afraid of a ‘God’? This is Germanic-honest, upright-fearless and honourable. Crawling, whining and ‘Fear-of-God’ is none-German, is disgusting, is revolting, is perverted. In short, it’s Jewish.


Did you know that the forest was the ancient Germans cathedral, that the ancient Germans lived with nature, much as the North American Indians did, that is to say, they respected nature and treated it accordingly. The fear of God was also totally incomprehensible to the North American Indians, who felt astoundingly like the ancient Teutons in this regard.


I think it was this basic honesty and honor which was the downfall of the North American Indian and, many miles away across an ocean, the ancient Teutons. Such a belief system is no match for the subterfuge, the dishonesty and the smoke-and-mirrors of the child of Judaism, Christianity.


No Teuton ever murdered a ‘none-believer’ and neither did an Indian contemplating his Totem pole. We learned these niceties from the Christians, children of Judaism.


Did you know that Germans have always felt a special affinity to the North American Indian, that it was the German author Karl May who wrote many books about the Indian, always respectfully, always with honesty and honor, unlike the English, the French and the Spaniards, all of whom essentially looked upon the Indians as animals to be annihilated.




That’s all, now its high time to prepare the rest of the little things before festivities incure..

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