This was written back in 2012 and isn’t relevant anymore, but if you really do need hosting I strongly recommend RamNode or BuyVM!

I’m offering free web hosting on this server (Gondor) for people who need a place for their personal Web Pages or for people who simply need hosting for a personal project. It’s all free, without restrictions or any particular limitations. All I ask is occasional donations via Flattr, but this is all voluntary – however, you can support me through this way  

In any case, when it comes to the choice of domains / address for the site – you’ve got two options:

  • Register your own domain name OR use “”.
If you choose to register your own domain that’s fine, and most likely the best choice. You’ll just use our nameserver:
My server has been optimized for speed and security. For HTTP I’m currently using my custom compiled nginx httpd as reverse proxy – and Apache (yeah I know) as backend. All with latest PHP (with optimizations; plus eAccelerator for opcode caching), MySQL and a petite, secure FTP daemon.
The uptime the last two months have been terrible because I’ve experimented too much, but now I’ve got a configuration I’m pleased with. So the uptime should be good once it panes out. Wait one or two months and come back to see my uptime statistics, you’ll see that it has stabilized itself. I predict that, in any case he he 
Below is the current uptime – 30 days back. I have experimented a lot the last two months just to get everything the way I like it, which is why there has been many outages and flaky uptime.

Uptime Report for Gondor: Last 30 days

The uptime of our server  is usually stable (i.e reliable) and panes out over a period of many months, all stable. The only time the server is down — hastily — is when upgrades are made or critical system updates are performed: such changes are usually notified by e-mail to the users. You can safely host your Web Page on this server knowing that it will be online almost 94,070% of the time, or even more.
If you need web hosting for a organisation, business and the like – I’d appreciate if you donated a small fee via Flattr, remember this service is kept online only by donations. This will give you access to my server for a unlimited time; along with every service you may need. Lifetime, that is.

The users on my server will get access to CPanel, mysqladmin, FTP, SSH (special cases), WHM, Webmail, Softaculous – and more.

I have been contacted a lot about shell accounts lately and this may be granted for special cases depending on what they are needed for. You’d probably want a dedicated IP for that, and unfortunately that would cost you some 30 dollars per year. You’d probably want that, though. That would be ideal for running some type of service – such as an IRCd.

If this should be of any interest for somebody please fill out this form here with your details and also specifically what type of hosting you’re interested in. A short description of your Web Page is of interest too. Any details you think could be of importance.

As a side note: I can register your domain or have your Web Page on a subdomain so that your privacy is maintained. Privacy is something very essential for myself so you can count on me to keep your details perfectly safe. However, this could be a potential risk for you since I would own the domain…unless you put your trust in me. Many people do.

When I have time I’ll create a more professional “services” page. In the meantime this will do.

Apply for hosting through this form or e-mail me directly via That’s all 

Best wishes,


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