Hosting at k0nsl

This page is no longer relevant and/or contains out of date information.

You can be hosted on for free, no strings attached. The only real ‘crux’ is that you will be limited to using a subdomain (for example:, but arrangements for adding your own domain is possible as well. If this offer should be of interest to anybody please e-mail me at, with your details, and describe (with specifics) what sort of site or project you’re planning to deploy on my server.

Free Hosting

  • Excellent Support
  • CloudFlare Pro
  • cPanel
  • Daily Backups
E-mail k0nsl


Content that will be automatically removed if found on my server:

  • Paedophilia
  • Homosexuality

Everything else is allowed as per UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (specifically “article 19”), with no regard to their distorted clauses.


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