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For now, the simplest method to contact me is by using, and then join #k0nsl — that is the ideal method, or in worst case: use my e-mail My public OpenPGP key can be found at this location: I do prefer that you send me encrypted messages when contacting me, but it isn’t a requirement. There is one other additional option for contacting me — a Slack alternative, running at It’s 100% operated by me.

Pub Key:

Key ID: 0x36A56A72

Fingerprint: C5B4 2F8D CDE8 44A2 C8EE 9F84 4288 B825 36A5 6A72

Alternatively you can also post a comment using the form below.

Today (10th of March 2013) I sat up simple statistics for #taunet using a logger, pisg and crontab for automation.

It can be seen at:


[divider]Another Update[/divider]

Now you can easily connect and speak with me via this web based IRC client, see:
(alternative webIRC client:


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