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Today (10th of March 2013) I sat up simple statistics for #taunet using a logger, pisg and crontab for automation.

It can be seen at:


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Now you can easily connect and speak with me via this web based IRC client, see:
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  1. Dear sir
    is the the execution photo you have put for irma grese real photo of her execution?
    also dou you know is helene grese alive or dead?

    • Hi,

      Yes this is real. Unfortunately there are many other equally gruesome photographs, usually by botched executions. You might have seen them.

      As for Helen Grese: you might wish to contact Mr. Heink as he might have clues on that particular question – his e-mail is Tell him I referred you.

      • I am sorry to say that but the photo of the executed person is not the photo of Irma Grese. It’s a Japanese soldier hanged after the war, the photo can be found in many sources. Look at the characteristic white clothes, which weren’t used in Germany. Also, Albert Pierrepoint used white caps, not black, which were kind of a tradition in Great Britain.
        I am almost sure that there are no published photos from Irma’s execution, if there are an at all. And, I must admit, I’m happy about it. i think i couldn’t stand such photos, this execution is enough tragic even without being photographed…
        By the way, interesting site. Thanks. And I love the pencil case with Irma’s photo! :)

        • Hello!

          Thank you for the comment. I have had others say the same thing before, but I didn’t publish their comments because they also contained some hateful remarks towards Irma Grese. Do you have a source for where this photograph can be found and attributed to a Japanese soldier? I would like to check it out myself in order to distance myself from the claim I have made (or repeated from others, rather).

          Best wishes,

          • Hi!
            My pleasure to do so. It is, actually, a video and it’s very graphic, I avoid more sensitive people to use the link.
            The longer version is here:
            What is the most interesting, it is probably not an accurate name in the link, because it does seem to be Hideki Tojo himself, but an other Japanese soldier who was killed that day.
            The technical site of the hanging is totally different to this which Pierrepoint used, also, it were Americans who liked to take photos during and after executions.
            I think you found the photo described as Irma, I also did it. It’s a common mistake on the Web. I also saw a photo of her cell which was a totally random cell. ;)
            Have a nice day!

  2. Hello! I’vе been reading your site for a while now and finally got the
    courage tο go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock, in Texas!
    Just wanted to say kеep up the great work!

  3. I simply want tto give you a hugе thumbs uр
    for the excellent information you assembled here on this blog.
    I’ll be coming back to your blog for more!

  4. sir good day.

    I want to avail free znc but i dont know how.

    thanks and God bless u always…

    best regards,

    • Hi Mr. Barcoso,

      I’ve got it all set up for you. The details are on IRC.

      All the best!


  5. Bro k0nsl..

    good day!! wish you all the best…

    btw bro what happen to the znc? is it down?

    hoping for your reply…

    God bless always…

  6. So, how do you account for the fact that Allied prosecutors submitted 3,000 tons of records at the Nuremberg trial, including records of the German Army High Command records; files from Krupp, Henschel, and other German industrial concerns; Luftwaffe (German air force) material; and records kept by Heinrich Himmler (the Chief of the German Police and Reich Leader of the SS), the German Foreign Office, and many others?

    • Please be specific. What records do you find incriminating? The vast majority of German personnel denied the allegations of “gas chambers” and other exotic hyperbole. For example, check out the following material. As for submitting tons of worthless nonsense means nothing to me in terms of evidential value in establishing whether something is a fact or not. Katyn was submitted as a supposed German crime, too. Do you think the Germans murdered the Polish intelligentsia at Katyn — despite Gorbachev admitting – in the 1990s – that this was a crime committed duly by the Soviet Union, or do you still believe it was a crime committed by the evil “Nazis”? After all the Russians submitted this item as evidence and it was a segment extracted from your “tons of documents” humbug…

  7. Dear Mr.k0nsl
    I came across your blog while searching for info on Ms. Irma Grese (I read in some stupid article that she was a weirdo sadist and a war criminal)… Coming to the point, I really appreciate the effort you put in your research in telling the truth(i.e both logically and reasonably) to the people . But alas! In today’s world people have lost the thirst to seek truth with proper reason n logic. They’re simply contend with self glorified and manipulated version of history which is fed by the media today; after all as they say history is written by the victors(sadly).
    Anyhow I would continue to follow you on more issues. Can learn a lot from you… Really inspirational! Keep up the good work!

  8. I added your site to
    my list of Jew-aware sites. I found you through someone looking at my youtubes (I’m nicknamed ‘Rerevisionist’) – presumably either the holohoax stuff or nuclear scepticism. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site like yours – both IT aware and Jew-aware. My site is mostly HTML and designed to last, unaffected by browsers, Javascript etc, but it looks cluttered. Oh, well..

    • Hey!
      Thank you for contacting me and for adding a link to my site on yours. I really appreciate it. I intend to add a section with more visible links some time in the near future, and I will add your site to the list.
      I have been meaning to re-design the entire blog and change platform entirely. I have something experimental running here:

      Best wishes,

    • Thanks for letting me know. By the way, you wondered who that “other” slash was on my IRC network — that’s your ZNC. I just never terminated it in case you wanted to use it when you got out! :)

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