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Below is a brief — somewhat basic – run-down on k0nsl. This page is in no-way complete, but merely a modest presentation that intends to shed some further light onto the person behind the pseudonym “k0nsl” – and this page will eventually be filled with useful information. If you believe something is missing from this presentation we suggest you peruse Google in the meanwhile to find out the missing links – Google can be very helpful in finding out more information on all sorts of topics and issues haha 

The person behind this site and the one who develops all sorts of miscellaneous — or varied — Web Pages is an ebullient young web-entrepreneur known only by the pseudonym “k0nsl” and has been involved with the development of web-coding (and more!) for over 15 years and runs his own company, known as the devNET software group.

k0nsl collects domains and his main interests are networking, system administration and modern history. When it comes to operating systems k0nsl favours Linux variants over any other currently available solutions; he is a Linux enthusiastic and have been using Linux for some 15 years  - opportunity allowed for access to computers and the Internet from an very early age, allowing k0nsl to self-study information technology in all its variations and forms.

Apart from this k0nsl founded several underground groups, most notably one that was called “Fallen Angels”. In 1999 k0nsl was asked to be part of another group called “War Industries” (or Warind and then Wi2k). In April 2000 k0nsl was canned from War Industries and in revenge he defaced their server [using his alias "System33"] — Ironically, he defaced “War Industries” on the very same day they let him go. Later on, the group “System33 Security” followed which attracted a number of members who mainly focused on the defacement of web pages and the release of malware — mostly benevolent ones. For example the Win95.Sab (or Win9x.H0l0caust 2000); a virus which did very little harm.
[NOTE: very incomplete - more information will follow]

I do freelance work and my main areas of operation are (in no particular order):

  •  Programming (C/C++, VB, MASM, Delphi and more)
  •  Web Design (HTML5/CSS Capable)
  •  Web Development (PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, Java, Ajax)
  •  Computer Usage Lessons
  •  Blog setup (WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Geeklog, ect.)
  •  IRCd setup (IRCd, Services and statistics)
  •  OS Installations (All variations of Linux and Windows)
  •  Server Management, Server Administration and Server Deployment
  •  Malware Removal / Malware Deployment

Here follows example software written by k0nsl.

Example software coded in early 2004:


Another application which I wrote in 2003:


One more application released in ‎30th of ‎June ‎2004:


Another one, “Blowfish Binder”:

(NOTE: the name was inspired by a guy who looks like a blowfish )

If you desire to contact k0nsl for any reason you can reach him by E-Mail, here.

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