Low Intelligence Allegedly Linked To Racism


An article published on the (dis)information network ‘Exposing The Truth’ bears the headline “Low Intelligence Linked To Racism”. If we are to believe these ‘studies’ doesn’t their findings suggest that Jews are a people of simpletons, a bunch of imbeciles? If we take into consideration the following undisputed facts: the stringent race laws in Israel is evidence of racism; the fierce separation between different peoples in Israel is racism — and — the sheer hate coupled with the resolute unwillingness to accept an influx of foreigners – in particular African foreigners, is racism.
This study is basically screaming: Jews have low intelligence. Can I point this out without being accused of ‘racism’? I genuinely do wonder.

As a compliment, I will attach the following video – quite benign compared to the many other similar videos I have in my collection:



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    • Hi,

      Yes I saw this. Somebody over there sent a private message but I couldn’t reply. I’ll just post my reply here in case the person reads my site:

      Hi Menacing Nemesis,

      A friend reads this forum, he told me that somebody linked to my site and that people were calling me a ‘white supremacist’ :lol
      So I decided to check it out, then when I saw one post filled with so much inaccuracies I felt obliged to just register. Perhaps that was stupid of me, because these discussions are usually just a waste of time. At least that is how it feels sometimes for me…but I’ve been discussing this subject for very long and it can be nauseating at times.

      I won’t clutter this forum especially in lieu of the epithets given me (a ‘troll’?). If people want to learn about this topic there’s so many books available which demolish the accusations levelled against the Germans. In particular the series contained in Holocaust Handbooks at http://holocausthandbooks.com/index.php?main_page=1

      Take care.


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